Games for children on holiday


  • We entertain very young children, from two to four years
  • Festival for preschoolers how to throw a party
  • Fun Games for school children: the younger classes
  • How to organize a holiday

By the day of the child's birth mother almost everything prepared in advance: make a beautiful and delicious cake, make salads, decorate the room with posters, balloons, etc. But often women forget that a set table is not always enough for a fun kids. And if you do not prepare the games, contests, guests at the party can simply get bored. Therefore, parents should also consider the scenario of a party, taking into account the age, interests of children.

We entertain very young children, from two to four years

At this age children still do not understand the meaning of many words, things. And it is unlikely they will remember the holiday as such. But this does not mean that such a day should go in a circle of bored adults. Invite the same kids and record everything on video shots. In the future, when the child turns 18, you can present a disk or a photo album. Reviewing funny moments when you were a kid and moving toddler, adults and form personalities will be interesting.

To begin to decide how many people will. Keep in mind that kids are unlikely to sit down at the table without an adult. A small child starts to act up, if there will not be mothers. And do not invite too many people, as the crowd of strangers uncles and aunts can scare as a birthday, and his guests.

Dress code - is the next, so you should pay attention. You can invite parents to put children in the fairy-tale and cartoon characters. If all come in the usual costumes, buy special hats, pipes, masks, ears and other accessories that will help cheer up the kids.

When choosing games for the little ones, you have to understand that kids at this age are clumsy. Plus, they can cry for nothing if they do not like something, they were pushed or hurt. Therefore, of the most basic tasks in which the guests will take part collectively.

  • Penguin

For this competition you need balls (2 pieces) and pins. So, divide the children into two teams, have become a chain in a row. The first participant grasps the ball between his legs and began to walk with him to the bowling, which should be set at two meters away from him. Once it will bypass it, the ball is passed to the second player. And so on, until all runners. At the same time parents have to support their children by the hand so they do not accidentally fell.

  • Frog

As in the previous case, you divide the children playing on two teams. Participants must proprygat certain distance at speed. The winners rewarded with sweets, losers and cheer sweets (fruit cakes).

  • Bubble

One of the adult starts to blow bubbles. Problem children - to catch them and devour. Not bad will happen if you invite a specialist who knows how to make funny figures. In the home environment can dispense tube and a solution prepared from soaps, shampoos and water.

  • Funny donkey

Draw on a large Whatman little animal (donkey, a dog, a ball with a dot in the middle - it all depends on your skills and abilities), make a ponytail with a pin. Tiny tie eyes, give a hand to this detail and specify where to move, so he pinned her.

 Games for children on holiday

Festival for preschoolers how to throw a party

As in the previous case, the room must decorate the bright, unusual. Be sure to buy balls, bake or buy a cake in the shape of small animals. On the feast can invite both adults and young children. But keep in mind that kids have to sit at a separate table. Each should have its own plate, fork, cup. To not worry about the dishes, buy disposable (plastic or paper). Plus, after the holidays, you do not have to wash everything by hand.

At this age, kids like to play mobile games, to compete. So choose such competitions for children, where they could take part all at once. It is not necessary to organize a tournament for chess and checkers, as it quickly bored. And do not forget to monitor their activities to the guests do not have quarreled, came to blows, and did not break anything in the house.

  • Braving

Usually this game is perceived by children on "Cheers." It helps to approach, meet and have fun at the same time. Thus, all are in random order, but so that each had space. You say the words: "Braving the waves, the sea is agitated two three ... Sea worried." At this time, the kids can jump, spin, dance.

Then the leader says quickly: "Marine (magic, animals, flowers) figure stand still in place." At this point, the children have to stop and freeze, depicting some sea (fairytale, animal, garden) character. Whoever leads, chooses a few people who stopped all the funnier, and asks them to show the figure come to life. The most creative and resourceful wins and becomes the master.

  • Alligator

Children are divided into two or three teams. One player (master) thinks of a word and says his second participant. He must using pictures and symbols to hint that it was make come true. The group, which guessed more wins. On average, children spend on such games 40-50 minutes, after which interest begins to fade.

  • Stool

On 10 participants take the 9 seats (ie, one less than the children), place them in a semicircle. Includes music, kids start running around. As soon as the song ends, all must quickly sit down. This place was not enough, out of the game. Plus, one chair is removed. And so, until one player remains. The winner gets a prize.

  • Hit the basket

If the company is small (no more than 8-10 children), you can arrange a competition for agility. For this you need a bucket and a pair of balls. Each of the guests has to hit the target. This is given at all about all three attempts. If the first time no one dropped out, move the cart away.

