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  • Common rules on the use of masks
  • Egg Hair Mask
  • Masks on the basis of rye flour
  • Masks based oils

Beautiful healthy hair - a delightful decoration woman worthy of the most tender care. But this fragile gift of nature often loses its splendor, because locks are very sensitive to the slightest disruptions in the body, and sometimes do need treatment. Firming Mask - a great way to take care of the hair, saturate them useful substances and support in the difficult fight against adverse environmental conditions.

There are many recipes for masks hair tonic based on natural ingredients and available, just need to choose the best option, given the type and characteristics of the hair. The basis of many recipes - traditional remedies without losing a well-deserved popularity and today, despite the runaway success of modern cosmetology and medicine. This is not surprising, because the use of natural ingredients for the organism is difficult to overestimate, especially today, when our lives have less contact with nature.

 curd mask for strengthening hair
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Common rules on the use of masks

Ingredients for the procedure prepared immediately before use. All components of the future mask for strengthening hair should be thoroughly mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Applying the mask begins with rubbing nutrient composition in the scalp, and then distribute the weight of the entire length of the strands.

After applying the mask head close plastic bag or a piece of plastic wrap on top and are wrapped with a towel. Duration of treatment may vary depending on the active ingredients and characteristics of the hair. After keeping a nutritious weight on your head right amount of time, the mask should be thoroughly washed.

Many recipes for home remedies to strengthen hair are so good that the result is noticeable after the first application. But do not forget that long-term effect can be achieved only with regular and careful care, even the miraculous mask does not solve the problem at once.

 essential oils for hair
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Egg Hair Mask

Chicken or quail eggs will be an excellent basis for strengthening hair masks having effective preventive and protective action. Due to the high content of vitamin A in eggs, B, D, valuable amino acids, proteins and mineral salts, preparations for the care egg-based restore hair structure and stimulate their growth, gives hair a healthy silky shine.

The main feature of the masks on the basis of eggs is that they need to be washed off with water at room temperature, or a protein will fold in the hair and wash it will be quite difficult.

The composition of the egg mask:

  • yolks (2 pcs.)
  • honey (1 tbsp. l.)
  • cognac (1 hr. l.)
  • yeast (1 hr. l.)

All components must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair, rubbing the roots, keep 1-2 hours.

Note that brandy, in combination with other healing ingredients, has a magical effect on the hair follicles, making dull, weakened by vitamin deficiency hair in a lush head of hair, glowing gorgeous healthy glow.

Nourishing and firming mask ginger is an excellent remedy for hair care. It is known that ginger root contains many nutrients: iron, calcium, sodium, zinc, essential oils, and a set of vitamins - that makes it a valuable cosmetic component. The mask can be added as ground ginger, finely grated and the fresh root, but in the latter case, the mask will be difficult to wash off.

The composition of ginger mask:

  • ground ginger (1 tbsp. l.)
  • yogurt (1 cup)
  • honey (1 hr. l.)
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • egg yolk (1 pc.)

Ginger powder to dissolve in yogurt, then add the remaining components and mix thoroughly. The resulting mass is applied on a dry head, hold for 40 minutes.

Chocolate mask for strengthening hair

Truly unlimited magic cocoa. This wonderful plant, gave us a favorite around the world delicacy, contains a part of the fruits of their many useful components, allowing highly regarded not only in cooking but also in cosmetics. In particular, based on cocoa can make wonderful mask for strengthening hair. A huge amount of organic amino acids, fats and proteins, natural sugars and tannins give life even in the weakened hair.

Regular use of masks based on cocoa stimulates hair growth and helps to get rid of split ends. Strengthening the roots and improve blood circulation in the skin of the head and affect the state of hairstyles most beneficial.


  • cocoa powder (1 tbsp. l.)
  • warm water
  • egg yolk (1 pc.)
  • low-fat yogurt (1 cup)

Cocoa powder is dissolved in a small amount of warm water to be mixed with beaten raw egg yolk. Then add the yogurt and mix thoroughly. This nutrient mixture should be kept on the hair for 40 minutes.

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Masks on the basis of rye flour

Rye flour - the perfect remedy for hair care. Masks on the basis of her remarkable strengthens the roots, make hair shiny and soft, pleasant to the touch, facilitate combing and styling. Rye flour can be used for washing the hair, if you do not fancy shampoos factory production.

Mask for normal hair


  • the infusion of nettle leaves (1 cup)
  • Rye flour (4 tbsp. l.)
  • egg yolk

The infusion of nettle leaves is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon of dried leaves need to pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 3-4 hours, then drain. The resulting infusion should add flour and stir evenly, then add the yolks and stir again every state smooth. The mask is applied to wet hair, gently rubbing into the scalp, and hold for 1 hour.

Mask for oily hair


  • Rye flour (3 tbsp. l.)
  • ground ginger (1 tbsp. l.)
  • juice of half a lemon
  • honey (1 hr. l.)

This mask should be applied to wet hair, the procedure - 40-50 minutes.

Mask for strengthening dry hair


  • Rye flour (2 tbsp. l.)
  • fat (at least 20%) cream (1 tbsp. l.)
  • the essential oil of your choice (a few drops)
  • honey (1 hr. l.)
  • warm water

The flour should be mixed with sour cream, add a little water and stir in the resulting mixture of honey and butter. The mask should get quite thick. It is applied to wet hair and held 1 hour.

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Masks based oils

Unique nutritional properties of vegetable oils are known since ancient times, and today they are widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Many women choose natural oils to strengthen hair, because they allow you to make rapid and effective results in the fight against many common problems.

Oil mask perfectly moisturize and strengthen the hair, saturate them useful substances that help to cope with split ends, stop hair loss and eliminate brittleness. Nevertheless, this effective tool has its own peculiarities. Thus, the mask is based on oils with caution to owners of oily hair, so as not to exacerbate the problems specific to this type of hair, without weighing it down. For colored hair natural oils also pose some risks: oil helps to wash out the colors, so use them only makes sense if you want to quickly regain its color.

Very effective nutritional formulations for hair strengthening, based on burdock oil. It helps get rid of dandruff, restore damaged hair, as well as solve the problem of hair loss and brittle.

The almond and sunflower oils relieve split ends, sea buckthorn - helps strengthen the roots. Coconut oil protects against damage to the natural hair structure and provides them protection during the cold season, linseed oil prevents hair loss and returns the hair a healthy shine. Castor oil is used to stimulate hair growth and give them volume.

Before preparing a mask for strengthening hair any oil should be heated for a better application and absorption. Oil mask is applied to dry hair, first rubbing the scalp massaged, and then distributed over the entire length of hair.

To facilitate the flushing oil mask, its composition is added lemon juice, and on his head holding no more than an hour. Masks based oils are not recommended to do once a week.

Firming mask with burdock oil and brandy


  • burdock oil (2 tbsp. l.)
  • Brandy (2 tbsp. l.)
  • juice of one lemon

Hydrating mask to strengthen dry hair


  • almond oil (1 hr. l.)
  • castor oil (1 hr. l.)
  • juice of one lemon
  • chamomile broth (1 cup)
  • beaten egg (1 pc.)

Mask for oily hair


  • yogurt (1 cup)
  • cedar essential oil (few drops)
  • G (2 hrs. l.)

Yogurt, mix with salt until completely dissolving in the mass is to add butter and mix well again. This mask is applied to slightly damp hair, keep it quite 20 minutes.

 Firming Mask for hair