causes of acne in newborns


  • Treatment of medical and traditional methods
  • Tips from the experts
  • Myths about acne in newborns
  • To summarize about acne

Acne newborns - an inflammatory disease of the skin, which causes a lot of anxiety in parents. Appears like a manifestation of a baby is not due to violations of the rules of hygiene as many mistakenly believe, but because the work is too active sebaceous glands. It is quite common that in the first months or immediately at the birth of a child in the little face appears acne. Mommy immediately start to panic, but no reason to worry not, the rash does not cause the baby any concern, in most cases, she takes a couple of weeks, although it may linger for a month or two.
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Treatment of medical and traditional methods

Acne often does not need any specific treatment as held their own in about a month or two. The intervention of a physician may be needed only if the deterioration or if the disease does not pass within three months.

Apply yourself any drugs should not be. Drug treatment is given only in the case where the acne began to progress. For treatment prescribed drugs such as antibiotics, retinoids, hormonal and antibacterial agents.

The most effective is benzoyl peroxide, but it causes severe irritation of the skin, drying them. The following is triclosan, retinoids, and among the recovered antibiotic tetracyclines, trimethoprim, erythromycin. Some need to be taken orally, others - for external use only. But in any case it is necessary to remember that the non-prescription use of such drugs is simply dangerous for the baby! Newborn body is too fragile to properly take such medications shock for him.

Many moms, after they see the baby acne, are beginning to use a variety of oils and creams, not understanding the essence of the problem. Doing this is not recommended, it is not only fails, but also can greatly worsen the situation. So forget about cosmetics, better consult your pediatrician, who, if necessary, prescribe treatment itself. And the use of tools such as desitin, zinc ointment, betapen perhaps only on prescription. They can only dry up pimples, but to remove them not.

Doctors often prescribe home treatment, which includes the use of decoctions or infusions of herbs. To do this, perfectly suited calendula and chamomile, usually such means, in addition to acne, are appointed to comply with general hygiene. Rub the baby's face after a dream, because when the baby is asleep, he sweats profusely, and this may lead to an increase in rashes.   Before you start such domestic procedures, consult with the attending physician, make sure that the baby is not an allergic reaction to the grass.

 medicated acne treatment in infants
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Tips from the experts

  • Do not use greasy creams or oils, as a rash of them will only get bigger. Do not use the different cosmetic acne for adults, it is strictly forbidden!
  • Do not use your own various medicines against acne - such treatment may appoint a doctor;
  • In no case do not try to get rid of acne using detergents, as advised "wise elder" grandmother. You not only save the child from the rash, but can severely damage the baby's skin, and his health too.

Infant acne is not a hygiene problem as it can repeat around, it's just too active sebaceous glands. In addition, over the baby, too sterile atmosphere is not suitable, it can cause severe skin irritation.

Simply wash your baby's face with warm water and baby soap, wipe with a soft towel after bathing. And remember, your baby acne does not cause any discomfort, it usually resolves on its own over the last month, so try not to disturb your child's excessive attention, treatment begins only after the doctor deems it necessary (usually if the rash does not go more than three months).
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Myths about acne in newborns

The rash that appeared on the face of infants, often frightens young parents, but rather to show the baby doctor, they begin to consult with numerous friends, and this may lead to the fact that the disease is not only not depart, but goes into more serious stage. So do not rush to carry out all the "wise" advice, but rather refer to a specialist immediately.

But why is there such "helpful" advice? All this is due to the fact that today there is a lot of unfounded myths about acne newborn. Dispel some of the most common, which in many cases only interfere with the proper treatment:

  1. Acne newborn emerges from the fact that the mother did not pay enough attention to hygiene infant. Far from it, some kids are born with pimples on the face, that is quite hygiene has nothing to do with it. The emergence of acne is associated with overactive sebaceous glands of the Child, which intensified due to the hormones of the mother. This myth probably arose from the fact that the sebaceous glands know about everything, but about the role of the hormonal system in their activities somehow overlooked. What to do? Do not just start going to extremes constantly wash your face baby, injure his skin by various means of care, so you can only make it worse.
  2. Baby Acne brings a lot of discomfort. It is not, in the first week of life the baby acne does not even notice them, and the occurrence of inflammation often begins at the end of the first month, when a child could be in trouble with tummy. His parents seem painful condition is associated with acne, although this is not so. Therefore, we can say that a rash - it's more an aesthetic disadvantage.
  3. If the baby were eels in infancy, that they will be in their teens. This claim has no foundation. In the formation of acne heredity plays an important role. If one of the parents was a disease, then a teenager in a child, it can also occur. But the presence of acne in a baby does not mean that the acne will bother him in the future.
  4. If you start to squeeze acne newborns, then lubricate them with green paint, the disease quickly recede. This is fundamentally wrong idea, moreover, very bad advice. Squeezing acne infant will only lead to the fact that the skin is covered with scars, that is, the appearance of the baby will suffer from such action are illiterate. In addition, acne usually resolve spontaneously after a maximum of six months. If you are very concerned about the rash, it is best to consult a specialist.
  5. Acne infant requires urgent treatment and compliance with special care. The desire to quickly help moms baby naturally, that's just around the child to arrange a panic is not necessary. In no case can immediately start using the oils, fatty creams, lotions, etc., as the rash will only increase. The maximum that can be done in this case - to wash the baby using baby soap or apply the funds that appointed the attending physician.

 washing the child's treatment for acne

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To summarize about acne

The rash on a baby's little face can greatly frighten young mother, but there is no reason to panic. First, you must ensure that it is not an allergic reaction, namely, acne is treated the baby is pretty easy. You just need to show the child to a specialist and follow all its recommendations, not "wise" advice of friends.

