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Initially, holiday eighth of March carried a political subtext, but has evolved into a celebration of Spring, Love and Beauty. But today it has become the day when every woman, regardless of age and social status, it becomes an object for the compliments and declarations of love. And, of course, March 8 - the day that each of us received gifts precisely because she is a woman. And note that gifts we receive, not only from men but also from women. Not only do we give gifts to girlfriends, colleagues, mothers, grandmothers and sisters.

Choose gifts to women on March 8 - not an easy task, because every woman is special and requires an individual approach to solving this issue. Important nobody deprived of attention on this wonderful day. The first task - to decide what to give Mom on March 8. And to this problem it makes it easier to solve, offer you different ideas congratulations mom with the eighth of March.

Gift for mom and grandmother

Of course, you can start with your choice of useful things - utensils, kitchen accessories, decorations for the home interior. But it is worth considering how often your mom already received such a gift on March 8 from their friends, friends and loved ones? Maybe on this day my mother just did not need to remind you once again of the kitchen and how many hours she spent at the stove and try to bring it closer to the dream, which she had forgotten a prisoner of household chores.

Create a real holiday for her, cover themselves to her desk, surrounded by her care and free from all the hassle. Be sure to give the gift that will emphasize her femininity - cosmetics, flowers, trinkets female, beautiful decoration. After all, women always want to be a woman. Let your gifts through March 8 mom feel loved and beautiful!

However, do not forget my mother and my grandmother. If your grandmother and young at heart, and lead an active life, it is better not to give her toilet water or nail polish, or it decides that you forget about the present and got supplies from its own cosmetics. But as a gift on March 8 for mom your mom perfect quality cosmetic product of its age series.

And you can give mom case for glasses or keys, makeup, wallet, mobile phone cover. Note that all of these gifts are not only purchased, but made their own hands. Mom was very sensitive to those present that children do for them personally. So even if you do not own some special handmade skills make her one and only mom birthday card - is just that my mother would say, as far as it is expensive to the child.

For grandmother, who does not come out all day in the kitchen and endlessly concocts cakes suitable functional and beautiful items for the kitchen, which will facilitate its life and will be pleasing to the eye. Not superfluous will be comfortable and cozy slippers beautiful apron. By the way, the apron is not so difficult to sew, and with his own hands, you leave it on the strength of a half-day. But once you dare to question what to give Mom on March 8 and the grandmother to congratulate. In addition, this gift will be much more appreciated and certainly will like.

If you have a child, do not forget to congratulate your daughter on the spring holiday and wish it to become a great mom. Help your son to choose gifts for the eighth of March for classmates and friends.

 useful gifts for March 8

Gifts for girls

Choose gifts for March 8 for girls is quite simple, you need only turn on their own imagination and remember yourself at this tender age. Little girls love sweets and various fun accessories - notebooks, razukrashki, stained paint, volume labels, sets for embroidery and weaving beads.

Market cosmetics joined the series of tools designed specifically for the little ladies. There are many companies that manufacture decorative and hygienic line of cosmetics for young ladies. So what to choose for girls cream, lipstick and toilet water not working. Such gifts girl on March 8 will appreciate and cause emotions and sincere delight.

Little princess rejoice living flowers in the pot, after which it will be able to take care of myself, to water. Let her choose a flower shop in the flower itself, which she liked. Such a gift to the girl on March 8 will enjoy it every day, reminding your love and attention.

Younger girls love fairy tales, especially about princesses and princes. That is why as a gift for the girls on March 8, you can safely choose a book, tells the story of fairy-tale characters. For girls homebody perfectly suited fabulous puzzles, beautiful doll or a set for creativity. Gifts for March 8 for girls are very easy to find in any large children's store. Give to your little lady and let herself chooses, she may seem interesting.

Thinking about how to please bestow warmth and his household, do not forget that work colleagues are also waiting for the miracle of a small and pleasant surprises on this bright spring day.

