Loneliness in old age


  • Old age as a vital step
  • The reasons for the onset of loneliness in old age
  • Loneliness in old age: the rate or rejection?
  • How to deal with the loneliness of elderly people?

The youth did not really want to think about the problem of loneliness of elderly people. But from this it does not go anywhere. Even if you are now full of energy, and your life is reminiscent of a variety of cycling events of loneliness in old age, you are not insured. What causes it? How to avoid it? Read our article about loneliness in old age, and you will find answers to all their questions.

Old age as a vital step

Before we start talking about the problem of isolation of older people, it is necessary to determine the order that the general is aging. Many people associate this term with the phenomenon of menopause. Hormonal changes, causing changes in the physiology of the body and, of course, in a state of mind, does not go unnoticed: women experiencing menopause, become anxious and indecisive, irritable and pessimistic. Roughly the same thing happens with men who are not always successfully overcome a midlife crisis.

However, if poraskinut brains, it becomes clear that menopause and everything connected with it, passes, and here it comes, and old age. Scientists who have studied this period, it is isolated within a few steps of:

  1. Transition state

    Usually it is associated with menopause. Predstarost covers the period from fifty to sixty years. You may notice that you are not so easily given the changes in life as a psychological flexibility begins to slowly decrease. Gradually the time is approaching retirement, which, despite the obvious his appeal turns severe stress. If you do not have any dreams, which do not always have the time, this leads to a surge of self-centeredness because of the increased need for communication with relatives (it is necessary to somehow occupy free time!)

  2. Old age used to come into your life sometime after sixty or sixty-five

    Changes in lifestyle are becoming more dramatic, and health is increasingly making itself felt. Therefore you can receive the special needs in the diet, mode of the day, etc. ... Often, this leads to an increase in dependence on others as well as myself to satisfy them becomes difficult.

  3. Impotence

    Fortunately, through this state are not all. Its onset is associated with the general decrepitude of the body, which leads to the inability to live independently and care for themselves. Severe chronic diseases are contributing to: for example, an elderly person paralysis of the lower limbs, and he loses the ability to walk.

How will you live in the twilight of his life? Primarily, it is necessary to adapt to changes in your mental processes. Seriously worsening memory of an elderly person becomes difficult to remember where he put his glasses or where lies the notebook. At the same time sensitive or emotionally intense events remain as fresh.

As we have mentioned above, decreased mental flexibility, which leads to problems in learning new things. That is why it is so hard to explain to your grandmother how to use a mobile phone (about the Internet is better to forget). Of course, this should not be a sentence: the world is full of elderly people who do not suffer from loneliness and old age with new passions and thirst for interesting things.

Thinking ability at this age also may worsen, but it can be influenced. In particular, the positive effect on the lack of intelligence of chronic diseases, adequate cost level of income, a good environment, a close relationship with her husband and children participate in activities requiring mental stress, and, of course, life satisfaction. This may seem strange, but the summary, it can be argued that happy people brain works better!

Your identity will not remain unchanged. The old sharpened many traits, such as irritability or meticulousness. The total level of vitality drops - the person becomes more calm and passive. Many old people there are such unique qualities as compliance, suggestibility and dependence on the opinions of others (or television speeches). That is why the elderly so often conducted to the tricks of swindlers.

 the loneliness of elderly people

The reasons for the onset of loneliness in old age

As you probably became clear, loneliness and old age - are not synonymous. At the same time, we can observe the following picture: more and more older people describe themselves as lonely. This is due to various reasons, including age-related changes. Therefore, interest in the loneliness of elderly people means coverage of this issue. So, what is the root of all evils?

  • Reducing the number of items of interest to the person

    If youth and adulthood you been interested in the whole world, by the age range of the narrows. As we have mentioned, the elderly are less active, more conservative and rigid, not tolerate the changes and new developments in life. And it was all a source of vivid impressions and subsequently becomes a subject for dialogue!

