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He - a courageous and strong, beautiful and smart, and most importantly - it's all there, so you are with friends for the second week puzzled over what he present for February 23? On this day, it is not necessary to arrange a romantic candlelit gatherings and give lovely Souvenir, as it can laugh, and even hurt the guy. The best way to show a little imagination and make a truly "male" Present your hands.

In the dark-dark forest ...

Arrange to the young man on the nature hike, and with a guitar, a barbecue and campfire porridge. Unfortunately, predict the weather in our country can not even weather forecasters, so good to walk with your friends your favorite in February is unlikely. But to find a way out of this situation is quite simple, it would wish.

So, borrow from their friends standard canvas tent and break it in the middle of the room. In the children's world, buy a small glowing stars, made of special paper, and they obkleyte ceiling. The garden Narva few sprigs of spruce or pine, mount them on the chairs in the room to spread a pleasant smell of spruce. Not bad will happen if you buy an air freshener with unobtrusive flavor.

Near the tent lay a semicircle pillows and blankets so that your guests can comfortably sleep on the floor. In the middle put the box into place with his own hands made of papier-mache fire. Before the arrival of the beloved include disk with the sounds of nature, which can be written in their own garden, or downloaded from the Internet. And have someone of your mutual friends grab a guitar, to have an impromptu campfire sing funny songs and hiking.

Do not forget to take care of tasty provisions: it can be hand made potato chips, crackers, pasta nautically, barbecue, oven baked potatoes in their skins. There is a little secret of how to make foods such as if it just came from the fire. During cooking, use a smoking smoke, which can be purchased in any major commercial establishments.

Calendar with his masculine image

Your boyfriend or husband has a desk, behind which he is reading, playing computer, writing letters or writes love poems to you? Make it a gift with their own hands, which he will appreciate - a big calendar on the wall paper.

Take pictures of your baby a young man and stick them on top of the poster board, make a small collage. The bottom of the column is divided into four (winter, spring, summer and autumn), each of which, respectively, should be at three squares. Then sign up every single month and put down the date, as is done in the usual attachments, calendar. The gaps can be filled with small joint photos or clippings from magazines, newspapers, pictures of cards. Such crafts on February 23, you can cook with your child, as the Pope will be doubly pleased to receive a present made by hand from the very families and loved ones.

 crafts with their hands on February 23

Carpet in the car

If your home has a lot of different wool threads, you are free to associate with their hands pad feet. Take a thick cloth, preferably a dark color, and cut out of it a small square or an oval, so that the product could fit around the bottom of the seat.

Cut one tens six filaments size (about ten centimeters each), and sew cloth middle large stitches parallel. The ends of each blank Zaderey up to them a little bit stuck. Now perpendicular to existing lines make a second series of yarns of different colors. When all the fabric will be trimmed, comb mat comb or brush with iron teeth.

Stand for pens

Some pretty interesting artifacts on February 23 kids make in kindergarten, so that you can borrow these ideas and a bit of modernizing. For example, create their own hands with the help of paper, glue, paint and bottles usual support under stationery.

So, get a half-liter mayonnaise jar, carefully obmazhte its outer surface with Vaseline to make it easier to remove her piece. Take a few old newspapers and cut them into small uniform pieces, which in several layers need to be pasted pot. Leave the resulting product for several days in a cool, dry place that is well dried up.

After two or three days, cut the billet in half, to pull out of her bank. Then connect the two parts, and the rest of their obkleyte newspaper. Now you have two options: either stand cover colorless varnish or paint colors and stick it on top of the figures out of colored paper.

Fantasy and originality where gin hiding?

A bottle of wine, decorated with their own hands - one of the best gifts for any man. It is not necessary to be an artist or a skilled worker for all hands to make a beautiful pattern on the glass, you can resort to cunning and cut out paper figures - silhouettes of birds, animals, fairy tale characters.

So, first you need Paint: yellow, red, blue, orange and purple. Other colors and shades can be obtained by mixing available. You can select as normal, which are sold in the children's world and more stable - aniline. You can find the latest in almost all hardware stores.

If you want to drawings were more vibrant and saturated, add the gelatin to the painting. Note cooked so the paint will melt more viscous, no longer spread. However, it is not necessary to cool them to room temperature, since in this case they will be similar to jelly.

Those who decide to paint the bottle with his hands, to remember the most important rule - while the glass should be in a horizontal position. Therefore, prepare, for example, two thick books or towel to hold the container.

So, first you need to clean the glass with alcohol, a strong solution of baking soda and tooth powder. Completely fill in the bottle in a single color, preferably light, and leave it for about forty minutes to dry. On a small piece of paper, draw a sketch of their own hands, so as not to improvise during painting, and act strictly according to plan. For example, you can make the petals of flowers, beautiful inscriptions, etc.

Attach the bottle figurines and carefully circle along the contour of a thin black line. Be careful that your clothes or do not touch the surface of the palm of your hand, otherwise may appear stains or oily stains. Once the paint dries a little, you can start to decorate the glass: a good brush and dab the drops, not strokes, fills the space. If you do everything correctly, the traces of lint on the glass will not.

In a place where there should be a label, you can put your favorite baby photos, printed on a printer. Once you have them glued top walk with varnish to fix the result. This bottle can be stored in a dry place, as the excess moisture will spoil the picture.

 crafts by 23 February

Director himself or making a film

On a sheet of paper shall describe a small script, which you will follow in the course of shooting and editing. For example, in the beginning, you can ask him to tell his mother about the childhood of your favorite, then take it off while working around the house, playing on the computer, etc. It is sure to be an outset, a short story and a funny ending.

Check the capabilities of your equipment, because high-quality movie you are unlikely to be able to write on a normal mobile phone. Be sure to check with a program that cuts video into pieces or assemble parts to the whole clip. If you can only enable or disable the computer from this idea should be abandoned. As a last resort, ask your friends to work editors, cameramen, directors.

Sky Dragon

Men - the same children, but now they prefer more expensive toys that not everyone will be expensive. Embody his childhood dreams and try to make their own hands a piece of cardboard or plywood kite. And in the day "X" together, run a monster in the sky in the open space.

Preparing handicrafts February 23, do not forget also about the more substantial gifts. Of course, give expensive gift, whether it be hours or cigarette case, it is not necessary, but to do one postcard, souvenir of paper made with their own hands, and shaving foam, you can hardly. Try to strike a balance between what you want, and what you can give, without prejudice to the purse.

 Crafts on February 23 with his hands or what will be happy men

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