automatic or mechanic is better to

Automatic or mechanical, which is better? If you are trying to find an answer to this question, then, finally, came the long-awaited moment of happiness. You got a driver's license and can now proudly call himself a car-lady! Now it is small - choose your first car. And, of course, it has to be the best: comfortable, safe and relatively inexpensive.

Already mentally get ready for the advice and the statements of male relatives over the issue. It is possible that they are all vying to be ranting about unreasonably high prices for cars with automatic transmission. But friends who have previously bought the car, on the contrary, will extol automatic transmission - in fact it is easier to manage, and what still needs to novice drivers?

So who should listen to what decision to take? No need to "shoot from the hip", let us first analyze the pros and cons of automatic and manual transmission, and it must be done exactly like a woman.

Price and service

On the facts, as they say, will not argue. And even when the remaining conditions being equal, a car with automatic transmission will cost you ten percent more expensive. Plus, the consumption of gasoline is clearly not please you, so going on a long journey, prepare to constantly monitor the availability of fuel.

Automatic maintenance - is another story. And this fact better not to save. Regular oil changes will allow to protect the car from a variety of failures. Incidentally, it should be almost three times greater than the mechanical system, and the cost is expensive. Therefore, choosing a car with automatic transmission, prepare for the fact that in case of repair, you will have to fork out considerably.

But the mechanics in this case is different economical and unpretentious. Prices for repairs and the average fuel consumed in moderation. So maybe you should not look for easy ways to buy a car and driving with manual transmission, and the remaining money to spend on a gorgeous spring coat, which for so long dreamed of ?!

Safety and comfort

In this regard, all the more serious because women tend to love of comfort and coziness, and with automatic gearbox to achieve these factors is easier than with the mechanics.

If you ask women who have posidevshih driving a car with automatic transmission - what better box, automatic or mechanic? The answer is unequivocal - machine. What is the secret?

Firstly, such a machine is easier to manage, especially a start auto-lady. Agree, get lost in the two pedals is much more difficult than in three. Yes, and distracted from the road will have less, because the shift lever is only needed for parking and reversing.

Secondly, when maneuvering can cling to the steering wheel with both hands and not let them go to the full assurance that the danger behind. In this case, reduce the risk of getting into an accident.

On the mechanics of the matter is more complicated. To master a manual and learn how to properly select the transmission you need more than one month. And if you're ready for the challenges and are not afraid to get into an awkward position in front of fellow drivers - safely choose a car with a manual transmission. In addition, all comes to an end, and eventually will be difficult. But you'll be a pro and can easily cope with an automatic transmission, if necessary. But to move from machine mechanics is hard.

 which box best automatic or mechanic

Risky or not worth it?

Automatic "clever"! It protects the engine of the car, does not allow him to reboot. And even if you are completely incompetent driver and a smooth quiet ride before you even far away - the engine and chassis is not particularly affected by your experiments on the road.

But the machine is equipped with a manual for each of your inept turn or braking will react badly. This means that the probability of failure increases significantly. All novice drivers are not very friendly with the clutch, and it responds in kind - quickly breaks down due to overload.

Speed ​​and power

Wondering what's best mechanic or automatic, determine its position and speed to the road. With impeccable and perfectly studied the reaction of your car, you can drive at high speed, leaving behind the astonished male drivers. Great, right? However, there is one but. This is possible only with a manual transmission. Driving a car with automatic transmission skills super cars lady is not particularly blesnesh. What can you do, but to work on the power limit such machines are not designed at all.

In addition to the mechanics easier to handle off-road, where the car with a gun might just get stuck. But check the strength of the automatic transmission in such conditions in any case impossible. This can lead to serious damage.

Towed or ...

Towing on a cable car with an automatic transmission - a straight road to a service center, and with a more serious damage than that of which you actually were in this position. To move such a vehicle can only tow truck.

Zaglohnuv middle of the road on the mechanics, you will find yourself in a simple situation. After all, you can drag any a passing driver. And how long will you stay on the road depends on the integrity of your fellow drivers.

