how to forget the man you love

Loving someone who is completely indifferent to you - whether it is the greatest grief for a woman? There are different situations: someone did not initially feel for loving his man reciprocal feeling, someone thought that, too, loved, and love has faded, and some nothing at all did not know about the warm feelings that someone experienced in relation to him, and he fell in love with a completely different person ... Whatever it was, the love of someone who completely indifferent to you, is the most hopeless feeling in the world, because the love of another human - it's not something you could control and somehow influence it.

But out of love and throw it out of my heart - this is what you need to do to start the healing process. It's not your fault that you love, and you - no; and the only thing you have left to do is to move on and try to free her heart to another, mutual love and happy. And though now it may seem impossible to you, we will help you understand how to forget the man you love with all your heart, if he does not feel love in return.

 how to forget the man you love right

Fall out of love and forget the eight steps for the release of unrequited love

So you've decided? Do you want to fall out of love and forget the man who does not love you? Then you should proceed as follows:

  1. Be honest with yourself

    If you see that a man does not love you, do not try to extend the relationship. Sooner or later, he would still break them, so it's better to do this first. So at least you will not feel abandoned; and it would only add to you suffering because of unrequited love for the poor would have increased, and wounded pride.

    Try to admit that your relationship is totally hopeless. And the more that person will be next to you, the more you will be immersed in love and longing for him. Accordingly, the harder it will be then to tear your relationship - in fact you are literally skin to it will grow! Nothing that you will be painful to realize all of this - feel the pain. Allow yourself to grieve. Grief - this is the beginning of the healing process.

  2. Focus on the negative traits or appearance of his beloved

    Yes, we are serious, he also has flaws! Love makes you so blind that you ignore anything that would not like a person objectively, from small errors in behavior to the most significant character flaws . Though you will not have to start literally "crusade" (and it is unlikely that you will succeed!) To mentally transform the person to whom you are treated with special warmth, just a monster, but it is now time to open your eyes some negative qualities to balance its positive features .  And then you have it downright saint! Is it possible to fall out of love of the ideal man? No! Therefore, begin to actively seek out and notice all its shortcomings .  Perhaps he kept all interrupts, or very tasteless dressed, rude attendants at your favorite cafe, listening to terrible music, shows a complete lack of respect for your system of values ​​in life, or, finally, it is always wet and sticky hands - is not it disgusting? !

    Going on a "piggy bank" as many negative emotions towards his men. Burn it all. Makes the list for as long as you would anything come to mind, trying to pull out into the light the whole story of his favorite. Such actions will help kill your idealized vision of man, which is owned by you so por.Nauchites look at it critically. Accept the fact that this man will never tell you my sincere "love." Too hard to realize it? All the better! The more you realize this fact, the more it will help kill any false hopes that live in your heart, and the easier it will be to stop loving this man.

  3. Get rid of all of his gifts, and any gifts that might remind you of hanging

    You have a whole collection of movie tickets, where you went together, wipes from the cafe, where once you come to sit and yellow leaves of his favorite park, and so on? And that's the teddy bear, which he presented to the birthday? And your whole kilometers of correspondence in electronic mailbox? Well, get rid of all this, one way or another!

    Free in your life a place for a new relationship. Think about it: if you sit and sigh over the photographs of former lover, is able to stop loving you forget it? Going through memorable gizmos, you will again and again to recall certain events related to your unhappy love. But you have to escape from this captivity memories! So gather all these things, and then something discard something distribute to the people, which in real life you will never intersect (for example, a teddy bear take in the children's hospital and give it to the game room or some kid, clothes and give the organization that collects items for the needy). So you take away from his eyes everything that can somehow be associated with your ex man.

  4. Also avoid situations which will support the smoldering embers of memory of a loved

    If while listening to some music or songs you have any association with them, stop to include this music. If in some places you are most likely to meet with the former man, stop appearing there. If you have mutual friends, the period of emotional healing, try to communicate with people who are about it know nothing.

    If you can not avoid meetings and still continue with it "cross" (for example, you and study or work), then try to completely stop communicating with the person. Listen to music on headphones, for example, so as not to hear the sound of his voice, dine somewhere else, go to school or work on new routes. Try not to create the preconditions for the outbreak of new emotions, because they only delay your healing from unrequited love.

  5. Find ways to do something yourself and your mind to avoid in my head thoughts and memories that may disturb you

    You can not force myself not to think at all, so just take a your brain thinking about something else. Call a friend and talk about anything, do not touch your feelings for the man who is trying to forget. Read an interesting book. See a good movie, certainly cheerful (melodrama only stir up your own feelings). Work in the garden or take a walk in the park. Began to study a foreign language. Do everything that you might like, just to take your brain and do not give yourself to feel sad! The less you think about the person, the easier it will be.

    And it is in any case not hard to yourself and others: "I can not live without it", "I love this man more than could love someone else," "I do not love anybody else", "No none better than this man. " You should understand that all feelings change over time; and change your attitude to a man who does not love you.

  6. Make the first step outside of your comfort zone

    Psychological studies show that in order to break old habits and replace them with new ones, you need to do something new. For example, you can go on vacation or even just start to go to work in another, hitherto unknown route. If you can not afford to make their lives any major changes, start with just small changes daily.

    Visit the part of the city, where until now have never been. Go with friends in a new cafe. Join the club of interest and set up to meet new people and make new friends. Think for yourself a new hobby. The possibilities are endless!

  7. How long have you been in love with this man?

    Months, years? And have you thought about the fact that during this time more than once there was a possibility for the emergence of other more happy relationship? But you did not see these opportunities because they were blinded by their love. Remember that you are still waiting for your true love. Do not be available to her at the moment when it will be next!

  8. Return to normal life

    Meet with other men, flirt with them, and feel how great it is when men are showing interest in you! This will give impetus to ensure that strengthened your confidence. And you give yourself a chance to get acquainted with the man who will be able to assess the true you and bestow mutual love.

    Just be careful, flirting. Although the lungs are not encumbered by any obligations relationship - it now is "just what the doctor ordered", all you need to do so, if you are emotionally ready for it, and at the same honest with yourself and realize that it is light and neither noncommittal attitude. And again, you have to be honest and a man; he should know that for you it's just a game, and anything serious from this relationship, you do not expect. Do not make this man once felt so miserable by unrequited love, as it was with you.

Do not be ashamed of what you love, but do not maintain the relationship. In some cases, it is very easy to fall out of love, it seems impossible to even imagine how to forget a man you love. But there is nothing wrong or shameful. Love for another person - it's a beautiful, selfless feeling, even if the love is unrequited. Over time, the pain will diminish, you can even really interested in another man, and then you wake up and a new love. If there is something that can improve this world, it is love. Remember that you will have a wonderful future, if you can get rid of your past!

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