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Each year, every working team is given the same question - what to give to the boss's birthday. After all, the future gift should not only please the birthday boy, but to show him how much he is dear to subordinates (even if it's actually not the case). Truly an insoluble problem. As the years go by, and the chief of the same. Well, do not give the same to him a hundred times daily? And Brandy is in the office on the shelf for decades, gaining not only exposure, but dust. And do not give too fail. Resentment. The salary slash, and even fired for greed. No, no gift is necessary. It's a fact. And what we give you now the head of the prompt. Of course, to ensure that the head of deploying a gift to celebrate, raise your career, will not. But what will be able to bypass the delicate situation with minimal losses, promise.

Gift collector

All we have something kollektsioniruya. As a child it was candy wrappers and calendars featuring favorite cartoon characters. Becoming a little older, we have replaced the candy wrappers on the brand, and a calendar for breast shawls. As for the stronger sex, there is a collection altogether unpredictable. Some men enthusiastically collected cufflinks. Some crazy about the collection of whiskey. Someone brings from his travels and cup ties. Your task - to learn more about the enthusiasm of his boss. Just do not say that his hobby - young secretary and he collects only bitter tears subordinates. Even in the simple heart is the place for naive children's hobbies. So please go to the eloquence and intelligence.

By the way "it merges data" can just did another young secretary. She'd certainly better know your stern boss. Suddenly it turns out that if the present Director-silver tie clip for his birthday, his heart melted, and he become generous in extraordinary prize. Just do not skimp on the gift, or the accessory fall into the collection of the boss, and in the best case in the trash. What could be worse? Just get your gift back. Believe me, it is unpleasant.

Frankness - the path to success

And now we'll tell you the shortest and surest way .... No, not to the heart of your favorite chef, and to address the problem of birthday gifts. But first, a little preface. Statistics show that more than 70% of the total population of the globe hates his name day. And it is not that people over the years, getting older (and no one wants to grow old). Just a few people like to listen to false congratulations on your address and receive unwanted gifts. Say, you are receiving a birthday for a few sets of shampoos and as many copies of the cheap toilet water? It was nice? That's right. That's frustrating to see your boss anguish over selections a present (give you a heated debate trumpet whisper at lunchtime). Firstly, few guesses and gives what is really needed.

Secondly, my boss probably beyond your level of welfare. So what seems like your team acme of perfection may seem capricious man commonplace. Therefore, I ask. Did not hesitate to go to your boss and ask what to give him for his birthday (on vacation do not hesitate to ask, now he will not bite you). Believe me, a good chef will always help with the selection. Who knows, maybe tired of luxury man needs to be completely happy only a good pen? Or a new book by Paulo Coelho? We would like to object to those who are categorically against this method vysprashivaniya gifts. Believe me, it is better to give the head of something inexpensive and long-awaited, rather than an unnecessary thing, bought for fabulous sum (of money itself is not a pity?).

 that give the head of the man

If the boss - a fan of hunting and fishing

Show the man who can not keep spinning in his hands. Perhaps all the representatives of the stronger sex to tremble at the knees like fishing, hunting and all similar activities that begin with an active drinking alcohol and end ... no, not fishing, but ordinary men chatter about politics, money and women. But they will not go to the river without a fishing rod really? Therefore, it is possible to give the Director once a fishing tool. Only here it is important not to miss. Suddenly your boss is positioning itself as an avid hunter, and you give him spinning. Then it is better to give a birthday spacious tent.

Fans of computer technology

Today, many "you" with a computer. The Chiefs are no exception. Although not all of them are real aces in matters of computer technology. What do you want. This certainly affects the effects of leadership activities. The man used to having him all do. The report prepares the deputy. Coffee brews secretary. Even the door, and the porter before leaving opens. Why did the director of works, so if the world revolves around him. But suppose that your boss - a happy exception to the rule, and the computer can not just lay a solitaire, but passable know a couple of clever programs.

Then it will be quite appropriate to give him a birthday jewelry USB flash drive or any feature-rich device. Just remember before making a purchase, after all, ask your manager what it lacks. Maybe he has long dreamed of a good webcam? Or, on the eve of favorite broke optical mouse? By the way, on this basis, the Director can not only like, but try to make friends with him. Can you help him install a webcam or tell us about the merits of the new wireless mouse. While on the other hand, the head of the next, so it is safer.

