violation of the rules on overtaking

In Russia, the expression "the woman behind the wheel" has long been considered folk proverbs. Some men motorists just keep silent and do not apply to cars lady seriously, some blur in malevolent grin and can not resist the taunts and ridicule. And in order not to give them a reason, and adequately respond to the often unjustified claims the drivers of the stronger sex, every woman needs to know all the subtleties and nuances of behavior on the road.

Today we will talk about such an important moment as the rules of overtaking. Not for nothing is given overtaking the largest section in the rules of the road, and it is because of this maneuver, the most terrible accidents happen.

If you are overtaking

Say you're in a hurry for an important meeting (on a date with a loved one, a job interview to work, to visit my mother), and ahead barely moves an old "seven", packed to vacationers. Of course, it is better to overtake you, including left turn signal traveling in the adjacent lane. It seems to be easy, but there are nuances:

  • Make sure that the band on which you are going to leave, quite free, and you do not interfere with their maneuver a car moving you to the meeting.
  • Take a good look in the rearview mirror - Do not start overtaking the driver following you. When started, it is better to pass it forward.
  • Next, you must make sure that after the passing will be able to return to their lane without interfering with the car, which outperformed.
  • Finally, if everything is all right - turn left turn signal and overtake, just before returning to the desired number, make sure that the distance between you and the car overtaken is not less than the size of the machine body.

There are some rules that should be taken into account when overtaking. For example, uphill from overtaking to be better, and do not start the maneuver on the turn and on a pedestrian crossing. If the vehicle that you have decided to pass evades rectilinear motion or starts to slow down - take risks, also should not be.

When overtaking a group of machines, should certainly wait for a situation where will be able to outrun all at once rather than one by one. This is much safer than overtake each car separately. This should not greatly overstate the speed, that is, your speed should not exceed the rate of cars being overtaken by more than 20 kilometers per hour.

If you overtake

Agree, there is always someone who will go faster than you. Therefore, we consider such situations. If you are overtaking and oncoming cars in front of you is not seen, it is not necessary to press the brake. Calmly move at the same pace as before. If you came to the wrong side of the car - act according to the situation.

Many professionals advise drivers pressed against the side of the road and slow down. Of course, it is right, but only if the overtaking car ahead of you at least half a length. If the driver has just started a maneuver to slow down is not necessary, just hug the right, without reducing the speed. It is necessary to have your car overtaking left to return to his number in case he changes his mind to go to overtake. Otherwise, you will begin to slow down at the same time that does not like to oncoming drivers car.

In that case, when you are ahead of the van must be remembered about aerodynamics because overtaking maneuver in the middle you can put in the side of the truck, pulling her. Therefore, we must hold fast to the steering wheel and prepare to taxi.

If you overtake the front

The most dangerous situation on the roads occur when overtaking takes place on the opposite lane. In this case, the error inept driver or violation of the rules of overtaking can lead to a serious accident. Noticing that overtaking is carried out ahead, prepare in advance for emergency braking. Even in the case where the distance to the oncoming vehicles seems you safe. Seeing that the machine is not going ahead of time to restructure - press the brake and slowly moves down to the sidelines. Do not forget to turn the right turn signal. So you give the driver understand the overtaken vehicle that moves to the right, and he will try to pass the middle.

It is worth noting that such a maneuver does not always work. Therefore, in each case, you need to act on the situation. In order to minimize such cases, try to slow down on the road in places where a review is limited, that is on the rise, and before a sharp bend.

 overtaking rule

No passing

We continue to learn the rules of the road. The sign "Overtaking prohibited" certainly know all auto-lady. So, according to the rules of overtaking is not possible in a few cases:

  • When driving on a side road, where there are regulated and unregulated intersections.
  • When approaching a pedestrian crossing, especially if it is seen by the people.
  • In the area of ​​one hundred meters from the railway crossing and on the move.
  • On bridges, overpasses and under them, in the tunnels.
  • Upon completion of the lift, on cornering, and in other areas with poor visibility.

Also, the rules of overtaking provided the following facts:

  • Overtaking is prohibited, when the car is moving ahead, toured an obstacle or the same goes for overtaking.
  • Going to overtake so it is not necessary, if the car in front, walking on your lane, signaled turning left.

Consider some of the prohibitions in more detail

Terms of overtaking state that overtaking on the bridge or under it, as well as in a tunnel these rules is strictly prohibited. It should be borne in mind - some small bridges were built in such a way that they are difficult to observe from afar. And with all this, if the bridge is located within the village, its boundaries are not marked. That is the difficulty. So be very careful in this situation, because your ignorance of the presence of such a bridge is not protects you from the responsibility and the penalty for violation of the rules.

Overtaking on the rise and in poor visibility. To detect a steep climb or dangerous bend there are specific signs that indicate its approach.

It should be noted that overtaking is prohibited at the end of any lift, not only cutting, but also on any site with poor visibility.

Self-determination area with poor visibility is no easy task, so if you, for whatever criteria still decide that limited visibility, better to be safe, or violation of the rules of overtaking will be inevitable, as the conversation with the terrible traffic police.

A few tips for last

  • You do not need to take as a personal insult to overtake, let you even overtook ancient tarahtyaschy "Cossack". You will always be able to catch up and overtake later.
  • Expression of politeness is considered a slight decrease in speed when overtaking. But raising her - it's a big folly.
  • When driving on the highway several machines do not need to go to overtake immediately after your friends. To begin to examine the situation and ensure the safety of your maneuver.
  • If you went to overtake another truck or heavy vehicle, blink his lights, thereby warning of its intention. Male drivers, especially truckers, respect the politeness on the roads.
  • If you are going to overtake, switch to a weaker transmission. This will save power margin for maneuver. For example, we went to the fourth, the third switch.

