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Perhaps we all remember as a child we did not want to wash the dishes every day, go for a little brother to the kindergarten or to do morning exercises every day, without missing a single exercise. And then our parents, trying to make us desire to faithfully perform the work that we perform is not wanted in return promised us something nice. For example, a trip to the circus, a new dress or pocket money. These benefits were promised to us by the motivation to perform their duties.

Such motivation and need adults to help them bring myself to do something better than they usually do. More often than not the motivation we need to work. Many employers implement a system of remuneration for honest work. But what if the boss is in no hurry to encourage our efforts? Yes, and it is impossible to wait for the promotion of every day. And laziness is often overpowered, do not want nothing at all! And how to be "owl" who every day have to get up early in the morning when the eyes still do not want to open? How to tune in to work when everything goes wrong and labor feats do not pull?

To succeed in the workplace, we need to be yourself your best motivator. And we can really achieve great success, if we can properly configured to work even in the most difficult day. With the right inner attitude everything will fall into place, too lazy to go away and work will be disputes.

Customizable to work

Let's start with tips bedolage- "owl." How this late birdie to tune in to a heavy work day? It is very important in the morning create a positive momentum. The way you start your day, will dictate the pace for the rest of the working time. Therefore, it is important to start with an emotional "explosion". I must say to himself: "I - successful, I - the best! I can do everything better today than they did yesterday! I want and I can now fulfill all our plans! "You have to mentally prepare themselves for the upcoming working day once you get up from bed. This setting will help "owl" hold out until lunch, and then you have a much better feel.

I must say that creating a positive momentum in the beginning of the day we need not only "owl", but also to everyone else. Just for "owls" without such momentum swing is sometimes very difficult. So think of these exercises for yourself that will help you achieve a positive emotional state at the beginning of the day, and follow them each morning.

We present exemplary exercise, causing a good mood:

  1. Think of something funny and try to laugh. While the reflex of laughter and the brain receives a signal: "I am having fun and good! ". So you can learn to call at a good mood at will.
  2. Listen to joyful music.
  3. Vigorously perform morning exercises fizzaryadki. Exercise promotes the production of endorphins, which depends on a good mood.

Are there still any exercise that would help work out at the positive motivation? And what else can be done to tune in to the job?

Maintain only positive talk

One of the main points of the oppressor and the office of any other working environment may be that many people prefer to blame the company, management, someone from colleagues who work in general. Needless to say, it is very hard to stay motivated when the workplace is constantly poured out upon us someone's negative. In any job there is something good and something that you may not like. Focus on the good, surround yourself with like-minded people who know how to enjoy the work, and you can be sure that your motivation remains unbroken.

Exercises to maintain a positive mood:

  1. Every day, get one for yourself a convincing argument why you like your job.
  2. Invent and write jokes, helping to steer the conversation in another direction, when someone wants to share with you my negativity.
  3. Celebrate for all the good things that happen to you during the working day. Try not to lose even the little things, if they've added you to a good mood.

Think about the money

It is no secret that money is a good motivator. However, doing his job every day, we gradually begin to forget how happy my first money, and that is our daily routine work that money brings us. Remind yourself that every day helps you make new money. Think about the things you can not buy if you do not operate. If you are working in an environment which can affect their wages (for example, you have a piece-work, or you - the entrepreneur), then the money should be one of your main reasons for motivation, so you can work harder than anyone else.

Exercises for the motivation to make money:

  1. Make a list of things you want to buy. Decide how much you will need for this money and how much time to earn them. Enter the numbers in the Wish List.
  2. Make a photo collage of the items which you want, and hang them in a prominent place. Every day, consider collage, while saying to yourself: "I want to buy it, and I can make it! "

Even if your salary does not depend on your efforts, you still have to work at full strength of their abilities, and this leads you to the next point:

Engage in healthy competition with colleagues

You should always try to work better than others. You can even negotiate with colleagues and make each other competition: who do their jobs faster, who is better and who is better and faster? You are free to come up with each other tasks and exercises that will help improve the quality of your work. And even the exercise may be subject to competition - who will perform them qualitatively.

All of this will make an element of fun competition in communication between colleagues, simultaneously helping to establish a favorable environment in the team. And you learn to be more professional, will become quickly find answers to your questions and to work natreniruetes motivate themselves to improve the quality of their work. Competition can lead to great achievements, up to rapid progress on the career ladder.

Focus on long-term goals

You still do not want to go to work? And when you get still come, you can not overcome laziness? Do you know why this is happening to you? Because your every day like the previous one. Yesterday and today you did the same thing that you will do tomorrow. Are you bored when there is nothing new. But it depends on you whether you can make a difference in the status quo.