  • Tug of war

If space allows, you can take the children tug of war. In this case, the number of babies should be even, that no one was hurt, he was out of the game. Of course, it is you have to share on the team, taking into account the height, age, strength of the child.

Fun Games for school children: the younger classes

Grades 1-3 - is a turning point for children. Boys and girls are no longer closely communicate even on holidays. They begin to create their own circles of interest. And you will be hard to involve everyone in the game. Most of the guests prefer to sit in the corner, as are shy. So the first thing you need to bring together the present, to liberate them. And only after that we can move on to more serious competition.

  • let's get acquainted

The main purpose of this game - to acquaint visitors, who come to you for a holiday. Ask the children to form a circle, and you, as a leader, stand in the middle. Please introduce yourself and tell us about yourself. It is not necessary to come up with a half-hour tirade. Suffice it to mention his name, favorite cartoon than choose to do, do you have any pets. Then, throw the ball to the next player, who also has to tell the world about you and your hobbies.

  • I believe or not believe

This game - this is another great example of how you can make friends with the guests during the holidays. Thus, pre-record of each member of a number of interesting facts. This can be done either phoned their parents, or as soon as the kids come for a holiday. When all sit down at the table, offer to play.

Please note: questions should be good, children, that they are not perceived by the child in arms. That's right, "Peter Pan - Vasin favorite cartoon? Turtle Leonardo Zhenya is shown in a diary or portfolio. " Wrong: "Peter plays with her younger sister in the doll." In the second case, a feast for the guests can be spoiled, as the presence of classmates and peers may mock and laugh at him.

  • We are looking for treasure

What holiday without bustle, noise and merry laughter of children? So, should first take care of the security of personal belongings. For this game, you will need to remove all the beating, fragile and valuable of the room. Then hide a mysterious object in the corner (behind the cupboard, on a shelf, behind the couch), where nobody looks. As the treasure is best to choose toys, chocolates, a box of chocolates. Also, do not forget to draw a plan of the room, marking the cross cherished place and path to follow - a dotted line.

When the festival draws to a close, invite guests to find a treasure map. Divide the group into two teams, preferably with an equal amount of players. Them and make a few puzzles, clues, which are fragments of the map. For example, you can hide a piece of a bookcase. To say this may be so, "glued, sewn, without doors and closed. Who it opens - knows a lot. " Who will guess, will have to go out and take the next clue. After both teams will collect at least part of the map, you can send them to the search.

 games for children on holiday

How to organize a holiday

Unfortunately, not all parents understand child psychology. In developing the game, they do not think that some of them are not suitable for age, level of development (both intellectual and physical). Then they begin to wonder why the holiday was not, like it was planned. Therefore, if you have a goal to organize a children's party, follow these guidelines.

  • Voluntary

Not all children like action games, run, participate in competitions. There are kids who prefer to sit in the corner, watching the others. Such offers are not necessary to force to participate in and do what they want. If you try to force a child to draw, he starts to protest, until the tears and tantrums. And you do not want to spoil the party a bad mood? Therefore, voluntary - it is the first thing you need to remember.

  • The presence of lead

Recently, at children's parties can be seen increasingly professional presenters. They dance, sing, play with the children, involving the participation of all those present. And even the most shy child will not sit in the corner, and volunteered to join the others.

But even if you are not able to invite an experienced master, it can be just you. Remember, your main task - to familiarize kids with the rules, to organize the game. But this does not mean that then you will be able to remain on the sidelines, watching the children running and screaming. You have to be directly involved as a player. Do not forget that you - a partner, not a senior leader.

  • Space

To the holiday was marred by a broken vase and a frightened cat, take care of the space available. As mentioned above, remove the child from anything that could be damaged. Poor when home owners do not allow kids to have fun and swagger, constantly repeating that we should be quiet. In such cases, no one wants to play.

  • Have prizes

If all the time you will only award the winners, you make a serious mistake. The losers will be sitting on the sidelines and to conceal the offense more successful participants. So do not forget the consolation prizes. For example, it may be sweets, souvenirs, balls and other small thing that will distract attention from the defeat.

  • Variety

Young children - the people scattered. They can not usizhivatsya long in one place and concentrate on certain things. So try to make the game did not take long. Otherwise, they cool down and lose interest. It is better to do competitions mixed with a feast.

In keeping with the above rules, you will be able to organize a children's party is not worse than the professional. The main thing - to feel the mood of the kids. And do not forget to think "the moves of retreat," any chance you do not get to captivate visitors. It may be cartoons on TV, cheerful music with dance, etc.

 Games for children on holiday: how to organize a party