dandruff a child


  • The causes of dandruff
  • The mechanism of dandruff
  • The role of fungal infection in the occurrence of dandruff
  • The clinical course of the disease
  • How to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff in children is a serious problem that causes discomfort, even the smallest child. Constant itching of the scalp due to the presence of dandruff, a negative impact on a child's behavior, he becomes irritable, tearful.

As you get older, the baby begins to experience the psychological discomfort of dandruff, especially if wearing dark clothes and is always in sight. The first step is to understand the causes of dandruff and how to cope with it, to help the child. Treatment of dandruff in a child - a long and costly.
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The causes of dandruff

Generally, dandruff begins with prepubertal and pubertal period when the sebaceous glands begin to function actively. However, in some cases, dandruff can appear sooner. Such a situation occurs in premature puberty, under certain hereditary syndromes that are characterized by increased greasiness of the skin.

Sebaceous glands under the control of sex hormones, particularly testosterone. Therefore, it is the high content can lead to dandruff. It is recommended to visit a doctor, so he took the tests and identify the specific cause and then prescribe treatment. Otherwise dandruff in children is not cured.

 dandruff in children
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The mechanism of dandruff

The formation of dandruff is connected with the fact that there is an accelerated cell renewal. Normally, the complete regeneration of the skin of the scalp is happening in the past month, that is the lowest layer of cells on the skin surface are raised during this time.

If the child has dandruff, the process is accelerated to 14 days. As a result, the cells do not have time to lose the desired amount of liquid, so they stick together to form flakes of dandruff. This scalp consists of only 10 instead of 25 cell layers, which occur normally. Thus, dandruff in children - a rapid renewal of skin cell composition, which does not lose water and orogovet, which leads to bonding of these cells.
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The role of fungal infection in the occurrence of dandruff

In the 50s of the last century, it was concluded on the etiological role of yeast in the occurrence of dandruff, which has not lost its relevance today. The scientists, independently of each other, were open 3 types of fungi: Pityrosporum orbiculare, Pityrosporum ovale and Malassezia furfur (Malassezia), - who are representatives of the same species, just different names.

It is proved that this fungi, lipophilic, i.e. for their growth and development requires the presence of fats. It turns out that hormonal imbalance is accompanied by the increase of the sebaceous glands and increased production of sebum, it helps to create a favorable background for these yeasts.

 dandruff treatment in children
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The clinical course of the disease

This disease can occur continuously or periodically sharpening. Termination remission occurs as a result of exposure to any internal or external damaging factors. Especially it is necessary to allocate a passion for spicy and salty foods, which promotes the work of the sebaceous glands. That is why at a time when being treated, the baby is prescribed diet.

Symptoms of dandruff

Dandruff is flakes on the scalp. They may be white or gray. They are characterized by easy removal, since they are connected to each other unstable bond, that is loosely connected. The most noticeable of these scales, if a teenager is dark things. This can cause serious psychological discomfort.

In some cases, it may be associated with a dandruff seborrheic dermatitis. This is the case in severe and marked the progression of pathological processes in the skin. But even at the initial stage it causes discomfort improbable.

Fitting seborrheic dermatitis in the clinical course of dandruff

Seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory reaction of the skin which develops in response to the presence of dandruff. In this case, the particles of dandruff is very large, and there are signs of skin inflammation, which include:

  • swelling of the skin;
  • flushing it (redness);
  • itching intensified, becoming unbearable;
  • pain with touch, particularly when brushing.

Steatoidny rosea

Steatoidny rosea is also a serious form of complicated dandruff. It is characterized by bonding dandruff flakes into large cover which tightly associated with the scalp and hair. Daylight dandruff steatoidny pityriasis observed when sebum maximized. Therefore, if a child has formed dandruff, it is imperative to seek medical help to avoid the appearance of steatoidnogo pityriasis.

 dandruff treatment of a child
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How to get rid of dandruff

The main goal of treatment - is to get rid of the child and the teenager from dandruff. To achieve this, it is recommended to use two groups of drugs:

  1. antifungal;
  2. drugs that normalize the hormonal balance in the body.

