how to become a leader in the classroom


  • How to recognize a leader in the group
  • We develop leadership qualities in a child
  • Hidden leader: who supervises all

There is a misconception that leaders are born, not made. And if it's not given to you, there is nothing to try to climb out of the skin, trying to stand out and lead the group. Nature itself has tried dividing society into masters and slaves. In fact, the makings of a leader is in each of us. Just one developed it to myself and others let things take their course, yielded stronger individuals. Why so many ordinary workers and so few officers, directors and entrepreneurs.

Of course, every parent wants his child is to be successful, lucky, she loved and adored. Unfortunately, few people paid attention to the development of leadership qualities. Mom and dad are more concerned assessment and behavior in school. And then, 10 years later, they look with envy at Losers Vasya, the ringleader and a fighter, saying that he was just lucky to get in life. In fact, this man was able to organize a friendly company, to unite all the staff and made to work for themselves. Remember: five - this is not the most important thing in life. Communication skills come in handy more than a knowledge of chemistry for the fifth grade.

How to recognize a leader in the group

So, how to understand what the child - born leader. Observe how he behaves with others. You can spend a little test: around the same table a few students and ask them to draw together any picture. How will your son? He will supervise or execute instructions? So you can understand which category your child.

The first thing parents should deal with how strongly developed in a child leadership. After all, it depends on what tactics to choose education. If, for example, a child with the first minutes of gaining the attention of teachers and classmates, able to win over others, you just need to direct it. From shy, passive students will have to work, not one year. But then your work will be repaid with interest.

 how to become a leader in the classroom

We develop leadership qualities in a child

Somehow anywhere (either in the garden or in the school) we are not taught how to become a leader in the classroom. Rather, the task of teachers and educators - to create a group of students from the law-abiding citizens who will first attend college, then work in any organization to old age. Next - pensions, raising grandchildren. Therefore, if you want your child to become president (of the company or the state - a secondary question), begin to develop the desired qualities as early as possible.

  • Self confidence

Only self-confident and reliant man can achieve anything in life. He knew I was capable of. He will not turn gray in the area and think that it is not worthy of higher salaries, better positions, etc. It is not necessary for man to be the most intelligent, beautiful, strong. He just has to positively evaluate their abilities and unself-treat yourself.

But we must distinguish between two things: confidence and self-assurance. In the second case, a man does not see his own shortcomings and disadvantages. He believes that all the blame for his mistakes. These people in the future can not achieve anything in life because they never agree to work where you can get the experience. What refresher courses, if they already know everything!

How to develop confidence in a child? To begin to teach him to praise and support in the most difficult moments. You say that he will succeed, because you believe in it. And do not criticize the failure. If this time could not be able to do the other.

  • Talents

Every person should have its own "highlight", which will be useful in the future. It may be different talents: the ability to sing, dance, write beautiful texts, drawing, photography, etc. There are no people who can not do anything. If your child does not stand out from the crowd, try to burn it to a variety of clubs. And where is he like best, there is his place. All the bad? Then the problem of laziness, which must be eradicated.

By the way, do not forget to explain to a child that talent can be in the right moment. Singing need to live, not in the classroom, running - in physical education classes, rather than through the corridors. And always stimulate the baby to take action. If the school is planned for some event or competition, let them take a direct part.

  • Responsibility

The leader - this is not the kind of person who laugh all the company and entice first beauty school. The leader - a man who knows how to be responsible for the error. Such a person will never accuse comrades, if it was he who broke the glass in the classroom, and will not give the perpetrator, if he saw who did it. He is responsible, courageous but not fearless.

Develop responsibility is not so easy. But if you try, you will be able to raise a decent person. To start always praise their child when they were assisted. Encourage taking the initiative! The kid should not be afraid to do something with what had never encountered. For example, he never washed the dishes, and then decided to help my mother. But, alas, he broke the cup. Reassure the child and say grateful for a clean plate. Remove the pieces and do not come back to this topic. And then he will do the work on the house and on. And never punish your kid for misconduct or error operation.

Next, what you have to teach the child - to get things done. However, it comes within the powers of the tasks. So, the baby has to decide an exercise, ask him to school, even if he was tired. However, if he was sick and missed a week of training, I help him with the task. Cursing, he mediocrity - not. In this case, the kid is not to blame.

  • Oratorical skills

What do you think, whom will the crowds? For a man who knows a lot and is able to, but can not explain even basic things? Or for a special that clearly tell you how to build a business. Remember Mavrodi, who managed to get millions of people suffer him money. This is no guarantee that investors will receive the promised millions, it was not. Well, the first time most did not know about these scams. That gifted speaker managed to get to do that in the second and third time.

By the way, there are a number of professions that require the ability to speak. Lawyers can not prove the innocence of the defendant, the manager does not force the customer to buy unnecessary things, the teacher does not teach wits students. Note: If the student is not able to clearly express their thoughts, even if he knows it all, learn to be bad. So be sure to write down your child for special courses. With first-class rehearsed with him poems. And he does not have to read them monotone, just to get rid of quickly. Everything must be spoken clearly, with expression. Then, when he is older, remember the best whole chunks of text.

Every day, teach one patter. Show your child how to do the exercises should be to develop a vocal apparatus. Many presenters ether before each doing a certain movement of the jaw, tongue, lips, doing some exercises.

Not bad will happen if you at least once a week with the child begin to learn new words. Conglomeration, profanity, prototype - sometimes people use them correctly in a speech. And, as they say experienced speakers if you do not know the meaning, never insert similar words. Otherwise, you may seem ridiculous and stupid.

  • Adequate perception of criticism

As we usually feel ourselves when we are criticized? We hesitate, blush, behave as if to blame. Sometimes some of us give up, lost the mood and desire to work on. In fact, constructive criticism should be taken a little differently - as a chance and an opportunity to improve.

So, never make "debriefing" in the presence of unauthorized persons. With this you must clearly indicate the error without resorting to humiliation and insult mental or physical characteristics of students. Do not just say that was not the case, but also help to understand, as they should do in a given situation.

 how to become a leader in the classroom tips

Hidden leader: who supervises all

Your baby - the most quiet and peaceful in the classroom? He does not like noisy companies and not get involved in arguments and discussions are not taking part in social activities? Do you think that he would never become a leader? But leadership is not always clear. There is a category of people that makes the "dance to their tune," all who are close by. At the same time nobody believes the most important thing. He does everything quietly, calmly, achieving this goal. By the way, what is most interesting, this person often affects even the most powerful and active person in the group, as no one suspects.

As the informal leader manifests itself in the classroom? This is a man who keeps everyone at a distance. Approaches him to ask for advice, learn something interesting. In contrast to the explicit, it will not be straightforward to impose their point of view. He will express an opinion, but to listen or not, the matter rest. Over time, the classmates are beginning to realize that this man is never wrong.

The second feature - individual style. Almost all the students worship some idol: the singer, actor and other famous personalities. Hidden leader is not influenced by fashion, it will be a classic hairstyle, rigorous look. Even in a room at such a child would be in order. No toys on the bed, comics on the bookshelf.

So, please read the how to become a leader in the classroom, you can help your child succeed in life. Disclose its potential to remove from the shell in which most of today's students are sitting. Tear off the child from the computer monitor, write various sections and mugs. Do everything possible so that he spoke with the same age and older individuals.

 How to become a leader in the classroom: make of the child's head