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It is not necessary again to talk a lot about what a holiday celebrated on February 23 with the collapse of the Soviet Union has long lost its original meaning .  Everyone knows that in the period from 1949 to 1993 it was called the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy, and was later renamed the Day of Defender of the Fatherland .  Remember in school years all the girls congratulated his classmates, boys with male holiday, since it is they were to serve in the army and defend the homeland with arms? Anyway, this is the implication of trying to make this day a teacher at the school inviting veterans of the war with stories of the past .  But over time, February 23 is perceived by the majority of today's youth as a holiday in honor of representatives of a strong half of humanity, and no matter what kind of relationship they have to serve in the army and are liable for military service if at all .  This kind of men's day, such as March 8 Women .  How valid this approach is difficult to judge .  However, the holiday is a holiday, which means that to ignore someone from male relatives or colleagues on a day simply unacceptable .  A week before the number "X" all female staff of companies and firms begin to discuss this topical theme: that give February 23 colleagues .  It seems not so serious date, however, and it is also impossible to ignore: the men of this relationship can not forgive .  Additional difficulty lies in the fact that the age of men in the team is different and wants to please everyone .  Yes, and often a small congratulatory budget .  That accounts for the fair sex to show the wonders of ingenuity and imagination in choosing gifts .  Agree, just like in a fairy tale, "Go there, do not know where, bring it, I do not know that" .  But, we women - stubborn nature, and if they want done, then they used to achieve their goals .  And in order to facilitate the solution of this complicated puzzle, try to give examples of what can be gifts to colleagues for February 23 . 

Holiday in a friendly team

If you are lucky enough to be part of a large group, where relations go beyond strictly business, the options for non-trivial congratulations male colleagues there are so many .  One of them may be an evening spent by all office staff at a bowling alley .  If your staff are young people, then you can safely go to roller skating or ice rink .  What could be better than having fun with colleagues who suddenly lose their continued stiffness and children feel? Alternatively, you can together to play paintball, which is consistent with the overall theme of the holiday .  Find approval among the male part of the team and the idea to rent a cafe in the evening .  For nondrinkers companies can make a "baby shower" .  Let her not be alcohol and heavy meals and festive table decoration will be gorgeous cake in the form of a tank or something else in order to emphasize the main motive of the festival .  If you can not do without alcohol, the amount it has to be so that no one loses face .  It's a holiday in honor of February 23, and not just banal feast .  But the evening in the evening and morning, big day, too, should be memorable .  This can be done by prior agreement with the women staff to come to the office early and do its decoration .  Arrange colorful and informative wall newspaper, which is required to describe the dignity of every man of your team, it is possible and in a joking manner, it will cheer up .  Also it does not hurt to think of the external appearance of women on this day .  For example, to get dressed in the same style that even remotely resemble the army will .  An interesting and perhaps the very men greeting incoming .  For example, stand in a line and welcome them to a military style .  This original beginning of the working day will create a good mood and help pass the time while waiting for the evening entertainment program .  As mentioned above, the age of men in the team can be very different, and if one will accept with enthusiasm the idea to spend an evening in the company of employees, others, due to health or other reasons, with great pleasure that would have gone home .  Then, as a gift for all the perfect gift certificate .  It is certainly something you can pick up for each man personally: for the purchase of books, phone and computer accessories, fishing equipment, sporting goods, etc. .  However, remember that the certificates should be equivalent to not offend anyone .  Gifts for February 23 colleagues