As mentioned above, in any case, should not self-medicate, it is necessary to seek help from a qualified specialist. It will assign all the necessary examinations, after which the treatment plan outlined further child.

Antifungal drugs in the treatment of dandruff

The use of antifungal drugs is the main focus in the fight against dandruff, considering the etiological role of yeast. They are used as a part of funds for the care of scalp and hair: shampoos and lotions. Good antifungal medication must penetrate well into the scalp and accumulate there. However, he should not penetrate to where the yeast does not grow.

These preparations should normalize skin cell division and differentiation (keratoreguliruyuschee action), anti-inflammatory action (which is especially true in those cases where there is seborrheic dermatitis). The main thing - do not interrupt treatment if they get better.

The most effective antifungal drugs with which to treat children, the doctor may prescribe. Currently, shampoos and lotions are created on the basis of ketoconazole, ciclopirox, clotrimazole and ihtiola that have proven effective with proper and regular use. It is recommended to use at least 2 times a week, strictly follow the instructions and regulations of the doctor. The duration of treatment should be at least 2-4 weeks.

To evaluate the efficacy of antifungal treatment can be carried out not only on clinical criteria, but also the result of mycological research. Treatment effectively, if the analysis does not reveal the presence of yeast spores. But in the case of recurrence is repeated.

The normalization of hormonal balance

This is a very important aspect of treatment for which you must hold the hormone studies. The first step is to assess the level of testosterone, which determines the activity of the sebaceous glands. Increased concentration of this hormone may result from various pathological conditions. In girls, it is most often polycystic ovary syndrome. Girls are recommended treatment with anti-androgen hormones action. Remember that any medication should be used only after the testing and destination.

Terms of appointment of hormonal drugs

Combined oral contraceptives with antiandrogenic action may assign adolescent girls who have established menstrual cycle. One of the selected drugs are prescribed one tablet a day for 21 days, then a break for 7 days, from the 8th day of the new packaging begins. Minimum course of treatment involves the appointment of 3 packages of the drug.

Comprehensive treatment of dandruff

In addition to these areas, in the treatment of dandruff is recommended to organize a proper diet, to enrich the child's diet with vitamins, as well as adjust the impaired metabolism. An integrated approach to the treatment of this disease process will fully heal the child. However, for this it is necessary to seek medical help. Very often the treatment of dandruff is engaged not one person, but several, as it polietiologic state.

 How to cure dandruff at baby

 fish oil for children


  •   Why is fish oil not give baby?
  • How to persuade a child to drink cod liver oil?
  • Fish oil - carefully!
  • When fish oil is needed?

Fish oil ... Few of those who have tried it in its pure form, can forget the ugly, slightly bitter taste, he leaves behind a long time in the mouth. Interrupted not even the most desired sweet, and yet it is a good source of vitamins.
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Why is fish oil not give baby?

Let's start with the fact that a child of any age constantly and actively growing. And for the normal functioning of all organs and systems it needs vitamins. Fish oil contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are easily digested and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, brain function and all the organs as a whole (in the case of a healthy child). I agree that it is important for any organism, not only growing.

Also, the fish oil contains vitamin D. It is essential for the muscular system, and to strengthen the skeleton. This vitamin is able to accelerate growth, improve the immune system and serve the prevention of rickets. Thus, fish oil for children - the best medicine.

Surely every mother whose child attends kindergarten, worrying about the fact that the baby is constantly sick. This causes difficulties at work (well, like any employer employee who, instead of to perform their duties, is constantly on the hospital?), And the health of the children of this speaks not the best way. Each infection can cause a number of complications that need to be treated carefully and long. Fish oil helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce the incidence. This is especially necessary in the off-season, when there is a deficiency of vitamins most of all.

Also, fish oil helps to reduce fatigue, improve the focus and efficiency. It is important for a small student whose body is going through a lot of stress because of the change of routine. Especially considering the fact that the modern curriculum in schools - it is a huge burden, which does not provide for sparing options.

