Auto bases

Every year the cars on the roads is becoming more: someone buys them for ease of movement, and someone just for solidity. But scammers who want to profit by your carelessness and ignorance of the law, not less.

What do you do when you have become hostages of this situation? Consider a few options which any driving school should teach you:

So young attractive woman driving a foreign car driving on the planned route. Behind her car, which from time to time by drawing attention periodically includes high beam, they say, stop, talk is necessary. How to be in this situation? First of all, do not try to stop and figure out the cause of the strange behavior of the driver. It is necessary to get to the nearest traffic police post on the spot to find out the cause. After all, if the scammers, they will disappear from your view.

Another situation that may interest avtomoshennikov - driving a car is a man aged over 50 years. You ask why? Everything is very simple. The fact that people of this age often have culminated in the career plan and, therefore, carry a certain amount of money. In addition, these people are self-sufficient and will not tell anyone about suspicious individuals. Fraudsters can easily do so, if they do not, and you are to blame for allegedly scratched their car. Now they require the appointed day some money. Well, you were much more sophisticated and told his best friend this story. Each, in turn, advised to contact the police. At the time of transfer of money attackers, police detained them, and now they will be within the walls of his sentence in prison.

The easiest "prey" for fraudsters is so called "reckless." They love to ride through the city at high speed, which leads them often to unpleasant situations. For example, "scorcher" performs the lead and saw that the car, which he wants to get ahead, begins to pick up speed dramatically. This touches the body of his car. You stop to clarify the reasons for this behavior. Of course, the fraudsters immediately begin to demand money for the damaged car. How to be in this situation? Take your mobile phone and take a picture of scratches inflicted as a result of this incident. If it turns out that it's just people who want you to make money, they will understand that it is not a bit of it - you're not so stupid. I am sure that they immediately want to leave this unfortunate place.

Remember - a lot of variants of the bases, so be careful and do not be fooled.

 Auto bases: how to behave in such situations

 Driving at night

Anyone who has ever driven a car driving in the dark, well known as the nerve and energy-intensive activity. In front of you - a small, lighted headlights scattered piece of the track. Well, if you know the way, and you know exactly where you need to minimize or bypass a dangerous stretch of road. And if it happened that you have to go to literally "touch", and even in the rain or wet snow?

Many ponder this: "I have a reliable car, great tires on wheels, with me nothing will happen! ". So I can only think of arrogant and not very intelligent man. Driving at night - it's a big risk! Only cats see well in the dark, and a person's vision is deteriorating significantly at night. Moreover, it may be even a short phenomenon called "night myopia", when a person sees the various dim objects. But factors such as lounging on the roads is not very sober citizens, unforeseen repairs and blinding light coming towards machines are added voltage driving.

Therefore, to driving in the dark was not for you to test the strength of the nerves, you need to remember a few simple rules.

Rules for driving in the dark

  1. Lights your car should be clean. Even if your car is equipped with a powerful halogen or xenon lamps and dirt on them reduce Illuminability very expensive. So do not be lazy and give your car in order. Pay attention to the position lamps, check whether the direction indicators, brake lights and fog lights. Make sure that the washer fluid enough and brush wipers are working properly.
  2. Observe the speed limit. Outside the settlements rules of the road are allowed to travel at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. But to go so fast at night - suicide! Keep the speedometer speed not exceeding 60 kilometers, and if the visibility is very bad, crawl like a bug! No it's not for you to judge, and life and health, you will save yourself.
  3. Remember the distance between your car and going ahead. You must foresee a situation of sudden braking, and in this case it is necessary to calculate the braking distance itself. Experienced drivers are recommended to keep a distance equal to half your speed. That is, if you drive at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, the distance between your car and going ahead should be 30 meters.
  4. At night the road is better not to go for overtaking. Why once again to risk, because driving in the dark - is already an adventure. You can blind oncoming cars headlights and front running suddenly she could go on overtaking. Perestrahuytes better not tempt fate! Slow and steady wins - on going, confirmed by life itself!
  5. Do not relax behind the wheel! Many soothing monotone keeping the machine when there are no visible obstacles. Soft music in the lounge, a comfortable temperature and light fatigue may well reduce the driver's attention. This is the most dangerous moment! It is better to stay on the illuminated part of the road, just to relax a bit and then continue.
  6. Never talk on a cell phone while driving a car! It is better to use the headset, it is very convenient. Your hands will be occupied by only running the machine, and you do not have to make unnecessary manipulation of the phone.

