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Developing rug for the children plays an important role in development and formation of the personality of the baby. Playing, the child develops and learns quickly. Moreover, to mat requires the presence of parents. Thus, you will have more opportunities to communicate with your baby. About how to make developing a rug or mat how to tie a soft, warm, multicolored yarn, read our article today. All mothers want their children to develop properly, they grew curious and capable. To do this, right now there are a lot of toys and various developing devices.

One of these devices is a developing pad for kids tiny love - a play complex, where many interesting small details. However, the best solution may be developing mats with their hands, that you did for your favorite kid yourself, putting him all my love and tenderness. Loving mom and grandmother pose developing mats for children with their own hands, that look just fine. And it is not so important, what materials you used - most importantly, an investment in the production of love.

What is the mat?

And everyone knows what results can be achieved with a rug? Developing mats for children with their own hands to help in the development of memory, logic, discipline, care your child. Rug developing children allows each child to develop independently in the process of creative, interesting and free games. Rugs patchwork intended for the development of your baby, you should use the joint sessions, turned into an exciting game. Play rugs with their hands should be bright and attractive to children.

But do not be upset if the baby showed no particular interest in your creation. Perhaps it is not yet old enough and he needs to grow up a bit. Try to play with him a couple of months. Educational mats for toddlers to help develop a child's thinking, fine motor skills and tactile perception. You can even make paced mat with his hands. This is not difficult and very interesting, but also developing pad for kids allows you to save your money, because we have children's products are quite expensive. How to make a rug like that, he served for a long time?

Developing rug for children should be made taking into account the fact that some parts will be ruined and must be replaced, in addition, it should be done "for growth", so that children can play with it for many years. Replacing individual components, you are making mats for babies developing interesting, because every new piece - a discovery for the child. We want to tell you how to make the educational mats for children. And now dwell on the question of how to make growing mat. Educational mats for children with their own hands rather those that are sold in the store. First, high-quality ready-made mats is high enough, and secondly, you will be able to make just such a mat, which develops for children, which is like your baby.

 mat for children developing their own hands

How are you?

Developing rug is made with their own hands is very simple, but the process will not take much of your time. Two pieces of a dense material with a beautiful bright pattern suited for the basics. The material may be any. It should take one and a half square meters. In addition, developing mats for kids in need in the vehicle. This is best suited sintepon. You will also need to prepare a thread, buttons, rope, rags, scraps of various fabrics, all that exists in your home. You can also associate a rug for your child. How to connect the mat to make it interesting for the baby? Tie both sides and connect them together. After this, sew accessories and buttons. Take our fabric, will be at the center of the composition of thick dark cloth.

Developing rug for the children with their own hands will be equipped with a small house, which must be sewn to the ground and folded to make the hole. Cut the fabric, it will open the windows. Educational mats with their hands need to decorate. It is necessary to make flowers, birds, insects, animals and placed them in these windows. To develop a rug for the kids well kept, it is necessary to make them from behind, "Velcro." Sometimes it is necessary to rearrange them, change places, let them "go to each other's homes." This game will be very interesting to the child.

Developing mat with your hands can be anything: add color and decorations. Bright and beautiful rugs from scraps decorate the house on top of the sun and clouds. How to make a rug develops to best reflect all conceived ideas you? Use different fabrics and accessories. To take the sun yellow cloth, fill it with cellophane, and the rays do the yellow tape. For the clouds take the blue pockets, which Fasten blue fringe. It's going to rain. Fringe decorating developing mats for children with their own hands, must be disconnected. Not far from the house have to be a beautiful garden. Take the materials of various shades of green. Thus, developing the mat with your hands can be decorated with luxurious canopy of trees.

To take color green braid - it would stems and pieces of colored fabrics - the petals. In the garden of live bees and various birds. They need to be connected, and it is possible to draw and cut out, and then attach to the branches of trees in the gum. Mats developing children can decorate the applications made by the schemes patchwork. If you do not know how to make developing pad, so that he liked your child, you rely on your intuition and imagination. They did not disappoint and prompt, a mat will be better!

Developing mats for children with their own hands, you can decorate to your taste. Just remember that all items should not be too small and should not constitute a threat to the health of the baby. Thinking about how to make a growing mat, make sure that its shape and appearance will depend on the age of your baby. Some are applicable from the first day, and some can only be used within a few months. Educational mats with their hands should be made only from safe materials for the child. Take the elastic tape, twine or rope, put it different beads, rattles and buttons. Sew around the edges of the line, so that the child can move the toys. Thus, mats, educational for children, are very useful for the development of motor function and strengthen memory.

 Developing rug at what age

Surprises for baby

Educational mats for children can improve and complement all sorts of interesting devices and means of entertainment. To the kid was even more interesting to play with the pad, it is necessary to make the "surprises" that improve the educational mats for children with their own hands. They are made of thick fabric, close buttons, zippers or buttons and attached to the mat. An inquisitive child will have to try hard to open them and find out what's inside.

So play mats with their hands from the game object converted in developing tools. You have created a mat for kids can be even more diverse. You can divide it into several squares. In one it will lodge, and in another example, seasons. Rug for the winter do fringe of white snow, green velvet tree, and her toys out of beads and applications. From tight cellophane making snowmen and slide. Mats educational for children, symbolizing the summer - a set of multi-colored rags, cellophane, beads, buttons, of which make the flowers and fruits. Out of the blue fabric makes the lake, and on the gums or "Velcro" figurines fish.

Developing mat with his hands bears primarily informative and instructive function. Autumn is with mushrooms, red and yellow leaves, autumn rain. Spring - a lot of puddles, the birds and the flowers bloom. Here you can show all their imagination. Well look knitted developing mats. How to tie a rug for your baby? You will need a pair of yarn and needles. Besides, no one has canceled your imagination, with which you make interesting decorations and objectives for your child. Developing rug for kids with their hands should be different decorating for boys and for girls. If you make a rug for his son, it is better to fill it with machines, train, boat and balls of different colors and sizes.

Child development pad for my daughter with their hands can make a big flower and colored petals fill different toys. Educational mats patchwork better to keep separate from the rest of your child's favorite toys. They use only the best in class - when you try to explain something to a child. Child development mat with his hands better to hide away from the child. Therefore, your baby will always be interest in this "special" toy. Do not be afraid to dream and do experiments.

At the end of ...

Educational mats for children to help in the development of the baby, not only physically, but also mentally and morally. Developing mat with your hands creates for your child a special atmosphere, created by your hands. The more creative you go to the manufacture of such a pad, the more interesting your kid will play with him. Child development mat with his hands specifically provides for all the needs of a young child. It is soft and comfortable for the baby. He would be happy to sit on it on the debt.

Play rugs with their hands to diversify leisure of your child. Leaving in the country, be sure to grab it with you, because with it you will save the kid from sitting directly on the ground. Well done developing pad for children with their own hands, will cause the baby interest, and it will become his favorite toy, with which you can play for hours, and you get a lot of free time. Child development mat with your hands is not only beneficial for the baby, but just improves his mood and pleased with it every day. Do not forget to think about how to make a growing mat should be based on the age, capabilities, talents and needs of your child. And all this for your beloved kid you made with your own hands!

 How to make a rug for developing children

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