What to give to colleagues?

Most standard and ordinary gifts on March 8 colleagues - is flowers and cake for tea. But there are other more interesting ideas. It would be great if you are organizing a joint visit to the theater or bowling alley and distracted from routine work. This gift will help rally the team and will provide an opportunity to celebrate Women's Day in an informal setting.

If the gift is on the eighth of March a colleague - a gift for a woman boss, then in any case do not choose for her make-up and any gizmos, hinting at the women's attractiveness. Say a categorical "no" bags, umbrellas, beads, scarves and other female accessories. A wonderful gift for the woman-chief of its staff would be subject to the related art: the famous statue of the master, or a picture that no words will speak to visitors about the status of its office holders.

All kinds of ornaments for the desktop will also be a welcome gift. Among these are many of the original details of office gizmos. Stands for calendars or glasses pencil holder paper records, and do pens, pencils, magnets, stickers and other necessary stuff will be in the appropriate gift for the holiday calendar. By the way, small figurines, frames for photos, decorations for flower pots, too, can give their colleagues.

If you work in a large women's team, which decided to give each other gifts on holidays, the purchase of such gifts can be quite burdensome. So choose something inexpensive but useful things. And do not be embarrassed modesty these gifts, because your gift is not the only one. Give colleagues a piece of fragrant soaps or bath salts, a few bags of spices, chocolate and a small keychain. Such mutual courtesies usually on duty or mandatory, but if already in the team there is a similar tradition, it is not necessary to break it.

 good gifts for March 8

Gifts for a friend?

What could be the gifts on the eighth of March for a friend? The answer to this question is rather ambiguous - the choice of gifts is so huge that you can get lost and break down. We offer you ideas of traditional and unexpected gifts. Think about the preferences of your girlfriend, she loves than interested in what will always be happy. Romantic lady can pick up a beautiful scarf for her spring wardrobe (scarves never too much!), Or find a CD with her favorite movie actor. A business woman prefers, likely practical gift. Ideas choice can be very diverse - it all depends on the personality of a business lady. This young lady can give, for example, anything from home appliances - kettle, iron, hair dryer, curling hair. You can choose a beautiful card holders, covers for books (or e-book cover), organizer or leather folder for papers.

If you are a very close friend, and you can give a very intimate, or, say, a purely personal gifts such as, for example, pretty panties (can be several). If you know the tastes of his girlfriend regarding the cosmetic and hygiene products, then boldly giving creams for the face or hands, hair dye, maxi and whey, lipstick and nail polish. And naturally, the cosmetics in this case should be of high quality and not only the cheapest.

We dare to give you a very indiscreet advice that will help you not to spend a lot of time agonizing choosing gifts for the eighth of March for her friends and going through all sorts of ideas: go to the mall and buy them the first thing that catches your attention. What immediately like you will love your girlfriend and that such a gift will be ecstatic!

Gift woman on March 8 - a hot topic, especially if the woman (whether mother, best friend or nephew) is very dear to you. Good gift - it is not necessarily its high cost. An expensive gift - is someone who is willing to receive, which are constantly thinking. If you can not read the thoughts of others, if you do not visit the original ideas, ask directly what a gift on March 8 a person wants to receive. In this there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Choose the most suitable gift is easiest at the gift shop. It is here that we are born the most original ideas that just in the head would not come. Typically, stores of gifts you can find everything from a set of sushi, Japanese garden, hookahs and decorative fountains, to the pleasant things in the form of candlesticks, figurines, a pair of coffee, or a beautiful jewelry. And, of course, do not forget the flowers, they are always nice to get and all.

Whatever your gifts on March 8, remember that they should be faceted into expensive words. Remind your loved ones to women about how you love them as they smile like the first spring rays of the sun, from which everything melts ... Light the light in their eyes and give a true celebration of spring and beauty!

 Gifts for March 8 - a parade of ideas

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