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Fiftieth anniversary of the family - a reason to compulsory celebration of this event. To live 50 years side by side with one person, go through all the difficulties and hardships encountered on the path of each pair, while retaining the love, respect, warm and tender feelings - all it is worth noting wedding anniversary in a big way. It is not necessary to invite many guests to spend a huge amount of money on a restaurant. It is enough to gather the whole family united around one table to congratulate those who have managed to hold each other a long life, have children and remain a couple, deserve to be proud of it. Naturally, no one such celebration is complete without a present. Before we talk about what kind of gifts on their golden wedding accepted to give, but from what should be abandoned, let's define with meaning, which is incorporated in the name of jubilee.

Gold wedding and her note

By title anniversary it is easy to understand that it is a symbol of gold. This expensive metal yellow valued at all times. It is very hard, ductile and "permanent." This material specialists include inert to chemical substances, i.e. those that are not exposed to oxidation. That is why the name of the anniversary of sounds like "gold", symbolizing the strength, value and permanence of marriage and relationships between couples. Maybe someone thinks at least strange that, after the sapphire and ruby ​​wedding anniversary 50 named in honor of the metal. After all, in spite of his generosity, it is cheaper than the aforementioned gems. Note, however, that in ancient times (today's day, of course, is no exception) gold is very appreciated and enjoyed them, while other jewels few people have seen, it is a little later, they entered into the everyday life of the rich wealthy families.

So, with the history of the name "golden wedding" we decided, now let's talk about how you can celebrate. Sami wife very rarely initiate solemn event, so if your parents have no intention to hold the festival, offer to organize it yourself. This is what will be your main gift on their anniversary, which optionally can be supplemented with other presents, but we will talk about later.

It is not necessary to roll up a feast for the whole world - invite the relatives. The venue of the event may be a small cozy cafe or restaurant. However, advance familiarize yourself with establishments, the menu, number of seats in the halls, and so on. To create a special atmosphere, decorate the room with family photos, images of the couple, made at different times of their lives. Then make a list of the guests - Call relatives and closest friends anniversaries. I'm sure your parents would be very pleased if that day next to them will be the children and grandchildren. After all, it is a living testimony of a life lived not in vain! As is known, the most enjoyable and valuable gift for any man - love and care of people dear to him.

Notify guests in advance about the venue of the festival and its start time - it can be done orally or order a special invitation cards. Parents do not tell until the last of his idea - let it be a surprise. Come up with a pretext "to lure" them out of the house, for example, say that calling them to dinner and the dress should be the front. After all the guests gather, bring anniversaries. Pre stipulate invitees that when the premises will include heroes of the day, everyone will have to greet them cheers. Such a gift parents certainly will not forget!

In general, it decided to celebrate the golden anniversary as magnificently as the wedding itself. This is evidenced by the traditions and customs that have come down to us from the past. Bypassing the 50-year anniversary is not necessary, because it is a kind of milestone, after which begins the next phase of life together.

 gifts for golden wedding

The best gift for the golden wedding

If we talk about tradition, it is still in ancient Russia was the custom to present the 50-year anniversary of marriage handkerchief embroidered with gold thread. In the midst of the holiday eldest daughter or son covered his head and shoulders of the mother. Guests showered the couple specie, yellow leaves, as well as wheat and other grains, thus wanting material prosperity, loyalty, warmth and happiness. To perform the ceremony, all the participants uttered these words: "As you walked over the golden rain of love, understanding and well-being of 50 years ago, so let it be shed for another half a century! ".

Close relatives and children were given heroes of the occasion the new wedding rings, of course, they were gold. The couple wore jewelry, and continue to give their grandchildren or great-grandchildren "for luck." So in the old days it was thought that with the rings, husband and wife passed his young patience and wisdom, which all these years to keep their union. Today, many do not know and do not observe these traditions, so today's youth chooses gift, guided fashion trends and habits.

If your 50-year anniversary of living together say your parents, then, as we mentioned above, the best gift for them would be great to organize a holiday with family and close friends. Be sure to prepare a nice congratulations, because you will probably have to make a speech. It can be framed in a poetic form. Presented to him a beautiful bouquet of flowers, right in the home appliance (such as a TV, a food processor or something else), a trip to a health resort. In general, "including" the imagination, because who does not like you know what they like and are addicted to your parents. Guided in their choice to their tastes, interests, and, of course, consider the amount you are willing to leave the store.

Perhaps, you are invited to share in the happy event - 50 years of living together - friends, and now the main question that tormented you - what to give to their golden wedding? Let's take a closer look at all options.

Of course, first determine the amount that you are willing to commit to the purchase. The fact that the 50-year anniversary is traditionally accepted to give gold, why - I do not need to explain. These products are quite expensive, especially because recently this metal has increased significantly in price. Therefore, if you are not able to buy a good quality thing, do not waste your time on a fake or shoddy goods. In this case, bypassed a huge bouquet of flowers. It is possible, for example, ordered in a special cabin. If you have special talents, for example, can draw, cut wood, write poetry and compose music, hero of the day presented a gift made his own: painting, crafts and dedicated a song to them.

Products made of gold - jewelry or accessories - are usually present their children, grandchildren and other close relatives and friends and other guests may well restrict original and interesting gifts - gold-plated products. Today, almost any object can be decorated with engraving. Buy a wall or a wristwatch, a figurine, an unusual vase, tableware, and refer to a specialist who will cause a congratulatory inscription.

Appropriate and an exclusive gift will also be painting in exquisite gilded frame. You can even draw on it themselves heroes of the occasion. In this case, the main thing - to choose a professional artist who will perform their work efficiently and as realistically as possible draw spouses.

Not all people are inclined to symbolic gifts to a particular calendar date of the wedding. But it's not so bad, because everyone is free to do as it sees fit for itself. Besides, thanks to this set of anniversaries receive a wide variety of gifts. If you want to stand out from the crowd of donors and to present the original and memorable gift, not necessarily to buy expensive thing, the main thing - it's beautiful design your output. I do not know how to do it? We advise you. The main objective is to "beat" the festive date, ie 50 years of marital unity of couples:

  • Almost every woman loves flowers, so his wife would be appropriate to present 50 beautiful red roses on long stems;
  • Contact the agency for the organization of holidays. They usually have additional services in registration of premises and gifts and for sure will make an original composition of the balls with the mention of a memorable date;
  • Say it nice greeting, and then gave chocolate medal in the number of years the couple lived. You can also replace them with one big with the inscription "50 years together." And after that presented their main Present (painting, clocks, jewelry, original album-book, which introduced the whole family lineage or other);
  • Cheer and anniversaries will also be able to please T-shirts with the image of a couple or with the application of a sentimental, serious or funny caption. All this will make the celebration a truly memorable one.

The most unexpected and memorable gift for the 50th anniversary - Stay for two in a sanatorium, a holiday home or a specialized health resort. If possible, pay the couple travel to the places where they were born relationship. Perhaps they dream of a lifetime to see this or that city, so do everything to make their fantasies come true!

In general, you can give all that your heart desires, as long as a present was made from the heart. In addition, the most expensive and valuable gift jubilee has presented the fate - getting to know each other and a great love long 50 years!

 Gifts for golden wedding: tradition and modernity

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