how to resist the psychological pressure


  • Feeling guilty
  • Moral degradation
  • Psychological pressure
  • Distortion of information
  • The impact on the thinking, perception and memory
  • Direct threats

Imagine paradise, suddenly stepped on our sinful planet. What first strikes the eye? Surely change the relationship between people: all open, sincere and at the same time protective of the boundaries and the feelings of others. How wonderful it looks!

Unfortunately, the reality is far from ideal. In life, we are often faced with "barred" about our personality. They do not allow us to soberly assess the situation and confusing. As a result of their actions we allow other people to sit down our neck, we conclude unprofitable contracts and give inadequate promises. All of this - a consequence exerted psychological pressure on us.

Paradoxically, but often none of the participants in the communication process is not aware of what is happening. People using "prohibited methods" do it unconsciously, and the more it does not track the "victim". If this situation is familiar to you pain, then surely you are of it already tired. Accordingly, you will be interested to know how to learn to withstand the psychological pressure. Read our article and shakes on mustache.

Feeling guilty

How manipulators like to use it! It occurs in the human sense of guilt - a great excuse to get what you need from him. We feel guilty for many things: for the way of communication, lack of attention to other people, their lifestyle, their wants and needs, etc. ... Usually if you often experience this condition, it may speak of a special personal way of life, which provokes such experiences. No, of course you can try to be perfect for everyone, but it will take a lot of time and effort, but the result is very doubtful.

It is best to remember that absolute truth does not exist. So you're just as wrong in their behavior as the source - in their demands in relation to you. The same event can be perceived by partners in very different ways. This is often used by the manipulators.

In order to confront the psychological pressure with guilt, you should understand one thing: you have the right to be themselves and have their own desires and boundaries. That is, you almost do not owe anything to anybody. Separate the wheat from the chaff: draw a circle for itself the obligations which you voluntarily take the (care for the child or parent, the time given to friends, colleagues a little help), as well as their limits. Then it will be easier to focus on them when someone else is trying to get you to the desired behavior of him.

You can, of course, play up a little manipulator, but only then, to keep him quiet and did not increase the pressure. Then simply tell the other party "no." It is the most effective and efficient way to disown what you impose. Avoid any explanation at all - they give the manipulator hook, which can be hooked over and you begin to unwind. And do not forget to keep track of, in some moments include your guilt - most likely, they will be linked to your own personal weaknesses.

 how to learn to resist the psychological pressure

Moral degradation

The method, which is often used aggressive and personally handicapped people. They can not be grown-up to solve their problems and are beginning to humiliate those with whom they associate. This is manifested in the belittling of the social status, blow to the ego, switching attention to the important details on the subjective use of rhetorical questions.

In practice, such a strategy may look different. For example, a mother screaming at her child: "Do you even realize what you're doing! How can you be such an idiot! ". Or important negotiations, during which the opponent makes a remark about the stains on your clothes. The man who makes fun of the fullness of his partner. The mechanism of operation is quite simple: our attention is focused on their own inferiority, we cease to adequately monitor the situation and feel the desire to somehow "butter up" the interlocutor.

The first thing to do - think about why do people tell you things. You can ask him directly: "For what purpose did you announced? ". It is likely that he will not find what you answer, or starts talking all sorts of nonsense. When you become obvious that it is - one of the forms of psychological pressure, pull yourself together and say, "He's doing it on purpose to get me something. Therefore, it's not my disability and the inability of the partner to discuss their needs honestly and in an adult. I will not be upset by his words, and will focus on the really important for me at this moment things. "

Psychological pressure

As a rule, we rarely come across this method in everyday life. To this resort collection agencies, some unscrupulous lawyers and, of course, criminals. The massive psychological pressure is carried out when you start to influence, using all sorts of "strings": call your friends, relatives and acquaintances, know what you're doing, disrupt the negotiations and any other important events in your life.

