gifts for Valentine's Day with their own hands


  • What is a man like any gifts or prepare properly
  • The original methods of delivery of gifts

Despite the fact that in our country, Valentine's Day began to celebrate recently, the festival has managed to enter the top ten most popular and expected in Russia. On the eve of February fourteenth almost all couples in love with horror start to run to the shops, buying tons of fanatical valentines, candy, balls, gift sets and many other such things to please your mate.

But the most original and creative girls do not lend themselves to the general panic, they know that the best way to make a gift for Valentine's Day with their own hands. This option allows to display creativity, with many of the ideas can be implemented without unnecessary financial costs.

 gifts with their hands on Valentine's Day

What is a man like any gifts or prepare properly

  • Awarded to

Your boyfriend is tasty prepares, the fastest computer repair, perfectly knows how to do a massage or even a handyman? Then it is necessary to prepare a special gift and reward him with a diploma, which is the day of all lovers, you can either draw on their own, or printed out. It is not necessary to invent or to praise him for his one-time actions, it is better to specify, for what you really appreciate it and respect. Believe me, in the future he wants to reassert the title of "best chef".

  • Remembering

In fact, most of the guys are much more sentimental of the fairer sex, but they just do not want it to show. Set it to the right romantic mood this evening possible by means of a book of memories, even if it is against the festival. Take a small photo album, stick to photos and do funny captions "Our first trip", "Our first trip to the theater," etc. A loving person is unlikely to refuse to accept such a valuable gift.

  • Recognition of feelings

If you live in an apartment building and your apartment window facing the courtyard, beneath the Valentine's Day, you can write a love confession to draw with crayons or paint heart (no puddles or snow), or in the evening to lay out figures using small candles. Such a gift in any event, lead him to the wild delight.

  • Prepare a warm bath

Your husband works late February fourteenth, and expected that he would come insanely tired? Prepare for the return of his hot bubble bath with rose petals and floating candles on a special stand. If the dimensions allow, you can take it alone, but if, unfortunately, difficult to fit only one person, let your favorite warm up for half an hour. This will allow him to relax after a hard day's work, and will help to cheer up before the celebration.

  • A letter from the mysterious stranger

Valentine's day, you can write a romantic letter and send it by mail without specifying the sender. In a message sure to tell us what you liked such a strong, beautiful, caring and incredibly talented man, by which radically changed your life. But do not forget to leave a small clue as to what it is you are the author of this recognition. Suddenly, his secretary or assistant also decided to hint at her feelings for him.

Due to the fact that, unfortunately, almost in our country do not always have time to deliver letters on time, it is better to send an anonymous email. Do not forget to pre-register under a different name, that your plan is not immediately declassified. In the future, the mailbox is better to remove superfluous.

  • Setting up a romantic dinner

Another gift that your boyfriend will appreciate exactly - a delicious dinner. You do not want to mess around in the kitchen? Valentine's day make at your favorite restaurant, a few dishes, and before the arrival of your cavalier Set the table as if you spent the whole day to prepare, and not spent it in a beauty salon. Do not forget to hint to him that he took with him a bottle of tasty and desirable expensive vintage wine. In this case, an alcohol must ensure it is a man.

  • The film with humor

If you and your significant other has a fine sense of humor and are not afraid to joke over each other, or create a small video clip with mutual participation. For example, you can ask for the camera a young man say to scatter a few phrases and expressions, which can then be mounted.

Valentine's Day to buy a box of CDs, making a funny cover, razrisuy it or write congratulatory poem. On CD or DVD-Video disc record processed, and using special colored markers razrisuy the outside of the disc.

 a gift on Valentine's Day with their own hands

The original methods of delivery of gifts

Of course, you can give a gift in a beautiful box with a standard bow, which is your favorite break for five seconds. A bit can contrive to think of a more original way of greeting which he will be remembered for a long time. Flight of fancy in this case is not limited.

  • Treasure Island: mapping the

First Valentine's Day get in the room is a quiet place where your guy is hardly guess to find a gift, a present and hide there. On heavy paper picture a plan of the apartment - this is a map and an arrow draw intricate path from point A (the front door) to point B (cabinet).

Now, cut the pattern into several large pieces and hide them, for example, in the freezer, in the bathroom, under the bed, a bookshelf and a keyboard. Compose a funny phrase that would hint at the location of a piece of paper. For example, you can specify that it is hidden where the husband spends most of the time (the computer), where he lives babayka where the eternal frost or where you can get a lot of knowledge.

