child development at 11 months


  • Psychomotor skills
  • The cognitive development of the child
  • Social and emotional development
  • Speech development of the child

All parents with emotion watching the development of her baby. And sometimes not only with emotion, but also anxiety - everything was in order? Suddenly, the child's development is not as it should? It is for these troubled mothers and fathers this article was written.

Psychomotor skills

The first thing you pay attention to the doctors, when they want to assess the overall condition of the child - this is on the developmental needs of the baby. And parents do not know the basic rules prevent, in time to sound the alarm. But pomnite- this data is very average and make some conclusions without consulting your doctor is not allowed.

  • Walk

At the age of 11 months, most children take their first steps. Although it is - a very conventional time frame, as some kids this age go already confident enough, and some are still afraid to let go of Mom's or Dad's finger. All this - the variations of the rules and should not cause fear.

But even if your own child is not walking, parents need to monitor it closely - the kids at this age is very mobile and inquisitive. They do not miss the opportunity to check whether this chair look good on the couch that is, if you pull the edge of the tablecloth and whether you can move around with a bench. That is why the kids of this age so often emergency room patients.

  • Fine motor skills

The development of fine motor skills in 11mesyatsev is in full swing - the child is already able to pick up a pretty small objects, utilizing at the same thumb and index finger. Curious kids trying otkovyryat part rattles or deprive beloved bear eyes - be careful, they often succeed. Did you know that a child in this age of everything, without exception, pulls in the mouth.

  • Feeding behavior crumbs

At the age of eleven months, ideally a child should still be breastfed and receive infant formula. In addition, the diet of the child has to be at least three full-feeding - otherwise there is a risk of gaps in weight gain.

At 11 months, the child is already trying to wield a spoon and drink from a cup. Of course, the spoon should be children, which is comfortable to hold in hand. And as the parents should buy a cup feeding cup - so the child will be much more convenient. And in that case, if the child eats milk mixture, it's time to wean him from the bottle, pouring the mixture into a feeding cup.

  • Hygiene skills

At 11 months, the child is already quite clearly knows what soap, comb, and why in general - that cleanliness is good. In addition, just at this age need to teach a child to clean teeth. Just do not skimp on the toothpaste and toothbrush - they must be of good quality. Of course, at first without your help, your child can not do, but soon learn to keep the crumb in the hands of a comb and understand that it is necessary to wash the dirty pen, or at least shake.

Indicators of physical development:

  • Kid trying to go in a certain direction.
  • The child easily gets on the low things.
  • Scarce very confident sitting.
  • The child tries to use a spoon.
  • A child can easily capture small objects.
  • The child is familiar with the basic skills of hygiene.

 development of a child 11 months

The cognitive development of the child

As your child grows, increasing its interest in the world around them. Firstly, the development of the child is not standing still, and he begins to understand more, and secondly, the boundaries of the external world of the child is constantly expanding, but not limited, as before, crib and stroller.

  • The interest in the world around them

A child of 11 months is closely monitoring all the unknown objects and phenomena of it - whether it's a plane in the sky, a butterfly on a flower, or a fire truck. That is why a walk with the baby are essential for its harmonious development. But do not lose vigilance - the child is very impressionable and therefore very easily frightened - signal transport, thunder, strong winds. Try to protect the child from the turmoil, and if it is unable to immediately calm the baby.

  • Orientation in space

In the first 11 months of the child's development is progressing so that crumb starts to navigate in space. Of course, the street from the playground to the house, he still can not find, but from the bathroom to the kitchen - no problem. In addition, crumb begins to actively explore the apartment - cabinets, chests of drawers, boxes - nothing escapes the attention of the crumbs. Incidentally, at this age, many parents even once lost a child ... in his own apartment. That mischievous hide under the bed, if not fall asleep in the closet.

  • Substantive action

Eleven-month toddler not only throws toys, and starts trying to put them in the same place. It begins to come up with options for misuse of various subjects - for example, a box, he will turn to his refuge, and the inverted chair - in the warehouse for toys.

Even the other child's play become more aware. For example, the child rolls the ball in the right direction it can roll the doll in a stroller or rocking her in his arms, imitating her mother. Find a lost toy for a child is no longer a problem - he methodically explores every corner of the apartment, although often quite quickly remembers where he played with this toy for the last time.

Indicators of cognitive development

  • The child deliberately playing with toys.
  • The kid puts one object to another, and gets it.
  • The child throws things and trying to put them back.
  • Scarce interested in unfamiliar phenomena and objects.

 proper development of the child in 11 months

Social and emotional development

Cognitive development of a child entails the development of social skills and the emergence of new emotions.

  • Relationship with society

In about 11 months, the child begins to socialize in the community. First, the baby ceases to be afraid of strangers, looking at them with interest and respond to the call to him. Although, of course, much depends on the nature of the child - some of them at the sight of a stranger hiding behind his mother and five years.

  • Emotions

Active development and affects the emotional side - recently expressed emotions only kid laugh or cry. Now, parents can observe the whole gamut - from surprise to irritation. Speaking of parents - the child begins to increasingly and actively demonstrate their affection for him. It is very important for the child's approval of his family - parents should praise him often.

  • Meeting with the body

As soon as the progressive development of the child, there is a conscious interest in their body - ears, nose, and heels, genitals. Too many parents are scared of such interest to the genitals and begin to straighten the child. However, this is - a gross error, as you give your child to understand that the sexual organs - this is shameful and forbidden. Do not pay any attention, and pretty soon the crumbs carefully studied all that he is interested in, will be given to the genitals as much time as it is, for example, the ear.

Indicators of Social Development

  • The child may find themselves self-employed. Of course, not for long.
  • The child is closely watching the behavior of adults, copies it.
  • Scarce responds to appeal to him, he allocates pleasant adults.
  • Kid explores her body.

Speech development of the child

At this age, your baby begins to actively speech development. Remember that. which is largely dependent on you - as often as possible, try to talk with your child, read his books. All this contributes to vocabulary baby - both passive and active.

  • Zvukoproiznoshenija

More recently, a child only babbled in his vocabulary was only a few syllables. Now a lot of new sounds and old are becoming clearer. There are first monosyllabic words - "ba," "ma", "on". However, the speech development of a child is so individual that sometimes you wonder. There are children who are 11 months of full use two-syllable words, and these words have in stock a lot. Others kids can and a half years to chat exclusively individual sounds and gestures.

As you can see, the development of the baby 1 months underway. But if suddenly your child's development does not coincide with the above rules, do not panic - every child is different. Of course, to suppress parental anxiety is very difficult, but the panic - not the best assistant. As in most cases the reasons for concern and does not - or you're just something I do not notice or your child is just a little different from other children.

But their course and let the situation is by no means impossible. If you have something alerted, ask for help from your pediatrician. He will examine the child and confirm or refute your fears. And, if necessary, send your child for advice to specialists - a neurologist or psychologist.

 What should be the child's development in the first 11 months?

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