hair straightening different ways


  • Cosmetical tools
  • Special chemicals
  • Biolaminirovanie
  • With the help of a hair dryer and brush
  • Try folk remedies

Beautiful hair - a decoration of any girl. But look, they are not always as we would like. There are many problems related to their appearance. Often this is due to their health, and in this case it is better to do with their treatment. However, many women simply want to change its appearance. Who has dark hair, want to light, one straight - dream of wavy, and vice versa. A variety of modern tools to change the appearance of the hair allows you to change almost every day.

And all have long been accustomed and learned to skillfully transformed with a hair dryer, curling irons, curlers or by using a rectifier and other equipment. However, as everyone noticed that it all begins after long use to harm curls and spoils their appearance. Therefore, more and more women become interested in ways in which you can achieve the desired effect with the least harm to their tresses.

Now you will learn about several options how to straighten hair without straightener.
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Cosmetical tools

For cosmetic products may include the following means: lotions, masks, serums, sprays and shampoos.

These funds are the most sparing of modern methods of hair straighteners. In addition to the chemical elements that their smooth, they contain a variety of natural ingredients. This may be silk proteins and wheat, herbal extracts, various oils - olive, castor oil, avocado. These substances carry restoring function, add shine and make them well groomed. Well, if the creams, shampoos and hair masks include creatine and silicone. They are heavier and smooth hair.

The task weighting do well for hair straightening cream, which are applied to the washed and dried tresses. However, an important drawback of this means is that after applying creams hair quickly get dirty. As an alternative to creams used balms after washing.

You should know that these drugs are well apply to slightly wavy hair, and if you are the owner of luxurious curls, then you will need more serious money.

 hair straightening cosmetics
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Special chemicals

As the name implies, straightening is carried out by means of chemical ingredients. The procedure of chemical straightening best left to professionals. The essence of the procedure is applied to the hair of sodium hydroxide. Sometimes it is used together with a vaseline cream which prevents skin burns. To consolidate the effect is applied converter, and terminates the processing routine air conditioning. In order to maintain the hair in the form of proper handling chemicals should be done about once every 2-3 months.

It should be noted that the chemical is very traumatic for straightening hair as their top layer softens. Do not forget to feed them further.
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This method is also good for not very curly hair. The procedure resembles Biolaminirovanie coloring procedure. On the hair applied special means having a part of exclusively natural ingredients. Composition envelops each filaments, covering it with a transparent protective "film". The entire procedure takes about an hour Biolaminirovanie and then processed by conventional hair cosmetics. After that locks heavier, silky, get shine and elasticity.

Today, funds for Biolaminirovanie sold in many pharmacies, cosmetic stores, allowing you to do this procedure yourself at home. But think about the beauty and trust the professionals. The specialist will make everything right with quality products.

 hair straightening with a hair dryer and brush
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With the help of a hair dryer and brush

The most accessible and popular way is to use a straightening of the hair dryer and brush. Everyone knows that the best styling and straightening amenable to wet curls. For a start they comb comb with large teeth. Then, to secure the effect of fixing the varnish can be applied, mousse or gel. For protection against the hot air can be treated with thermal protector spray. Now take a round brush - brushing - and slowly combing the individual strands, as if pulling them dry the hair dryer with a special nozzle. Dryer must be kept so that the air blowing from the direction of the roots to the tips. Such manipulation should be carried out on each strand, separating the remaining wet hair clip.

The main disadvantage of this method - is its fragility. After some time under the effect of moisture is reduced.
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Try folk remedies

Folk remedies not only do not harm the hair, but on the contrary, heals them and give shine. The most popular methods are masks from oils, gelatin. Olive oil, castor oil and burdock well aggravate and nourish the hair, giving it a healthy appearance. The mask should be done with oils for 15-20 minutes, wrapped her hair in a towel and Thermo.

The composition of many gelatin proteins that have a positive effect on the hair structure. Gelatin has enveloping properties, prevent their section and pushenie. To mask the gelatin dissolve about a tablespoon of gelatin in a glass of warm water, add a little water and a few drops of oil. Apply the mixture to the hair, not insulated, and rinse after 20 minutes water.

