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  • When should you start brushing teeth?
  • The clean first teeth
  • What dentifrice fit kids
  • What if the baby refuses to brush your teeth
  • What does the baby industry kids dentifrice
  • What games can offer the child to secure the skill of cleaning teeth?

Many parents think that kids have to brush your teeth starts around 3 years. It is a misconception - dentists categorically say that to begin to teach your baby to brushing teeth should be no later than the first tooth will erupt. That is all you need to do somewhere in the age of 4-7 months. Why is this so important? Tooth decay in primary teeth appear very quickly, because the enamel at the kid thin and sensitive. A bad tooth - this is at least a source of infection that can spread further. Furthermore, it complicates the process of chewing, which can also adversely affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
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When should you start brushing teeth?

So, you are interested in, when to start brushing your child's teeth? To accustom the baby to the oral hygiene is necessary since infancy, as soon as it appears the first solid foods diet juices, fruit purees, etc. Why not earlier? In grudnichkovom aged kids instinctively react to anything that resembles the taste and smell of breast milk in the negative, that is, trying to spit or vomit. As a precaution at this age need to give the baby to drink a little boiled water after each feeding, which will cleanse the mouth from the remnants of milk or formula.

It can also be regularly cleaned his gums with gauze soaked in boiled water. It is important to keep at the same time that this procedure did not cause a negative reaction in a child. You can combine this procedure with a jovial a song or lullaby morning (evening). Forming a baby at a very early age the need for oral hygiene, educated parents can be sure that the child to the dentist will be able to handle only for checkups.

 when to start brushing your child's teeth
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The clean first teeth

Of course, kids will not do adult hygiene items, and children up to a year in general need special hypoallergenic infant brush and paste. In the first year of life the child will swallow most of the paste dentifrice. Especially produce it, usually with attractive fruit flavors, such as strawberry, raspberry, etc.

If the first items that parents will massage the gums to become gauze, then later is already using special brushes - fingertips with lint or rough bristle. Again, it is important to ensure that the procedure was as painless as possible for the baby, because in the period of teething gums become inflamed and aching. Gentle daily massage special brush will quickly erupt Zubkov, that is, ease the pain and speed up the growth of teeth.

Caring for these brushes should be especially careful, because bacteria tend to thrive in sour milk environment. Therefore, after each use should be thoroughly wash the brush under running water and change it every 2 months.

An excellent tool for the care of baby teeth are special dental tissues - they are impregnated with xylitol, which has an oral care by eliminating disease-causing microbes. The only negative - it's pretty high cost, because the disposable wipes and do not imply any treatment. However, they are simply irreplaceable in the road where there is no way to treat a latex brush.
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What dentifrice fit kids

In the beginning, when the parents are just beginning to process the gums and teeth to erupt in a child, it is best to use toothpaste gel, intended for babies up to 3 months. They are composed of lactic and contain lysozyme - gentle antiseptic, helps rid the mouth of bacteria. For babies up to six months is necessary to use funds from the milk taste, and those children who are already beginning to introduce solid foods, suitable for children pasta flavored fruit. The number of used toothpaste should be increased gradually, if at the beginning it just smeared gauze, something closer to the number of paste can be increased to the average size of a pea.

Since kids often swallow toothpaste, in any case, you can not use products containing fluoride - accumulating in the child's body, it can cause extremely negative consequences. When to start brushing your child's teeth more "adult" pasta? Experts recommend doing it with 8 years.

 when to start brushing your child's teeth
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What if the baby refuses to brush your teeth

First of all we must not give up. Just depends on parents, whether the increase in the child's teeth beautiful and healthy baby, or have you become acquainted with the tools the dentist at an early age. Average misleading parents is that tooth decay in primary teeth are not afraid, they still fall out. Sick tooth - this is the source of infection and the source of pain and discomfort. And if the first visit to the dentist will be remembered for a very unpleasant manipulations in the future the child will have problems with dental treatment.

If in infancy when parents themselves clean milk teeth and gums of plaque, the child begins to act up, and will abandon the procedure, it is necessary to try other means of oral hygiene. This can be another means of smell and taste. In addition, you can revert to gel pastes designed for infants up to six months: they have a neutral taste and smell, so are not perceived as foreign bodies.

You should also remember that the child receives the best new information in the game, so the cleaning of the teeth can be combined, for example, a beloved children's Counting, ie each syllable parents carry one simple movement to clean the teeth and gums. Somewhere, the kids are beginning to imitate their parents. In this age it is appropriate to teach a child to clean teeth by example. Seeing how actively it makes my mother, the child and he begins to consider tooth cleaning indispensable element of personal hygiene.
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What does the baby industry kids dentifrice

Somewhere in the year when the child is already accustomed to the independent use of the toothbrush, it makes sense to purchase a specialized children's brush. It can be made as a favorite figure or cartoon characters using will play the melody, that is, until the music, the child must continue the procedure dentifrice.

It is important to choose a brush with soft bristles, minimally traumatic tender gums and fine enamel baby. Its surface should be small (about 2 to cover the milk teeth), handle - convenient, and she brush - appealing to your child. It all depends on what will be the beginning - the fun and funny and grim and terrible.

 When brushing teeth child
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What games can offer the child to secure the skill of cleaning teeth?

If babies under one year are no motor skills necessary to clean the teeth by yourself, here can help the next game time. A parent with a child holding a brush by the hand and shows the correct movement to your favorite song or poem baby. Children under three years can be offered, for example, a game in Karieslyandiyu where evil wizards - karieslendy - hunt for children's teeth. And they will be able to protect Zubovedy who are hiding in the children's toothbrush and paste, helping to fight the evil wizards.

Also, similar to the chimney sweep who wash "net-net" can be offered in the game "Zubochista", ie to arrange the competition who cleans teeth better. The winner is the one who makes it longer (here it is appropriate to slightly slukavit parents and "subjects" - let the kid win the game will serve as a basis for further careful observance of the ritual cleaning of the teeth).

You can also search the internet interesting game videos and cartoons to help with the baby to practice the most important movement to the mouth cleaned as thoroughly as possible. In addition to teeth, gums and cheeks, also have to handle the children's tongue; Most children brush has an outer textured surface designed just for cleaning the tongue.

What you need to remember the movement, to teeth cleaning was done as thoroughly as possible? There are a few simple movements, which need to educate the child, it will help you clean the teeth as carefully as possible:

  • Working part of the brush at an angle of about 45 degrees and a kind of "sweeping the" area from its base to the tip of the teeth gums.
  • Working part of the brush is placed horizontally and move the brush back and forth.
  • The handle of the brush vertically and have her clean the surface of the gum to the tooth cutting edge.

Properly executed movement will help clear the mouth as efficiently as possible, thereby reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss to avoid the term. Regular oral care to ensure the health of baby teeth baby and prevent their possible loss. In children, formed a correct bite. The loss of a baby tooth can cause abnormal formation of the remaining teeth, and there is already not enough without braces! In addition, the wrong treatment given milk tooth (which, alas, not uncommon) can lead to the infection gets to the root of the tooth and the permanent damage it.

If you sum up all the above, we can conclude: accustom the baby to a regular teeth cleaning, transfer of skills of proper oral care will help him in the future to avoid the dentist's chair, that is, there will be only a routine inspection that kids perceive very positively. Thus, parents can help the child to grow up with a healthy and beautiful teeth, which is very important both for appearance and for the health of the child's body as a whole.

 Clean teeth small children