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  • Psychology of men: it is not necessary to give
  • The process of choosing a gift: it is necessary to consider

30th anniversary - a significant event in the life of any person. By this time, many are plant family, children, successfully building a career and are optimistic about the future. Naturally, such a serious date should not get round, because it is a kind of boundary, transition to a new stage of life, so most people celebrate it in a big way. If your anniversary will be a young man, a close friend or colleague, it is probably the most important issue on the agenda is what to give the man for 30 years?

Inveterate bachelor useful multivarka, businessman - leather diary known company or an expensive pen-pen. A family man who loves outdoor recreation, surely be delighted barbecues, picnic sets, or tent-tent. Choose a good gift is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. After all, I want to please the birthday child, teach him useful, necessary in an economy thing, not one that lain in a closet for years. To do this, going to the store, you should consider some of the nuances that after not ashamed of his blunder. We offer a deal together that is possible, necessary and not necessary to give an adult male.

 that give a man 30 years

Psychology of men: it is not necessary to give

Most of the women come to the delight of a huge bouquet of flowers, expensive perfume, beautiful linen, subscription to a beauty salon. Of course, this man will be surprised. The representatives of the strong half of humanity - is a pragmatic person who probably will prefer a set of Cuban cigars or new spinning than toilet water, even the most well-known brand. Although everyone is different and everyone has their own interests and wishes. For example, one man will enjoy fashion prefix, and the other is organizing a picnic and seize gladly bestowed barbecue. Therefore, going for my birthday, it is good to think about what to buy for a birthday.

A man of thirty years, probably already achieved a lot in the professional field, so that a major gift of a beautiful painting, original stationery set made of rare stones, or a leather chair certainly take its rightful place in his office. If the hero of the day - a person sporty, fond of tennis, football, skiing, the appropriate thing would be appropriate to the hobby. However, before you go to the supermarket for a gift, remember a few simple rules that are better not to break in order to avoid incidents:

  • Men by nature are alien sentimentality and are not inclined to romance, the 30-year-old person. So if your birthday a young man, forget about crystal vases, cute heart-shaped cushions, beautiful statues and other "of pleasure" that can please the woman. Your choice - an adult, and these things will cause in his best smile, at worst it is simply offended. Give useful, not necessarily expensive items that will be useful to him in the work, home or will match his enthusiasm.
  • Once and for all, remember that the birthday present shaving kit, underwear, warm sweater, even if you do it tied up, it is not necessary. Such things will be perfect for small events, but such a significant date as 30 years, deserves an appropriate gift. If you are in a relationship with the birthday, you probably know what he likes, what is interested in - and this is what guided, going to the store. Colleague, friend or boss about the preferences that you have no idea, you can buy something standard: expensive luxury alcohol, wallets, cigars, board game in the original performance.
  • 30-year-old man at heart still remain teenagers, even though their bank account and the occupied position. Some very close friends birthday may find that perfect gift would be a dancer, and invited her to a birthday. Be prepared for the fact that instead of shouts of joy you hear violent curses. Firstly, such a gift is unpleasant surprise guests and expose birthday in a bad light. Secondly, this kind of entertainment are more suitable for hen in honor of the wedding of the future, rather than for a birthday. If you want to give another show, you can pay a beautiful fireworks, order an ice sculpture or a picture with his image. The main thing that it was all done with taste and not look defiant.
  • This advice applies to women. Many ladies think that they are the best gift for the chosen one. Of course, every man certainly be pleased to see his girl in lacy underwear, and if she will dance for him an erotic dance, delight is not the limit. All this is good, but such a surprise, you see, can not be called a complete gift. So even if you choose this way to surprise her chosen on the 30th anniversary, gave something more worthwhile, for example, beautiful cufflinks and tie pins.

So we decided that men are comfortable with a nice romantic gifts, so it is better to leave for Valentine's Day. If you want to please the birthday show unusual, it should not be vulgar. So what can be presented to him? Focus on his age, status and position, having picked up an interesting, expensive and valuable thing.

 that give a man 30 years

The process of choosing a gift: it is necessary to consider

30-year-old can give anything, but because you want to please him and not grieve? In this case, the right approach for a future purchase, and for this you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • Of course, the human imagination knows no bounds, but the contents of the purse, unfortunately, has its limits. So decide to start with the amount you are willing to spend on a gift. You can pull everything to the penny, but someone from this will be better?
  • Remember that you are buying a gift not for himself but for the birthday child. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase items that need themselves - perhaps they did not come in handy future owner. The main thing you should pay attention - this is a hobby celebrant and his interests. This is a win-win, because every fisherman will be delighted tent trendy fishing rod, suitcase for the gear, and the motorist never get lost if present his GPS-navigator.
  • Consider the nature of the birthday boy and his lifestyle. All people are different: some men are comfortable with their appearance, and others - with trepidation. If the 30-year-old hero of the day caring for each other and regularly visits beauty salons, gave him a subscription to the spa complex. Computer Whiz, unlikely, would be delighted such a gift, it is suitable for a new mouse, netbook, tablet or, for example, a memory card. In general, do not follow their desires and needs of the hero for the day, and then you do not get into an awkward situation, unwittingly offended him.

