Proper nutrition

Some people believe that great food and healthy food are in different planes. Most of the people I am sure that healthy food can not be fun. It is time to dispel this misconception.

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences has already sounded the alarm: 30% of people over the age of thirty are obese, overweight observed in 60% of women and 50% men. And the main reason - not in promiscuity, as some believe. Psychologists are sure that food addiction in physically healthy people is, first of all stress. How is it stronger and longer, the more there is the desire to "seize" the trouble: we know that this "medicine" will work much faster and more effectively present.

At the same time many people realize that "food relaxation" before a fall, and try to pull myself together, if not limiting the amount of food, then, at least, moving from high-calorie snacks suhomyatku utility. The trouble is that a proper diet is associated in the public mind with the hospital diet rather than gourmet cuisine. Believe me, it is necessary to break this stereotype, and things will go much better.

In fact, for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, there are a lot of wonderful recipes. The main thing - to observe two principles: to cook with natural products and, where possible, gentle methods.

 Useful undershot

Correct snacks

In order not to be broken, main dishes between meals nutritionists advise to arrange a few hearty but not too bulky snacking. When it comes to the office, it can be any seasonal fruits - apple, pear, tangerine, persimmon, banana. By the way, there is a perception that this tropical guest did not contribute to harmony, but in one banana contains about 70 calories. At the same nutritional value of the fruit - is very high, and it contains nutrients to help lift your mood, enhance concentration and reduce fatigue.

Also not bad to keep on hand rich in B vitamins, snacks bars yogurt and cereal, dried cranberries or "cubes" papaya, apricots, nuts. They not only will remove the tension, but also to enrich the body of B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. The only thing when buying dried fruits, should give preference to not weighed and hermetically packaged fruit - it ensures the products shall not contain mold, bugs and bacteria.

Basically, to raise the tone, you can even eat chocolate. The main thing that it was real - from the cocoa powder and cocoa butter, and not forgery, stuffed with low-grade tropical fats. Having the correct piece of chocolate, the body begins to produce serotonin, a hormone called happiness, and reduces anxiety andanamid. In addition, the product stimulates the brain, helping to raise self-esteem, which is also important in stress.

 Muesli with fruit

Go Food

Inveterate culinary absolutely sure that every dish can be made interesting, tasty and healthy if prepared with her own hands, with imagination, love and, of course, made from natural products.

Following this principle, to buy quality meat, fruit and vegetables, should apply to farm shops with a good reputation. This ensures that your food basket will not get fruit stuffed with pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.

When it comes to finished products for industrial production, the problem is complicated. We'll have to be particularly attentive to their composition, to avoid the purchase of goods with artificial additives - colors, flavors, preservatives and thickeners. Also, there is a need to take into account the possible change in the formulation of popular products, which some manufacturers have resorted out of a desire to save money.

To illustrate, consider a product that has literally every house - ketchup. Hot dressing with such a name may be natural, such as the well-known Heinz, i.e. cooked tomato, natural vinegar and spices. At the same time, the sale of meet and "ketchup" of the less expensive ingredients - vegetable or fruit puree, which gives the "tomato" flavor, odor and color using synthetic components. It is understood that the question of use of the product can only go in the first case because natural ketchup, is known to contain at least a large number of powerful natural antioxidant, lycopene. A sauce of zucchini, apples or pumpkins that can not boast.

Wanting to buy organic food, you have to be careful, because the examples of such substitution of some other ingredients, in order to obtain the maximum profit - a lot. In particular, already it is no secret that some manufacturers use instead of milk fats - tropical, and instead of meat proteins - soy. In order not to fall for such a trick, read the package: on it the manufacturer is obliged to specify all the components used.

For example, often a substitute falls and dairy departments: issued for natural products cottage cheese and sour cream composition are just cottage cheese and sour cream "products", the approach to this "kislomolochke" in taste and consistency. They are ingredients designed to be a source of calcium in our body are replaced by tropical vegetable fats that do not have anything to do with milk. To avoid becoming a victim of possible fraud, you can use the available information on the results of official controls on the quality of products and to acquire goods under the brands of which have received good reviews of experts.

 Vitamin snack

Prepare delicious, cook helpful

When the refrigerator is filled with everything you need, it's time to create a culinary masterpiece - a delicious and at the same time, useful and nutritious.

Of course, it would be desirable for all abandon the fryer in favor of a double boiler. However, it is clear that radical changes are likely to lead to the rapid breakdown and still diet. Therefore, to begin with, is to find a decent compromise, such as going to the dishes, oven baked or stewed in "utyatnitsu."

Carve out a free moment, and giving yourself some time, you can remember about the dishes we ate greedily for both cheeks as a child, but then somehow forgot about them in our everyday life. Pickle, mushroom soup, chicken soup with homemade noodles, oxalic soup, borscht - admit it sounds like music. And it does not require the preparation of special talent, and good for the body - the whole sea.

And what main dishes were served in those days, when eaten with the feeling with the use, with the arrangement! Buckwheat porridge with liver and sour cream sauce, vegetable stew in the pot, braised pork or beef with potatoes - with prunes and bay leaf ...

Yes, and homemade desserts will be no less delicious, but it is much healthier than store bought apples baked in the oven with honey and nuts, cheese casserole, pumpkin cinnamon or even apple pie. On Sunday all of them do not mind spending: as long as you knead dough, cook the stuffing and sculpt one masterpiece after another, get so much positive that all the worries and troubles go away in the background.

By the way, cooking can become a fascinating hobby and an interesting way of entertainment - workshops for those who are held periodically in many classic restaurants. Perhaps this will serve as a safety valve, which you do not have enough for all these years.

 Food for the good - the food for fun


While technological advances have become increasingly popular electronic games. However, many are mistaken, that these games can be played only on the computer. In addition, it is believed that computer games do not bring any benefit, particularly to children.

However, electronic games - is not only a computer or game console. Today, there are a large number of developing electronic games and toys. They are designed not only for the youngest children, but also for those who are older. Scarce these toys help to understand the world, to start it to navigate, develop motor skills, speech, etc. Older children are electronic games reliable partners in the learning process.

For example, a very popular e-constructor "Expert." This constructor is genuine interest, not only in children but also in adults. This is not surprising.

Designer "Expert" - a fascinating game with an element of education. With Designer you can easily and unobtrusively explain the principle of the child to the radio or to answer the question, why is ignited lamp. Electronic Designer "Expert" - a clear and understandable explanation of the elementary and fundamental laws and principles of physics or electronics.

The composition includes various components constructor, which subsequently can be collected in the form of electrical circuits. Methods assembly schemes are described in detail in the instructions supported by illustrations. Electronic Designer "Expert" will give the child an opportunity to apply their creative abilities. Scheme Designer are not only informative but also practical. What a pleasure child begins to collect a particular scheme, knowing that the result was a radio, digital voice recorder, a night light, bell and even alarm. The options provided by the designer - a great many.

It is worth noting that the designer "Expert" can captivate your child for a very long period. It provides for different levels of difficulty, designed for children of a particular age. Designer has four variations. Three of them are distinguished by the number of circuits, and the fourth is intended specifically for the study of the school curriculum. Reinforcement of theoretical knowledge in practice - is not only interesting, but also contributes to a better assimilation of the material. Designer "Expert" helping your child to turn the learning process into an exciting experience that will bring him a lot of positive emotions.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of children who use the designer. All of its elements and parts are made of high quality materials that will not bring harm to the child. Electronic Designer "Expert" - a fascinating and interesting learning basic concepts of electronics.

 Electronic Expert Designer and other electronic games