causes of hair loss in children


  • Often traumatic impact on the hair shaft
  • Ringworm
  • Alopecia areata
  • Telogen alopecia

Hair loss in children - a common problem faced by parents and an occasion to consult a pediatrician. Hair fall out and may innocuous reasons, such as in infants often occurs occipital baldness or side of the head due to friction on the surface of the crib or stroller. This problem is solved with the age itself and locks grow back as soon as the child begins to move more and spend less time lying down. This type of hair loss called alopecia physiological.

Also, the hair does not grow from birth in congenital alopecia, this disease is usually associated with other malformations. Often this type of baldness treatment is ineffective, as the damaged follicles of the hair shaft. I must say, this disease occurs very rarely.

At the head of hair density affects the quality of the food - the lack of a daily diet of sufficient vitamins and minerals will be the reason that your hair will fall out. Neuro-emotional state of the children, frequent stress, severe emotional turmoil can also give rise to an increase in the number of lost hair.

The reasons for early alopecia in children there are hormonal disorders - thyroid disorders (especially hypothyroidism), adrenal glands, vegetative disorders, prolonged exposure to hot or cold air, if a child goes to a cool time of the year without a cap or the dried curls hairdryer.

A rare cause of hair loss are poisoning the various toxic substances. Often the reason that children's hair begin to fall rapidly, is the manifestation of symptoms of a systemic or skin disease, traumatic impact on the follicles.
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Often traumatic impact on the hair shaft

The child may lose the locks because of too close a hat, tightly braided hair (girls), thermal burns or exposure to chemical agents. Hair Restoration in children is only possible if the lesion has affected only the surface layer of the skin and the hair root is not touched.

There is a kind of neurosis disorder - trichotillomania, a symptom of which is part of tugging hair, wrap them in a finger, in severe cases, the child literally tears out tufts of hair. This condition can occur as a reaction to prolonged exposure to stress or shock experienced. These children are in need of psychological counseling or even a psychiatrist. Again curls grow after the elimination of the causes of neurosis, once a child throws his bad habit.

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The defeat of the scalp and body a type of fungal infection. Areas affected by the fungus, have the form shorn shears, hence the name of the disease. A more correct to call this infection microsporia. She was sick domestic cats and dogs, they are most often infected children.

If you suspect ringworm is necessary to immediately visit a dermatologist, because the disease is highly contagious and can get sick all the family members. Sick child it is necessary to allocate a separate bed linen, towels and other household items. The diagnosis is confirmed after scraping microsporia flakes of skin from the affected area, and loss of detection of fungal strands under a microscope.
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Alopecia areata

This specific type of baldness, the exact cause of which has not yet been established. It is believed that with this type of hair loss occurs autoimmune disease manifested by cells of the immune system destruction of the follicles. Symptoms of alopecia areata - hair loss completely bare patches of various sizes, sometimes entire surface bald head - a total baldness.

When the universal type of the disease fall completely all the hair on the body of the child. Another key symptom of this disease is rapid and sudden loss of hair in the affected areas, amid apparent health of the child. It is noted that the cases of alopecia areata often occur in children exposed to frequent stress.

 treatment of hair loss in children
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Telogen alopecia

Called telogen alopecia, when the follicle stops in one of the phases of the change of hair - the resting phase. The scalp of children and adults is growing constantly, replacing locks occur at intervals of several years. In this earlier the hair stops growing, its growth stops, the follicle goes into a resting state. Then, out of it there is a new hair to grow, it replaces the old one.

Noticeable eye loss occurs when a large number of follicles in the telogen phase remains and the growth of new hair instead of the old does not happen. The most common cause of this loss is the impact on the child of some medicines, hypervitaminosis of vitamin A, the procedure under general anesthesia. It is also the effect of chronic stress, sometimes hair loss - this is one of the manifestations of post-traumatic stress syndrome.

In any case, if there is hair loss in children, it should cause parents attention. Early diagnosis will allow time to identify possible diseases, and increase the chances of its successful treatment.

 Why does hair fall in children?

 Butter "Breathe"

  • Why do children often suffer in the fall?
  • Invisible defenders of the organism
  • Tradition or innovation?
  • What to choose?
  • Just breath!

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Why do children often suffer in the fall?

In autumn weather is often changing: it quite warm, then suddenly prickly rain and cold wind. At this time, it is very difficult to protect the child against colds. If you choose for your baby too warm clothes, he sweated, and will undo the first draft will cause the common cold and cough. And if you dress your baby too easy, it will freeze, the body too cold ... and the result is the same - cold.

Compounding situation and the fact that the fall of the children go to school or kindergarten. This means that your baby is waiting for the transition to a strict regime of the day, increased load, constant communication with other children, teachers and educators, some of which may turn out to be those who are already ill. At any time with the child may be wheezing and sneezing peer or adult. And with the air your child will inevitably inhale the bacteria and viruses. How can you not get infected ?!
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Invisible defenders of the organism

Protect children from the flu and colds will help the essential oils of some plants (juniper, mint, clove, eucalyptus, etc.). They have antimicrobial and antiviral activity. Essential oils evaporate quickly, destroying the surrounding air pathogens. In addition, when we breathe in air saturated with vapors of essential oils, disinfected the respiratory tract, so-called "entrance gate" of infection. Also essential oils help to cope with the first signs of an approaching cold: headache, fatigue, mild nasal congestion.

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Tradition or innovation?

Essential oils have long appreciated in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and other countries. This is not surprising - after all essential oils are safe, suitable for use throughout the "seasonal flu" work always and everywhere.

For several years in local pharmacies also can buy essential oils. They are available in various forms: sprays, oil-soaked patches, drops.

You can select one plant oil, and it is possible - a composition (mixture) consisting of several plant oils.
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What to choose?

In terms of practicality, the most convenient form are drops.

Firstly, they can be used to detect (unlike patch). Secondly, they slowly evaporate from the surface onto which they are applied, and thus they last longer retain useful properties. Finally, the droplets are generally more economical. A bottle is easy to carry.
It is also advised to pay attention to the sprays. They are useful for disinfecting large areas. It simply spray oil in the air.

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Just breath!

To protect against viruses in the season of colds intended Breathe oil. It is suitable for the prevention of colds and flu in different situations: at school or kindergarten, walking, public transport.

Houses Breathe oil can drip on a cotton pad or cloth and put in a nursery next to the baby. You can also put a few drops of oil on a soft toy with which the child sleeps or walks in the garden.

Natural essential oils evaporate, leaving no traces on clothing and fabric surfaces. Therefore Breathe oil may be safely applied to a scarf or collar children's clothing before you leave home.

Protect your child from the virus in school or kindergarten will handkerchief with a few drops of oil Breathe invested in the breast pocket of a shirt or dress. By the way, you can drop Breathe and the patch if you previously used it.

If someone is sick in your family, you can spray the house Spray Oil Breathe or place a cloth soaked with oil Breathe in the rooms used by all family members. This will significantly reduce the risk of infection.

The oil was Breathe your baby does not cause discomfort and does not cause him negative emotions, not as applied to the skin, but only on clothes or objects around a child.

The composition of the oil Breathe includes only natural essential oils. Oil is not addictive and does not irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. Therefore, you can use oil Breathe several times a day. And even if you use oil constantly, one bottle of oil Breathe enough for 1-2 months.

Do not wait until the child begins to sniffle - use oil Breathe!

 Breathe better than puffing