Recent studies have shown that children, which is present in the diet of the fish oil is much less prone to the development of allergies and respiratory diseases, especially asthma. And the problem today, as experts say, the scourge of modern families.

Naturally, all the elements contained in fish oil, can be found in conventional products but as a rule, their content is so low that it has no effect. In addition, not every family is able to only buy expensive products (and not the fact that this is really high-quality options), to ensure a normal diet. So that taking vitamins in addition, in particular, fish oil, it is a necessity if you want to see your child smart, healthy and active.

 Valuable fish oil for children
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How to persuade a child to drink cod liver oil?

In fact in any way. It is not necessary to appeal to his conscience, because of their age they do not understand the importance of this drug. Who wants a regular basis is something nasty, bitter, even a very useful? But the modern manufacturer is able to turn bad things into more attractive.

For example, you can find a pharmacy well-known liquid fish oil. But, as mentioned above, to get him to drink a little child, my mother will have to sweat. It is much easier to buy a special capsule. In fact, this is the same liquid fish oil, but tucked away in a special gelatin shell. Pleasant innovation for all parents, as options to persuade swallow here's this wonderful yellow tabletochku much more than a drink a spoonful of liquid and tasteless substance. Although infants have much choice there, and so they can not swallow the pill, they have to obey the will of the curve and knowing my mother.

Gelatin capsules are absolutely tasteless, and easily swallowed. The main thing is to warn my mom kid that chew it in any case impossible, for the taste of fat does not change over time. And the kid is waiting, literally, a bitter disappointment.

Manufacturers of such capsules are quite a few and choose the appropriate option will have to trial and error. When buying pay attention to what is fish oil. There are options, further enriched with vitamins, but most are synthetic and do not carry so obvious benefit to the child's body. Although well absorbed quite easily. Externally it can be used for treating various burns. It acts as an excellent healing agent.
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Fish oil - carefully!

All that is written above does not mean that you have to throw everything and immediately run to the drugstore for fish oil. Unfortunately, even when taking such a wonderful thing to be considered a lot of nuances, otherwise it can bring not only benefit, as a frank harm.

First of all you must be sure that your child is not allergic to seafood. This idiosyncrasy of the intake of fish oil can lead to anaphylactic shock or laryngeal edema. If you notice a child's rash after taking fish oil or shortness of breath, you should immediately consult a doctor. Also, it is forbidden to take the children, who have kidney stones or biliary tract.

Pay attention to the time of taking the capsules. Ideal - during or immediately after a meal. Otherwise, it can cause disruption of the gastrointestinal tract (especially liquid fish oil). Another detail: the fish oil affects blood clotting. If it enters the body too much, it is fraught with new bleeding that is dangerous for children with hemophilia.

And do not forget that in taking any vitamins to do seasonal pause. For example, after a month of regular use is to take a break (a month, not more). Do not take it in the summer, when the child is resting on educational institutions as fruits, vegetables and other products in abundance.

Generally, before deciding whether to give the baby fish oil, you should consult with your pediatrician. He is aware of your medical history, chronic diseases and can tell whether it will be really helpful for your child. In addition, it will calculate the correct dosage, which will be both safe and useful.

 Required fish oil for children
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When fish oil is needed?

As a rule, it is worth taking kiddies in the treatment of eye diseases, dry skin and how to prevent permanent SARS. Many experts also point out its beneficial effects on hyperactive children. They become more assiduous, attentive, more than memorable. But in any case, should take any vitamins or prescribed by a doctor, or after consultation with it.

And if there are no contraindications, the fish oil is consumed all the children, who attend preschool. This will help to avoid permanent diseases or complications that they can cause. Such prevention - ideal not only for the child but for the mother. But remember that fish oil is not a panacea, and expect from him supernatural results is not necessary. This is just a biologically active additive, which improves the performance of the body, but not the drug.

In any case, the final decision to take only you. The main thing is that you know that fish oil is not only good qualities, but also negative, that must be considered.

 How to get the child to drink cod liver oil?