When the whole card is assembled, you can go on a treasure hunt. Equally interesting journey will take you no more than ten to fifteen minutes, but even a few years later her husband will have something to remember. After all, man is inherently a hunter, so he is more than a pleasure to hunt down prey (gift) than to receive it without any special effort.

  • Congratulations on the road in the morning or something lying under the pillow

Another great way to please - give a small gift in the morning to your favorite went to work happy and contented. So, while it is in the bathroom to brush your teeth, put a present under the covers, and when he returned to the bedroom, ask him to fill the bed. Sweet smile and a pat lashes if you do not know where this thing came from here, it is exactly like that.

  • Invasion of Balls

If the gift is small (gym, theater tickets), you can hide in the ball. Since the day of Saint Valentine are sold every three or four more, take care of their purchase in advance. In the evening before the arrival of the young man a few inflate balloons previously hidden in one show.

 Gifts for Valentine's Day with their hands or how to surprise her boyfriend

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 Gifts for February 23 with their hands


  • Universal Gift
  • Gift on February 23 for the Pope
  • Gift favorite

How often do men receive gifts? Do not you think that they are unjustly deprived of our attention, while we constantly look forward and get gifts from their men? It presents us with flowers, useful and useless trivia, but touching souvenirs with or without cause. And we? Of course, birthday and New Year almost all men receive gifts. Typically, this presents expensive and often purchased. But there is a special day and a wonderful occasion to present the man (husband, dad, lover, colleague, grandfather) gift made by your own hands. You have realized that we are talking about February 23 - the most important holiday of the men. So, as an acknowledgment of masculinity and strength as a sign of respect and boundless love - gifts on February 23, made their own hands.

 gifts with their own hands for February 23

Universal Gift

We offer you a couple of options for starting a universal gift made with their own hands. It can give Dad or Grandpa, or the beloved husband, brother or son. In short, any man, regardless of age, your relationship status and relationship will be satisfied with such a gift on February 23. And of course this will allow you to emphasize the exclusive attitude to this man, and give him an opportunity to feel their own importance.

Cover for documents

Indeed universal gift, as the documents are almost all men. Remember from the books and movies handmade pouches for tobacco, which the men took with them to war (or not to war, but simply carried with him)? So no man never forgot solemnly declare to anyone who saw the first pouch that the object received as a gift, besides his own made or decorated by his wife (mother, sister, bride). That's the goal will be a source of pride and the cover to the documents that you make, and will present to the man on February 23. For this gift you will need:

  • Black dense fabric;
  • Cotton cloth lining;
  • Canvas (coarse) for embroidery;
  • White, brown and black wool yarn;
  • Fleece;
  • Bias binding;
  • Scissors;
  • Cardboard for the template;
  • Needle.

Manufacturing covers - a simple matter. You can make it in several stages with a minimum of time and effort.

  1. From cardboard cut out a rectangular pattern with the parties fifteen and twenty centimeters. From canvas cut out the pattern piece with allowances to five millimeters and embroidered on her figure. What is drawing to choose - it is only your taste. But it is recommended to stay in the black, white and brown, and used to a strict pattern of embroidery.
  2. Using the template, cut out a piece of nonwoven fabric and glue it to the canvas and attach to the underside of the embroidery. Now cut the extra edge (allowances) of the canvas.
  3. From cotton to cut out a rectangular piece the size of the template. Adding both of the details (lined / cotton embroidery) Wrong side, baste them large stitches.
  4. From the black nonwoven flap and cut out two rectangular parts with sides of seven and fifteen centimeters and glue them to the wrong side. It covers the pockets.
  5. From the black fabric on the bias cut out a long strip of edging embroidery and finished inlay process the long sides of all prepared items.
  6. Tack pockets to the main parts, putting them treated by the parties to the center. Bakey black cloth sheathes long, then short cover, baste the shorter stitches.
  7. Sew edging to cover.

Cover for the book

Man, you're going to make a gift on February 23 with their hands, loves to read? And prefers the traditional paper books? Then make him a present of a book cover. To do this you will need:

  • flap of skin is bigger than the average book format;
  • punch;
  • stationery knife;
  • crochet hook;
  • scissors;
  • line.

So cut out the leather rectangle, whose height one centimeter higher than the height of the book, and the width is greater than seven centimeters. Cut two pieces for the pockets cover height is the height of the first part and a width of about five centimeters. Along the perimeter of all three parts at a distance of centimeters from each other we do with the help of Punch holes. The holes in the pockets and the cover match attach to the edges of the pockets of the main parts, and the two layers of the skin punch. Using stationery knife cut a long narrow strip of leather width of not more than five millimeters.

