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Dad usually perceived by children as the head of family, the undisputed authority and a fair judge in different situations. That he is able to honestly and without unnecessary sentimentality point out our mistakes and failures. A restrained father's praise is able to give self-confidence to any child. We must not forget that for the son of the father is an example of manhood, and the daughter of his behavior pattern forms an image of the future elect to be the spouse. In addition, a really good dad kids think my best friend, who is always on time will help and support, will help to cope with problems and difficulties.

Therefore, the birthday of his father - a very important event in the life of any happy family. A few weeks before the upcoming celebration of all its members it covers the Pre-fever and a lot of questions about where to celebrate this day as to make it interesting for the father, what to cook and, of course, what gift can not only please, but surprise birthday.

What can give the baby?

Indeed, to my father's birthday was always original and fun event, much depends on the ingenuity and imagination of the mother. And to develop these qualities in children from an early age is necessary. I do not think that kid to one year can not contribute to the celebration. Of course, full participation will not work, but with the help of my mother's still possible to give your dad a personal token. For example, if he is interested in football, like most men, you can buy him a ball and using the imagination to make it special. Dip the palms of the child in the paint and make prints on the white of the ball, and then write a marker on each of your wishes, or the most valuable qualities of the pope. The spouse will appreciate a joint work of his wife and beloved baby as birthday greetings.

Alternatively, you can buy dad a present ordinary hammer and with a year-old baby and give it some originality. To do this, you need to leave the baby on his wooden parts of the traces of their pens, dipped his hands in the paint. And you cover the handle with lacquer. It is possible that such use of a hammer and Dad will not, but the only one of its kind of fun in the tool box will always be able to give him a fleeting joy.

If the child is older, then you may draw him to create a festive mood with his father. The perfect solution for this will be balloons. Let there will be many, and each may be using a marker to write or draw a funny message for the birthday child. Let the kid will bring clumsy cute doodle pen, because paint on colored balls - is a very fun and different to do. Or let the child leave their fingerprints on their hands - it is sure to enjoy.

If your children have grown so much that they can draw a bit and managed with scissors, help them make the picture or applique for dad's birthday. An interesting option would be to use clay. To do this you need to draw a simple sketch of a black marker, such as a fungus in the grass or a flower in a vase. Of course, the picture may be more complex - it all depends on my mother's talent.

But even if you do not know how to draw, then this is by far not a problem. You can take the children's coloring and carefully cut liked the image of her. Then it needs to be pasted on a bright piece of cardboard to get the effect of a picture in a frame. And then let your child using the clay to turn black and white drawing in color and volume. This gift made by your own hands, will love the pope on his birthday.

 a gift with their own hands the pope's birthday

Gifts for Dad from schoolchildren

Young students have, as a rule, are able to tinkering excellent homemade cards. Surely such items of their work you will not just have to get on the occasion of March 8, or other celebration. So why do not they make the hands of the same gift and the Pope? Of course, the card on his birthday should be particularly festive and elegant. You can help the idea, but its implementation is entirely provide the child. Perhaps the original approach and imagination shown by a son or daughter will be for you and the birthday very pleasant surprise. Also, a child of school age are quite capable of making and give the Pope a birthday beautiful bookmark for a book, for example, in the form of a tie.

Do not worry if the child is not particularly fond of tinkering or draw something with your own hands. It can be carried away doing this with the help of interesting ideas. For example, you have already bought a gift ready for birthday and hid it in a safe place. Ask your son or daughter draw a map by which the Pope will find its intended as greetings thing.

You can go even more non-traditional way and offer to do with their hands and give to Dad's Birthday Wish unusual festive collage. To do this, discuss exactly where your child would like to go with my father over the years before his next birthday, and what they could do together. Then look for pictures in old magazines, which will symbolize these places. Let the child will cut and paste them in any form on a large sheet of heavy paper. Images can be arranged in accordance with the seasons, for example, bring together all the classes corresponding to winter, summer, autumn and spring.

So the child can not only make the pope interesting and unusual gift with their own hands, but also to tell about unfulfilled desires, which did not dare say out loud. As a result, the father receive not just an interesting greeting, but also ready to plan hanging out with the child.

