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  • Talking with a - sign of psychosis
  • What is the difference between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder?

All we conduct internal dialogues with themselves, as in the famous song: "Quietly to himself quietly to himself, I'm talking." And such "conversations" none of the people around them are not surprising because nobody hears. But sometimes you have to deal with someone who very enthusiastically talking with an invisible interlocutor loud. Obviously it is clear that such a person does not even realize that he is not just considering some serious question as do we all, "talking" with them in mind, namely, engaged in dialogue, in response to the words, as it seems to come outside. Why do people talk to themselves, and why they do not notice that actually no interlocutor they have?

Talking with a - sign of psychosis

When a person talking to himself, not waiting for an answer, it may be an early symptom of schizophrenia. Of course, if he mutters something under his breath just a day or two, then this is not necessarily a sign of pathology. But if someone is laughing for no apparent reason, or if it leads the conversation out loud for a long period, and all this along with other behavioral disorders - such as hallucinations, social withdrawal, emotional distress, strange behavior - this person without a doubt, in urgent need of mental health counseling.

The most characteristic manifestation of psychosis - the presence of hallucinations. Hallucination - a false perception of reality in any of the five sensory modalities when external stimulus does not really exist, but people are prone to hallucinations, see, hear or feel a non-existent object. Hallucinations may occur in the twilight state between sleeping and waking, in delirium, delirium tremens or exhaustion; they also can be caused by hypnosis. The most common hallucinations are visual it.

Persistent hallucinations characteristic of schizophrenia. In one of the forms of the disease are sick people believe what they hear accusing commanding voice, to which they respond in a complete panic, with the manifestation of complete obedience, or an attempt to self-defense, or even suicide. Several different from hallucination illusion - if hallucinations occur without any external stimulus, then the illusion is characterized by a false perception of the actual stimulus.

Schizophrenia - a severe mental illness, which is characterized by a variety of symptoms. These include the loss of contact with reality, has called up the strange behavior, disorganized thinking and speech, reduced emotional expressiveness and social exclusion. Typically, one patient found not all, but only some of the symptoms, and every man a combination of these symptoms may be an individual.

The term "schizophrenia" comes from the Greek words 'schizo' (which means "split") and "Frenot" ("mind, soul") and can be translated as "the separation of the soul." However, despite the rather popular belief, schizophrenia is not attributable to the person with a split personality or multiple personality syndrome.

 man talking to himself

What is the difference between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder?

Often, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are confused, and some people believe that this is one and the same. In fact they are two completely different diseases. Schizophrenia - is a disorder of brain function; Some people are born with the disorder, because it can be inherited. However, the symptoms do not normally develop over many years. In men, the symptoms begin to appear in the late teens or early twenties; women experience symptoms between twenty and thirty years. Sometimes, of course, that the symptoms of schizophrenia appear in childhood, but this happens very rarely.

When a person suffers from schizophrenia, he is experiencing hallucinations and delusions, sees things that are not there, talking to someone who sees quite clearly believes in things that are not in any way correspond to reality. For example, he can see demons who sit with him at the table during dinner; or may quite sincerely believe that he is the Son of God. People with these disorders also suffer from disordered thinking, poor concentration and focus on the issues. They also lose the ability to take initiative and to prepare and implement any plans. Typically, these people can not be socially adaptable.

Often, a person suffering from schizophrenia, believes that the voices he hears there to monitor his or harm. He probably gets very scared when he hears them. He could sit for hours without moving and talking, talking ... a man of sense, watching people with schizophrenia do not catch a drop point in his speech. Some people with such disorders appear quite adequate; but that is only as long as they begin to speak, and most of all - to speak themselves. More schizophrenia marked by clumsy, uncoordinated movements and inability to care for themselves adequately.

The main difference between schizophrenia and multiple personalities is that the latest violations are not innate. It's a mental state caused by certain events that occur in a person's life, and they are connected, usually with some psychological injuries sustained during childhood. This could be, for example, physical or sexual violence. People with this disease as it develops additional person as a way to cope with the traumatic event. To be diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, a person must have at least one other person who controls much of his behavior.

