how to choose the color of the car

For many owners the car becomes, literally, a "second home". In this house you will be comfortable and convenient. Therefore, to approach buying a car is taken seriously. And not the last role is played here by the choice of color.

Each machine has its own "character". He must either be the same as or, in contrast, successfully complement your own. Indeed, often the color of the vehicle may adjust certain personal qualities owner. How to choose the color of the car, taking into account the peculiarities of your character?

  • White car

The white color is perfect for those who seek harmony and purity in everything. As a rule, the owners of the white car - people are quite closed, but the half-hearted, at the same time romantic. The car of that color will help the owner to have confidence in yourself and get rid of complexes.

In addition, the white color is considered to be fairly safe. However, winter is the driver to be very careful.

  • Yellow car

If you try to escape from the monotony of everyday life, aspire to freedom and open to everything new, then you simply can not go past the yellow car. As a rule, the owners of the yellow machines - incorrigible optimists, it is easy to overcome all the difficulties of life.

Buying yellow car will help you paint your life in bright colors. You will start to see things simpler and learn to enjoy the little things. After each day you will have to wait for your "personal small sun."

Bright yellow machines are clearly visible from afar and therefore rarely get into accidents

  • Gray car

You closed, cautious and do not like to stand out? You are not inclined to take rash decisions and prefer "a hundred times to measure ..."? Then look at the gray car - you'll come to him very much to each other.

  • Beige Car

Machine beige suit romantic and dreamy nature. In addition, this color has another indisputable advantage - it is almost invisible dust.

  • Silver "metallic"

You are determined, stubborn, independent, and do not suffer dullness? Then choose silver. Silver "metallic" approach people cold enough and sophisticated. In this car you will always be a little bit "over" flow. You do this and you want to, right?

  • Vehicle orange

You can not sit still for a second on the spot? Your slogan: "Life - a movement? ". With the car of orange you will always be "on the same wavelength." This color is chosen by people sociable and changeable. Vehicle orange perfect joyous, creative and imaginative person. It is the color of optimism and speed.

  • Blue Machine

Blue Machine suitable person fun and relaxing. One form of such a vehicle to help lift your spirits even in the gloomy winter day. Blue color helps to relax and calm down.

  • Blue car

Above all, appreciate comfort, peace and constancy? Rarely changes his mind and his affection? Then choose the blue car - will not regret it! This color brings peace of mind and a certain calming energy, it will somehow arrange their lives.

However, it noted that girls rarely choose this color. He is, after all, is considered a "masculine".

  • Purple Machine

Violet vehicles selected creative person with a well-developed intuition. The owner of such a machine, as a rule, balanced and delicate. It is quite purposeful, but can occasionally indulge in some adventure. Do you recognize yourself? So it - your color.

  • Red car

This is - the choice of people energetic, aspiring to the goal already achieved in this way certain heights. As a rule, they are people of power and quick-tempered, with strong leadership qualities. They - incorrigible adventurers and a little selfish.

  • Black car

You are ambitious and strive for recognition and respect? What kind of car will suit you best? Of course, black! This machine is able to give you an extra "weight" in the eyes of society.

However, remember that drivers of vehicles with a black body should comply with increased security measures during the movement - according to statistics these machines are more likely to get into accidents. This is due to the fact that while driving the car just "merged" with the surrounding landscape.

  • Brown Machine

If you - the person accommodating, above all appreciating the peace, but used to keep everything under control, then you are very fit brown car.

This color will gain confidence not only on the road but also in everyday life.

  • Green car

Green is often chosen by people who want to protect themselves from foreign influence. As a rule, they are calm and non-aggressive. Their decisions are always well thought out and weighed. This is your portrait? Well, consider that the choice is made.

Just remember that the drivers of green cars should be very careful in the summer. Color machine simply merges with the surrounding greenery.

 what color car to choose the sign of the zodiac

What is "the stars say?"

It is believed that if the driver is too often gets in an accident or the car breaks down constantly "out of the blue," then the car simply does not fit his zodiac sign. And color plays an important role here. What connection is there and what color of the machine choose the sign of the zodiac?

  • Aries. Truck drivers "Aries" - notorious cabs. They love speed and seek always and everywhere be the first. Adores attention, a little selfish "Aries", no doubt suit the car red.
  • Taurus. Odnolyuby- "Taurus" always and everywhere seeking security and stability. They simply "shaking" over his car - any scratch or breakage can to drive them into a deep depression. This sign should pay attention to the car light green color.
  • Twins. Despite his fickle nature of the "Twins" - very flavorful and seasoned drivers. In the rating of the accident they take the penultimate line. This sign will approach the machine pale blue.
  • Crayfish. Due care "Crawfish" rarely get into accidents. They almost never "lihachat" parked in permitted areas, carry a first aid kit and a "spare tire." "Cancers' best suited car light blue, white, light green or silver.
  • Lions. "Lions" - sybarites and romance. They just adore "a nice package." If you ever encounter a car decorated with crystals from Swarovski, you can rest assured that its owner - "Lion". "King of beasts" suitable vehicles yellow, orange or golden.
  • Virgin. Practical, economic and thrifty "Virgin" are very sensitive to his car. They appreciate the comfort and reliability throughout. A good choice for the "Dev" will be the car blue or beige.
  • Scales. "Libra" is ruled by Venus. As a rule, people are very meticulous, never makes rash acts. By choosing the car, they also fit very thoroughly - can devote to this task a few months. Bring good luck, "Libra" car of dark green color.
  • Scorpios. This sign is ruled by Mars. Truck drivers "Scorpions" love speed and a lot of the time in my car. Therefore, it is important that it was comfortable and prestigious. Most of them fit cars in black or purple.
  • Sagittarius. People born under this sign, freedom and independence. They hate boredom and routine, are not afraid of change and are open to everything new. Therefore, the "Sagittarius" ideal machine orange and yellow colors.
  • Capricorn. This symbol represents the practicality and reliability. Under this feature quite suitable brown, black or gray cars.
  • Aquarius. It - bright individualists. And their car should definitely stand out from the "crowd". "Aquarius" are suitable for almost all the bright colors, the main thing that the car was brilliant.
  • Fish. People born under the sign of Pisces - dreamers and romantics. Unfortunately, they do not cease to dream and behind the wheel. Therefore, truck drivers "Fish" firmly occupy fourth place on the list of accident. It is believed that to avoid trouble, "Pisces" will help cars resembling the color of their views. Suit bluish-green, blue or blue-green hues.

For most people, a car - not just a useful and convenient thing. Many motorists believe that their machines have their own "donors." Sometimes they were "mischievous" and capricious, sometimes - "pulled" the most dangerous and difficult situations. Your relationship depends on how much you "coincide" and "like" each other.

Which color is better to choose a car? Perhaps the most important thing to you pleasure to enjoy its "beauty".

She will definitely feel that you love her and never let you down.

 How to choose the color of the car - what to look for?