how to choose a profession schoolboy


  • The main rule when choosing a future profession
  • How to help your child with the choice of future profession
  • Errors in the choice of future profession
  • What to do if the child does not want to continue to learn
  • Why enroll in university: answer the questions correctly

Do you dream of getting your son went to study to be an economist, but in doing so he hates math? You want most of his birth, to become a famous doctor, and your child at the sight of a drop of blood falls into a swoon? It is often possible to observe impartial picture when parents choose their future profession for their children, not taking into account their wishes and preferences.

At best, the child will bring a degree, will give his mom and dad, and then go get a second degree. At worst - the son will work all life on unloved work, hating boss, colleagues and subordinates. It is therefore important to deal with talent and taste your baby. Remember, your child - a river. You can just slightly redirect it back on track. But to completely change over will not succeed.

The main rule when choosing a future profession

We take into account the desires, skills and abilities of the child

So, the first thing you must decide what is interesting student. It is very important that your child is very fond of my future profession. No wonder they say, if the work is the same as a hobby, then the person does not have to work a single day in his life.

So, for example, if the kid loves animals, he can become a veterinarian, an ecologist, zoologist. Son loves tinkering, repairing and building? Why did not he go to the design engineer. The girls, who love to draw, you can not only be an artist. Architect, designer, photographer - this is just a small list of professions where exactly its ability to be useful.

Also do not forget about the abilities of the student. Ask him to meet the challenge and watch how he will conduct himself. Will he be able to sit through 2 hours without break or be distracted by trifles. Will he ask for help or to try to do everything yourself. It was from his perseverance, loyalty and character depends on how his career will develop in the future.

Choosing a profession student, consider his temperament. If the son sociable, cheerleader, loves to be the center of attention, he would have liked a job where you need to be able to communicate with people. Conversely, calm, quiet man should choose employment that does not have to constantly worry and get nervous.

Children who easily understand the numbers, you can link your life with mathematics, programming, engineering. Linguists is to go to writers, journalists, lawyers, linguists and teachers. Do not worry if the student does in the book of 10 errors, and in each sentence. The main thing - content. It competently write, but do not cling to the reader's word - it's much worse.

Physically strong children can go to the sport. Typically, these students are learning very bad, but in football, basketball or hockey they play the best. It is not necessary to suppress these inclinations on the vine - give the opportunity to go to the big leagues. In extreme cases, the child is then able to get a second degree or wean absentia. By the way, make good athletes and popular.

Emotional kids have great charisma, can go to the actors. Do not worry if your child will not be able to do the first time in the theater department. Many celebrities have tried to get into the arena glory for 3-4 times. The main thing - to provide psychological support.

Do not we press on children

Dynasty - is, of course, is good, but only if the student occupation of the parents is really interesting. Otherwise, the child may be in a position by refusing to stay in school and go to university. The maximum that you can do is to reduce their child to their work, to read the necessary literature, etc.

But in any case, do not directly talk about material things. At this age, children do not always understand the value of money, influence and connections. No need to blame or to hint at the fact that his son will not be able to keep you and your family. Otherwise, he will do anything to spite you, forgetting about their desires. In addition, in our country the situation with wages can change dramatically.

Do not pay attention to a certificate

Learn to prioritize. Naturally, it is impossible for one minute in order to determine to whom the child has to go to learn. Parents must think about it a 5-8 grades. And if you're really determined, then focuses on the things that really come in handy in the future. Remember once and for all - it is impossible to know everything. Of course, it is nice when the baby is Excellent and the best student, but in this case he will have knowledge of the surface.

But under no circumstances should you give your child to relax, making concessions in their studies. Let him learn to four, but the trio will not be tolerated. Maximum - 1-2, max. And it is only in those areas that are difficult to him. For the core subjects required to hire tutors.

We distinguish between dreams and reality

If your child has chosen a profession, he will hardly be able to learn, try to explain it to him gently. All of us in childhood dream of becoming pilots, astronauts and teachers. Growing up, most of us are beginning to look at things realistically. But there are units that look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Of course, if your son has the makings of a football player, feel free to support his undertakings. Singing is better to send her daughter on vocals. But it would be pointless to choose a profession for the child actor if he was afraid to speak in public. Do not look at the talents of children through the eyes of a loving mother. Evaluate as if you are a strict critic, because it affects the future life of the little man.

 how to choose the right profession schoolboy

How to help your child with the choice of future profession

Makes the list

Take a piece of paper and sign it on several options that are suitable for children. Be sure to include requirements that apply to applicants during the admission to future employees. So, for example, now my daughter will be able to deliver excellent biology or chemistry, to learn from the laboratory. But think, whether it will be possible to further dissect the rats?

After that show a list of the child. For school children only need to select two or three professions that it is more or less like them. Of course, bad if it will be different directions. In this case, the baby will have more time to decide where best to go, especially if he successfully pass the exams.

