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  • Green Tea for nursing mothers "for" or "against"?
  • Can the green tea to enhance lactation in nursing women?
  • Is it possible to give the green tea babies?
  • How to keep soft drinks in its healing properties and aroma?

The happiest period of each woman - it's certainly her motherhood. Having a child in the family always leads the pleasant efforts to care for him, and a complete change of livelihoods newly-mom. Until recently, it would seem, had free time, and now the little baby attracts the attention of all members of the family, and my mother, as the native people toddler falls from exhaustion and lack of sleep. But that does not make for the sake of health and the development of its grudnichka!

Many young mothers at first lactation faced with the problem of lack of or insufficient milk production. This happens mainly in the first months of breastfeeding. And as a result, these women are trying to restore lactation, resorted to a variety of folk remedies. Some even stop breastfeeding and seek suitable mixtures. But do not follow their example! Do not become of my mother's stepmother, because you deprive his bloodless most useful trace elements, and are contributing to its reckless act reduced immunity kid.

The tide of milk in women depends on many factors: the mood swings, stress, overwork, malnutrition and the use of small amounts of fluid throughout the day. But the problem of weak lactation - a temporary phenomenon, so much panic in this occasion it is not necessary. It is better to calm down and drink herbal teas, which can be found in the pharmacy. If you are fond of such beverages before delivery, do not change their habit. Just replace the black tea is more useful, with less caffeine. That's right, we are talking about green tea and its incredibly magical properties.

Most new mothers are asked whether it is possible to increase lactation through regular intake of green tea. Let's just say that today there are different opinions about its effectiveness for mom and baby. The information on the Internet and periodicals you will find many interesting things about this soft drinks, as well as doubts about its use during breastfeeding.

 whether you can drink green tea for breast-feeding
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Green Tea for nursing mothers "for" or "against"?

Green tea is an excellent antioxidant, possesses miraculous tonic properties. Its regular use helps to reduce blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular and cancer. These properties are well affect the condition of the body: in addition to restoring the proper metabolism occurs and the loss of excess fluid, intensive removal of waste products and toxins decay.

Therefore, women who want to lose weight, this aromatic drink more than useful: eating 3-5 cups of green tea a day, you will become the owner of a beautiful figure, and not only. Your appearance will change, of course, for the better and get healthy glowing skin tone. This is not advertising the product. These are the conclusions of studies conducted earlier, as well as analysis of numerous reviews of readers.

But do not run to the supermarket to buy green tea, packed in bags. As you know, all is not gold that glitters. Finely chopped teas will not bring you the maximum benefits, but will not harm your body. The healing properties of tea-leaf bag is much lower. It was large, twisted leaves tea, easy to gain its original shape in the boiling water, are able to positively influence the health of our body, rich in vitamins and full of pleasant, delicate aroma.

Green tea contains caffeine, but it has a certain percentage of theine. Thein - a trace element, similar in its properties to caffeine. Therefore, it is worth considering whether the child sleep and not act up at night? After all, caffeine, even in small quantities excites the nervous system, especially the small, newly born grudnichka. And if you can drink green tea during breastfeeding, how much? Or is it better to abandon such pleasure during lactation?

Every mother cherishes her child and, of course, before choosing between his satisfaction any whims and needs of the baby, give preference to the crumbs. Therefore, if you can not imagine a day without tea, you can drink it, but a little while to observe the reaction of the child. You can drink a little, gradually increasing the dosage. And look how it behaves crumb after you breastfeed. So you will understand if you can in your specific case to use this drink and in what quantities.

Mom, of course, aware that their power depends directly on how to develop and grow a child, will not occur if he had an allergic reaction and whether he will go to my mother's "deviations" in the diet. After all, a woman - a passionate, restless and can partly be broken even in the food. As a result, we will one day pamper yourself delicacies, because we just want to!

But always watch the baby. If you drink a cup of green tea, eat cake, or a kilo of peaches, look at the reaction of the body a little: the child is naughty, often wakes up - then give up the use of harmful ingredients through breastfeeding. And you and your child will be easier.

 green tea during lactation
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Can the green tea to enhance lactation in nursing women?

Though we have talked about the healing properties of green tea, many women believe that drinking a few cups a day, they thereby get rid of their problems. Organism mother who breast-feeds the baby, must always be on our toes, rested and healthy. As a day in women produced about 900 ml of milk, of course, the fluid in the body is necessary to replenish. On the day of lactation should drink up to two liters of water.

Despite all the positive properties of green tea, the belief that the drink enhance lactation in nursing mothers is partly mistaken. Because each person is unique in every sense of the word as well, and each body has its own characteristics. Therefore, many women green tea breastfeeding really helps their milk becomes more. Others have a big difference before and after the application of this tonic drink is not observed.

It is proved that the green tea takes an important part in the course of lactation. He did not specifically enhances the production of mother's milk, and is expanding at the same physiological process of the milk ducts. So, if you decide to breastfeed, but no milk, try drinking tea.
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Is it possible to give the green tea babies?

Some uninformed young moms trying to drink the first months of their babies, who have not reached even six months old. As drinking water or offer them rather weak green tea. Regarding the addition of water in a ration grudnichka can say that it is even useful. After all, being breastfed, the child receives all the necessary micro and macro nutrients and beneficial to the mother's milk.

The breast milk also contains a sufficient amount of water. Therefore, eating only mum's milk, baby feels great. But in some cases still need to have a bottle of plain filtered and always boiled water.

A few sips of plain water can restore metabolic processes in the body, as overfeeding often causes bloating and colic with him distinctive. If the water for the baby to replace the green tea, it will cause the crumbs increased irritability and anxiety. And my mom is very unhappy that drunk baby. Therefore, doctors generally do not recommend giving babies a drink. Remember once and for all, in the first months of life of the baby should be limited only to some water.

 Does green tea is useful during lactation
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How to keep soft drinks in its healing properties and aroma?

Thus, we have found that breastfeeding can consume this drink. But how to do it, that it has a positive effect on a woman during lactation? The proper preparation depends, will the newly acquired green tea you really healing.

So, no need to brew tea in a metal and a ceramic or earthenware teapot for tea leaves. If you brewed the beverage in aluminum or plastic dishes, the drink can be flavored with metal. The same applies to the thermos. The Thermos can pour tea, but only when it is extremely necessary. And if you can do, it is best to choose pottery. If you are breastfeeding, the milk may acquire an unpleasant taste.

With welding everything is clear: choose among all tea products a quality product - large-grade green tea. Pour a pinch of tea with boiling water can be uncool. First, wait until the temperature about 80 degrees. It insists no more than 30 minutes, otherwise you lose all the vitamins and aromatic qualities of the drink and the taste becomes bitter. Again, this will affect the taste of milk.

Be sure to pour over the teapot with boiling water, in a sense, heat it. So you make nutrients "leave" from the leaves in boiled water, in other words, keep the value of the drink. Pouring hot water into the cold teapot useful vitamins you get.

Get involved in the absorption of a large amount of tea is not worth it, especially on an empty stomach, but in the morning to have a cup of aromatic tonic drink - a pleasure! If a girl drinking before pregnancy only espresso or a cappuccino, while carrying a child and during lactation, she will feel a passionate desire to return to old habits. But, unfortunately, during lactation is dangerous for health. But, according to doctors, can perfectly replace these drinks with green tea with honey. The effect will be the same.

Thus, we can say that green tea - a great alternative to coffee. And not only during lactation, but also in everyday life. By the way, some of the fair sex answered the question of why they look young and fresh, one simple phrase: "Every day I drink a cup of green tea."

 Can I lactation drink green tea?