• Panic as a way to survive?
  • How to get rid of anxiety?

Try to imagine your life without positive and negative emotions. Certainly, without the bright and memorable moments, it will seem bland, boring and uninteresting existence. However, if the positive course of life only improves our well-being and charges the body with energy, the excessive presence could provoke a breach of the negative health and does not cause a passing anxiety.

As a rule, any physical or psychological effects of our body reacts acute disturbing feeling that goes along with the difficulties encountered. But it happens that the threat has passed, and the internal voltage is not in a hurry to leave us. And if it is not timely to deal gradually transformed into a constant feeling of anxiety that interferes with normal life and work.

Now every minute we wait for troubles in fear at the thought of the terminally ill, struck by a car, fall down from the height, and so on. This state does not allow us to relax and gives a lot of suffering from lack of air, palpitations and stabbing pains in the chest. Back and neck muscles tense, which causes headache, heavy sweating and dry mouth, as well as disorders of the digestive tract.

Panic as a way to survive?

Of course, people could not survive, deprive their nature full of fear, because in the absence of the body is not able to timely prepare and respond to a sudden threat. If you do not have time to think and analyze the situation, we have instinct of self-preservation and evolution of the program included implicit actions.

However, when the degree of experience fear reaches a critical level, it takes the form of "panic attack" with its typical symptoms: a sudden deterioration, palpitations, sticky sweat, dizziness, numbness in hands and feet. In itself it is not dangerous either for physical or mental health of the person, and fear, as you know, is a perfectly normal reaction to a specific event or potential danger.

But only as long as it does not take pathological forms, is the sense of completely absorbing human and deprived of his will. In this case, let alone a neurotic fear, which experts classify as phobias - complexes. We begin to experience anxiety and fear, even at the mere mention of the frightening situations or subjects us. This is well aware that these feelings are unfounded and excessive.

Typically, these strong and unexpected panic attacks occur once or twice a week, although there is another way - panic "taking" several attacks a day, or, conversely, an attack occurs only once during the year. Handling the medical care in most cases finishes with a recommendation to take sedatives, rest and sleep. However, this is not enough to get rid of the overwhelming horror called "panic attack". Once having gone through it, people will try to avoid repetition and absorbed set itself the task, plunging ever deeper into a state of anxiety ailment completely subjugate their minds and behavior.

Experts note that the disease equally affects both men and women, aged from 27 to 33 years - during this period begins the development of disease. But, according to some scientists, the weaker sex may be more exposed to illnesses, and connect it with yet unknown biological factors.

 the feeling of fear and anxiety

How to get rid of anxiety?

How to get rid of obsessive fears and feelings of anxiety passing? Before we talk about the treatment, once again list the symptoms. Anxiety is characterized by vague or, conversely, focused forebodings, chronic anxiety is "is" we accompanied undue anxiety and physical symptoms - stomach cramps, dry mouth, heart palpitations, sweating, diarrhea and insomnia. Some people fall into a groundless panic, while experiencing dyspnea, chest pain, chills, weakness, tingling in the arms and legs.

Self-knowledge and Relaxation

... Will be the first steps towards overcoming your anxiety. Analyze the causes that gave rise to anxiety and try to get rid of them, as well as explore the methods of physical and psychological discharge. Engage in physical activity or other kinds of physical activity that require effort - it will help ease muscle tension and give freedom of nervous energy. Such exercises for muscle relaxation can be done twice a day, or the appearance of anxiety. Such action will, and relaxation exercises performed on the system of yoga.

Get rid of the feelings of anxiety and can improve health through massage active points, which is located on the back of your hand, in the place where converge the thumb and forefinger. Clicks it takes three times for 10 - 15 seconds (during pregnancy is not recommended).

Cognitive Therapy

... As one of the main methods of treatment of anxiety, help to focus thinking on the positive aspects of your life and personality, diverting attention away from the negative aspects. For example, before the conversation with a potential employer several times helpful to say out loud or write a phrase such as "I'm ready for this work." Or, for example, convince yourself to find the explanation for the positive act of your friend, who did not say hello when they met she passed because the thought and just did not see you, and not because of a bad attitude to you.

Such exercises contribute to psychological changes in natural or instinctive reactions, without delving into their essence. Understanding the methodology such exercises, you will be able to deal with them on their own, learn to perceive the negative emotions and replace them with positive and realistic.