Total one patient may develop up to a hundred individuals, but the average number is ten. It may be "additional" person of the same sex, opposite sex or both sexes at the same time. Sometimes the different personalities of the same person, even take a variety of physical characteristics such as a certain way of moving or different levels of health and stamina. But depression and attempts at self-harm may be common to all facets of the personality of the same person.

There are several signs that are the same for schizophrenia and multiple personality. Patients with schizophrenia may have hallucinations; while people with multiple personalities do not always feel them, yet about a third of patients also marked hallucinations. Split personality can cause behavior problems and difficulty concentrating while studying at a young age; This can be confusing to specialists, who sometimes confuse this disorder with schizophrenia, as it develops and manifests itself too often in adolescence.

As you can see, if the person talking out loud with an invisible interlocutor, it can be a sign of a very serious condition. Therefore, you should do everything possible to people close to you as soon as possible get help - otherwise it can cause irreparable harm to yourself!

 What does it mean if a person talking to himself

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 how to forget a man


  • Methods by which a man can forget
  • How to "fix" a broken heart
  • Do not be afraid to love again!

No other feeling in the world can compare with the feeling of love. You just feel on top of the world, and your happiness knows no bounds. Beloved man makes you feel the most important person in this world, and even the sound of his name leads you into raptures. But sometimes, unfortunately, different. Too many people in this world suffer from pain that he brings separation. What happens to them? Most of them find the strength to come up with ways to get rid of the memories that cause them pain, and try to move on. You - one of those who survived the breakup? And you want to learn how to forget the man with whom you had to leave?

Methods by which a man can forget

We will list the various ways that you can really help. By following these tips, you quite quickly forget former lover, and you will be much easier to leave the past behind and start a new life. Here's how you should do:

  • The first thing you need to do in order to really start to forget her boyfriend, is get rid of all of his photos. Remove it from the photo computer or mobile phone, and especially those where the two of you and quite happy. Of course, those pictures where he is one, must also get rid of, no matter how you felt sorry for doing it.
  • If you want to forget it, you have to stop thinking about those moments when you were okay with it. Throw away those memories. Do not remember about the bad things that you had to hear and experience at parting. Thinking about it again and again will hurt your soul and cause you a new pain.
  • Try not to appear where you can meet her former man. Remove his number from his cell phone, close it access to your pages on social networks. Do not ask about it at your mutual friends, and do not try to give him something through them.
  • Involve yourself in something that you really like. Rather than sit and grieve for lost love, get the best dancing, reading good books, drawing, needlework. The most important thing - you have to be always busy with something that you had no time for melancholy and sadness of the past.
  • Surround yourself with people who really love you, whether your friends or family members. Let's even a dog! Though they are not you will be able to completely replace the former lover, but still you can feel that you are much easier from the fact that there are living souls that love you so sincerely!
  • Do not try again and again to think about what went wrong in your relationship and what you can do to prevent separation. Accept the fact that you are no longer together, move on - their separate ways. Infinite mental return to the past will not change anything, will help return your man and do not relieve your pain.
  • Use their advantage some free time. Connect with friends travelers to interesting places, get your appearance. Try to dress up and look perfect at all. Sitting at home in a rumpled robe and unkempt head, you do not lighten their suffering and not be able to escape quickly from his gloomy thoughts.

 how quickly forget the man

How to "fix" a broken heart

Bess Myerson, Miss America - 1945, once said, "Fall in love - just awful, but out of love - it's just awful! "Especially if you - the one of the pair who would like to keep the relationship. To cure a broken heart is sometimes difficult. And it is unlikely there are ways in which one could very quickly fall out of love. But how to get rid of heartache? We want to give you some tips so you can gradually return to normal life and move on.

Go through the mountain, rather than bypass it

The most difficult task for a man with a broken heart - is to stand still and sink into the quagmire of pain. But this is exactly what you need to do immediately after the separation. You need to grieve in order to then move on successfully. If you zapryachete deep inside the pain, then you end up again and again will be stung by it. After going through the same pain and their grief by giving access, in the end you will become a stronger person ready to solve their problems. And the pain fairly quickly weaken its intensity, and you will feel that it goes out of your heart.

