child snore during sleep


  • Why there is a children's snoring
  • What are the possible consequences
  • What should be done

Traditionally considered to the problem of snoring adults. Therefore, when such roulades began to publish baby moms begin to show great concern. Panicking is not immediately necessary, are often a child's snoring is merely a consequence of colds. Before you run to the doctor, watch him, maybe you yourself find out its causes.

If snoring is becoming a constant companion toddler, interferes with sleep, causing a delay of breath, you should consult a specialist.

Snoring occurs at the stage of deep sleep with the weakening of muscle tone of the throat. The lower jaw is slack, the back part of the tongue sinks and blocks the flow of air coming from the nasal cavity. There is a need to mouth breathing, snoring is amplified in a posture of sleep on his back. By that fat people are more prone that does not apply to children.

 examination of the throat of the child
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Why there is a children's snoring

  1. The most common factor - nasal congestion caused by viral rhinitis. Worry in this case it is not necessary: ​​the child stops snoring once healed.
  2. The situation is worse if the increase is a consequence of the adenoids snore. The narrowing of the nasal passages leading to congestion, the baby has to breathe through his mouth.
  3. Deviated septum Congenital anomalies in the structure of the soft or hard palate lead to the same result.
  4. The presence of sleep apnea causes irritability, drowsiness and impaired child development.

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What are the possible consequences

If the child's snoring is caused by the presence of the dangerous consequences of his factor, it must be eliminated.   Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep regularly - this is the minimum that can threaten the chubby little boy. Where frightening hypoxia, in this case, the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Such children fall behind in the development of their peers constantly feel weak. They do not have time to exercise proper interest in the surrounding events, since all the power is spent on fighting for a breath of air.

Doctors in voice insists that you can not run cold, because it can develop into chronic. As a result, the baby will be permanently snore. A timely undeleted adenoids is not only difficult to breath, but they can also cause hearing loss. Not to mention incontinence and other unpleasant things that could destroy the future life of the child.

It is also the development of heart disease, hormonal disruptions, early occurrence of heart attacks. The kid can get asthma or aggravate already acquired for diagnosis. Add to that the high blood pressure, overweight, shortness of breath and other unpleasant moments.

 snoring treatment in a child
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What should be done

Breathing through the mouth in the presence of nose somehow unnatural, so you should still find out the nature of improper breathing during sleep. Painless for toddler nasal endoscopy can help identify the causes of snoring and find the right treatment.

In the absence of any abnormalities, try to find the cause in his own apartment. Regularly ventilate the room where the child sleeps, often do wet cleaning. Chances are that the dry air contributes to the formation of crusts in the nasal passages. It makes breathing difficult and causes snoring. The problem can be solved by setting in a room air cleaner and humidifier. The bending of the neck during sleep can also contribute to the appearance of snoring, pillow, change to a lower.

If the results of the survey revealed a deviation from the norm, it is necessary as soon as possible to begin treatment. Neglected diseases need to be treated more radical way, may require surgery. To avoid this, parents should closely monitor the health of the child in a timely manner in response to emerging issues.

 Causes of child snoring and how to fight them

 Thrush in infants


  • Causes of thrush
  • The symptoms of thrush
  • Treatment for thrush
  • What to do in any case it is impossible!
  • Preventing thrush

Thrush is the most common type of yeast infection in children. According to statistics, about one in six pipsqueak faced with this unpleasant disease. Basically it is kids under the age of 2 months - they are older they are less susceptible to this type of infection.

At its core, the thrush in infants - a fungal infection caused by certain types of fungus Candida Albicans. By itself, the thrush is not so dangerous to the health of the baby. Moreover - in most cases thrush subsides within two weeks after infection, even if not treated. Although, of course, the quality of life without treatment crumbs is reduced significantly. And the first to suffer the power that is very, very dangerous for infants.

Causes of thrush

There are many reasons why the thrush occurs in infants. But the most common are:

  • Infection during childbirth

Some babies are infected with the fungus during childbirth, during the passage through the birth canal. It is the most common route of infection - unfortunately, the majority of pregnant women suffer from yeast vaginal candidiasis. The first symptoms appear on the second or third day of life the baby.