Another advantage of the mechanics - if you got the battery, start it with the "push" is not a problem. But the machine will operate only on the working battery in another car. And not the fact that, if necessary, there is still a gentleman, ready to spend their time: remove your battery and make your machine.

So what did you choose?

As you have noticed, unequivocally answer, what is better and what is worse - it is impossible. Everyone, as they say, the.

A lover of fast driving and confident woman, it is better to choose a good car of foreign production, but with a manual. After all, it is thanks to his strong character, quickly learn to cope with it, and therefore will not be any problems. But you can show off the skills of high-speed driving in front of men who do not want to see women driving.

But calm and measured the girl with the principle of life - "slow steady wins the race" box machine fits perfectly. No hassle with training. He pressed the gas - went and pressed the brake - stopped. And comfort in city driving automatic gearbox does not hold.

Do not rush and look inside yourself what it is you want, not the husband and girlfriends? Think about all the details, weigh the "pros" and "cons". And then you certainly can not go wrong with the choice!

 Which box is better - automatic or mechanic?

 fasten your seat belts

Seat belts - wear seat or not? The issue has divided all motorists into two irreconcilable camps. It would seem, what is there to argue, because the SDA is given a clear and a clear answer? But despite the increase in fines, for social advertising, appeals to prudence, some drivers continue to stubbornly ignore this important part of the car.

This is due to a variety of reasons - someone just uncomfortable, someone relies on air bags. Others tell occasions when seatbelts are not supposedly saved a man - he just "flew" through the windshield and just so alive. Everyone - his arguments. Why such mistrust?

About belts

Seat belts are double, triple and multi-point - the number of attachment points to the frame. Multipoint used in the cockpits of the racing cars and sports planes. But about two-and three-point should talk more.

Two-point shoulder belt. In this model, the tape runs from the shoulder to the hip. Such belts are widely used in the 1960s. But, on the basis of the research, this model was considered unsuccessful - passenger during the accident often "slipped" from the shoulder strap.

Lap two-point seat belt. The first lap belt was invented by Englishman George Cayley in the nineteenth century.

Until the 1980s, lap belts widely used in cars. However, some studies gave reason to believe that the belt tension of the structure at the time of the accident could lead to the displacement of the vertebrae, and as a result, paralysis. There was even a special term - "seat belt syndrome".

Now I understand why the belt still causes many distrust! But this is - in the past. Today, almost all developed countries, cars are equipped with others - three-point seat - belts.

Three-point seat belt. Its inventor - Nils Bohlin - take into account all the shortcomings of the lap and shoulder belt. He determined what point had the highest load at the time of the accident, made the necessary calculations, calculated the best location of fasteners and create a new design. The first three-point belts have been installed on Volvo cars in 1959.

 not wearing a seat belt

Some statistics

Today, in most civilized countries, the use of a seat belt is compulsory for both the driver and passengers of the car. Where such a consensus?

Of course, this rule does not come from "from the ceiling." This confidence is based on the results of numerous studies and crash tests.

For example, after 8 years after Sweden began to use seat belts, the company Volvo has provided a detailed report on accidents in the country. It has been carefully analyzed 30,000 accident. Based on these data it was concluded that the safety of the driver and passengers Seat belts, increased by about 50-60%. In the future, these results were confirmed and the research of others.

What we risk?

50% - dry figures of statistics. What are they talking about?

In fact, it means that half of those who died in the accident, could survive if it decided to buckle up. Moreover, this applies to both driver and passengers. After all, not wearing a seat belt rear passenger could lead to the fact that at the time of collision of his body turn into a kind of shell, which carries a tremendous speed and crushes everything in its path. The consequences are terrible even imagine.

Automotive concerns spend millions of dollars to develop new units and structures to ensure safety. Perfection and belt construction. They take care of our lives. Why we do not always take care of her?

Of course, someone is learning from others' mistakes, someone - on its own, some - do not learn at all. Unfortunately, such an error is unfastened seat belt, it can be very expensive - often a person has no chance to fix it. Therefore, going on the road, be sure to fasten your seat belts.

And the way you happy!

 Seat belt - we run the risk?