How to choose a driving school

The modern woman should be able to all. And for most of us just need to drive in order to have time to carry out all its plans and implement all its goals. To get right, of course, you need to unlearn in a driving school. However, in order to really learn all the skills of driving, and not just memorize rules of the road, you need to choose a good driving school, which will really give knowledge. So, how to choose a decent driving school?

Registrar - the person of any institution

This person will be the first person you have to talk after you've started thinking about what to choose a driving school. Therefore, in conversation with him is worth paying attention to. You can not even leave the house, simply call, and the tone in which the Secretary will talk to you, tell you a lot.

For example, very polite, even slightly whiny tone is always alarming. It seems that the shortfall in the school and you are trying to attract to it by any means. Or people just do not know how to communicate with customers, and it says that the school is not organized by professionals and amateurs, who can not even pick up the staff. And with such amateurish approach, you will encounter throughout the training - is you do not need.

Unnecessary roughness too, should not turn a deaf ear. This can only mean one thing - you are not interested in the client, the school will still be you study or not. Here you can make one conclusion - the train you will be as superficial as talking. This school is also rejected.

Answers Secretary should be compact and detailed, even if you ask well, very very stupid question. After all, you only decide what to choose a driving school, you want to learn and have the full right not to know and understand.

Price and payment

Then wondering how to choose a driving school, you should know all the information about the payment. On average, the price is the same everywhere, somewhere a little less, somewhere a little more imponderable difference does not matter. But if the price of tuition is really low, do not rejoice in advance, but on the contrary be alert. There are cases when you need to pay extra in the learning process, and that the extra cost for the experienced scammers come up and served all so that you blink do not have time, and money in your wallet is gone. Also just need to figure out how to pay will be partially or completely. And to dot the "i" on the amount and number of payments.

Teachers and trainers

When addressing these issues, you just need to ask a license to train and socialize the future teachers. Talk with people who will be your guru in the near future, will help you understand how to choose a driving school and is it worth it to spend your time in this organization.

SDA teacher must be able to not only help you learn the rules, but also to correctly apply the understanding of the laws by which they live drivers. He must impress you active, mobile and polite person who is easy to talk and find a way out of any situation. Also, it is desirable that he had his driving experience, with not a little, because in combination with the knowledge this experience can give you a lot of useful information.

It will be great if your teacher combines its activities with the instructor. But this success comes not so often, so an instructor to talk separately. It is just as important experience. And age older than the instructor, the better. It is only with age comes complete knowledge of the road. A man with many years understands her as a friend. And it works at a driving school on a calling, not a trivial earnings.

 how to choose a decent driving school

Learning process

After doing all of these reasons, the question of how to choose a driving school in any case should not be closed. Now it's time to find out information about how many takes a course as a whole, the number of hours devoted to the practice, and how much on the theory. Often, the theory takes about 2 months, so if you say that you will learn everything you need for 2 weeks, on guard! Practice on average takes 24 to 30 hours. Of course, during this time you will not be able to know the car very well, but get the necessary skills. Just to clarify - whether the tutoring of practice and whether they are mandatory. If you answer "yes", then you can immediately turn around and leave, after classes are over standards, at least 1, 5 times more expensive, and how much you'll pay in the end, known only to teachers.

Meeting with the director

Meeting with the director just need to understand how to choose a driving school and make up their minds about it. Of course, personal acquaintance does not always take place, but you still have a chance to talk to him at the first meeting of students, as well as look at it, observe the behavior. The promise of "manna from heaven" and indispensable passing all examinations should please you. After all, it can only mean one thing - make you pay extra money. And even if you're after the training will not be ready to take the exam in the SAI, interested instructors will teach you again and again until, eventually, you get tired of throwing money down the drain or until you grief in half did not pass the exam.

But if the director immediately will lead a conversation about that before the exam in the SAI reach not all, and that the re-exam at the school is only two or three times, after which the documents will go to the archives and take the training again - this is what you need ! Be sure that the school will teach you to do, and the staff as well as you are interested in your training. In such a driving school is always in advance measures are taken if necessary: ​​change of instructor, changing the methodology to carry out additional tests. By the way, if the director has not passed your test, you can still terminate the contract after the first assembly without financial loss.

Which to choose a driving school to you. But the most important rule, which is suitable for life in general - is not to hurry! Better to spend time on a quest to determine the important criteria for themselves, and only then draw conclusions. And do not think that after graduation you will immediately be able to without fear take the wheel of the car and feel free and easy! Of course, this does not happen, because everything comes with experience, but the main elements you need to bring is the teachers that you then tell her: "Thank you! ".

 How to choose a driving school. Tips future auto-Lady

 parking regulations in the courtyards of houses

Buying the coveted car and received the coveted driver's license, car, most inexperienced woman experiencing difficulties during parking. One hardly call in the parking pocket on the car parks, others leave his "iron horse" in the courtyard of his house, and then can not go, because the passage is blocked by another incorrectly parked car.