No matter how abused men, women behind the wheel with each year becomes more and more. And despite all the derision is auto-lady is always more careful and attentive on the roads (not counting of course experienced professionals with years of experience).

Do not be afraid of difficulties, remember the rules and signs, gain experience, and after a year or two you're bound to become an experienced motorist. Care, courage and self-confidence - these are the main qualities that allow to feel confident even in the most difficult situations on the road!

 Terms of overtaking. How not to be trapped

 how to care for a car

Almost every motorist takes his car with tenderness and love. What can we say about the auto-lady! No human was the one who insisted that the machine - just a means of transportation. Oh, not right!

For this auto-lady car - it is much more. This is a second home, and loyal friend, and a source of pride, and often, and the most powerful remedy for stress and all of life's troubles. But everyone knows how to properly care for a car?

Of course, true auto-lady takes care of his "iron horse" and sees to it that he was always "unwashed" and "fed". But if done right? How to avoid annoying errors and ignorance, do not hurt her the most, the best car in the world?

How not to be trapped?

Sadly, the majority of cars woman sooner or later fall into a very difficult situation: it is obvious that the machine that something is wrong, but what exactly - is not clear. And next, as an evil, is not anyone who could help and suggest. What should I do in this case? The answer seems to be obvious - to go to the car wash. There - experts. Let them understand.

It's all so ... if any one small problem - unfortunately, many employees find Car Man, obviously, do not disassemble the device in the car, "fair game." Without the slightest embarrassment, you can issue an invoice to a tidy sum for "penny" work. How to make sure that you do not cheat?

The answer is simple: we must not be lazy, to call back in one or two car-care center and compare the results of the diagnosis.

Coinciding? Well, then, breaking really serious. Nothing can be done - will "fork". And, in general, try to regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer of your car to pass MOT. Then the problems will be much less.

The "feed" the machine?

Ironically, quite a large number of auto-lady absolutely sure that if "feed" his "horse" the best - and therefore the most expensive - gasoline, it will start soon "run."

What do these numbers - 92, 95, 98? It seems that for many it is no longer a secret - they represent the octane number of gasoline. Chances are, not everyone understands its meaning, but almost everyone knows that the higher the octane rating, the more expensive gasoline. How to properly care for the car? Does this case, the logic - the more, the better?

Unfortunately no. Quality of the gasoline does not affect the speed. But the condition of the car affects very seriously. The best "food" for your car - the one that recommended in its instruction manual. After all, under the Petrol fuel system of your vehicle. And the best thing you can do - to adhere to these recommendations.

There is also another problem - the unscrupulous owners and employees of gas stations. How to protect yourself from them? Alas, to verify the quality of gasoline at the gas station or that you will not be possible. Therefore, the only way - is to talk to a few "inveterate" car owners, and learn what they are filled with plants. Select two or three "of his" proven charging and try to only use their services.

 how to care for a car

How to choose the items for replacement?

A little earlier or a little later, but all motorists - auto and lady is no exception! - Face the fact that some parts of the car must be replaced. Even as simple as filters or spark. And then sometimes tempted to save a little. Well, in fact - it's something basic! Maybe you can buy the "stuff" cheaper?

Buy something, of course, possible. But there is a possibility that because of these "little things" already suffer other much more "serious" and important parts of your car. And then have to pay for the repairs has a much larger amount. This is exactly the case, about which they say: "miser pays twice."

How to care for a car?

If you are not sure you can make the right choice, it is better to ask advice from a more experienced person. Moreover, it is desirable that he was not interested in your other expenses. Maybe it's time already to get "his" car mechanic?

Today, a car wash are, literally, everywhere. And this service is readily available. Therefore, most people prefer to trust their car to the professionals. But what kind of sink to choose?

All kinds of car washes can be divided into manual, mechanical and non-contact. What are their differences?

The main advantage is the quality of hand-washing. None of the machine does not perform work as a person. All this is certainly true. If you do not take into account the notorious "human factor". Indeed, how can one be sure that the employee did not wash lazy, not a beginner and do not hack? However, you can control the process and, if necessary, correct the inexperienced worker. Still not convinced? Then choose automatic.

Apart from the manual you will most likely be offered a choice of mechanical (contact) or non-contact car wash. What is the difference between these two methods?

When you contact car washing washed at a special automated line. First on the machine is applied to a car shampoo. The tool then wash with mud using brushes that spin at very high speeds.

This method allows you to wash clean any "messy." But, unfortunately, it has a mechanical cleaning and flaw. Despite the fact that the brushes are made of a special soft material with frequent use of this type of washing machine paint may deteriorate.

Contactless sink appeared relatively recently. The main difference is that your car will not rub the brushes and sponges. So scratches during washing is practically impossible. By the way, this is why this method is recommended for washing machines dark. After all, their surface is very visible even the smallest scratch.

How it all happen? On the foam is applied to the car. This is done using special devices - foam generator or penopistoleta. The foam was allowed to stand for 3-4 minutes and then rinsed with pure water, which is fed under high pressure. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes. The problem is that strong, "stubborn" contamination can not be washed.

Sink "on their own"

If you are one of those motorists who do not want to trust anyone his beauty, then there is another - by the way, less expensive - way to return the car, "former glory". You can wash it yourself. In principle - nothing complicated.

How to take care of the car and that it is necessary to know? To wash the car can not use detergent or other cleaners - only a special car cosmetics. All dirt should be washed off with water - if a dry cloth to wipe the machine, you can scratch it.

Your machine trusts you. She - the best, and therefore worthy of good care. And if you take care of her, she will never let you down in difficult times.

 How to properly care for the car - simple rules