Healthy eating

... According to experts, is able to exert a soothing effect on the body. It is known that stressful situations cause the accelerated burning of nutrients. If these losses are not replenished in a timely manner, the nervous system begins to run out, that, in fact, is the "source" of anxiety.

To support the nervous system in a "working" state, it is necessary to fill the daily menu in complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids (they include, for example, whole grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables) and vitamins (especially B and E) and minerals. Sugar consumption must be limited, as well as products with white flour. Do not abuse alcohol and drinks with caffeine, replace them with spring water, fruit juices or a soothing herbal teas.

If you experience severe anxiety (panic attack), which is accompanied by depression, insomnia and dizziness, seek medical attention immediately - you need a skilled professional help. Oh, he knows exactly how to get rid of anxiety!

 Anxiety - How to get rid of?

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 New team


  • Relationships in the team
  • Introducing the new team
  • Adapting to a new team
  • "Checking the strength of" a new team

Well, it would seem, all the complex behind - the interview successfully completed and cherished position is already "in the pocket". It's time to rejoice and be proud of themselves - a clever and successful. However, for some reason, my heart is not calm ... However, nothing surprising here, because there is still a rather complicated stage - gradually integrate into a new team.

According to most psychologists, job change - this is one of the most serious stress. According to statistics, complaints handling, "I'm afraid of a new team and I can not overcome this fear" - one of the most frequent. During this period, even the very sociable and self-confident people may have doubts about your own abilities, and the fear that the team did not want to take the new employee. In fact, those "horrors" that helpfully draws you to your imagination, never implemented and will remain "a terrible fairy tale." And then, once everyone has to pass through this stage, getting a job. And, mind you - all survive! So, can you. Well, in order to make this process took place with minimal losses, you just have to remember a few simple rules and develop a strategy.

Relationships in the team

First, a little theory. Relationships in any group can be divided into three main types. From that, what type is present in the company depends not only on your ability to professionally perform their duties, but also the whole future career. In order to understand how to adapt to a new team, in the early days you just need to carefully watch the staff and try to determine what type of relationship prevail. And only after that, "armed with knowledge," to correct his behavior.

  1. The most successful and stable companies have a strict hierarchy. Between employees established formal relations. In this case, you have to accept things as they are, and try not to discuss co-operation and new, especially leadership.
  2. Relationships between staff friendly and familiarly, in spite of the position and age. In this case, try to avoid excessive frankness, and keep your distance. Do not try to immediately, on the first day, to become "the guy." Look more closely to the people.
  3. In the team there is no clear personnel policies. Relations are developing spontaneously, often there are conflicts and unresolved problems. It will be difficult to realize themselves and too much time will have to be paid to interpersonal relationships that can go to the detriment of the work. Just try to strictly follow the instructions of the job and avoid conflict.

 how to get a new team

Introducing the new team

Well, perhaps the theory is enough - it's time to move on to the practice. How to make acquaintance with the new team was painless? How to behave? How to adapt to a new team?

For some reason, very often old as the world, saying "in a strange monastery with its charter, not walk," forget the most inopportune moment. And in vain! New staff - and there is that notorious another monastery. And his statutes have to learn. And the sooner you do, the easier. Probably about such trivial things like being late, we will not even talk. I think that since everyone understands that late for work - especially in the early days! - It is absolutely unacceptable. But on the "dress code" is worth looking in more detail.

Almost every company has its own dress code. Somewhere, he is very strict, somewhere - quite free. But, nevertheless, it is. How do you know exactly which style should be dressed for the first time? It's very simple. A day or two before its release do not be lazy, and by the end of the day drove up to the enterprise. Look closely at the emerging employees - most likely everything will be clear. Houses carefully reconsider her wardrobe and decide what things are most consistent with the style of the company. Nothing suitable was found? Well, what to do - need to "fork". And believe me, it's not a waste of money - it is an investment in a future career.

And, of course, to feel confident and to make a good impression before going to work is a hairdresser - no "tail" or long flowing hair! - A manicure and pedicure and tidy "working" clothes. Yes, it should also be very careful approach to the choice of ornaments - diamonds and big, and bright jewelry will look equally inappropriate. With this, like, everything. What more needs to be done to adapt was easy?

