how to save gasoline

According to statistics, every fourth resident of Russia is the owner of the car. Today the car is not a luxury but a means of transportation. And this fact is recognized both men and women. Recently more and more often sit behind the wheel, are trained in all the subtleties of driving, motorists and the community gradually become on a par with men.

However, for some families vehicle it is not only the convenience, but also considerable costs. Especially if the family two cars. This happens because of the constantly rising price of gasoline. The result is that every third car woman trying to somehow save on gasoline. This desire is understandable, because it is women who are the guardians of the family budget. And when it is necessary to "tighten the belt tighter" have to save on everything.

Savings of gasoline in the first place depends on whether you have a car. Fuel consumption is directly linked to its mass - the more cars, the more waste of gasoline. So if you have a huge SUV (of course it is rare for a woman, but because anything can happen), any tips on how to save on gasoline will not help him in consumption compared with a miniature small car. But try all it is worth.

The Council first - a timely pass inspection

INTACT your car is strong enough impact on the consumption of gasoline. So watch out for minor breakdowns, and the engine must be adjusted in a timely manner. The machine with a serviceable, but not adjusted engine fuel consumption by 10 percent more than the provisions.

Correct adjustment of wheels - "similarity collapse" also leads to a moderate rate, and hence to save gasoline. Always worth checking tire pressure when it reduced fuel consumption increases by a few percent.

Council second - do not get used to the cool

Wondering how to save gasoline, think about the air conditioner. Needless to say, set in auto climate control is great. However, there is one thing ... He did not contribute to the economy. And if you enjoy a cool trip, be prepared for the fact that the consumption of gasoline will increase by 10-15 percent.

Think it may be worth a ride with the windows open and enjoy the air conditioning? But there are some nuances. The more open the window in the car and the faster you eat, the faster the fuel is burned. Certainly not as much as when the air conditioner is running, but still there is overspending. This rule does not work in only one case, when the vehicle speed does not exceed 50 km / h.

 How to save on gasoline

Tip Three - try to move smoothly

There is no need to pick up speed before the traffic light when the green light is already winking at you. Still have to slow down. And the more often you switch from gas to brake, and vice versa, the more fuel is wasted.

Try moving uniformly - sudden jolts and continuous press brake will not help you reduce the consumption of gasoline, but on the contrary it will increase. If you eat a hill, there is no need to use the clutch, in this case it is better to give preference to a manual brake.

Better around the city at a moderate speed, because the more the vehicle speed, the more the fuel consumption. Will you go quietly and will save gasoline, and health. After moving measurably easier to control the situation on the road.

Tip Four - in rush hour stay home

In the hours of the crowds on the roads of the question how to save on gasoline it becomes not relevant. After all, here we are back to the sharp jolts of the car and continued use of the brakes. In a traffic jam that can not be avoided in any way. Therefore, if possible, try to at this time not to leave, unless there is urgent work that can not be postponed.

If you still got stuck in traffic and hope that will touch off the next five minutes, there is no better turn off the engine. Needless to him idle.

And the last, the fifth council

No need to make the car trunk like a lady's handbag - is all but impossible to find anything. Baby strollers, skis, left after going out with friends on weekends, stray blankets and rugs, as memories of last year's trip to nature - all of these things do not promise anything but gasoline overspending.

By the way, if your car is equipped with a boot attached to the roof, it is better to remove. You do not carry large loads every day, and the trunk - a weight and, as a consequence, excess fuel consumption.

That's it. Try to follow these tips, and your gasoline will disappear from the tank a little bit slower.

 How to save fuel - advice that act

 signals are fed by drivers of vehicles

If you drive a car, then of course time and again faced with the fact that drivers are fed each other a variety of "mysterious" signs - flashing lights, honking, gesticulating. You may even come across a situation where these characters were meant to you. Do you always understand them?

What is the driver's alphabet and how to decipher the signals given by drivers of vehicles?

A little history

Now we can not say for sure where this tradition of communication on the road. However, the legend on the matter exists.

About forty years ago, in one of the Soviet newspapers published an interesting article. One of the police employee indignantly told about the customs prevailing in the "Wild West" - local drivers warned each other about police "ambushes" and posts, giving signals lights.

It is not clear what the reaction would like his story to call a policeman. But the effect of that publication certainly was - the idea really enjoyed the drivers and the former Soviet Union began to spread with incredible speed. Soon the absolute majority of drivers in one way or another began to use this method of communication.

