winter driving

With the onset of winter, many avtolyubitelnitsy, especially beginners, prefer to put their cars on long winter park. We have to remember all the charm of travel on public transport. Of course, the fear to lose control and have an accident can cause to move in crowded subway cars and taxis close stores. Besides, pubic transport is not always regular, and wait for him on the windswept stops altogether not a pleasant occupation. It becomes clear that the master driving in the winter - is vital and is not as difficult as it may seem. If this is the first winter for you on wheels, should learn a few simple rules to avoid or minimize the "winter" in trouble.

Finished vehicles

It's no secret that the winter need to prepare the car .  From the serviceability of the car it depends on how well you manage to cope with the complexities and peculiarities of winter roads .  They are in our country and in the summer resemble ground for extreme driving, and only in the winter - especially for winter road services whenever unexpected happens in the beginning of December .  Therefore it is best to go to the service station .  There you will replace oil and brake fluid, check the battery and the main parts of the vehicle, change the water in the windshield washer to "nezamerzayku" will change the antifreeze in the event of severe frosts, and, of course, replace the tires for winter, spike .  By the way, the reserve must also be shod with winter tires .  In no case do not listen to the many friends and unscrupulous consultants in auto shop, I suggest you purchase a set of all-season rubber .  Any professional driver will tell you that there are two types of tires - summer and winter .  And they need to be changed accordingly season .  Do not neglect a visit to a service station or put it off until the last .  To the first snow did not stand idle while waiting for their turn for service, it is best to arrange a time when you adjust the your car .

Lessons winter driving

Some of the girls before the onset of winter, go to different driving schools, promising to teach driving in extreme conditions. But what if the extra money you do not have, and learn how to drive a car in the winter you need? Do not train you, they say, to "combat" conditions in real time, at the risk of their own safety and many drivers and pedestrians! Many instructors schools driving skills advice: before you start moving in unusual conditions for you (in icy conditions, on wet asphalt or snow-covered road), it is vital to train and "feel" how the car behaves. That is, to feel like you are in these conditions are guided with his car.

It is best if you learn driving in the winter to help someone experienced drivers. His father, a young man, a friend or a brother. Do not hesitate to ask for help and advice. First, look at how your teacher perform voluntary maneuvers and asked to explain if something is not understood. And only then get behind the wheel to repeat the lesson. Improvised polygon may be a dead end or a vacant lot next Congress, a place where there is no risk of an accident or cause to knock down pedestrians. These lessons are necessary not only from the standpoint of obtaining practical skills, but also as a psychological training. They will help you feel more confident behind the wheel, improve response and will provide an opportunity to get rid of the fear of winter roads, if any.

As an auxiliary means can bring a few empty cans. They will be useful to you as chips. You will be able to master the movement of obstacles between forward and backward, as well as an obstacle to practice braking before. Easy canister will not damage your car, but you can very well feel the clash. And be sure to grab a shovel. It is useful when you learn to leave the snowdrift.

 winter driving

Secrets of skill or all brilliant - SDA

Do you already have a car and you have to know its features, as the winter road front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles "lead" itself in different ways.

For example, in the case of skidding front wheel drive car can not in any case let the gas pedal. By doing so, you provoke rotation. In contrast, the gas must be added.

If skidded RWD car, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid and fully release the brake at the first moment. And if you level the machine failed to turn out the hood of the car should be at 90 degrees in the direction of the curb, which would be the case, "care" to ditch the car buried her nose in the snow, but not turned over to the roof.

If your four-wheel drive vehicle, it is necessary to release the gas and steer. In all-wheel drive cars grip better.

Manual transmission, if you're good at it own, gives much greater opportunities for the right maneuver while drifting than automatic.

When driving on a slope or incline during icy conditions, use inertia of the car. Before lifting a bit, add in speed, otherwise the car can stall, and no spikes this does not save. When driving with the speed of the mountain you want to reset. But in any case do not press on the brake sharply. Better to go down to a lower gear, the car moved to "vnatyag." And under no circumstances should get off at neutral or coasting. In an emergency, when the bill goes to the millisecond, you just do not have time to react and do something.

Recall that in the winter the optimum amount of movement of the steering wheel per second is equal to four. Try to bring them to automaticity, without making unnecessary movements, but not congealing with information on the wheel arms.