Symbolic and personal gifts

A good choice for holiday gifts to the men remain symbolic souvenirs .  They may be the same for everyone, and different, but with more or less the same price (men are not particularly attentive, but very touchy) .  This can be a model aircraft, cars, ships, and even lighter in the form of a gun or a grenade .  Not bad, and also take into account the activity of your company .  Work in the area of ​​transport? Suit charms in the form of small machines .  Building? Make all men helmet with the logo of the company .  Trade? Can you deliver quality calculators . From the useful things you can choose the same cup, and for them - a good package of tea or coffee, multipurpose pocket knives, table coasters phone, photo frames with an interesting design, and so on .  Of course, the idea is not new symbolic gifts .  But what prevents and original approach applied here? If all the gifts are different, they can play in a festive lottery .  The organization does not make it great complexity .  You just need to write a number of prizes on pieces of colored paper, and let the men pulled out one by one .  Conduct a drawing can be on the job, but for the greater solemnity is better to choose a conference room or meeting room . After the lottery there is possible to arrange the men and a small buffet .  This will give the old idea with souvenirs and novelty will be of interest to colleagues .  And what to give to a colleague for February 23, if your relationship with him for a long time from a business-friendly steel? Then it makes sense to teach him something separate from the rest and goes beyond purely office gifts .  I'm sure you know very well what a gift it would be pleasant .  It does not necessarily have to be expensive and exclusive, important overtones friendly .  For example, a good book, business card holder and purse quality to it, an umbrella, a new computer game .  Just choose a gift based on taste preferences of each other - and hits the target . 

Economy proposal

This option is ideal for those teams where a lot of men and women are in the minority, and colleagues congratulate them quite expensive .  Although the original - something very inexpensive .  That's why a great discovery can serve as popular now vocal and animated cards .  Indeed, a beautiful picture with sincere words expressed at the beginning of the day, do not leave your fellow men indifferent .  An interesting addition to this congratulation serve as a ringtone for mobile phone .  Take the time to order for each representative of the stronger sex of personal melody according to his taste preferences .  Agree, it is not difficult to make, it is necessary only to look on your desktop or in advance colleagues inadvertently ask about his musical preferences .  And in this case, to congratulate the men whose work is not connected to the computer? Select the appropriate occasion to ready card (sold everywhere), and warm and sincere words write themselves, it is this part of the congratulations and is the most important .  This token of your men will be very pleasant .  As a complement organize the entire female part of the team kind of "sweet table", perhaps even with cakes and homemade cookies .  Let it be, and without any special culinary delights, but colleagues will appreciate your efforts and giving them time to it .  It is possible here to please and teach every man as a small personal gift tea or coffee cup .  It's just a part of the low-cost options for congratulations .  The rest will tell you imagination and taste the male half of the office .   gifts to colleagues for February 23

Stationery, anti-stress and game gifts

Pens, diaries, organizers, and other usual office employee for every thing will be absolutely unnecessary, but unlikely to present an .  And if you combine them with anti-stress accessories? After time for any company in any way associated with stressful situations .  Therefore, items that help relieve stress and slightly shift the focus from the computer monitor to something else, giving rest your eyes may prove to be very useful .  For example, the usual sets of pens, coasters and other items wheels Chancery Hand with various relaxators hand .  They can be either rubber or in the form of magnetic beads, ovals or the whole set of dice and other figurines for creative nirvana .  Even the stationery today characterized by originality and novelty than it is able to support the main motive of the festival .  For example, desktop calendar with the theme of weapons or stand staple of combat vehicles will certainly find worthy application .  Coup for present colleagues for February 23 may be slightly half-forgotten, but still has not lost its relevance board games .  It may be interesting puzzles, backgammon and chess for intellectuals .  It is likely that your lunch break your man happy to pass for this game, or even staged a week-long tournament championship among fans Office .  For the energetic colleagues a good game gift can be all the same darts .  And if your company has a recreation room with enough space, organize all the women's team general gift in the form of all attributes for table tennis mini- .  Also suitable and basket ball .  Let colleagues have a rest actively and cut the lunch smoke breaks with health benefits .  You can also give all men the office of a small radio-controlled cars and have a real race with a special prize for the winner .  It is sure to enjoy, because play nice childhood at any age .  It is important to remember that a gift on February 23 - not just the annual need to congratulate the men . This is an excellent opportunity to remind colleagues that they primarily by men, not just the staff, and they will answer you, and respect, and attention, and help out at the event .  In our time of universal equality and progress of the boundaries between men and women in business relations are so lost a clear framework that has no one cause internal protest, if a young man completely forgets to open the door to a lady or a seat in a queue for lunch in a cafe .  Yes, these are the realities of life, but why go with the flow? Here and show their colleagues that they are primarily men .  8 March is not far off, and may be in response to your kind message of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, too, will be able to surprise the women staff a pleasant surprise?

 What to give to colleagues on February 23?

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