that give a man 55 years


  • Gifts from relatives
  • Gifts from friends
  • Gift from peers, subordinates and business partners

To present a 55-year-old man truly memorable gift, a serious need all your concentration skills: intuition and inner intuition, logical thinking, and keen understanding of male psychology, as well as the imagination and skills to approach the issues of the box. Because guess what to give the man who has everything, sometimes hardly feasible task. Let us, though, will not advance to admit defeat and try to deal with such a difficult issue in all respects, as a gift to a man in honor of his anniversary in 55 years. Perhaps this issue worries you have now or will require attention in the long term. In this case, the following tips will help find the best solution to the problem that the present with the most positive results in the least amount of time on your part.

Gifts from relatives

So, first of all, you need a good understanding of what he is - a man, marking the anniversary of the respectable and very difficult age. In 55 years, characterized by a strong floor often conflicting emotions and feelings. On the one hand, it's a wonderful age when major life goals have already been achieved, the majority of the desire to implement, and strong financial position allows to look confidently to the future. Indeed, for fifty-five years in time of crisis moments in family life is in the past, to replace the passions comes understanding of the importance of good "Weather in the house."

Career is also in stable condition, if it is a business, then it is successful if the public service, the occupied post is high and the accumulated communications make it possible to quickly resolve an issue. On the other hand, the man who turned the equator of life, tend to notice that physical activity decreases: increasingly a desire to take a break from the hustle and trek to the gym or the swimming pool does not cause much enthusiasm. Even five years ago, many things were different, when a man by inertia continue to carry forward and pointed his fifty with a noisy scale.

But now he suddenly stopped with a desire to understand, how many had, which is the main, and what plans are not worth the time and effort spent. And right now, as never before, the attitude of family hero of the day to his age and the date of the forthcoming round of particular importance. After all, how important it is sometimes to the man who is respected and appreciated at work, be aware of the fact that it was he who in the family - the "first violin". Therefore, gifts to the 55th anniversary of the spouse and children should symbolize the love, respect and gratitude. Try to remember what your mother was like a man in the last few years the most, but to carry out a life or prevent a desired job.

Perhaps the hero of the day for a long time did not rest on a good SPA-Resorts and forgot how to stand on skis. Probably, even the usual weekend barbecue with family and good wine is not the first year became a rarity due to the employment of himself or someone from the family. All this and much more you may well organize and present as a gift for an anniversary trivial to the man. Already bought a ticket to the resort make jubilee adjust plans at work, and a trip to the country to turn into a real surprise, all the relatives gathered in advance and to arrange a celebration of the anniversary in a warm family circle. If you're a man and 55 years is a big fan of noisy festivities, it is possible to give an evening at the restaurant with good music or even organize on the occasion of this show program. This will demonstrate a birthday, how well native feel his desire and respect them.

As the material presents a male hero of the day certainly will appreciate things as well symbolize the attitude of relatives and loved ones. It could be jewelry with a dedication and a portrait of the hero of the occasion or the entire family brushes good artist, and video message with interesting greetings and wishes. If the hero of the day - a fan of antiques, rare entertain his curiosity, if it is serious about their health, presented a tool for relaxation, if you like the outdoors, you can give a modern set for cooking kebabs.

Maybe he's playing chess or backgammon? Book a studio in exclusive gifts such play set in a beautiful performance with the names engraved. For loved ones choosing a gift for the anniversary of the man should not be a big problem, because they have lived together with the hero of the occasion more than one year and had time to study his habits and characteristics and eccentricities.

 that give a man 55 years from colleagues

Gifts from friends

If you have a long time there was a strong group of friends and girlfriends, and one of you turns fifty-five, then to the question of what to give, can be approached collectively. Intangible gift can be a kind of a list of words that characterize the hero of the day with the very best in the understanding of friends, parties. The number of words should match the number of years lived hero of the day. They can be made into a mural or make a collage. You can also present a short film or video, using photos to create one hero of the day in different periods of his life. Videos must be accompanied by interesting illustrated commentaries on events. If you approach it with humor, then surely in the photo archive hero of the day there are many funny and even funny shots, but remember - the film should be fun, not offensive.

