how to drive a car


  • Where to begin
  • A few tips for beginners Car-lady
  • Learn how to park the car
  • Learn how to use mirrors
  • Whether to use the tint?
  • Shoes aspiring auto lady. What to choose?
  • Clothing aspiring auto lady. The practicality or beauty?

The woman behind the wheel gradually ceases to confuse modern men. Well, how else? After all, every day more and more girls will appear on the roads, and each tries to adhere to all relevant rules - do things right so as not to cause ridicule. So, soon, even those men who still do not believe in the fact of women's driving, will have to recognize in the beautiful half of humanity not only housewives and homemakers, but also an experienced independent car woman capable of properly and efficiently operate the vehicle !

For each of the ladies car means something different. Some do not see my life without the speed of the process and drive, and someone completely replaces car public transport. And if the family has two or three children, without their own "iron horse" do not even inveterate housewife.

Where to begin

If you still do not have a driver's license, the first thing to do - is to go to driving school. They can help you learn all the initial skills and the theory and practice. Of course, the experience comes with time, but a good driving school is able to provide the basic knowledge base for beginners.

Get ready for the fact that for three months, you fall out of habitual life. Also have to give up before the plans are not related to driving, and fully give myself learning. The driving school is given a lot of time studying the rules of the road, and if you do not have the basics of traffic rules are familiar, in any case, do not skip class! The theoretical part is just as important as practical, because it is due to ignorance of the rules and what happens most of the accidents.

Having graduated from a driving school, do not rush to stop, especially if you feel that you still are not able to easily get behind the wheel and ride through the city. In order to get more driving skills, there are special driving courses. And here is the number of hours of practice depends on you. You'll be able to manage your time and to schedule activities, taking into account the household chores and work.

When choosing courses do not need to be guided by price and begin to engage with the burn out (expensive) instructor. In this case, it is best to pay attention to the recommendations could be someone from your friends or relatives will recommend a good teacher. There needs thorough approach.

 how to drive a car

A few tips for beginners Car-lady

What tips the woman who was driving for the first time and worried that she will not work, will be the most appropriate? After all, the idea that "it's not mine," "I'm scared", "I never will" visit every other girl, trying to learn how to drive. Still, it's not as scary as you think:

  • Never lose faith! Even if you feel that you are missing those hours that are reserved for practice. In fact, you are not alone. Few people get to drive safely immediately after the driving school. Actually for this and there are additional courses;
  • During the lessons, always unplug your mobile phone. You nothing should distract. Focus on the lessons and their own problems at the time, move into the background. Of course, the moment you insures the instructor and nothing bad will happen. But he will not be present at each of your trip - act as if it is not near;
  • If you wear glasses for vision, it is better to go for contact lenses, as they more extensive view of the road - drive a car is much easier;
  • Learn how to wear your seat belt even at a driving school. Let this action will have a habit. And whatever spoke about when not wearing a seat belt when the accident became salvation, remember, back cases a lot more;
  • For the first independent travel, choose a secluded place: a field or vacant lot is best suited;
  • The first independent route through the city you should be familiar. To get your hands start on it, and only then you can conquer the peaks and more complex.

Learn how to park the car

Correct to learn to park the vehicle - the main problem of concern to novice drivers. Unfortunately, driving courses do not give enough attention to this skill. And then the trouble starts, chief among them - wrong calculation of parking space. The culprit is the lack of experience, because people just met with the car, has not yet learned to feel your car - namely, its dimensions. No need to get upset - all come with time - patience and training to help you learn the skills parking.

First, you should learn how to take back. When you stress-free and fear will drive in reverse, you can begin to study the parking skills. Here are some simple tips that will help you to park the car in a big city:

  • At peak times we have to search long for a suitable place to park, so take it a rule - in any situation carefully look around, it was not necessary to stop abruptly;
  • Once the location is found, operate the turn signal and stop in front of him;
  • Estimate the size of the parking and do not forget to take into account that you need to maneuver 30-50 centimeters as the back and front;
  • Looking over his shoulder, gently hand it back, turning the steering wheel toward the curb;
  • Half driving into the place, stop and turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction, slowly start moving again. Be very careful - not zadente standing next to a car;
  • For better control of the situation it is necessary not only to look over his shoulder, but also to learn how to use mirrors.

Learn how to use mirrors

Side mirror auto - workers. The driver looks are moving along the roadway. They reflect everything that happens on the left and right of the machine, as well as behind it. Thus, the mirrors show the whole situation on the road while driving. Rearview Mirror - control. It is also possible to observe what is happening behind and partially on the sides.