Naturally, the people around you are constantly worried and tell you about these threats. It is necessary to reassure them, to explain the situation. And, of course, you should try to do everything you can to cease these actions: contact creditors or take crucial for someone decision. In any case, it is necessary to convey to the bad people that their actions only cause you anger and provoke action, counter-productive.

Reducing the distance may also be an element of psychological pressure. Each of us has his own personal space, which we are trying to protect from strangers. If the purpose of man - to confuse and fool you into thinking chaotically, the best way you can imagine. The solution is very simple - to define their borders and to move away from the person to a safe distance, letting him know that the reduction in distance is fraught with termination of the dialogue.

 how to learn to resist the psychological pressure is correct

Distortion of information

Agree, it is much easier to make the right decision, having all possible information. And if someone is interested in the outcome of a lot more than the other, what would he do? That's right, to distort information. First of all it can be expressed in concealing certain facts and highlight your attention on others. Similarly, focusing on the work particular details, not the common main problem. In this case, it is very likely that such a reorientation will take you to a strictly defined decision that conceived the source.

Some people as decisive arguments tend to use all sorts of rumors and speculation spletki. For example, your friend tells you: "Why do you breastfeed after six months? The milk is still nothing useful left! ". And she herself immediately after the birth of the child transferred to artificial feeding, and if you do well, it will have no feelings of guilt. In an attempt to put pressure on you, it uses well-known myth about breastfeeding, which can really affect your decision.

But there are situations in which there is no clear and obvious boundaries. Often it concerns relationships between people. Human behavior is determined by many factors, and in trying to understand them, we often turn to the advice of friends. For example, you had a fight with the guy, and he picks up the phone. These actions can be interpreted in different ways, but a friend said, "What do you mean! Do not you love it - throw it! ". Agree, this is fairly easy to give in?

The yield in this situation is simple, but time-consuming - and carefully critical of the information provided by you. Do not hesitate to re-examine the facts that under the guise of truths teaches the people around you - among them full of myths and misconceptions. In difficult situations, try to listen to the views of experts: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, etc. ... And most importantly - try to rely on themselves and their opinions, because the only way you can live the most, and not on someone's orders.

The impact on the thinking, perception and memory

The psyche and its basis - the nervous system - the lady is very capricious. On their operation affects a lot of things, ranging from environmental parameters and ending with your moods, what sometimes try to take advantage of all sorts of unscrupulous manipulators. For example, a gypsy. They are overwhelmed with all of the channels of perception of different signals - noise, shake colored skirts, is touched - and you fall into a trance. As a result, there is a risk to remain without money, gold jewelry and other valuables - well, if their apartment is not empty! To counter this challenge, but there is a solution: run as fast, if you feel the use of this method in relation to itself.

The moment you somewhere in a hurry, or feel tired, are not ideal for making important decisions. If at this time someone tries to slip you to sign important papers or requires you any promises, boldly asking for his delay and explain that examine this issue in more suitable conditions. The same applies to the noise, the bustle, the stuffiness, and other varieties of unpleasant situation.

 how to resist the psychological pressure is correct

Direct threats

Typically, they are used when all else fails, a person has to get his. Typically, use this method of situation related to finance or government. Sometimes it can be an indication that a person is on its last legs and is willing to do anything to agree with you. A sort of "cornered rat." Go with him to compromise or not - you decide.

In any case, it is necessary to try to resolve the conflict as soon as possible by peaceful means, even if you have heard in your address direct threat. Try to discuss a speech with someone who is over the situation and is able to think clearly. It is possible that upon closer inspection, the threat is not worth a damn. And it is possible that you may indeed be pressured. In this case, you can decide - whether to stand on its final, involving all possible resources, or spit on it to make concessions. However, remember that those who at least once succumbed to the threats likely will continue to threaten the future.

In conclusion we can say that the best way to resist the psychological pressure - think clearly and to be vigilant. Avoid situations in which you would need to make the decision for you in uncomfortable conditions. And do not hesitate to put people in place. This does not mean that you should become embittered and fall into paranoia, but also need to love yourself and not give offense.

 How to resist the psychological pressure: the art to defend themselves

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