If you're in deep snow and the car got stuck, avoid wheel spin. Because of the snow is best selected in the build-up, "playing" the gas pedal. Otherwise you will be stuck tightly.

The quieter you go, the further you'll get

If you decide that enough work out in safe places, and are going to move independently in the city, to remember that the technique of driving a car in winter should always be based on a few simple rules:

  • Do not make any sudden movements. Sudden movement while driving are dangerous at any time of the year. In winter, they can lead to irreparable consequences. So try to do everything smoothly: turn the steering wheel, press the brake to the gas pedal in a manual transmission - switching speed and squeeze the clutch.
  • Observe the speed limit set on a particular stretch of road. Be sure to pay attention to the temporary speed limit signs.
  • No overconfidence. Even if you think that the extreme driving courses give you the right to do.
  • Increase the distance prescribed in the rules of two, and best of all - three times. This will give you room for maneuver, as even with full confidence in their own reactions, you can not vouch for the skill of other road users.
  • The frost is a dry road. Therefore, even if this second dry asphalt under the wheels, do not rush to pick up speed - you have no guarantee that after 500 meters on the road will not ice.
  • Be especially attentive to the intersection, even if the traffic light is green. It is in these places, especially the ice is slippery because of the constant braking multiple machines. Before such places it is best to slow down in advance.
  • No unnecessary rebuilds. Forget about them for the duration of winter. Pre-tunable in the leftmost row, if you need to turn left or the far right, if the right. Do not do it just before the turn.
  • Always keep "nezamerzayku" in reserve, even if you have a full tank. You never know when it will end.

So the main rule of the art of driving in the winter is reasonable. Do not forget the famous words of all motorists: "Slow and steady wins - on going." Let them become your golden rule, and then winter driving will bring you as much fun as driving any other time of the year.

 Driving in the winter. Tips for Beginners

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 how to choose a car

The life of the modern woman is like a high-speed highway. Building a schedule of its regular day, she always includes in his work, household chores, shopping trips, and child care. Therefore, it is a natural phenomenon of the day was a woman behind the wheel. And if you realize for themselves the need to become full owners of one of the iron horse - this article is for you!

How to choose a car?

It would seem that with the current abundance of different dealers, car market and vehicle online auctions answer to this question is quite simple. But this is only at first glance. Buying a car - a very important step, it is not cheap. When choosing the main thing - to take into account not only the usual criteria of value for money, but also to get exactly the car that you will be a real helper, not an additional burden and a black hole in the family budget. First we need to understand and define what kind of car you need.

Sedan, hatchback or station wagon

It should make a reservation that there is no perfect car just as there is no concept of "women's car." It all depends on the purpose for which you are purchasing a car. Agree - enough to buy a three-door hatchback is impractical if you have a large family. Or for commuting use wagon. So, first, let's deal with the type of body, and, consequently, with the capacity of your future purchases.

If you need a car as a means of fast and easy transportation around the city in the company of his beloved girlfriend or mother, you is fine sedan or five-door hatchback or three.

Sedan is beautiful, a car usually has a representative form of this classic. If you love the classics, then it can choose the Toyota Corolla, Daewoo Lanos, Chevrolet Aveo.

A car with a hatchback body type usually has two rows of seats. And the trunk he combined with the salon. However, the luggage compartment volume from such a small car. But in order to download it to buy after a relaxing shopping, this volume is enough trunk. For vehicles having a body type, include Kia Picanto, Daewoo Matiz, Mazda 2.

Universal - is another type of body that can be an excellent choice for those avtoledi that are going to be transported in the trunk of his more by volume than a few packages from the store brand. This car belongs to the category utility. And if you will be a little amount of luggage, the rear seats can be folded into a wagon or completely dismantled. Universal - a great choice for anyone who already has a child. The rack will fit perfectly stroller and your child will be left without their own transport. If you enjoy outdoor activities, in which the car can be easily transported mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, and still have room for the friends with whom you go out of town for a wonderful pastime. On the market now presented a range of station wagon cars: Toyota Corolla Fielder, Opel Astra Caravan.

Of course, the types of the car body is not limited to the above examples, but do not overload yourself too much information. For women, if she is not engaged in Road Transport, the choice will fall exactly between these three types of the body.

