Men's hair care

Caring for man's hair - is an important and complex matter. However, men do not like, if it takes too much time and effort. How to find a shampoo that combines easy to use quick and a good effect?

From shampoo and always busy somewhere hurrying men waiting for the following:

  • ease of use and the possibility of daily use;
  • maximum efficiency.

At the same time, two key indicators under the action of means - is to strengthen the hair and providing deep cleansing without drying the scalp.

"We must not forget that the sebaceous glands in men do not work in women. Sebum occurs in men more often and more intensively, so men's hair and scalp require a deep cleaning "

Expert center for the care of men's hair in Hamburg

If your man does not like to spend a lot of time to care for their hair, but it wants to achieve the maximum cleansing and strengthening the hair, try to offer him a new shampoo "Energy and Power" from NIVEA MEN. It is designed for normal hair and is suitable for use every day. Shampoo cleanses the scalp and cleans it all day, and oryzanol, which is part of the formula strengthens the hair, giving it elasticity.

 Men's hair care

 Causes of hair loss


  • Why does hair fall out and purchased a mask against their loss
  • Hair mask archery
  • Garlic mask baldness places
  • Mustard mask for hair
  • Beer mask
  • Yeast mask for hair
  • Vitamin Mask
  • Useful tips

Most recently, you boast chic hair and girls with unconcealed envy looking at your hair thick and shiny. But something went wrong. The natural wealth of thinned and began to drop out at the most inopportune moments. Now shampooing was torture for you, you find it difficult to look at the mountains of lost hair. Why did it happen suddenly? The reasons may be different.

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Why does hair fall out and purchased a mask against their loss

Women are often subject to stress because of work, household chores, quarrels with her husband or children. Sometimes the wrong food and exhaust fumes outdoors can contribute to such unpleasant consequences, such as hair loss. Perhaps you have decided to become a vegetarian, and her hair did not appreciate your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Or a happy motherhood has had some impact. And now the problem should be solved.

Of course, on the shelves of cosmetics stores will always be bright jars with masks, promising immediate effect. But the store is very hard to find really good and quality product. Even brands and brand guarantees nothing. The most high-quality cosmetics sold in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary. Czech shampoos and masks can only be bought in small shops in Karlovy Vary, or ordered online. Their cosmetics are made on the basis of brewer's yeast, which contribute to the strengthening and rehabilitation.

And if you can not buy or order Czech goods, the aid will come home treatments that are very effective. And the hair stopped falling out.

 the use of masks for Hair

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Hair mask archery

To prepare the masks need the following:

  1. burdock oil;
  2. egg yolk;
  3. Juice squeezed several bulbs;
  4. garlic juice (optional);
  5. tincture of calendula;
  6. liquid honey.

The above-mentioned ingredients should be taken in proportion: the juice of 2-3 fresh onions, a teaspoon of honey and calendula, yolks of 3 eggs, 3-4 cloves of minced garlic. All this should be mixed into a mold to obtain a state of porridge. Then start gently to distribute the mask on the scalp, after making partings. Once applied to the head must be put on a plastic bag (suit absolutely any) and wrap it with a towel.

In warm mask will work faster. Hold should be 1, 5 hours and rinse. The procedure is desirable to repeat 1 time per week and in the course of one month, then the effect will be seen soon. This natural cosmetic gives an unpleasant smell, but is effective when a strong hair loss. And the smell is possible to eliminate shampoo, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

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Garlic mask baldness places

It happens that the hair falls out in certain areas of the head. There are bald, hair loss begins. It is very unpleasant and ugly. Then come to the aid of a mask 6-7 cloves of garlic. They need to rub or pound until the consistency of gruel, massage applied to the affected areas of the scalp, put on a plastic bag and wrap a towel.

Then you need to wait an hour and a mask to remove the water. Garlic can remove the smell of fruity shampoo or vinegar. Garlic contains vitamins that can help with your problem.

 Egg Mask for hair growth

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Mustard mask for hair

In the opinion of women, mustard mask is the best among all the natural remedies to combat hair loss. Mustard promotes blood flow to the hair follicles, nutrition and strengthening. You need the following components:

  1. mustard powder;
  2. egg yolks;
  3. Burr oil;
  4. liquid honey.

All this must be mixed together in a specially prepared container. Then divide the hair parted in the middle and apply the mask, carefully rubbed it into the roots. Hold 40-50 minutes is desirable, but if mustard begins to pinch, then do not heroics. How would suffer is unbearable, head wash with baby shampoo. Such procedures should be repeated 1 time per week.

Mustard mask is effective because it adjusts blood to the hair follicles and nourishes them. After all, a common cause of hair loss is poor circulation. But this mask not only prevents hair loss but also accelerates the growth of new hair.

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Beer mask

On the basis of the Czech beer made cosmetics. So qualitatively beer contains nutrients. Then we have to take a good bottle of light beer, warm and wash him down. It can make your hair thick and strong. It is advisable to use at each shampooing.

 mustard mask for hair

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Yeast mask for hair

This natural product gives the hair volume and natural shine, cleans you exciting challenge. To mask will need:

  1. milk;
  2. yeast;
  3. liquid honey;
  4. egg yolk.

The cooked dishes must pour 1 5 liters of hot milk and throw 25-35 g yeast. Leave to ferment in a dark warm place for half an hour, and then add to egg yolk and honey (to the eye). Apply massage on the roots and scalp, put on a plastic bag and hold 1, 5-2 hours. Wash off the mask and wash your hair baby shampoo. The following procedures can be executed on 2 times a week, and the result will not be long in coming.

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Vitamin Mask

If your hair is just not enough vitamins, they break down, fall and do not have the volume, then this mask - the most suitable for you. Necessary ingredients:

  1. Coconut oil;
  2. tincture of calendula;
  3. yolk;
  4. oil solutions of vitamins A and E;

The amount of coconut oil and calendula tincture in the same mask - 2 tablespoons, 1 egg yolk needed, and oil solutions of vitamins A and E - half a teaspoon. Mix all components, apply the mask massaging the scalp and hold for 3 hours, and then rinse. Natural remedy, it is desirable to use a few times a week, before washing the head. If you have the desire, the basic recipe mask possible to add various oils to strengthen and restore hair.

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Useful tips

It is best to wash after using the mask head is baby shampoo. In cosmetic products for children are not components, drying the scalp because they are made for kids and carefully watching composition. Before preparing the masks have to check whether you are allergic to any ingredient. Otherwise, not only the hair will not fall, but also serious problems arise. Choose a mask that is appropriate for you, do not use it all at once. It can get the opposite effect.

 Masks to fight hair loss