How to choose a used car

Do you already tired of riding on the subway and freeze in anticipation of public transport? Not enough money to buy a new car? You just recently finished a driving school and you do not have much experience driving? No problem. The most ideal option for you in this case - it is the purchase of machines that were in use. How to choose a used car and not to be mistaken?

From what a start in choosing?

Price, model specifications, age, mileage. Where to buy - online, with hands or through intermediaries? All these issues are simply raining down on you and haunt when you make a decision about buying a used car.

Some, of course, turn to the experts, so-called car brokers. They help to buy quality and reliable "iron horse", reduce the risk of fraud, but their services are not cheap. So think about it and if you decide that you are not ready to give away too much, then it is an option with the purchase of a used car by yourself.

In order to make the right choice you need to know some nuances and take them into account when purchasing:

  • Price.
  • Reliability and reputation of the car.
  • Estimated expenditure for the operation in the future.
  • Availability of spare parts if needed, as well as service centers for buying foreign cars.
  • The stability of prices for the selected model.

Armed with the knowledge of these five principles you can safely proceed to the selection. And the main thing is not to hurry. Please be patient and self-control, and the cold calculation will not let you make a mistake.

Decide on the purpose cars

Thus, second-hand car. How to choose it that way, then to not be disappointed? Choose based on its purpose.

If you want to buy a car in order to improve their driving skills and are going to use it alone, at the luxurious foreign cars is better not to look. Why do they tell you? In this case, the best option would be domestic "Lada". And a year or two, hone your skills and learn all the subtleties that must be experienced to know the car lady you with peace of mind will change your an old car for a new foreign car.

If you think you know enough, and you have nothing to learn, then you need to look after the car is not for one year, and at least five years. And of course, better to take a car of foreign production, let you pay more, but also to ride on such a machine would be nice, and do not need to drive away every week in its service.

 How to choose a used car

Where to buy?

How to choose and buy a used car and, most importantly, where to buy it? Of course, the ideal solution, with friends, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances. Then the documents easier and pay, and with confidence. But let's say that you have to call all of their friends, and no one in the near future is not going to become pedestrian. Then you have four options:

  • Check. You can order a car from a foreign peregonschikov, that is, those who surpass them from abroad, then you can choose the model, color, packaging. At the same time, as a rule, it must be prepaid and will have to wait a little longer. But the distillation minimizes get a car with a secret history.
  • Automotive market. This, at least, you need to come with your friends, well versed in cars, as all the machines seem at first glance very well, but do not be lazy to look under the hood and make a diagnosis by the seller. On this diagnosis should float past all the car if he was in an accident, whether there are hidden defects, he sailed in a quiet backwater, and so on. But watch out for cars, staying in the territory of the Russian transit, it can be stated in the documents.
  • Motor specializing in the sale of used cars. They often have a service "to exchange an old car to a new surcharge." A huge plus, we can say dealership advantage over other places, is to check the car to hijack his full diagnostics and forensic inspection certificate.
  • Internet, newspapers, magazines. Of course, the Internet, where the same without him? There used car search requires time and patience, many potential sellers of calls and visits to the location of the vehicle. Therefore, no harm would be designated for yourself the questions you want to ask the seller. For example, how the account owner is the seller, because it may just be dealers who want to make a profit, and completely uninterested in good technical condition of the car. Pay attention to the text of the ads and if you feel that there is described quite simply can not be true (for example, Ford Focus accelerates in second to 200 km per hour), do not even waste your time.

Technical Diagnostics

If all of the above places you have chosen auto market, before you raise the question, how to choose a used car based on its performance and technical condition. After all, not every dealer will tell the truth about the product. He is important to sell, then what is not important. As mentioned above, the best option is a paid car diagnostics. But if for some reason it is not possible to do, prepare to inspect the "iron horse" on their own. And even if you are not a bit the sense of all these engines, bumpers and fenders, tips below will help you to minimize poor quality purchase.

First, pay attention to the little things like check the serial numbers, comparing them with the data of the technical passport. Examine whether there is some strange scratches or deformation.

Secondly, the car body. If there are gaps between the parts, there is a possibility that the car was in an accident. Check for defects as follows. Get away from the car about two meters and sit down while her face. Your eyes should be level with the car's headlights. In this position, inspect the side for irregularities on the doors and fenders. Do the same thing with the roof - go over her eyes so that the eyes were at roof level. Thus, you are sure to notice the bumps and undulations. If they are present - the car clearly had a failure, but simply tried to hide defects.

Third - a metal. As you know, any metal subject to corrosion, which can hide the paint, so bring a magnet and a blank sheet of paper. Check confuse you place it can be applied to the paper and on top of the magnet, if it is to hold on, no corrosion, and if not, then the body rotten.

By the way, intending to inspect the car, do not forget to take with him a rag hand, because today would have to dirty your hands more than once.

And finally, the motor should run smoothly regardless of any weather conditions. Get any information about the state of the engine is possible without special diagnostics. Just slide your finger around the inside perimeter of the muffler, but you get dirty hands, but the dirt can tell a lot.

