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Women's car, what is this concept? And is there really such a definition? Car manufacturers do not hang labels on their products, do not write, it is a female or male. The question is, what should ideally be a car is for a woman to become a reliable, comfortable and safe means of transportation for the urban jungle? Men, for some unknown reason, still believe that in choosing a car woman hold some non-linear logic and pick up cars to match the wardrobe, eye color or, in extreme cases, the color of lipstick.

Let's put aside all preconceived opinions and stereotypes that car for a woman to be a small, second-hand, a low-speed or Daewoo Matiz, which is almost equivalent to the entire previously listed. All of this can be attributed to errors. And, they are best avoided, particularly in the choice of a vehicle.

We hope that on the eve of the eighth March, our advice would be a good help in choosing a gift for a loved those men who prefer fine gestures empty words. Or those women who painfully choose what kind of car they want to receive as a gift.

Top ten women cars

Studies Forbes Auto, suggests that in choosing a car girl hold other criteria. For them, the main thing is the cost of the machine, its safety, capacity (but no utility models!), Maneuverability and comfort. Based on these indicators and the need to choose a car for women.

 female car

  1. First place in this ranking will undoubtedly take Honda Jazz, when you consider that more than 80% of respondents would prefer avtoledi have it at their disposal. The main indicator here was the agility and capacity of the car. Despite the compact exterior, spacious interior so that may be suspected of Japanese automakers in the development of the fifth dimension. Ideal docile baby, as it is called in many publications. This is true: the car is perfectly adapted to the urban environment, responsive helm, which is indispensable in traffic.
  2. Nissan Micra - a typically feminine cars, if you draw conclusions from the survey. It is preferred by most of the young and unmarried girls. But despite the size, comfort and safety of the car will give odds to some cumbersome machines. And most importantly, it is indispensable for the frequent movement in the city, however, and on the track Nissan Micra showed their best side.
  3. The undoubted hit among female car Peugeot 207. It is considered to be the main role was played by the external elegance of the car. What girl does not want to manage such a handsome thoroughbred? And if we add relatively low cost (all in this world is relative), a roomy and comfortable interior and excellent performance of crash tests - you can say that you accidentally found the embodiment of women's dreams in the metal.

    The next pair of cars is very different from conventional notions of feminine cars. But we agreed to forget about stereotypes! So:

  4. KIA cee'd - more like a lurking before the decisive throw tiger than a car. It seems that if you pat him on the hood, it zaurchit. And it zaurchit undoubtedly because under the hood of a powerful reliable engine. But no, he is attractive to women. And the fact that this car clearly indicates exclusivity, bright personality and sexuality of its owner. Only the girl with the character can afford to tame the wild beast. If we talk about the technical characteristics, the main indicator of reliability is that it is the only vehicle for which the manufacturer gives 5 year guarantee.
  5. This representative of the top - 10 female car - participated in numerous racing circuit, and it can not be called a car for blondes. But, despite everything said above, many women to question what kind of car they dream purchase, short answer - Ford Fiesta. This car says about his mistress without words. Even if his driving is sitting fragile graceful girl, should not deceive ourselves. This is a woman with a steel rod inside, for which patency, comfort, safety and power - not an empty phrase, as the only possible choice. In fact, many women who have their own business, prefer to make their choice in favor of this new American automobile industry.
  6. Toyota Yaris - although not too stands out from the usual vision of what should be the vehicle for the woman, nevertheless became the safest on the test. Five stars all the safety parameters. Here he gives even the KIA cee'd. And all this despite the apparent small size and relatively low cost. What is especially worth noting, is the feeling of the reasonableness of the car. It seems that he helps you to manage. And how he keeps track! Exactly, no skidding. This is a car for those women who are not in a hurry and prefer the reliability and stability at high speed.
  7. The compact dimensions of the Fiat 500, and high crash test favorably distinguish this car among brethren. And the unusual appearance - a distinct advantage for those girls who are looking for the car under its own originality and want to underline this fact choice of special vehicles. The compactness and maneuverability of the machine is folded legends: the Italian will remain mobile in any traffic jam and park where others simply do not have enough space. He is so agile and nimble, it is an advantage under conditions of congestion in major cities.
  8. Active Parking System - the criteria that will be fundamental in choosing Ford Focus III, because this car is cheap can not be named. But just imagine, he poultice on the minimum free space, which can be seen at the office buildings and shopping! But you at this time, you can not fear anything, to correct makeup, or make a phone call. After all, you are a woman and have a right to a little weakness.
  9. The Mazda 2 - we may speak words of advertising. Because all of the above - the truth. This is another feline in the list of machines, prefer women. Agile and quick, convenient and comfortable, safe and up. And by the way, colors this car is so wide that it really is possible to choose the color of your favorite shade of lipstick.
  10. Girls, the choice of which is inclined to the compact luxury may not be familiar with the above list, and immediately proceed to its end. So how exactly it says about their choice - MINI Cooper. Very expensive and very prestigious - here's what we can say about this car. It is long enough to be out of fashion, if that is what you are interested in at the moment of choice. Specifications of this masterpiece, of course, at the highest level. But for the price, and it can not be otherwise.