  • Personality changes

    It's no secret that the nature of many of the elderly is becoming unbearable. In old age, amplify different personality traits: grumpy man explodes on any smallest occasion, turns into a pedantic bore rare and alarming ceases to leave the house because of his many fears. Agree, it greatly complicates the prospects of dialogue with others.

  • Mental disorders

    The human psyche undergoes certain age metamorphoses are not pleasant. The so-called age-related changes are in the deterioration of memory, attention, perception, reducing the speed of thought and reaction time. There are times when they go abroad the rules and pass in the category of mental disorders: Alzheimer's disease, dementia and various dementia, senile psychosis, etc. ... Of course, to deal with the mentally ill person becomes very problematic.

  • The deterioration of family ties

    It narrows the range of human feelings elderly relatives - his emotions become more polar intermediate shades disappear. It can be updated old grievances, leading to a break contact with anyone from the family. Sometimes that love of an old man concentrates on any one family member, such as a daughter or grandson that leads to obsession to communicate.

  • Objective loss of partners in dialogue - is another factor influencing the loneliness of the elderly

    The older a person becomes, the more likely to face the death of someone from friends or acquaintances. Either way, it narrows the range of communication, but because of personal and mental changes make new acquaintances, he is unable to.

  • Retirement

    Work for an adult is the primary source of communication. During the long years of labor we get used to share with colleagues events in family life, impressions of travel, new classes, spend holidays together. After retirement, the amount of communication is sharply reduced, because you do not meet every day with these people.

  • Specificity of communication

    Due to the reasons described above becomes a kind of conversation topics. You probably noticed that when appeared surrounded by old ladies in the transport or the clinic: the constant "sores" are often in the spotlight. In addition, elderly survivors in the life of a lot of negative events, often become angry and resentful at the whole world. In their speeches and betrays dissatisfaction with the modern way of life complaints, the government and other negativity. Thoughts of impending death is also not increase the number of people willing to chat with an elderly person.

 problem of loneliness of elderly people

Loneliness in old age: the rate or rejection?

Do not think about the loneliness of the elderly, as a natural phenomenon. In spite of the above reasons, an elderly person can adapt to age-related changes. There are factors that prevent the onset of loneliness in old age. For example, balance the nervous system blocks the formation of mental disorders, reduces the number of negative age-related changes in the psyche, and serves as the basis for a peaceful dialogue with the surrounding older person.

Much depends on the opinion of the elderly. For example, in the East decided to respect for elders - they are the progenitors, they have more life experience, which makes them wise in the eyes of the younger members of society. They listen to their opinion and all pay much attention to communication with them. With this in eastern countries and have not heard of such a problem as the loneliness of elderly members of society.

But even more important is the preservation of contacts with the family, it is this sphere of life is a source of resources and support for an elderly person. He was very important to feel the attention, warmth, love and care from relatives. And not necessarily to become a burden that can be frustrating for both sides. An elderly person can be engaged by simple household chores or sit with the child. Firstly, it is quite adequate activity for this age group and provides an opportunity for self-realization, which resulted from a grandparent appears self-confidence and self-esteem. Secondly, it will be actively involved in the family business, which in itself is the basis for communication.

Thus, the presence of imagination and ingenuity loneliness of older people cease to be for them something inevitable. At the same time a great deal in this matter depends on what type of psychological aging is susceptible persons. Psychologists describe a few of these options:

  • "Grumpy" old age

    Surely you've encountered with this type of older people - they criticize everything that surrounds them: family, government, roads, hospitals, and even young mothers with prams. The only one who does not have the disadvantages - it myself croaker. And because he knows better than anyone how to live, he wants to share this knowledge with others, regardless of whether they want to or not. Very often the target of attacks have become young men. Typically, this option aging seen in those who initially have a tendency to aggressive behavior, and in old age, this feature increases. Sadly, this is how these people are asserting themselves.