Select engine

If we talk about the technical side of your choice, in this regard, special attention should be paid to the vehicle engine. This is the most important part of the machine. And how technically prepared you are, the accuracy and validity depends on your choice. It's no secret that today is considered the most popular petrol engine. But here it is not so simple. The motor vehicle must be not only powerful, but also economical. Engine power is expressed by the number of horsepower. And if the hatchback will be enough of 125-150 horsepower, the wagon with motor power less than 200 "horses" is not even considered as an option for the purchase. Do not forget that the fuel consumption increases in direct proportion to engine power. A high consumption of fuel - is, first of all, a blow to your pocket.

A more economical in terms of fuel costs are considered to diesel engines. But this engine is more frequently mounted on SUVs and utility machines. By the way, and economical diesel engine can be called only if the annual mileage of your car will exceed 40,000 kilometers. When another scenario, do not even think about buying a car with a diesel engine. Its purchase will cost you more, but save for a small path, you will not even notice.

And yet, the more powerful the motor vehicle, the greater the amount of fuel and oil it consumes. Therefore, when choosing the motor power usually "bigger is better" stops working.

 Choose a Car

The machine - good and mechanics - it is better

Experienced motorists, men believe that a car for women must be equipped with automatic transmission only. Apparently, they are guided in this by numerous anecdotes about the woman behind the wheel for which the number of pedals must be equal to the number of legs. Do not believe it. And in the choice between automatic and manual transmission you should only follow the criteria of expediency.

There is no doubt in large cities (with its constant traffic jams and countless traffic lights) automatic transmission - a great assistant driver .  The engine is running optimally, and it is impossible to overload .  The machine decides how many turns of the engine to include in those or other conditions .  But in this case the fuel consumption significantly increases .  Do not forget that the automatic transmission is very "fragile" and break easily .  A replacement is costing you a pretty penny .  The machine can come to you if you live in the country where, as we know, the problem with the "fools and roads" is quite acute .  On dirt road with little slips of your other machine has become the main enemy .  And after a little by Russian standards, the rain you will become a prisoner of the first track .  While the manual transmission always obedient driver .  So, with sufficient skill, even in the absence of all-wheel drive, you can easily overcome a country "liquid asphalt" .  And the fuel consumption, of course, if you take into account our advice about the power of the engine does not make you think about the benefits of walking .

Like a fish on the drive ...

SUV - sounds nice. And not only it sounds, but it looks impressive on the roads and behaves like a trained obedient horse of noble blood. And the whole secret is that the machine wheel drive. That is spinning him all four wheels. On a car you do not afraid of any dirt. Four-wheel drive vehicle - it's your choice if you live outside the city or simply prefer to push off all four wheels on the road. But you can forget about the economy. The fuel consumption of four-wheel drive can lead to horror.

Where better to choose a car with front wheel drive. Of course, on the road it is unlikely to take out, but in a city car will be your friend. In the winter the road is very good front-wheel cars helm. Sensitive to any movement. A fuel consumption will be pleased with. By the way, most of the small car, nimble and comfortable, are front-wheel drive.

Operating dream car

After reviewing all of the above parameters carefully considered and compared, you have chosen a car that can make you happy? Take the time and learn about your chosen car brand as much as possible. Make it a snap. Numerous clubs motorists and thematic forums, where the owners and the owner of the machines are divided into useful information, describe the advantages and disadvantages of its acquisitions, will be for you an invaluable source of information. There you willing to give good advice and consult on any question interesting you. The car - it is a serious investment, and therefore it is better to spend a little time and consider thoroughly than later get their hands on a pile of scrap metal and discarded that - sorry, and repair - too expensive.

Adventure in the showroom

Can you afford to buy a car without a run? If yes - go to the auto show. And not just in the auto show, as an authorized dealer. But first, read the standard car, all the options proposed by the manufacturer and warranty conditions as the manufacturer, or from the showroom.

Do not forget that at the time of the trip your car becomes a fortress on wheels and besides the comfort you should worry about the security of your machine. Many car dealerships offer additional options to the standard. Study them as well. Air-conditioning, airbags - a necessary and useful addition. But the "fancy" audio system may be important to you, but if you - a music fan and a minute can not live without music with high quality sound. Power Door same trunk - a useless toy and try to get you to pay for something that does not affect the comfort of the car. Remember, pay close attention still stands on the specifications of the machine, rather than options. The presence of some of them is just that, to "divert" attention from the shortcomings of your car.