Now attach one pocket to the main part (wrong side), aligning the holes for them. From the innermost pocket holes begin to braid cover, leather cord passing over the edge. At the end of the cord to take a major node, which does not pass through the hole. Pass it on the front side, wrap inside out and pass to the next hole. Pulling the cord, wrap it on the front side and insert into the adjacent hole. Thus braided together cover all its annexes pockets. If the cord end, then secure it in the hole where you left off, tying a strong knot (it should be the reverse side of the cover). Take another strip of skin and keep the cover braid from the place where the previous one ended cord.

On the front cover can make bulk or zhatuyu applications. By the way, for contrast, you can use a different skin color or instead of leather cord braid cover gold or silver cord-wiring. From the same string will be a very beautiful decoration. First, draw the outline of the pattern on the cover (arbitrary monogram, label, ornament), then coat with the contour of the glue and put on him a twisted cord. And the cover, made with his own hands, ready!

 gift on February 23 with his own hands

Gift on February 23 for the Pope

Children love to make presents with their own hands. What will the forces of the child who was going to make a gift to the Pope on February 23? Naturally, it should be something simple but original. Here are some ideas for such gifts.


Find scheme thematic figures on February 23. Airplane, ship, tank, the car in the end, origami-shirt. What is more suited to your dad? Armed with scissors, colored paper and start. Origami - some fun and worthy of real men, even the smallest. But the girl is quite cope with such a gift to his father.

Daddy's portrait

With great pleasure to do a portrait of his dad, even the most inexperienced in needlework kids. You just tell exactly how a portrait can be done using applications. And no need to seek a portrait resemblance to the original. Let the Pope rejoices image, which will create a child. A toddler will be sure that the portrait depicts exactly his dad - the best, the strongest and most beautiful.


This is such a gift will like tinkering with his own hands, girls. They are experts in the cards! Greeting Card Dad, you can draw elementary, make applique, lace decorate the paper the technique of contour cutting. And if such a gift to sign their own poems, essays on the occasion of February 23, the Pope will be any from him just thrilled!

Fairy tale

However, it can be not only a fairy tale, but poetry or even a song! After all, every dad wants to be a hero, so that he may become a hero of a fairy tale or a child penned songs. Naturally, without her mother's help is not enough. So enjoy a literary work together. And to write this work in the family history, complete your Dad's wall newspaper with photos, drawings and text. Your dad will be satisfied!

 a gift with their own hands for February 23

Gift favorite

February 23 - a good excuse to make a gift to his beloved landmark. Let this gift will be unique and once again remind him of your love, and that this man who has to defend. Of course, personally related socks, gloves or mittens - it's always nice and useful gift. I appreciate it and you crosslinked Case for phone or e-book (tablet). But a gift for a loved one can be a defender and with meaning.

For example, hand made puzzles to February 23. Find your joint picture and print it in a large amount. By the way, photos can be supplemented with an inscription made in any graphics editor, or directly by hand. Then glue the photo on thick cardboard and cut into random fragments. A great gift, an unexpected greeting and original surprise.

If your beloved loves music, then give him a music CD with a selection of your favorite tracks. Believe me, it will also be a pleasant surprise for him. And most importantly - it is also a gift made with your own hands, and therefore exclusive. Men - individualists. Let this disc includes not only contemporary music, but also the fact that he listened to in childhood or early adolescence, that is associated with some significant events of his (or your joint) life.

If you have a computer on the "you", then try to do a musical slide show of your favorite photos. Only this congratulation to be extremely laudatory, emphasizing the most courageous character traits of your lover. Let him know how you see it! And maybe it will, and most men look at themselves differently and to fully realize and feel really advocate is really unique.

A festive meal. Where do the same without him! Attach all your skill and a maximum effort to pamper your man favorite dishes. And let the fact that you cook with your hands, it will be much tastier than the most exquisite restaurant dishes. And for dessert ... Any woman will understand what kind of dessert needs her man.

Defender of the Fatherland Day, perhaps very proper holiday! There must a man feel his value, his love as it hopes. So, ladies, everything is in our hands! After all, without them we would protect no one! And do not forget about February 23 - buy or make gifts with their own hands, and congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

 Gifts for February 23 with his own hands - congratulations men

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