If your child is interested in any kind of creativity, it can also be used to give the Pope a birthday surprise copyrights. Young artists certainly be able to draw a portrait of the father or the beautiful landscape. Those children who are learning pottery and modeling, will be able to make their own hands an original and unique souvenir cup or painted decorative plate. Little musician may be advisable to give the Pope a birthday small concert in his honor, to unlearn specifically for this new pair of simple works.

 birthday dad with their hands

Adult children and their hand-made gifts

Try to make sure that children, even as adults, have not lost interest in the self-made things and not lazy to spend time on their production, to give to his father. Daughter in memory of past hobbies can tie their own hands the pope beautiful scarf, socks and mittens or sew original wall organizer for its detail (lighters, combs, scissors, a phone book, glasses and so on). You can invite her to take part in preparing the festive menu, entrusting the decoration of cakes and birthday cake. Adult son is quite able to make shelves for father's books, magazines and CDs.

If a father loves spending time at the cottage, attract children to create their own hands unusual place for his rest. Let it be a surprise for dad on his birthday. This can be personally sew or weave and hang a hammock, it is required to make a small pillow or even tie a warm cozy blanket, put together a small table and arrange like an oasis, where his father would be nice to have a coffee and read. It can be used for decoration or old tires to make the palm of plastic bottles. Such original things and objects made personally to become more proof subsidiary and filial love, because they spent a lot of time and imagination.

Best of all, if you do set an example of how important it is to make gifts with their own hands. After all, you have a beloved and dear father, who, as in the days of your childhood, enjoys attention to the signs on his birthday. So do not forget that you tied elegant sweater or warm vest sometimes better than another thing from the store.

Give dad can and painted wine glasses or glass framed mirror, even if it will have to learn the basics of the art of stained drawing. You can also make original candle from low glasses pasted on them pieces of colored glass. Of course, the need to tinker, but such a birthday present pope will be invaluable. You can sew the panels with their own hands and with the help of pieces of skin or painted eggshells make great artistic picture. If you can sew, then try to make the author covers for his father's car or doll Charm, which will be the mascot for the Pope and protection against the evil eye.

 a gift with their own hands on dad's birthday

Homemade symbolic gifts

And if his father will soon anniversary, then you owe it not only a valuable gift, a present that kind of thing that will become a symbol of love and respect for age and status. It is a good idea can serve as the creation of a family with his own hands a large album. The matter is complicated and laborious, however, and the resulting gift deserved to take the place of this heirloom. It will help such a direction as scrapbooking. This kind of skill is just aimed at creating means of photographs, drawings and pictures of an entire life history of the head of family, which is your father.

To give such a thing, you need a quality big album with thick sheets. His photographs have to fill in the jubilee, and beautiful themed images in chronological order, starting from childhood and up to the present day photos. If you have the ability to literary exposition of ideas, it is possible to include in the album and short stories describing certain moments of your dad. Such a gift, made with his own hands, will cause not only the interest of the hero of the day, but will make it the center of attention of all the guests.

Another symbolic congratulatory birthday or anniversary Pope may be the usual children's blocks, rather, they serve as an excellent basis for this. Find the six general picture of your father, and you, the best ones were made in the early years. Cut them into six pieces and glue into cubes so that you can correctly connecting side, fold the whole picture.

Try to compile and present the Pope on the anniversary of an unusual Crossword Memories. As encrypted words fit your children's home nicknames place joint rest, words that you distort funny as a child. Arrange a crossword puzzle on a large sheet of paper, make it bright and cheerful, provide photographs and even their own children's drawings, if they still exist. Such a gift would create not just a good mood on the anniversary of his father. You own hands will give him the opportunity for a moment to plunge into the youth, and it means a lot and is very expensive.

But even if you have already bought the beloved Pope birthday gift ready, whether the phone, camera or tonometer, do not be lazy and give it an original way to make their own hands a beautiful holiday cards and original packaging. This can take two different size boxes that enclose one another. Obtyanite their wrapping paper and secure with tape. The smaller box insert the gift itself, but more - a postcard. So you will be able to give really exciting and colorful congratulation.

Do not forget that even the most banal thing in the hands of someone who can and wants to do, can be a unique gift for a loved one, not only for my birthday, then on any other holiday. To do this, just need to show imagination and creativity trivial. Lately, things hand-made, that is made with their own hands, are becoming increasingly popular. Many new techniques of manufacturing craft copyright. If you have not mastered audio, the upcoming birthday of Pope can be a good reason for this. And if you're doing well with their hands interesting and unusual gizmos, then use their skills to give joy to loved ones and close friends. Do not be afraid to be original and teach it to their children!

 Original gift to the pope with his own hands for his birthday

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