Information about professions

If the child has chosen a profession, give a teenager an opportunity to plunge into it with his head. The future journalist can free postazhirovatsya in the local newspaper, the physician - to work as a volunteer at the hospital. Only after that the student will be able to understand whether it is something for everyone. After all, many of them are not even aware of the difficulties expected in a given situation. Agree, in most cases, an idea of ​​the position of the pilot, a flight attendant or a singer, we can only on the basis of the movie. There's always going smoothly, perfect and exciting. In fact, it is much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

We pass the test for career guidance

Go with the child per cent of employment, where he will be asked to answer a series of questions. After analyzing and summarizing the expert will provide a number of occupations for which your child is suitable. Exactly the same tests carried out in some schools, only parents they do not pay much attention.

But do not get too serious about a similar assessment. The result could affect a bad mood, fear is not the right answer, etc. Moreover, in the preparation of test psychologists do not take into account the specific nature of each individual. Questions were invented for a general audience, not just for your event.

We study the situation at the labor exchange

Hundreds of unemployed economists, lawyers, linguists and historians can not find a place under the sun. With no experience in such positions who are rarely taken, as in this area there are a lot of professionals. Therefore it is better to choose a profession that is always in demand, regardless of the economic situation in the country. It - engineers, teachers, doctors, builders, programmers, cooks. Of course, the next applicant must have a good understanding in the business.

 how to choose a profession schoolboy quickly

Errors in the choice of future profession

Impose their views - is half woes. Poor, when the parents do not participate in the child's life. Students choose their future profession, not taking into account the realities of our lives. As a result, he learns nothing of 5-7 years, and then goes to work not on a specialty. Today, there are six of the most common mistakes that are made each year by applicants.

  • The lack of information about the profession

As a child, unable to choose, without having this presentation? Outdated information or idealistic notions of a particular position can spoil the life of the future employee. Often children are guided by the prestige of the profession and the possible earnings. But no one has explained to them that in the beginning will have to work hard to climb on the head, forget about the family, to become a supervisor or start their own business. Also it manages to stay afloat, unfortunately, not much.

  • Ignorance of their own capabilities

It so happened that the person can not properly assess themselves and their abilities. He exaggerates them either, considering himself a genius and a superman, or underestimates, thinking that he did good for nothing. And in fact, in both cases it is difficult to choose a direction in which it will be possible to move.

  • Inability to prioritize

Never draw the line between education and future work. Good grades do not talk about the real abilities of teenagers. Not necessarily love math to be able to solve the problem. Just do not need to be an excellent student to get involved in biology, computer technology or medicine.

  • The fear of being rejected by friends

Another error - the transfer of its relationship to the person who occupies a particular post. So, for example, a teenager may fear that friends turn away from him if he will learn from a policeman or a traffic cop. In this case, explain to your child that friends have to take man as he is. In every profession there are good and bad people. And the people in positions of authority, usually all fear or dislike.

  • Go for a crowd

There are cases when students come "for the company." So always make a love doves, or best friends. But, unfortunately, such a profession would like to only one person. The second will have to fulfill their responsibilities, because we need.

  • The inability to choose a good institute

Learn from the budget at the State University of Commerce or private - it all depends on your financial capabilities. The main thing - to in your chosen institution taught the good professor. Well, if the Department of the practice of traveling abroad.

But what you should not do is to enter the non-accredited school with dilapidated buildings. Perhaps philologists and historians will cope without computer equipment, but the programmers, chemists, physicists and other students will be tight. But from the knowledge and prestige of the university (institute, college, academy) depends on future salary and employed your child.

 how to choose a profession pupil easily

What to do if the child does not want to continue to learn

The first step is to talk with your teen to understand why he decided to abandon his studies. Maybe he just did not decided on the choice of profession or do not want to spend 5 years in vain. In that case, give him another year. Let it run officially. At the same time be sure to take his part of the salary to buy food, pay the rent. If he wanted to become independent adults, let immediately feel the bitter taste of freedom for themselves.

The second reason may lie in the difficulties with finances. Not all children want to learn by their parents. And to do on a budget, unfortunately, not everyone can. There are two ways to solve the problem: either to let money or lend. Put the condition that after graduation, the child will be on a monthly basis to pay you a certain amount.

Also, often the children are hoping that they will inherit the family business. To come all ready, I will not put any effort for it - what could be easier. Smart parents in such cases does not give sons or daughters at the helm, and forced to start, for example, to the Assistant Director, the average manager or the seller. Such is the psychology of a man - he does not appreciate the fact that he got nothing.

Why enroll in university: answer the questions correctly

Teen puts the example of people who have no education and have made good progress? It is not necessary to convince the child that it is - only one. At this age, students rarely listen to their parents or teachers. We need to give him a more substantial and interesting arguments that will make you wonder.

  • Links

The faculty together with your child will learn to children who in the future may take significant positions. Keep warm friendships with classmates, your son will always be able to turn to them for help in a difficult situation.

  • Development

Only the university people learn many tricks, which are not all the experts know. In addition to knowledge and skills, teachers force their students to think. Reply to excellent, pulled the unlucky ticket - easily. Debate with the dean - simple. The main thing - to learn to defend their opinion.

  • Communicability

If we compare the student and graduate, it will be two completely different people. Even the shy students revealed at seminars, conferences and other major events. And that is important, your child will learn to be independent.

By the way, try to explain to a child that a good post school education will not be enough. And if at the beginning of his lack of a diploma will not interfere, in the future, when the choice will be between him and his colleague, will give preference to the second.

 How to choose a profession schoolboy and configure it for study