If you smoke on your finger is dry and not too dark - rather ashen color, the engine in this car is not yet worn out and serve the new owner for years. If the plaque and to look and feel is a fatty mass tarry - farther can not linger here. This fact indicates that the piston motor system is completely worn out, and nothing but problems will not bring a car.


Finally, issues related to the documents for the car. Passport and the passport of the vehicle seller should be compared to determine whether he is the rightful owner of the vehicle.

If the seller offers a deal with him at the time when it acts on the notarized power of attorney, it is better to give up, because there are too many nuances associated with it, where in the near future, you can stop being a bona fide purchaser. Also, be sure to check the vehicle on the basis of the traffic police, it can be done for free.

All the tips and advice given above, only a small part of what you need to know, wondering how to choose and buy a used car. Read forums and feature articles. Analyze, recruit friends, advice and be extremely careful. And then very soon you will become a happy owner of the car of your dreams!

 How to choose and buy a used car?

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 Car Theft

The joy of buying a brand new car can hardly be overstated. Here it is, carefully and lovingly selected beauty, winking in response to pressing a button on the key fob. Only this joy lasts sometimes very long. And the thing is that car theft has become nowadays commonplace, and one day, instead of your vehicle, you can see the empty space in the parking lot near the home or office.

Machinery not, did not help either insurance or set in Motor alarm. Not to be one as a avtovladelitsy, there are some fairly simple ways, if not completely protect your car from theft, is to minimize this possibility.

ABCs of security

Let's start with the ways to protect the car against theft, which are called elementary, and that do not require financial expenses. Although completely without costs do not happen.

  • When buying a car, take care of its security, simply by selecting the least common color machines. Women like to stand out from the crowd, and in this case it is more a plus than a minus.
  • On the headlights and windshield can be applied to a special coating, automotive marked "Litex". Also suitable labeling of "date Dot." This is a microchip containing all the information about the car.
  • Do not leave the car where it is necessary. Even if there is no room in the parking lot, do not park in a deserted alley. Choose brisk prominent place as the hijackers do not like publicity. Ideal: the special parking place, garage, parking with video surveillance.
  • Sometimes, protect the vehicle from theft - elementary vigilance. Sitting down in the car, immediately lock the door, and if you need to leave, do not leave your keys in the ignition or the engine included.
  • Leaving the interior of the vehicle, be sure to take with them documents on the car. If this is not possible, move them away.
  • Spare car keys do not keep in the glove compartment. They are the place in a safe or in a box with ornaments.
  • Always turn the alarm on the machine. If all of a sudden she started too often turned spontaneously, do not be lazy to go to the car wash, there to alarm checked for faults.
  • If you park in a strange place, try to "cuddle" with one side against the wall of a building or other obstacles to block access to your machine at least on one side.

These methods can be called subsidiary protection. But, as we mentioned earlier, no additional funding is necessary. Keep in mind that the protection against theft should choose in the complex. How clever they are arranged, the calmer you.

 how to protect the car against theft

We complicate life thieves

One of the most effective solution to the question how to protect the vehicle against theft can be a blocker of the hood. This is an additional lock on the hood, which will not let thieves get to the engine, turn off the alarm, or to cope with blocking engine installed at the factory.

Wheel locks. They will have to tinker. The most reliable of them, "crab" and "traps" to block access to wheel bolts and do not give a wheel lift or pull away. But this method is not suitable fragile girl as weigh these "toys" 5 kilograms or more, remove and install them - also a problem. On the other hand - their reliability is time-tested.

Mechanical steering lock - the most unreliable method of protection. But if you place it in combination with other devices of protection, it will not be superfluous. The most popular form - lock "wheel pedal." With such a view of the lock the thief will have to tinker.

Clamps engine. They can be called reliable if you have installed additional security system on the hood. This device will not start the car with the help of a forged key. The locking device of the engine is set at the factory, but it is best to put one more thing. Only individual advice for women: do not put the lock in the showroom, where the matter put on stream. It is best to do it in the garage, where each machine individually.

Lock gearbox set with the engine blocker as additional protection. Time trying to unlock it, the hijackers have gone a lot. So, if you find the time and the fact of attempted theft, contact the police officers have quite enough time to come and prevent theft.

Satellite security system - one of the most effective ways to protect cars from theft. The system, of course, paid, but if you can not find your car where it left, the dispatcher via satellite "contact" with your machine, and will see its coordinates on the remote observation. One minus: if much time has passed and the car managed to drive into the underground garage, your chance to discover the loss reduced to zero.

From the above it follows that the different ways of how to protect the vehicle from theft and prevent the attendant troubles, quite a lot. Each avtovladelitsa can pick up the defense of their darling individually, the cost and the desired level of security. Perhaps well-chosen protection against theft forced the kidnappers to abandon criminal intentions. Good luck on the road!

 Car theft: simple ways to keep the car from being stolen

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