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50 years in the life of the representatives of the strong half of humanity - is the age associated with a particular turning point in their minds. It is this line comes very suddenly, when a man is still full of energy and inertia flies forward, trying to do everything. And suddenly 50. "How little I did! "- This idea increasingly takes a mature man. Sometimes on their own triumph, he suddenly becomes aware of its external and internal changes. Looking around the guests on the anniversary of relatives, friends and adult children suddenly, the man was surprised to note how everything became older. It was then that an understanding of the age and comes to him.

But before you can see in his father change, is not it? He became more irritable, sometimes forgetful, or had a habit to think about something at the wrong time. Perhaps the pope became especially fussy food, for no apparent reason suddenly decided to do his own physical form, changing the style of clothes from the official at a youth and so on. Yes, and I try to spend a weekend with the family is not as before, and beyond. But at other times it requires more attention, although sometimes difficult to explain exactly what he wants. It seems that the father was like a three year old child, who always waits for confirmation of the fact that he - the center of the world.

But this period in the life of your dad - this is a temporary phenomenon. Psychologists recommend to treat with understanding to behavioral changes in men 50 years of age. It is not only a moral awareness that the best years of his life behind him, pushing him. The man begins to feel physically that. Therefore trying to catch up, as it seems, lost time and opportunities. There are suddenly new enthusiasm and a desire to go there, where previously not thought. In this period it is possible and even necessary to express my attention to my father, but not while exercising undue molestation. After all, for 50-year-old man it means a lot of his own freedom and the inviolability of personal space.

Here's a simple task to close, and when the next one must be more often, and do it very discreetly and quietly. After all, the family - the most important thing in the life of any person. And that native people helped us all to experience certain difficulties of life enjoyed by our victories. After all, surely just a dad who is now easy, was able to support yourself in the special moments of life, the time to lend a shoulder and gave a feel protection and warmth. And now your turn has come and help him cope with the period, when it seems that time is running out like sand through his fingers, and the best is behind us.

Therefore they are related with great attention to how to celebrate my father's 50th birthday. Think about how you can make the holiday in his honor memorable and truly happy celebration. Give my father a sense of what you, the children, and it has the most important life events. Make it is not hard - you just have to approach the questions of what should be a celebration and what to give dad for 50 years. The answer suggests itself - love and attention. However, now it is possible to clothe these concepts in a more tangible form to give dad something to be proud in front of friends and the rest of the relatives.

 what to give dad for 50 years

How are we going to celebrate?

The first thing to determine the order in which it will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The best option would be, of course, a good restaurant with a "live" music and a great menu. Moreover, thanks to my mother that in this case you will be provided, and because it can be simply charming wife hero of the day, not the mistress, exhausted preparing a festive table. Decorate the room for the solemn day, you can use experts in this field. This is especially useful if you want to arrange than the traditional anniversary evening, and the holiday with a specific theme. In this case, the interior designer well-suited to complement the occasion draperies, decorative elements and color schemes.

However, if you rent a banquet hall for you is difficult, it is quite possible to help with the preparations and solemn menu. It can greatly facilitate the efforts of the dishes and order in a restaurant with good food. This will save you time and energy in order to resolve the important question of how to present myself.

By the way, a good idea would be the organization of celebrations in the Italian style, and your dad will be able to fully play the role of the head of a large and friendly family clan. On the table will let the good Italian wine, traditional snacks and hot meals. Optional exactly reproduce all the details, but the emphasis should be. It is possible that he is interested in such an unusual birthday themed celebration in his honor, and will actively help.

Not superfluous and would also designed costumes for your father and mother. No, we are not talking about historical costumes (although, if you wish, you can try). Here, pay attention to the style of the famous Italian actors such as Marcello Mastroianni, Michele Placido, or particularly colorful Adriano Celentano.

Look at your father, and determine what type it is closest. Or maybe it will be the style of the Italian mafia, a kind of Don Corleone? Pofantaziruet, do not be afraid. So did to my mother's way. Whom she resembles? Maybe, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Loren, Monica Vitti and even muse of Fellini, the famous Giulietta Masina? Do not be lazy and look on the internet pictures of these gorgeous women. No similarities? Then just help my mother to emphasize her femininity and charm, as did and do still have all the great Italian. Do not be redundant services stylist make-up artist, for my mother, and for his father, because it is the anniversary, not just a night at the restaurant.

You can also prevent and invited guests on the theme of the holiday. It is likely that most of them are also likely to appeal to the idea of ​​a certain style stand. Timely and prompt professional will lead to the celebration took place in accordance with the plan that all could congratulated.