  • "Unlucky" old age

    Such old people can be seen from far away: the extinct eyes, hunched back, shuffling gait. The ever-present nagging question in one form or another. And all of these people are completely disappointed in life and in themselves, their self-image is reduced to the idea of ​​a lonely and sad loser. They are always regret missed opportunities, can not forgive their own mistakes, scolding and blaming themselves in insolvency. Memories of the darkest periods of life do not go out of their heads, and it makes these elders are deeply unhappy people.

  • "Family" old age

    It is usually chosen grandmother. It is believed that the main purpose of a woman - to be a homemaker. After retirement grandmother turns to his family and takes on a variety of chores: cooking, clean up the apartment, gardening, sitting with his grandchildren. These things never come to an end, so the older woman always feels necessary and relevant. At the same time there is a perception that the household is not the true self-actualization, therefore, the level of happiness in people with this type of aging is slightly lower than that of the last two options, but more on that later.

  • "Healthy" old age

    Because the average male life expectancy is much lower than that of women, he prefers to deal with this and to pension begins to actively take care of their health. Outwardly, this old man is very active, engaged in a variety of sports, adheres to a system of healthy food and loves to talk about these issues with the proponents of this lifestyle. The most important thing - to worry about the health of not acquired pathological character and turned into hypochondria. It is thanks to such cases clinics are full of people who are plaguing the doctors their real and imaginary complaints (the latter, of course, is more). In the normal version of these old people are quite satisfied with their lives.

  • "Adaptive" old age

    Each of us is full of affairs and desires, which he for some reason do not have time to realize. And now comes the long-awaited retirement, involving a large amount of free time. An elderly person develops violent activities aimed at their own welfare, if finances allow, he has traveled extensively, visiting many interesting clubs and workshops, and even goes to the dance. Naturally, such a lonely life can not be called, so the level of satisfaction in this type of old age is quite high.

  • "Creative" old age

    Some people can not be "retiring": they work until the last moment. The end of professional activity can be stressful for them, but they quickly found a replacement: non-governmental organizations, voluntary movements, political parties, mentoring - all these spheres allow an elderly person to actively participate in life and show creativity, passing their experience and knowledge of youth. Some psychologists doubt that this is a good option, choose it knowing in bad family relations. But such people are never alone and are quite happy living my life, and this is probably the most important thing.

 problem of loneliness in old age

How to deal with the loneliness of elderly people?

Thus, it can be argued that man himself is the blacksmith of his own happiness. Not necessarily to stay in their old age and loneliness in the twilight of his life - you can continue to communicate with other people and contact with the world under virtually any circumstances. What do I need to do?


In order not to be left alone in old age, it is important to stay active. As the majority of pensioners living in our country? All day sit at home and access to the clinic, store or gatherings on the bench considered something out of the ordinary. A man becomes passive, and the only way to get new experience - it is the hope that someone will come and do something. And this, unfortunately, is very rare.

Therefore it is very important to show interest and initiative in relation to its own activities - whatever it may be. Meet new people and talk is impossible only at home (if you are certainly not going to the guests) - in all other cases it is very likely. Especially when it comes to any group classes or clubs for older people.


The concept of "work" is quite extensive, and we understand them an opportunity for self-realization. This means that a man finds for himself some fun activity that brings him positive emotions and does not waste away from boredom. An elderly person can do their hobbies at home, but it is much more productive and more fun to do it in the company of senior citizens.

And yet, what to do in old age? Answers to this question can be mass. First of all, it is good to remember that you've always wanted to do, but you do not have enough time. Surely everyone has similar unrealized desires, for example, molding pottery or landscaping. Or maybe you already doing something interesting in his youth, and now it's time to recall these things. Drawing, making handicrafts, photography - the modern world provides plenty of opportunities for self-fulfillment, respectively, you can choose any of them.


Features full communion may be severely limited if your thinking will begin to lose the usual edge. And you see, is much more interesting and pleasant to deal with an intelligent person who has a lot to learn. That is why it is so important to keep intelligence and other cognitive abilities at the right level.

To do this, arrange exercises for the mind: learn by heart verses, solve logic puzzles, train attention.