Gifts motorists

But here again is where to turn with ideas for gifts. The fact that many motorists spending a crazy amount for a new car, totally spare the money on the dates of trivia. Therefore, you may well give the head of the next birthday:

  1. Digital breathalyzer. In business negotiations sometimes have to take on his chest, and a symbolic one hundred grams to go in such a home. Many motorists in this case, the seventh tour the road traffic police posts, whereas a conventional handheld breathalyzer can prove that the number of ppm in the blood is still negligible, and nothing to be afraid (to be exact - nobody).
  2. Warning triangle. You will not believe, but it's also very useful in the automotive sector thing. And quite expensive (for a conventional sign). Any driver once in your life promised to buy a warning triangle to the next paycheck. So do good work, give the necessary trifle Director birthday.
  3. Keychain Flashlight with defroster locks. We are sure that this is not your boss (if none of the staff had not read this article before you and not ahead with the Gift). Defroster help cold winter, and certainly handy flashlight in a dark entrance. And it does not say that the authorities only goes for the illuminated area and carpeting. They are people like you and me.
  4. Keychain to find the keys. This know-how will help to find the car keys. You agree that a good thing? Who of us did not want such a device to find the home keys or slippers?

 that give the head of the man at work

Mediocre stuff

Now we begin to enumerate the list of gifts, and you in turn will become a throw-in monitor slippers. This cup, diary, wall calendar, pen, t-shirt. Banality can imagine, right? But the usual stuff you can embellish so that they will become the most expensive gift for your boss. Just put it there ... photo. Well, who does not like drinking tea, looking into the eyes of his beloved? Or flipping diary with his image? The wall calendar, you can put a whole series of photos favorite chef (ask for pictures of the secretary or the chief's wife).

What is not necessary to give

Ironically, if you decide to give the Director-man the money in an envelope, you would not understand. Agree that it is a large sum, you do not put, and little money can offend the boss. If nothing else other than currency does not occur, then donate no ordinary rubles, and some rare currency (which, if desired, can be converted, of course).

Do not give perfumes. Even expensive. Since each person has his own taste. And very often the scent that seems to us the height of perfection, others categorically does not like. Especially - the man (male and female buds are very different to each other).

Flowers man (even your boss) is also not present. It's a birthday party, not a funeral, right? Especially because there are very few men who love flowers. The bulk of them considers a waste of money, since you can not drink bouquets eat or put on. Here is such a male pragmatism. Anywhere from it anywhere.

Too expensive gifts is also not acceptable. They require you to make a birthday gift back. And if your friends and family on this matter can be negotiated, the leader, you are unlikely to be able to explain that the collector got the gun from his grandfather, and you had no trouble at all. Plus, the Director may accept your royal gesture as a request to increase the corporate ladder. What if a new position, you do not pull? Short delay the gun back in the closet and limits cheaper gifts.

Knives also give not recommended. Bad sign. Some very suspicious citizens believe that together with the blade of a knife you give them a birthday evil spirit. Do you wish you such a gift to his boss? No? That's right.

You certainly are not going to present the director of a box of chocolates, right? Even if it's chocolate - Belgian, and your boss - a sweet tooth. Well you can not do this kind of man we launched. You can even add to the luxury box of a bouquet of flowers, and firing you provided.

Some excessively original staff manage to give boss a birthday puppy or kitten (fowl list goes on). Dear you, our, and the little dog to walk every morning, too, will you? And to the vet to carry on immunizations? Not to mention that any animals need to be fed and to someone to leave for a while endless trips. Therefore, if you do not want to afford to make enemies in the face boss bypass tenth expensive pet store. It is better to give a bottle of brandy. And there are no requests, and always handy man in the household.

By the way, bed linen is also included in the list of prohibited gifts to the birthday man. Especially if you - a girl. The head may not be able to understand your gesture and regarded it as a hint to the special attitude towards it. You do not want to spread a set together with the chief? Then leave the bed itself. And the boss .... Give all the same brandy, which we wrote about in the previous paragraph. Remember? Well, the one that is always useful and have not asked.

 A short educational program that give the director a man's birthday

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