It will be useful to travel a few dealers, if your city is not one of the official dealer of the brand of the car, and compare the price of the car and the cost of additional services. And the composition of the additional services in different salons may vary due to seasonal discounts or different shares held. Do not be afraid to ask and be interested in all the details. Be sure to carry out a test drive. See how comfortable car to drive. How do you feel behind the wheel. How convenient and ergonomic seats, upholstery. Every detail is important in this case. You are a woman and have the right pokapriznichat. The more that you have spent a great job, having studied all the desired characteristics of the machine.

Buying in the showroom is convenient by the fact that the documents for the car dealership managers can help arrange. And if you want to buy a new car, but you lack a certain amount of money, you will - the majority of dealers cooperating with the banks, which will provide you with a car loan.

 what car to choose

The old horse furrow not spoil?

Of course, buying a new car - the dream of every woman. What if your chosen car itself is very expensive? Or reasonable savings and fine calculation you decide to buy a used car? Even the most avid avtolyubitelnitsy agree with the fact that certain used cars are much more reliable than new ones. This is understandable: the first thousand kilometers traveled identified the weakest parts of the vehicle, and a good host puts the car more regulation, holds the so-called tuning. For the most part, these words are true in relation to the cars manufactured in Europe and the so-called cars without run across Russia; but in Russia there are many drivers with head and "smart" hands often able to compensate for the shortcomings of the domestic car assembly.

When buying a used car you have several options:

  • Buy a car at the car. But here you are experiencing several problems. Too often in the car markets to sell the car after the accident, stolen cars with broken numbers on the motor and frame, and "drowned", ie machines have been in the water. The woman is quite difficult to understand all the nuances of Scams that use unscrupulous sellers. Therefore, if you have the opportunity - contact your beloved father, brother or just a childhood friend, a man who understands the intricacies of these. With high probability, it's better you will be able to recognize the stopper and New painted car after an accident or a rotten body. He can listen to a motor, to get under the bottom of the car and explore the chassis.
  • Buy a car with unfamiliar hands of the owner. In this version is much less risk of being subjected to deception and fraud, but all other questions and problems remain.

So, a few simple tips reasonably. Be sure to check the car with a range of independent technical center. There's specialists will conduct the necessary tests and give conclusion, which you can navigate in the final purchasing decision. Check the documentation for the car: registration certificate, inspection. If everything is OK, you can proceed to the execution of documents of sale. After all, the market and the private owner of the car - it's not auto. And all of the paperwork, from the sale contract and ending with the removal and registration, you will have to do yourself. Do not forget that the car failed to return after the purchase you'll only if it acquired a legal entity.

If you do not have absolute confidence that you will cope with the difficult task of buying a used car, it is best to resort to the help of people understand this. You - a woman and a man can afford to take care of you.

Recently, a very popular are the many Internet auctions. All you need in this case - it's money, the Internet and the minimum knowledge that you acquired in the process of selecting the car of your dreams. Incidentally, in this case, you will be able not only to buy a car, manufactured and assembled abroad, but have not driven a single kilometer on Russian roads. The only disadvantage - you can not touch the car with their hands.

But if your choice initially fell on a car in Japan, you can not fear for the quality of the purchased vehicle. Japanese online auctions are considered the most reliable and cheating customers in Japan are not welcome. At this auction, sitting in a comfortable chair at home, you can see your future car almost under the microscope: a special program to increase and helpfully show you every inch of the body, engine and all the most important part of the car. So you can be confident in their choice as if to touch it yourself. In addition, Japanese cars are considered to be the most comfortable, reliable and relatively inexpensive.

Buying a car through online auction, be prepared for the fact that you have to part with the money well before you get the car. It is best to enter into a contract with the company, which is engaged in your purchase, payment of customs duties and transport vehicles bought at auction. The company also gives you access to the auction to select a vehicle.

Which car to choose, where to buy it - you decide. But remember that when you buy your first car, you can only rely on their own knowledge, but it depends on you whether you will bring joy to this purchase. We hope that the tips article will help you and your car will make you one of those happy behind the wheel of the Amazons, rightfully being able to quietly whisper to his iron aide: "We're the same blood. You and me".

 How to choose the right car and buy it conveniently

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