And the third novice drivers, not well understood rules of the road, regularly receive fines for parking cars at pedestrian crossings, in public places, bus stops. How to avoid falling into such an unpleasant situation that causes negative emotions only the male half of motorists? The answer is simple - you need to carefully examine the rules of parking of vehicles, allow or prohibit stopping or parking in certain places, and then always strictly comply with the instructions. And try to do it in any situation, even when you are well, very much in a hurry and think for a few minutes with your machine does not happen.

How to park your car on the street?

When you are in a hurry for, try not to leave the car in the street, especially in large cities, do not be like undisciplined drivers who prefer to include alarm and leave the car in the driveway. Otherwise, you will not only have to pay a fine impressive, but look for a car all the penalty area of ​​the city, as cast in inappropriate places cars can pick up a tow truck.

Always pay attention to the signs that permit or prohibit parking. Please note that during the winter, and early spring in many metropolitan areas on the roadside parking is available only on certain days - even or odd. This is necessary for the normal fare snowplow or other special equipment.

If you are already used to stop near the sign "No Stopping", explaining the illegal act and decision of the rush of very important issues, or the need for rapid disembarkation of the passenger, to eradicate this habit. Try to force yourself to drive on and look for a more suitable place to park. Over time, you'll be automatically selects the correct point for parking.

Please note that parking is prohibited, not only at bus stops and about transitions, and on bridges and overpasses on, so when planning a trip around the city, leave the car in the paid parking. But do not forget that your payment for engaging in "iron horse" playground not protect the car from damage, and the responsibility for its safety will not carry one. You can leave the car in a specially dedicated areas near shops or supermarkets absolutely free of charge under the same conditions, saving own funds.

How to park the cars in the yard?

If you do not want every night to drive away your car to the parking lot or in a garage to a paste in the morning after leaving the house you can start the engine and go to work, or in other cases, at your own risk leave the car at night in the yard. But not to run in the morning with unpleasant situations when you can not use your car and go into the city, learn the rules of parking in the yards of houses even at the time of obtaining a driving license. If your house is built condominium, ask a question at a meeting of the residents use the local area and places where you can park your car freely.

In areas where the forests green nasazhden6iya or equipped lawns, a car can not leave, even if it is not explicitly stated in the rules of use of the total territory. Parking is extremely undesirable in the places where it is possible to block travel to the residential area, put the passage of other private vehicles or special vehicles, as well as on the sidewalks. Parking cars in the yard, look for stores located in the home, at the office door which made loading or unloading of goods, as according to the rules of private vehicles can park only at a distance of ten meters from the door.

 reverse parking regulations

How is parking in reverse?

In addition to the analysis of places and sites where you can leave your car for a short or long period of time, you need to learn the rules and reverse parking skills to work on arrival in the parking pocket. This situation played out in today's bad driving schools, training programs, which are designed for women drivers. If you have already managed to get a driver's license, is to find a special master classes, where in just a few lessons you will teach the art of the popular "parking police".

What is a "parking police"? This is a traditional parking in reverse, which is carried out in several stages, but you can quickly leave the occupied area. Such a skill you will definitely come in handy, especially in the dark and in situations where you just have to leave the car in an unfamiliar place. To learn how to maneuver in reverse, well, adjust mirrors, otherwise, instead of viewing the surrounding area you will have seen the sky.

With proper adjustment of the inside of the mirror should show the side of your car, and the main area of ​​the mirror surface will roadway located behind your vehicle. Pay special attention to setting up the right rearview mirror, as it will be your main assistant during "parking police". Do not forget that when a crowded trunk or being in a car a few passenger cars prosyadet necessarily so mirrors will have to perform again.

The principles of parallel and perpendicular parking

Wanting to park your car in the city - on the curb, the curb or on the paved area between the two stationary vehicle, use the technique of parallel parking. The most difficult option ceases its desire to squeeze your car in a very limited space, and then after the maneuver in front and behind your "iron horse" will remain the minimum distance to other vehicles.

But this maneuver you can learn to perform "perfectly well", we need only to train a large park on the grounds and have the appropriate skills. Try to call the pitch between two cars on the diagonal, including back up and going into the parking pocket. During the maneuver left corner of your rear bumper should fit very close to the bumper of a car, standing in the back and the right wheel of your vehicle will be near the curb.

Remember that touch the curb wheel is not necessary, since the location of the car is much more difficult maneuverability when parking. Then simply turn the wheel to the right until it stops and carefully approach the car, which is parked in front. Then turn the steering wheel to the left, turn back up and try to align your machine so that it is parallel to the curb.

Perpendicular parking is considered the most difficult option, a check on the parking on an incline. Here we must especially try not to hurt the car located in the parking lot, turn fulfilling a few maneuvers. But having mastered the rules and techniques of parallel and perpendicular parking, you will not be afraid of difficulties, because the compliance of traffic rules will save you from paying fines and search all over the city evacuated car, and practice skills allow to park the car, even in a limited area.

 Rules of parking of vehicles. Tips for beginners Car-lady

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