 Rules for driving in the dark

If you will be driving a car at night - traffic rules (Rules of the Road) you need to keep in mind. Let this be your guardian angel who will save you from trouble on the road. Better safe than sorry, it's true! But mindful of their own safety rules still need.

For the comfort of drivers leading ophthalmic centers have long been developed special glasses. A special coating on glass reduces glare from wet asphalt, and also helps to avoid the blinding headlights of oncoming cars. So get these wonderful glasses would be helpful.

Always remember that safety on the road in the first place, in your own hands!

 Driving at night

 Machine Building 2 members

  • Ten of the best cars in the parking lot of TV at home
  • The best cars of former participants in the project

Reality show "House 2" ... Let us remember what year we first saw it on television? Reply difficult, is not it? Years go by, construction continues, change presenters, the participants and, of course, their fees. In recognition of the inhabitants of TV Houses, income depends on several factors: the scandal, popularity and residence time on the project. For example, the fees even beginners star "household" up to five thousand dollars. Not surprisingly, with such earnings, many of the participants can afford to live in luxury and abundance. And that for us - ordinary people is a dream for them becomes a daily necessity. Viewers are interested in everything: what clothes they prefer than addicted to which cars drive. And that car participants House 2 were the subject of today's article.

Analysts Journal "Market Leader", working in the "News of show business," tried to figure out which of the participants belong to the most expensive car, and along the way made the top ten most-most cars. So, consider the machine 2 House members in descending order.

 House 2 cars participants

Ten of the best cars in the parking lot of TV at home

This Victoria Bone fortunate enough to become the owner of the car «Porsche Cayenne» worth about 135 thousand US dollars. First place goes to her.

In second place was the car, the owner of which was Michael Terekhin - also a former resident of the stellar home and part-time bride Ksenia Borodina. Michael had worked in the criminal police, and now travels on city roads on a black BMW X5. This machine is estimated at 85 thousand dollars.

Third place went to two lovely ladies: Alena farmacia and Ksenia Borodina. In their possession are car brand «Infiniti», costing from 83 to 100 thousand dollars. By the way, Xenia in September this year topped the list of the most popular participants of the show. She recently moved to the «Infiniti», earlier in her garage was «Ford Focus», and before «Honda Acord».

Fourth place among the leaders took Daria Pynzar - pretty blonde, current participant in the show. Daria has «Audi TT» defiantly orange. The cost of such "beauty" of about 69.5 million American rubles.

Another blonde - Olga Buzova, ranked fifth in the rankings. Having taken place leading the project, Olga decided that the need to meet the post and changed the «MINI Cooper» a more expensive and solid «Audi Q5». The price of the car from 60 to 70 thousand US dollars.

«Ford» Elina Koryakina took sixth place in the ranking. The car, worth 60 thousand dollars - a good acquisition for the young girl. Elina does not boast its purchase and happy to ride it "bezkolesyh" households, in particular Andrei Samsonov.

Sergei Pynzar got seventh place in the list. Young Ukrainian holds red «Honda Accord», which costs about 29 thousand dollars.

Eighth place again divided between the ladies: Irina and Valery Agibalova trowel. Their choice fell on a car «Mazda 6" for which had to pay about 26 thousand American rubles. By the way, the oldest participant of the project Irina Agibalova already moved over the third car. The cost of the first two (Hyundai Santa Fe and the Porsche Cayenne) was much higher than the current. What made her change it, remains a mystery.

Owners black «Mazda 3" - a husband and wife Gazhienko, took ninth place. Finally, the last place of honor went to Wenceslas Vengrzhanovskomu. His light blue «Daewoo Matiz» is worth nothing at all - 7-10 thousand dollars. Wenzel owns another machine, rarity "Moskvich 412". The latest acquisition, he said, he is proud of a lot more.

 Machine Building 2

The best cars of former participants in the project

One of the first participants of the show can also boast of expensive cars. For example, Stepan Menshikov rides «Hummer H2», Nastya Kovalev has «Toyota Camry», Lisa Kutuzov, leaving the project acquired «Land Rover», and Vlad Kadoni became the proud owner of «Mercedes Smart Roadster».

As you can see, not only the current residents of the TV houses can afford luxury cars. People in the project change, leave and come back again, fight and make peace. One thing remains unchanged - their rating falls, they are in demand and celebrities in show business, and therefore not in vain lived for many years under the relentless surveillance cameras.

 Machinery participants "House 2" or top ten best cars project

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