Gift the material plane can become a kind of set of all that love male birthday. For example, a small car model, bath broom, vanity case, a good book, a bottle of branded alcohol, and so on, until there is a fifty-five items. All this can add up to big beautiful basket and hand man, accompanied by the corresponding words. This unusual gift is good for the fact that each of the friends is bound to be expensive for one or another item in the set. You can also donate works of art, a set of silver tableware, souvenirs and much more. The main thing - to give a sincere and from the heart.

 that give a man 55 years of friends

Gift from peers, subordinates and business partners

If the hero of the occasion - your colleague or boss, then surely its anniversary in 55 years deserves serious collective gift .  Formed with others, you have to count on substantial funds that will significantly expand the boundaries of choice .  As a rule, the best thing to give a concise and do not go beyond the office etiquette .  Important components of a memorable gala congratulations on 55 years of performance should be awarded luxury bouquet or even an entire basket of flowers and warm words and wishes to the hero of the day .  As a trivial gift certificate presented with the possibility of buying anything in furniture, antiques or jewelry salon .  This approach will emphasize the status of the event and show the attitude to anniversarian from colleagues or subordinates .  If we consider the less expensive options, you can give a branded pen with a gold pen and precious inlay, all kinds of exclusive accessories for business people, such as paintings, sculptures .

Business partners often have the status of not very close, but still friends. Therefore, in this case it is necessary to take into account the interests and hobbies celebrant as greeting may be more personal. If it's hunting, that give a man a good partner rifle. If the birthday boy likes to read, gave a rare collection of works by favorite author. Objects that can complement the interior of the cabinet, also will be a good gift option. This could be, for example, unusual design map of the country or the world, stylish watches, the original set of stationery. In general, give things status, are quite expensive, but with a personal accent.

To gift a man after such an important event as it is the anniversary of 55 years, has turned out successful, memorable and testified about your warm feelings for a birthday, he must be symbolic and emphasize the status of the event. When choosing what to give, consider these two components, and then be sure to be able to deliver moments of joy and a pleasant surprise hero of the day.

 What to give the man for 55 years: the age of status and symbolic gifts

 Gifts for February 14 with their hands


  • Gifts with your hands, Say no ordinary things
  • Beware, the wrong choice or to give what is not

Valentine's Day is approaching, when young and have long unmarried couples exchanged postcards in the form of heart, go to restaurants, to celebrate their feelings, give each other small tokens. And if men are not particularly think what to present its second half, and in February the fourteenth buy soft toys, flowers, wine and chocolates, then for women to find a suitable option begins long before that date.

Often, when before the holiday remains very little time (not more than a week), the fair sex are beginning to panic much. What do you make a present to the young man to surprise not just like (in the best case took place on the shelf among the rest of the stuff), and remembered for a long time and they were proud of not less than the newly purchased car.

In fact, for the lover in you a man there is nothing better than a gift made by your hands, because in such a present is embedded soul, love, imagination, and not the next seven to eight hundred rubles. Wink creativity and creative inclinations can be any person, not even having a special talent, it is enough to assess their ability to find the materials at hand and begin to implement the plan "Surprise for the beloved."

 gift on February 14 with his own hands

Gifts with your hands, Say no ordinary things

A collage of photos and memories of the brightest moments of life

In order to prepare a poster with pictures, which show the most important moments of your life together, you need a large drawing paper, markers, colored pens and pencils, eraser, ruler, glue, stickers, and most importantly - a beautiful photo. The penny paper, place the big picture where you are, for example, hold hands or hug around - small. On the rest of the site, draw hearts, flowers and write poems. After receiving such a gift, your young people are unlikely to remain indifferent, even if the artist of you no.

Knit, sew and embroider: advice to the needle

If needlework lessons at school for you went without reason and you really know how to sew or knit well, in this case, your skills will be very useful to you. Do not just cut suit or even worse - to knit socks, stop your choice on a simple but at the same time elegant things: on a shirt or sweater. Just picking up the thread and material, pay attention to color, composition, hardness, and similar nuances that your product is not hanging in the closet and proudly worn to work.

You can also sew a small picture and put it in a frame. Incidentally, there is a little secret for those who want to make a portrait of a loved one on the fabric: your favorite photo, which can clearly see all the details and features, treat in a special program (the Internet there are free versions) and printed. All sample is ready.