Automotive ABC today

Gradually signaling alphabet enriched with new characters. Today, to know at least the basics of it is considered a sign of good taste. Such signals can be very helpful on the road. And do not think that they are only the worst offenders of traffic rules, who want to avoid the "righteous anger" traffic police.

Very often special characters are used to commit other noble goals. Knowing Morse signal can be, without a word, to inform about the dangers, to thank or to express disapproval, ask for help in a difficult situation, to point out the damage that is not visible to the driver, but visible "from the outside".

Knowledge of signal alphabet opens the way to a kind of "brotherhood of motorists." Drivers who "speak" the language of signals, understand each other better. "Secret Knowledge" unites them, so they become more polite and friendly. And this means that the situation on the road - safer.

Of course, all the secret signals drivers learn quite difficult. Yes, maybe not. Most of them use the truck drivers - their whole life on wheels. They often fall into different difficult situations on the road - they have such a job. But in urban motorist can wait various troubles.

For example, you notice that the car that travels with you, deflated tire. How to warn the driver? Leans out the window and scream out loud - not always convenient, and safe. That was, and still in many other situations and come to the aid of the signal alphabet. So remember its foundations will be useful to any motorist. We begin to learn?

 hand signals drivers

Signals headlights

One - two short "wink" distant light at an intersection or in a "traffic jam" means that you are willing to miss. This signal is supplied as "colleagues" -voditelyam so pedestrians. This sign is very useful when, for example, you have to turn the car and road congestion does not give him the opportunity to maneuver.

Two or three short "wink" distant light. This is perhaps the most commonly used traffic signal. It means "Attention! ". Thus drivers warn each other about the lurking "ambush" the traffic police or any dangers ahead. This can be the open hatch, an accident, "failure" on the road.

Several long "winks" distant light from behind, "in the back". This signal means that you are asked to give way. If you have such an opportunity - do it. Suddenly, the truth, people in a hurry.

However, this signal should be treated with extreme caution - it is often used for "of the bases." Behind the "wink" - asked to skip and on the right you have framed an expensive "foreign car" with a pre-prepared "material damage". Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. If you decide not to miss - click on the brakes so that triggered "stop signals". But, thus, braking is not necessary. As a rule, it helps - behind.

Oncoming cars are often "wink" headlights. This means that you have something wrong with the light. Maybe you dazzle the driver.

The signals turn signals and alarms

The signals turn signals are used, as a rule, truckers. But some of them are useful to know, and car drivers.

For example, if a country road you are traveling by bus or wagon before starting to overtake see if the driver does not give you signs. If the truck is blinking right turn signal - so you can begin to maneuver. If the left - you can not overtake.

"Wink" car alarm means gratitude or apology. But if you notice that the car to overtake you have not turned off "emergency gang", it does not mean that her boss thank you "very, very." Make sure you can be just switched on a headlight.

Signals gestures

Signals drivers hands can also tell you very much. Unless, of course, know how to decipher them.

If you notice that the drivers abruptly straighten the fingers, making a sign to you, like the flashing light bulbs, then it's time to turn on the lights. In order to "tell" about to open the trunk, drivers slapped his hand through the air. If someone points out the drivers hand on the door of your car, then you have it not properly closed or jammed seat belt. If you notice that some of the car flat tire, you can give the signal, making a circular motion with the hand, then pointed down.

If the driver of a passing car on the roadside indicates hand, addressing the signal to you, you should stop. This means that your machine is faulty. Often this is accompanied by a sign flashing lights or a short beep. Raised or extended forward hand - a sign of gratitude.

Signals objects

Such signals are used for forced stop on the roadside. They give a passing drivers understand exactly what you require assistance. Typically, such signs are clear and without explanation.

If you took the canister in his hand - so you ran out of gas. If the cable - need a tow. If the key, so you do not have the right - and maybe no really other than this poor key - tool.

Here, in general, and the whole car alphabet. Not too difficult, right?

What else should I know? Not all of the traffic police admit and "respect" a way of communication drivers. For example, for "hazing winks" distant light you may be fined. Therefore, use this signal or not - you decide.

Even if you are not going to use these marks, their knowledge will help you to better understand the other drivers, and thus to control the traffic situation. And maybe, at some point, will save the trouble.

And then, so nice to feel like a member of the "secret brotherhood" - especially if you are an auto-LADY ..

 Alphabet avtoledi - signals given by drivers of vehicles

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