Adapting to a new team

Of all the candidates for the position you have chosen. This means that you have the qualities that are needed for the job and managed to prove it in the interview. Therefore, the first and most natural desire - to "take the bull by the horns" - immediately begin to prove that you are not wrong. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common mistakes "newcomers". No need to rush and try on the first day to demonstrate to all its expertise, strong character, "fresh look" and "creative approach". Most likely, this will be perceived incorrectly zeal - you deem upstart, "all-knowing" and career-ready to walk over. In order to understand how to adapt to a new team, in the first stage is better to listen more and talk less.

For starters, remember the names of the new colleagues - it always makes a good impression. If the staff very much, and you're not too trust in his memory - write down information such as Notepad. Just try to make it so that no one noticed. And something else will think you started to collect records! A few days watch the staff. Notice to whom accepted to address "you" and to whom "you". However, before the "poke" someone, it is better to clarify once again a person, what form of treatment he prefers.

Highlight the one who enjoys the greatest respect. Make is not difficult. Just have a look, to whom often turn to the issues and whose opinion referred to in the conversation. Try to make contact with that person - it can provide you with invaluable assistance. Only this must be done "rationally." It is not necessary "to climb into the soul" or try to confide and talk about themselves. It is better to seek advice on some issue related to your new job and responsibilities. And the questions you have, certainly, there is! Do not be afraid to "fall into the eyes of the" new colleagues - each company has its own quirks that you just can not know if you have come more recently. Ignorance of the nuances can cause serious errors. But the interest and the desire to "get to the core" is likely to cause only positive emotions.

Some of the employees he rushes you with "open arms" and is actively trying to improve relations and offers help? This should be treated cautiously. This behavior is typical for outsiders trying to attract supporters to his camp. Of course, the temptation to get someone's support - especially when you do not have enough of her! - Very large. But you - a new man, and yet do not know any of those relationships that have already been established, nor the reasons for which they have developed so and not otherwise. Therefore, the risk to make a mistake is very high. However, it is not necessary to push a man - or he may harbor a grudge.

Under no circumstances do not allow familiarity, do not allow to involve themselves in disputes and beware show "sparkling humor" - a "cocktail" can greatly impair a budding relationship. But if you are invited to dine together - do not need to give up! Time spent in an informal setting, can help you get closer to the people and to join the new team. The truth here must be very careful. For example, if your presence discussing someone - do not rush to give their assessment of what is happening. Better keep the "neutrality". Try to treat all relaxed and friendly. Often smile.

"Checking the strength of" a new team

What other surprises can prepare for you a new team? Perhaps one of the most unpleasant - a "test of strength". Unfortunately, such methods - are not uncommon. Do not be upset and think that you dislike from the first day. It is possible that this is just a kind of company policy. By the way, according to some reports, such checks on "entering" staged its employees and such "Shark Business", as Henry Ford, Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch. What is the test? "Freshman" is charged with the work, and almost from the first day, entrust the execution of any challenge. And then - carefully watching to see how he copes with the proposed situation, and how to respond to criticism. The main thing - do not make a blunder!

In no case do not express bewilderment or irritation. Thoroughly to find out what is the result of the offers. Ask deadlines. If necessary, ask additional questions. Calmly and confidently proceed to the assignment. If you feel you do not fit in the allotted time, ask whether it is possible to stay in the workplace longer, in order to meet the set deadlines. Surely such hard work and responsibility are appreciated. If your work was criticized - do not panic and depression. No accident has occurred. Attentive and friendly hear all the comments. Analyze your mistakes and try to correct them as soon as possible and will not be repeated in the future.

Even if you do come to a managerial position, the question of how to enter a new team, no less important. It is possible that the subordinates will want to check your competence and strength of character. To between you and the staff established a good working relationship and calm, it is not necessary to "tighten the screws" and set their own rules on the first working day. First, look at the existing rules and laws. Draw conclusions. And to introduce various innovations will be after you hearken to all the details and feel good about yourself.

No matter what position you came, try to impress a calm, friendly and competent person. Then acquaintance with the new team will go smoothly and painlessly. After all, your new colleagues - is not the enemy, just as unfamiliar to you, people of character, way of life and habits. It will take quite a bit of time and you will surely become not only colleagues, but also friends. And maybe even find true loyal friends. In addition, the new work - it is always interesting! This new perspective, new experiences and opportunities. And you have all the necessary work.

 The new team - "fear has big eyes"

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