  • Treatment with antibiotics

Tragically, nowadays fewer and fewer children are born perfectly healthy. And often the child's body gets acquainted with antibiotics very early - sometimes even in the maternity hospital. But antibiotics often cause thrush - is a well-known fact. And the newly formed mom should remember that it is also a concern. In the event that after the birth you received treatment with antibacterial drugs, you have the risk of developing thrush is also great. So, you can infect your crumbs.

  • The immune system

Another reason for thrush - is immature immune system of young children who are too weak to resist the yeast infection. Suffice it to quite a bit of fungi - and the baby is already infected. That is why it is important to remember about hygiene.

 thrush in infants and its symptoms

The symptoms of thrush

In most cases, children do not have any serious symptoms of thrush, except for a white plaque in the mouth. If you look in the mouth crumbs, you will notice inside the cheeks, tongue, gums and palate white patches resembling milk foam. However, unlike the milk froth, it is easy to wipe the raid you will not succeed. If you do, you will see a touch of red, inflamed area that may bleed.

Of course, there are other symptoms that parents very difficult not to notice: the baby starts to fuss, bother, especially during feeding. In advanced cases, there is a pain in the mouth. As a result, the feeding can be very painful for the child and he / she can not suck properly.

So if your baby is crying during feeding, you should start looking for signs of thrush. It is necessary to eliminate the disease in the first place. And, of course, as soon as possible to ask for help to the pediatrician. The most sensible thing to stop the disease in its very beginning. Although in some cases the physician may find that the treatment is not necessary.

Treatment for thrush

In that case, if the thrush does not bother crumb, the doctor may choose to allow the body to cope with the child's infection. Of course, all this time, the child must be under strict medical supervision. And at the slightest sign of deterioration as soon as treatment is started.

However, if the thrush immediately manifested itself in all its glory, leaving your child is too restless and refuses feeding, medical intervention is necessary. A pediatrician may prescribe anti-fungal oral medications, you'll need to put on the white spots inside the mouth of the child.

Furthermore, it is necessary to process the entire mouth crumbs after each feeding. This must be done in order to remove mucous from the remnants of milk or formula, which is a perfect breeding ground for fungi. Which, by the way, multiply much faster than rabbits.

What to do in any case it is impossible!

Very often young parents receive dozens of tips from "well-wishers" - relatives, acquaintances and friends. And start to try to save the child from yeast using a variety of available tools. But it's very, very fraught with trauma to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. A microtrauma, in turn, can become infected - and the treatment will be long and complex.

First, do not try to forcibly erase white coating - nothing good will come of it. Secondly, in any case do not use oral treatment or gauze bandages - only a sterile cotton wool and / or cotton swabs. Third, in any case does not treat the baby's mouth with soda solution. And finally, do not buy any medication on their own.

 thrush in infants Treatment

Preventing thrush

Thrush in infants are sometimes easily prevented with proper care and certain precautions. Here are a few tips to help you prevent infection of the baby:

  • Treatment of women

The best means of preventing yeast infections in children - is the absence of the disease in the mother. It is therefore important to get rid of yeast infection at least a month before the birth. And even better - two, that there was a belief that the disease really is no more.

  • Health nipples

If you are breast-feeding a baby, always watch out for her purity. After each feeding wash your nipples. But, of course, without the use of detergents - just pure water. So you eliminate the remnants of children's saliva and milk, thereby depriving the fungal infection medium. Yes, and immediately before feeding to rinse the breast will also not be amiss.

  • Bottles and teats

Do not forget to watch out for bottles and teats crumbs - at least the first few months of life they must not only wash, but also sterilized. As long as the child's immune system does not become strong enough to resist infections. By the way, these measures will allow you to save the child, not only from yeast, but from many other extremely unpleasant diseases.

Although, of course, excessive sterility is also no good for the child does not turn out - to child's immune system fully operational, it should interact with the outside world. Including - horror of horrors - viruses and bacteria. The main thing - to find a "middle ground" when the baby is a little older. Speak this with your pediatrician.

 Thrush in the newborn. Causes, treatment and prevention

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