Now that you know how to straighten hair without straightener, choose the most suitable option. Let your curls shine with health and beauty.

 The hair can be straightened without rectifier

 Causes of hair loss


  • The reasons for the deterioration of hair
  • Vitamins A, C, E, F
  • B vitamins
  • Mikroelenty Beauty Hair

Everyone, without exception, want to have beautiful hair. To achieve beauty in several ways, but the most correct is to simply make them healthy and strong. And in order to be healthy, you need a combination of the following factors:

  • good care;
  • least traumatic situations;
  • minerals;
  • vitamins;

The last point - vitamins to strengthen hair - is also very important: it is simply impossible to have healthy hair without the required amount of these substances in the body, even if the cosmetics you very high quality. Make hair shiny, give them a shine and strengthen them only with the help of vitamins. But what kind of vitamins needed for hair?

For any woman with any type of hair you need to get at least 5 of vitamins to strengthen your hair: A, C, E, F, and vitamin group B.

And it is worth noting that it is necessary to get vitamins from food, vitamin masks and shampoos will not be enough.

 vitamin tablets
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The reasons for the deterioration of hair

The fact that the body needs the nutrients that will help to continue to develop in the right amount of protein called keratin - the main component of hair. For the possession of beautiful hair should be healthy foods, which have all the necessary vitamins to strengthen hair and not just because the hair is a reflection of health.

Thus, a healthy diet - is the foundation of healthy hair. If your hair suddenly began to spoil the look, it is worth remembering: maybe you sat on a diet? Maybe drastically change your diet? Improper diet, stress and hormonal changes in the system, may exacerbate problems with hair. Consider more vitamins, which will have a positive effect on hair and reanimate your hair.
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Vitamins A, C, E, F

  1. Vitamin A (another name - carotene). This vitamin is very important not only for your hair, but also for the whole body from it, in particular, it depends on the level of our immune system. In the absence of this vitamin in the body hair can become brittle, quite dull. Less starts loss and dandruff. In day to each person should be taken with food to about 1 mg of vitamin A. Main its sources: whole milk, egg yolks, liver, carrots, butter. Consumption of these products will help to strengthen hair.
  2. Vitamin C (another common name - ascorbic acid). This vitamin is known to everyone but not everyone knows that it is needed (simply vital!) Hair. This vitamin is not only nourish the hair but also improves their blood supply, prevents the destruction of hair follicles. The daily dose of the vitamin is from 30 to 50 mg; He found in citrus fruits, rosehips, sauerkraut and black currants.
  3. Vitamin E (also known as tocopherol) - one of the most powerful antioxidants, helps the immunity and slows down the processes that cause aging of the whole organism. For hair, this vitamin is needed as a loss prevention, provides UV protection and adds shine and volume. Get your daily dose (15 mg) may be nuts, rose hips, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, dried apricots, prunes and whole grains.
  4. Vitamin F allows the body to prevent hair loss, eliminates one of the causes of dandruff and is a powerful catalyst: because of him the rest of the body needs a woman of substance, absorbed in large quantities. The daily rate of the vitamin is individual for each person (one percent of all spent, energy); replenish its stocks, you can use the use of nuts, soybeans and sunflower seeds.