Each person needs to feel popular, important and loved. Of course, men are not the exception, they love with their ears, perhaps even more than the fairer half of humanity. Therefore, gifts, glorifying their charisma, strength, related to the appearance and way of life will be very helpful. Always remain relevant things like cufflinks, wallets, leather briefcase for papers, a set of office supplies, business card holder. Things should be good quality and expensive. If the birthday person you stylish, creative, with innovative thinking, then he must be delighted fashionable sweaters, shirts, you can buy a belt or sunglasses. The main thing - select branded items popular brands.

As mentioned above, giving preference to a particular gift, you need to necessarily take into account the nature and interests of the hero of the day. When it comes to the delight of extreme sports, and enjoy outdoor activities, why not give him a dose of adrenaline? Pay skydiving, race quad, hang-gliding or helicopter. In recent years become increasingly popular entertainment such as paintball. You can gather with friends, and in this way to celebrate a birthday.

If the hero of the day - a man calm and balanced, it extreme, most likely, for it is alien. It is necessary to choose something more appropriate to his character. A great gift would be a board game in the original performance. Today, many stores sold out of a rare stone chess, backgammon, made of valuable wood carved with exquisite patterns.

If you are invited to a birthday party to a collector, consider yourself lucky. Indeed, in this case does not need to puzzle over what to give. It's very simple - presented that collects birthday. For the connoisseur of rare books you can pick up old books, antique store or visiting a flea market. A great gift would be an expensive bottle of fine wine or a vintage cognac. By the way, this needs a hobby and additional accessories: a beautiful bar with lights, unusual corkscrew, set cigar humidor.

For the hero of the day was fond of art, you can choose a nice picture, the collected works of his favorite author, or, for example, a book, an autobiography of a great artist or a musician. If a man is not a nice feeling, give him the thing that will come in handy on the farm: the road maker, electric shaver, a toothbrush with a remote control, multivarku, unusual lamp in retro style. Consider the nature of your relationship: a loved one, you can buy anything, but the boss or colleague to give personal things desirable.

If you have suffered a crisis of ideas and you have no idea what to buy for a 30-year-old man, consider these guidelines:

  • For lovers of swimming and extremals offer to buy a suit. It is useful to those who enjoy diving, water skiing or surfing. Maybe so you can even initiate a new hobby birthday.
  • If resources permit, and the hero of the festivities come to your husband or boyfriend, gave him a fascinating journey through Europe or sail together on foreign resort. So you're in one fell swoop kill two birds with one stone - and make a gift, and spend time with your chosen one, as well as gain strength and relax.
  • Billboard with a congratulation or a declaration of love will melt the heart of even the most severe men. That it did not look as standard, select the word from a song or write a poem yourself. Such a personal and original gift certainly will like the birthday.
  • PDA, notebook, a new mobile phone, tablet, e-book, iPods, video - these are things that are always needed. Many men to 30 years, despite his age, still children and love computer games, so new-fangled device or joystick can be the perfect gift for the hero of the day with such hobbies.
  • If your man - office worker, is rapidly moving up the career ladder and is in a constant state of stress, then it will benefit the Thai massage. Many people associate it with eroticism and something obscene, but this is a misconception. This procedure helps to restore strength, removes the pain in his back and muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and improves mood. So such a surprise not only surprise your vote, but also to help him recover from the heavy working days.

Each in his own answers to the question of what to give the man for 30 years. It all depends on the nature of your relationship with the hero of the occasion, the contents of the purse, fantasy after all. You never can not go wrong if you focus on the hobbies and interests of the birthday. In addition, it should be remembered that men like useful and necessary things.

They will always find a use for the car vacuum cleaner, set of barbecue, homemade mini-brewery, boots for fishing. Women such gifts seem boring and trite, but the representatives of the strong half are practical. In general, choose carefully, do not forget about the above recommendations, follow these tips and you will surely gladden jubilee.

 Gifts for men and 30 years than its surprise

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