Often acne runs independently in a few months, but to squeeze acne, lubricate them with cosmetics and fatty creams can not categorically. you'll get only the deterioration, and little face may remain scars. You can only give one simple piece of advice - be patient.

 What is acne and whether to treat it?

 causes warts in children


  • Types of warts: how to deal with the annoying problem?
  • Traditional medicine against warts
  • When necessary to remove warts?

Warts in children - are benign growths on the skin, which at first glance are perfectly harmless. Most often they occur in children after five years, their causes are violations of hygiene, various viral diseases.

You can not just ignore this phenomenon, wart - a disease that requires treatment, as often they are simply the external manifestation of serious skin diseases. Of course, the warts can be picked up at any age, but early treatment is needed at all.

The causes of the disease may be different, although most experts distinguish poor hygiene, viral diseases, weak immunity of the child. Treatment can be different: it is the removal of the laser, and the use of drugs and traditional medicine, which helps no less effectively.
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Types of warts: how to deal with the annoying problem?

Warts come in several forms:

  • simple, that appear most often on the hands, at least around the lips, in the mouth. It bundles that are no larger than a pea, the color of yellow-gray, rough surface. These warts tend to merge;
  • Flat warts appear as a rash on the face, neck, back of the hand. This small nodules with a weak peeling, yellowish-brown color. These warts require treatment, they cause a child itching or burning. Most often they clean the laser, but also apply simple remedies such as ointments ftorafurovoy, celandine juice, magnesium;
  • plantar warts are dense education soles of the feet, they cause pain in the child. These warts should be removed by surgery or laser;
  • Pointed condyloma occurs because the filter papillomavirus. This formation, resembling a comb, strongly expand. There must be serious treatment is usually surgical, but you can use lubrication kondilinom, solkoderm help and powder with resorcinol.

 celandine to treat warts

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Traditional medicine against warts

Specific treatment of warts in a child of today does not exist, doctors offer a few ways: destructive medicine, the use of immunomodulators. Often used and quite effective means of traditional medicine, which helps get rid of warts in children small painless.

For any child treatment - it's always stress, which is associated with the expectation of pain and the treatment of warts medical methods often involves the use of surgery, laser, cryotherapy, and all this in spite of the modern painkillers, for the baby is very unpleasant.

Therefore, some mothers prefer to first try the methods of traditional medicine. It is best to removal of warts in children manage with the help of pharmacy chamomile or celandine. These means are harmless, do not bring harm, often help to get rid of the problem.

Note: Before you start to use traditional medicines, be sure to show the child to the doctor! Specialist to confirm that the use of medicinal herbs will not bring harm, no deterioration occurs, which may require surgery.

Remove the warts usually celandine

It is not always popular methods are welcome, but in the case of warts have a tool that greatly helps get rid of them. It celandine, which can be used in various ways:

  1. You can remove a wart using Celandine juice. To do this, it is necessary to moisten with water, then gently scrape the surface of the wart using a sterile instrument and rub the juice of celandine. Making such a procedure is necessary to four times per day. The course of treatment is two to three weeks, at which time the wart will turn black, and then disappear.
  2. Instead, the juice can be used saturated celandine broth (previously dried) which is mixed with glycerine or petroleum jelly. The mixture should resemble the consistency of thick cream. The resulting preparation lubricate the wart several times a day.
  3. Packs of broth celandine, which are superimposed on the night, do as follows: 1, 5 liters of water should be for 10 minutes to boil a tablespoon of dry celandine. Himself infused broth for six hours. Compress on the affected skin is applied before going to bed, about a week becomes visible positive effect.
  4. Many recommended to take the juice of celandine few drops inside. But do not experiment. Juice of celandine is poisonous in such small doses, it is unlikely to cause harm to a strong kid, but still risk his health should not be.

 laser wart removal

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When necessary to remove warts?

In some cases, treatment of warts in children requires drastic measures, i.e. surgical removal. When is it necessary? Most often removal is required when the warts appear on the soles of his feet. They cause a lot of inconvenience, the child can feel the pain of stepping on the foot. Moreover, the wart can occasionally be thwarted what to do absolutely do not advise! Surgical intervention is necessary and when a wart is convex, constantly in contact with clothes.

In some cases it is advisable to do it if the warts are unsightly appearance, lying directly on the child's face. To remove apply modern methods that are reliable and absolutely safe. But before you do this, you must consult your doctor to consider such factors as the method of treatment, during rehabilitation, type of wound. It is also necessary to examine the child and to clarify its immune status. You may need some time to make preparations to strengthen a weakened immune system - the main cause of warts.

Any parent knows that kids need to be screened regularly by a doctor. At this age, the immune system is just beginning to strengthen. In addition, the child is exposed to any illnesses more than adults. One of such diseases are warts that many parents do not take into account. The fact that the innocuous-looking wart may be the outward manifestation of a much more serious condition, so if you notice the baby are growths on the skin should immediately show it to the doctor.

Today offers modern treatments, the warts can be removed by laser, using cryotherapy, even using traditional medicines, but before that the child should be evaluated to fulfill all the recommendations of the expert observer.

 How to cure warts in children?