Regardless of your status today, there is always the opportunity for professional growth. For you, there is always such a position, to advance to where you can work and it can be a great way to motivate yourself. Thus, setting a goal to achieve career growth, you invoke the desire to perform better. When in front of you will stand a specific task, you will have an interest in their work, and you will cease to be bored in the workplace.

Exercises for setting long-term goals:

  1. First workout in setting goals for the current year. Place a common task for a year, break the task into steps. Record monthly, when and what you want to do to achieve the goal. For example, the target for the year - to learn a foreign language to a certain extent. The challenge for each month - the study identified issues and the specific number of words. Each month, consult the bucket with its plan to monitor the success of its implementation.
  2. Make a list of goals that are willing to put in front of you to achieve career growth. Think about what you will be required to perform each scheduled task. Make a plan of its activities for the coming years.

If your every day brings something new, allowing you to get closer to the target, then you no longer have to swing in the morning, thinking about how to tune in to work.

Well, with great objectives we have understood. But sometimes, because you just want to work quietly, without seeking to grab a star from the sky. Are all dream of a great career! What about these people? All of these exercises on setting big goals for them are uninteresting, and healthy competition with colleagues not always possible. How, then, to call in their interest to work?

You can not believe it, but in this case will help the ability to set a goal. Want to know how? Then read on.

 How to set up a job

Five tricks to help generate interest in the work

  1. Set your own goals. If your employer does not set any goals in front of you, put them in front of yourself! Your goals may be daily, weekly, monthly. But if you just want to awaken their interest in the work, the terms put before him small. The less time for a specific task, the more likely it is that you really do the job.
  2. Reward yourself. Once you have completed its task, set for itself a reward. If you make a scheduled amount of work the weekend with a friend sit at your favorite cafe. If you are able to earn some money, you are lucky children on the tour, which they have long dreamed of. Be sure to promise yourself as a reward what you really want, or else your motivation will disappear quickly.
  3. Be accountable to others. Often we lack motivation because we know that no one is watching us. This is a big mistake, because it is very relaxing and reduces the desire to work! Assign your friends or relatives, and perhaps also to some of the staff to track how you are performing to plan. Knowing that someone may call you to account for the performance of their work, you will experience a very strong desire to work well.
  4. Get support. If you feel that you hardly perform their goals and begin to lose interest in the work, then have someone of his colleagues with whom you are on good terms, so that it, too, was a plan for yourself tasks. She did not have to help you in your work, and its objectives may differ from yours. A horse that runs in harness with other horses, inadvertently accelerates its move. So you - you will spur progress colleague, and you also want to succeed.
  5. More often revise their goals. Revision of the objectives helps to maintain motivation. First, you can check the presence or absence of its progress. Second, you can be sure not to set their goals for the unattainable level. If your goals are too high, you will quickly lose interest in them. The revision purposes you can adjust them if you feel that you have put before a too difficult task.

 tune in to the job

Recent advice to those who find it difficult to tune in to work

  • You are too lazy to work? Instead of mindless wanderings on the Internet read the news, recent publications on your work, or do something that has long delayed.
  • Skopje plenty of important things, and you do not know what to begin in the first place? Record everything in order and think that requires urgent implementation and what can wait.
  • Plagued by symptoms of chronic fatigue? Take a vacation and bring your lifestyle in order, observing mode. Ten hours sleep, walk more, enrich your diet with vitamins, fresh and healthy products.
  • Not being able to do something? Understand, if you really can not do it, or you just do not want to do it, coming up with various excuses.
  • You can not bring myself to do some work, and lose heart at the thought of it? Determine what is causing this hostility. If your activities such feelings appear quite often, it is worth considering whether the work you have chosen, and maybe it makes sense to change the occupation?
  • All postponed "for later" and do not have time to pass the work on time? Courses will help you organize your time.
  • Regularly you forget something to accomplish? Will structuring your job. Write down everything in the correct sequence and note made. But if you constantly forget about the same, it is necessary to understand why this is happening.
  • Not happy even that long ago it seemed fun? The routine in any case, sooner or later get bored. This is the case when you just need to escape and work out what he likes.

Say, you want to come home with a sense of pride in what you are able to do today? If you are at work, on average, eight hours, it is probably an important part of your day and your life? Treat your work, whatever it may be, with the desire to honor every day. When you manage to do that, then you can feel that you live exactly as it should be lived fully human lives.

 How to tune in to work when you do not want to work?

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