 natrualnye vitamins

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B vitamins

  1. B1 is involved in protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism. If it is insufficient lose their hair a healthy shine. For the replenishment of this vitamin in the body should start to eat rye bread or bread from wheat flour, oat or buckwheat.
  2. B2 is involved in the metabolism and redox processes. No vitamin B2 - will dry hair ends and roots - becomes fat. To obtain the required number should enter into the diet of yogurt, rye bread, boiled meat.
  3. B3 is needed for oxidation reactions. Hair lack of this vitamin will lead to the following: growth is slowing, it appears gray. Is this vitamin in foods such as raw peanuts, beef, brewer's yeast, boiled fish and liver.
  4. B5 affects the color of the hair, it will not allow sufficient intake of hair to turn gray prematurely. With him will be stronger hair and better oxygenated. He comes into our body with chicken, peanuts, eggs (yolks), broccoli, brewer's yeast.
  5. B6 reduces cholesterol in the blood, is actively involved in metabolism. At deficiency of B6 can appear dandruff, head will itch, and hair are dry. If eating chicken or pork, drink milk, eat egg yolks, and brewer's yeast, then such problems will not face your hair.
  6. B7 - an integral part of the splitting of fatty acids and glucose. None of this vitamin - fat head becomes far from the norm, you may see the dandruff and the hair itself fade and become dry. To avoid this, you should pay attention to foods such as saltwater fish, nuts, avocados, liver.
  7. B8 helps the body to convert fat into energy and prevents hair fall, skin and hair at his lack of will look dull and tired. Get it can be made from potatoes, oranges, raisins, oatmeal, green peas.
  8. B9 is directly involved in the growth and thanks to him that there is a development of blood cells. If a part of your food is broccoli or cauliflower, lentils, liver, egg yolks, and spinach, then a lack of the vitamin your body does not threaten at all.
  9. B12 helps cells to multiply, is not it - hello, itching and hair loss. For the replenishment of this vitamin is to give up vegetarianism, since he has only in animal products: liver, milk, eggs.

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Mikroelenty Beauty Hair

However, apart from all of the hair is still in need of vitamins and microelements.   Eating them just like ordinary matter is not necessary - the body simply can not assimilate it in its pure form, so trace elements must come as part of other substances.   Here are the basic elements and consider how best to take them.

  1. Calcium - the lack of it will cause problems with hair loss and psycho-emotional state of the person. The body will be more difficult to deal with stress, neurotic states may occur. So that calcium - a very important trace element. Is the calcium in milk, cottage cheese and cheese. For better comprehensibility eat foods with calcium in the evening - then he will not be washed out of the body during the day.
  2. Sulfur does not allow hair to be pale and dull. Taking seafood, milk, nuts, onions, buckwheat porridge and eggs, you make an invaluable contribution to the beauty of the hair.
  3. Magnesium is essential for metabolism, the elasticity of the blood vessels, it increases hair elasticity and volume. Buckwheat and oats, walnuts and almonds allow the body to get the right amount of this trace element.
  4. Iron - an essential component of hemoglobin. If not enough of this trace element can begin fading hair, hair loss, increased fragility and brittleness. In order not bald, you should add to your diet raisins, prunes, peaches, liver, apples.
  5. Phosphorus is not only directly involved in the metabolism, but also is a part of most enzymes and hormones. That hair have always been beautiful and healthy shine, eat more dairy products, meat and fish.
  6. Iodine - a very important trace element for the whole organism. Iodine deficiency is a cause of unstability of the thyroid gland, and hair become dry and brittle. To prevent this, take food seafood: sea cabbage, squid and so on.
  7. Copper increases the level of hemoglobin is important not only hair, but also for the skin and eyes. In order to prevent female androgenetic alopecia and early gray hair, you have to think about expanding your diet the following products: beef, watermelons, beans, liver, mushrooms, prawns.
  8. Selenium - is very necessary to the body, but its content in products is very low. Selenium is not only involved in hair growth, making them strong and resilient, but also plays an active role in the processes occurring in the brain. Is it in mushrooms, chicken meat, root vegetables and cereals.

Finally it is worth to say that we should not be afraid of listing all these vitamins, groups of vitamins, trace elements, their importance for the body. Just eat is varied and try to enter into the diet as much as possible products with high nutritional value and benefit to the organism. Another is to think carefully about the rationality of dieting can be a healthy body and healthy hair is more important than a few extra kilos?

In any case, hair is influenced not only vitamins and minerals, you can give up bad habits, try to use only high-quality cosmetics, you can try to just stop worrying about everything - and just start living. A healthy, eat right, confident and calm person and the hair will always be healthy!

 What vitamins can strengthen hair