Feel its independence

Try to fill the emptiness inside, which was formed after the departure of your man. When you feel that the devastation absorbs you, tell yourself: "I do not want anyone or anything to be happy. Now I'm so hard to believe that I can be happy without this person, but I've learned to be happy again! "Suppose you think that it is very difficult, but you must learn to fill the inner emptiness of their own. Your inner harmony must not depend on anybody! To restore the balance, more than read, listen to good music, walk in nature, engaged in creative work, sports, favorite things - everything that gives you pleasure.

One old Eastern parable tells how a great monk came to the gardener and said:

  • Great Monk, let me know - how to achieve the freedom of the spirit?
  • Who tied you?
  • No one.
  • So why are you looking for liberation then?

So you - always remember, that your composure should depend only on you, and no one else.

Make a list of your strengths

You should not tormented by the thought that you're probably doing something wrong and something to be too bad, uninteresting, ugly, fat and so on, since your ex left you. So you will only further depressed. Decide for yourself: we broke up not because someone better and someone - is worse, but because we are not meant for each other.

The next thing you need to do to help themselves - is to take a piece of paper and start to write down all of your traits that characterize you best. It must be written, and the strengths of your character, and advantages of your appearance. Try to keep this list was as long as possible. Put or hang it in the most conspicuous place and re-read every time it hits you in the eye. Continue to add to the list as far as how your mind will come to the new facts of your appeal.

Rereading and filling on this list, you will not look for flaws in himself and begin to believe in what you are - an interesting, unique and attractive woman who is worthy of happiness. You will quickly cease to be sad and turned into a positive person.

Laugh. And weep!

Laughter is able to heal, and it has long been proven. So try to go there, where the predominant atmosphere is fun, and try to build their own such a mood. For example, transmission and humorous look good comedy, listen only incendiary, cheerful music, read magazines and newspapers columns anecdotes.

Crying is also helpful, especially at first. Do you think it's a coincidence that we women feel better after being paid? No, there are many physiological reasons that cause the healing power of tears. Some of them were discovered and described the American biochemist William Frey, who for fifteen years led the team to study the properties of tears. One of its conclusions says that emotional tears (compared with tears of irritation of eyes, for example, when you cut onions) contain toxic residues of biochemical processes occurring in the body. Crying brings toxic substances and relieves emotional stress. So grab more handkerchiefs and weep their hearts' content!

Work on yourself

Work hard to quickly go through their grief, in the literal sense of the word: load your body exercise. Run, swim, take exercise, hiking - all this will give you instant relief. At the physiological level - because physical activity promotes enhanced production of serotonin and other hormones that stimulate the brain and contribute to the growth of nerve cells. (Another "bonus" you get playing sports - normalize weight, will shape your figure, and after that you have much self-esteem).

On an emotional level, too, there is an improvement, because you understand what you are doing is an important step, and take responsibility for it to become the mistress of his own mind and body. In addition, you can imagine instead, such as pillows, the person who hurt you, and how can it be thrash. So you can use the physical action to release the emotional "steam". By this action you immediately felt better, right?

Treat yourself to hope

In the cartoon "Tale of Despereaux" is a very strong phrase that says one of the characters: "There is one emotion that is stronger than fear, and that is - pardon! "But forgiveness requires that there was hope. Assuming that the pain of the loss gradually goes (even if is you have no idea how to forget the man who still can not forgive), one day you will feel that even very simple actions - make a coffee in the morning or go to to the cinema with friends - start to bring you joy.

Hope will believe that sadness evaporates when you through the pain in his heart, will move on in their lives. And the smile on your face in the end no longer be forced. Therefore, in order to move past the grief and fear to heal a broken heart, you have to let him hope!

 how to forget the former man

Do not be afraid to love again!

Once our hearts are broken by the collapse of the relationship, we have two choices: we can always close it so that no one else can get there. Or we can heal your wounded heart and love once again. So deeply and strongly as I loved before. And our heart will only get stronger and fitter from the love we give.

The more you love and allow ourselves to suffer out of love, the more rich and varied will be your soul. Yes, the pain of rejection, rupture and even death can become fruitful in the end. And if you do not withdraw into itself, but retain the ability to love and to give love, then happiness will surely find the way to you!

 How to forget the man who no longer loves you

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