  • Do not look over your shoulder while on the move, so you miss the situation in front of him. Just get used to using mirrors;
  • To start a maneuver quickly enough (within 1-2 seconds) to look in the rearview mirror, and then in the mirrors;
  • To properly adjust the wing mirror need to need looking into it, rotate it until such time as the cars will not disappear from your field of vision;
  • When setting up a mirror inside the cabin, you should remember - its center should coincide with the center of the rear window;
  • When properly adjusted mirrors "dead zones" around the car should not be. You can check this as follows: Ask a friend to move away from the car two meters and then walk around it, disappearing into a mirror, your assistant should immediately appear in the other.

 how to learn to drive a car

Whether to use the tint?

Question about tinting car is still controversial. Although more than half the cars in the Russian cities tinted and imported cars are already produced with tinted windows, to decide on toning - is a crucial step, especially for a novice driver. The reasons for this are.

Firstly, many drivers are afraid of an accident at night, because the tinted windows passed very little light. Second, the fear of employees of traffic police - must comply with toning and uneducated people, especially beginners auto woman, these rules may not be aware. Therefore, going to do tint your car, be sure to read the rules and refer only proven salons.

And yet, for the most part, the car window tinting brings only benefits. Agree, more pleasant feel in the comfort and comfort, rather than in the "aquarium", exposing themselves in public. Practicality tinting also denied not. High-quality film is able to protect the interior from fading and heat, and in winter - from frost deposits on glasses.

Tinted eye protection during daylight hours - the vision is not so much bothered. Moreover, almost no visible objects left unattended in the vehicle. And of course, a car with tinted windows looks more stylish, and the woman behind the wheel of the car - more effectively. So, once you understand that feeling confident behind the wheel - safely tinting your car!

Shoes aspiring auto lady. What to choose?

Men giving "tips about women's wardrobe, there is always plenty. For example, the instructor will advise you to drive only in sneakers, and her husband never would approach the car in bright clothing. And what do you do? After all, you are the driver, though, but still a woman who wants to look attractive at any time. Relax, many of the tips on the wardrobe lady cars completely justified, but some of them still worth considering.

Do not believe the myth that heels do not fit a woman behind the wheel! Following this fact, many girls become accustomed to running shoes still in the driving school and then life itself plagued by constant pereobuvaniya. In fact, driving a car can be in virtually any footwear. Exceptions are shoes or boots at a very high and thin heels and shoes with high and rigid platform. On the heels really uncomfortable, as you have to keep your feet a little shed, and there is a risk to break the heel. And the bad feelings in the platform pedals, thereby increasing the risk of accidents.

The rest of the shoes for women behind the wheel is quite acceptable. And here it all depends on your style and preferences. The only nuance will be the fact that a woman who is at the wheel for the first time, do not just experimenting with heels. First you need to learn how to ride and pedal feel more comfortable shoes, such as boats or soft moccasins.

 how to drive properly

Clothing aspiring auto lady. The practicality or beauty?

That's another controversial issue of women driving gear. Of course, it is difficult to dispute that the trousers more comfortable to drive. But this does not mean that you should abandon the feminine clothing. The only style that does not fit - narrow and long skirts.

In general, each of the women, thinking through your wardrobe and accessories, based on three principles: practicality, safety and beauty. The main thing to remember is that to neglect the beauty for the sake of practicality is not necessary. These two concepts are perfectly compatible.

I love the bright colors? Wear a favorite spring coat without hesitation! Just be a little careful while. Most drives away the car to the car wash, to keep order in the cabin - and your love for the white things will cross a long time. And if you look irresistible, and the feel on the road will be more confident.

But it is not necessary to sacrifice safety. So anything that hinders close review and creates an inconvenience - it is better to exclude. By the way, if you already have your own, for years a proven style, try to choose a car for him. This is certainly to be feminine!

Whichever style you prefer, and what would not buy a car, do not forget that cars tend to break down. And if a woman behind the wheel - it can lead to a lot of unnecessary problems. Especially if the car lady starts. On her part, the fear and uncertainty, and from neighbors on the road - irritation and derision. Well, if there is a gentleman who will help the girl cope with the problem, and if not?

For this reason, always keep to yourself phones car service, technical assistance, or true friends who will always come to your aid.

 How to drive a girl? Tips for beginners Car-lady