Of course, not necessarily just such pomp in my father's company holiday. Yes, and you can select the theme is quite traditional. It is likely also that the father of a great pleasure to celebrate their 50 years in the narrow family circle or in the open air. Listen to his wishes and try to do everything and to a modest celebration was filled with love, sincerity and family warmth.

 a gift to Pope for 50 years

What to gift?

The fact that the present pope for 50 years, should be considered in advance. This question does not tolerate carelessness and hastily. After all, surely the pope and his entire life trying to present you exactly what you dreamed of, not the first thing that came to mind. So it was time to thank him, to the material component greetings in honor of the anniversary of his father turned out to be a welcome and appropriate.

In general, all the gifts for the anniversary should be divided into three types: the practical, emotional and souvenir. To the first of them include those that are directly related to work, leisure and everyday life of the father-hero of the day. If you decide to present something out of this category, the choice is very large. For example:

  • pen with a gold pen, a modern leather briefcase for documents, a laptop or a new mobile phone model - all this can give an employee or director of the office, if your father is such;
  • Professional set of tools chic BBQ with all the trappings, all sorts of gardening equipment - a good solution for the present Pope, whose leisure time is associated with a plot of land;
  • company set fishing gear, inflatable boat, a hunting rifle, a simulator or other sports equipment can give those fathers who like to spend time fishing, hunting or engage in maintaining their own fitness level;
  • super modern household appliances and air conditioning are also able to make life more comfortable and hero of the day light.

The second category should include all kinds of gifts such as paintings and sculptures, collectible, jewelry nominal engraving, furnishings and so on. If you have the desire and the opportunity to present something like this, it is important to understand exactly what I would like to get your father.

He numismatist? On the Internet, many websites where coin collectors sell the samples are not the only ones in their collections. Treat dad to a new anniversary of interesting specimens. Father appreciates art? Make it a good portrait of the contemporary artist and presented a picture that meets the tastes of the hero of the day. The Pope has a particular status and, therefore, special attention to the outward appearance? You can present a tie clip or a stylish cufflinks. It is not necessary that they be gold or platinum with diamonds. The main thing that these items meet the basic style of your fathers, and not "shouting" about their price. In general, think carefully about what it is like father and bring joy, especially in its anniversary. We are sure you will find a decent solution, and the hero of the occasion will be satisfied.

In addition to all the material things can be slightly different answer to the question of what to give dad for 50 years. Gave him a lot of impressions and an ocean of emotions. This will be a third category of possible gifts. Now there are many firms that specialize in providing various kinds of entertainment certificates. If your father is not without extreme drive and is able to take risks and is in great physical shape, it gives him the opportunity to try his hand in the management of the boat, or experience a completely incredible feeling during the flight trikes, or even by helicopter. Of course, all of these risky entertainment sure to include the presence of an experienced instructor. In any case, before you give such a certificate, a real willingness to vote your father to such tests.

For those who are sickened by the risk, it can be a great gift riding lessons, master class on the game of golf or tennis, a subscription to a modern sports club. If Dad loves the theater, you can find out where and when will the next prime minister, and to give parents the best tickets to the series. This is not quite the standard approach in choosing a gift for a loved father would be his very pleasant surprise. He will look at you differently, and will appreciate the effort and imagination. This will allow not only the Pope humbly proud of his grown-up child, but will justifiably boast among friends of your ingenuity and intelligence.

Do not forget to take care of the aesthetic side of congratulations. Let the main decoration will present a wonderful floral arrangement. In order to emphasize the status of celebration, you can order flowers delivery on the morning of the public holiday, and do not forget to accompany them a postcard with sincere congratulations. Believe me, this attention would be touching and very pleasing to the Pope-hero of the day.

And it is not a reason to be upset and to arrange a tragedy of universal scale, if for some beyond the control of the reasons you have not been able to give on the anniversary of Pope something particularly expensive or exclusive. The main value that really matters in life his father - that's you, his daughter. And sometimes, in order to bring joy to a loved one on the day of his 50th birthday, just forget about it and come in person with warm words of congratulations, delicious cakes and bound his own sweater.

Open the champagne, light 50 candles on a birthday cake and tell his beloved dad 50 most sincere words, that there will always be at the heart of a loving child. Believe me, your father will never forget this birthday. And the years that symbolize the holiday candles, will be for the Pope the subject of special pride and meaning. And his desire is supposed to think of the day of birth, will be to that as often as possible and longer it is close to his family.

 Gifts for dad 50 years: family values ​​in action

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