Judging by the cars represented in the rankings, each woman her answer to the question, what should be the woman's car. For some, it is a huge SUV to someone - a budget runabout, and for someone - an expensive collector's car. Of course, choosing a car, you first need to think about how much he likes you. A preconceived opinion and ironic remarks will let those who envy will look after you, standing on the sidewalk.

 What are they - women's cars?

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 car accessories

Typically, auto-lady far less than men care about power motor or the acceleration of the car to a maximum speed. Much more important is a sense of security, comfort and convenience. Sitting in the car, I want to feel "at home".

How to achieve this? Will useful and original car accessories.

Car Covers

Who came up with that just covers protect the interior of the car from the mud? Definitely - a man! Car covers are no less important than, for example, furniture or curtains in your apartment. Do not you care what your furniture? By changing the covers, you can change the mood.

You're going on a long trip with children and are afraid that they are bored on the road? Then you will approach covers with your favorite childhood heroes. Snoopy, Kitty, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh - a great company. And kids will not feel abandoned, while mum concentration "rules". Summer is over, the next vacation is still far away, and colleagues with a puzzled look askance at Mickey Mouse, from the comfort of your seats? Well, in some ways they are right ...

In cold weather, like heat and comfort. Just for this kind of weather invented fur capes and pleasant to the touch, comfortable cushion special preserving heat tissue.

On the calendar's spring, but you are so tired during the winter, that somehow totally not happy? You just need something bright, lively and lovely. Suitable, for example, covers-shirts. You do not even notice how the spring depression will disappear without a trace.

  Car Organizer

Well, this thing is practically irreplaceable in a woman's car. You're like all the "lay out on the shelves," right? Some models can be attached to the backrest. Others - simply put into the trunk. The main thing is make sure that your organizer reliable locks. And then the children will put things in order there quickly!

 Women car accessories

Interesting news

That's really who understands all the difficulties borne by the auto woman, so it is a British company Sheilas' Wheels!

And the staff and clients of the company - only women. Despite the fact that their main activity - insurance business, the ladies do not cease to please the beautiful half of humanity, women inventing original car accessories.

"Women's" safety belt

Insurers conducted his research and found that many women do not use a seat belt. At first, this fact has caused surprise - it is assumed that women are much more careful behind the wheel than men. And what turned out?

The point is not irresponsibility. Most women do not use a seat belt - ladies with a very curvaceous. Belt presses his chest, restrict movement and makes it difficult to breath.

Caring Brits made an order of the American Association of MIRA, which has developed and wonder belt. It is designed so that it can be easily pushed up or down so that it does not put pressure on a magnificent bust. At the same time, as it should, the belt provides the perfect safety of the driver and passengers.

 car accessories as a gift

Inflatable companion

Another amusing, but certainly very useful for women's invention - an inflatable man. No, no ... no sexual overtones!

According to the British statistics, more than half of women are afraid to drive at night. And it's not in that they doubt his skills. Just a lone female figure behind the wheel often provoke male drivers to aggression.

And here - a way out. Inflatable companion comfortably placed in the glove compartment of the car. If required, simply plug it into the cigarette lighter. A minute later you have secured "accompanying person".

At the same time, your "man" will not give you invaluable tips on where you have to brake, which add speed, and where to turn right. What else do you need for happiness?

"Drayverskogo heel Sheila"

Older women's issue - what kind of shoes to wear to the vehicle. Flat shoes - comfortable but ugly. "Studs" - stylish, but uncomfortable and even dangerous. Many have found a way out - replacement "car" couple. But this, too, is not always convenient. Therefore, the British decided to approach the issue seriously. The result was a shoe-transformers.

Elegant, feminine heels are easily converted into a comfortable "boat." To do this, simply click on the hidden button. This heel is folded and retracted into a groove, and the outsole is rectified. The special coating allows the soles feet slipping off the pedals.

As you can see, there are many different ways to make your favorite car is really comfortable and stylish.

By the way, soon the holidays. Maybe ask for a loved one in lieu of flowers car accessories as a gift? What do you think?

 Women's car accessories