Record on a disc compilation of his favorite songs

There are two ways to surprise him: the first - buy a ready-drive, of which he had long dreamed of, and order at a photo with a beautiful cover of your portrait, poems and wishes on the inside. The second - to record the most popular songs on the computer by inserting between them a message, or a declaration of love to the young man. Find free and paid (test) program can be easily on the Internet, or you can use the standard - Movie Maker, which is in almost every version of Windows.

Romantic dinner for two, and no pizza delivery

The path to the heart of anyone, even the most advanced and modern man is primarily through the stomach - this is all the fair sex with a hard childhood. But the girls, unfortunately, do not always remember this and try to attract young man liked the beautiful dress, causing makeup, stylish and incredibly expensive haircut. Valentine's Day - a perfect opportunity to show their skills and the quality of Cooking, thus showing you what a wonderful hostess.

Do not know how to cook, and the kitchen makes you panic? No problem, our site has a simple, interesting and quite delicious recipes magnificent dishes (salads, cold and hot snacks), in the preparation of which you do not take a long time. At the same time a man of your culinary delights exactly appreciated. Just do not buy semi-finished products in the store, as a trick even the most picky guy exactly solved.

Top culinary masterpiece - a cookie or cake in the form heart. Sweets can be submitted for dessert, unless you walk up to it. But most importantly - a meat dish that must be present on the table. However, there are exceptions to the rule: if a man - an avid vegetarian, better to make a couple of vegetable salads. Also, do not make ready a lot if your significant other is on a diet.

Wine decorated with your hands

Bottle collector or fine wine - a great gift of boys who do not have problems with alcohol. But to the Present look elegant, it can be a bit of his decorate, for example, beautiful ribbons, stickers, photographs. It is also very interesting and incredibly original will look glass, painted with colors.

Recognition in verse or write a short story

Make friends with rhyme and can write better than Tsvetaeva and Akhmatova? Then dedicate your loved some small poems, which will be felt by your attitude. Poetry is not your thing? Create a short story, which is an oath of eternal love in sorrow and in joy. Importantly do not overdo it with big words that you really believe it, and before the presentation of the gift be sure to check the error.

Gift certificates to fulfill desires

This option is more suitable for couples or those who have already started to communicate more closely and not at the stage buketno-flower period. So, do some small cards in the form of heart, they paint the strips, drawings, stickers. Then write on the back of a couple desires to be performed by the person who will be presented the certificates, and pour into a beautiful blank box.

In the hour "X" each of you has to pull two or three hearts, which will be available on this day. For instance, if you went to an erotic massage, your significant other will be obliged to do it. The same applies if he is fortunate enough to become the owner of a certificate for a lap dance - do nothing, you have to light this evening.

Sweets in bottles: romantic and unusual

Your MCH still that sweet tooth and you constantly have to hide from him his favorite candy? Well, then it can be done fairly unusual Present - biscuits, chocolate and candies, packaged in a bottle. Take a small glass container, and put sweets (they must be in wrappers or containers), tie it with ribbons, glue heart, beads, glass razrisuy colors.

 a gift with their own hands for February 14

Beware, the wrong choice or to give what is not

As you can see, with their own hands to make a gift for February 14 is not so difficult. Such we launched - a manifestation of your great love, but to do it yourself is necessary only in the event that you are one hundred percent sure that your significant other will understand and appreciate. So if your young person is not sentimental, it is unlikely he will be pleased with poems, he will come to a greater delight of baked chicken. On the contrary, creative and spiritual personalities poetry will be enjoyed, not a music CD.

Also do not forget that the masters of all trades in our time is not so much, not counting our mothers and grandmothers. It is not necessary to sew favorite shirt if you do not even know that such a pattern, do not try to dance lap dance, if you do not have the flexibility or you are very shy person. Otherwise, the movement will be constrained and absurd, and you'll look ridiculous.

Another unwritten rule, which many women forget - give soap, even brewed their own hands, yet in this day indecent. Firstly, you do not know how your significant other will react to it, because if you have only recently started dating, then this could be a hint of unpleasant odors.

Secondly, the body of each person is different, and if you are a so-called natural soap has come, it does not mean that MCH it will not have an allergy or irritation. This is especially necessary to remember, if you have not previously engaged in manufacturing of these products at home.

 Gifts for February 14 with their hands or how to make your loved nice

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