Fear of heights


  • Acrophobia and related fears
  • The symptoms of acrophobia
  • Reasons for acrophobia and its treatment

Phobia (obsessive fear) - a rather unpleasant condition which can be very difficult to cope on their own. Obsessive fears are different, but today we'll find out what acrophobia - fear of heights - and how it can be overcome.

Acrophobia and related fears

In contrast, specific phobias (such as aerophobia - fear of flying), acrophobia can cause a person to be afraid of different things, one way or another related to his stay at a distance from the earth's surface. Depending on the severity of the phobia, suffering from fear of heights people may be afraid to be on the top floor of the building, or even climb the stairs. Fear of heights can be accompanied by concomitant phobic disorders:

  • Illingofobiya

    True vertigo can be a symptom of various diseases. A illingofobiya - a phobia, in which the fear of dizziness can lead to symptoms very similar on him. Fear of heights, too, can cause similar symptoms, but not always at the same vertigo are true.

    In order to clarify the nature of these sensations, is to see a doctor who will prescribe the necessary examination. Most likely, you'll have to pass on the analysis of the blood, as well as to make a computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. This survey will help to eliminate (or, conversely, to discover!) The various neurological diseases.

  • Batofobiya - fear of heights and depths drops

    Often it is associated with fear of heights. Person exposed to this phobia is not only scary, for example, to climb the hill, but even just by looking at this elevation. I must say that not everyone who overcomes fear of heights, suffer batofobiey; but almost all batofoby afraid of heights.

  • Klimakofobiya - obsessive fear of ladders

    It may be associated with batofobiey, except that fear arises only if required to do climbing stairs. If you suffer from this phobia, it is likely you are not too afraid to see with their own eyes even the steep stairs (as opposed to the previous phobia when the mere sight of a hill or a ravine is a comprehensive horror); you will remain calm as long as able to feel safe at the bottom. So klimakofobiya "acts" in tandem with acrophobia, fear of heights.

  • Aerophobia - specifically a fear of flying

    Depending on the severity of your fear, you can not be afraid to just fly the plane, but also stay in the airport. And, of course, very often, this phobia is developing along with the fear of heights.

 fear of heights phobia

The symptoms of acrophobia

If you have a fear of heights, you will not suffer from vertigo. Instead, you feel a panic attack, once on a given height. Man in this state begins to instinctively look for that would cling to him. He suddenly realizes that does not trust his sense of balance. The first reaction to this feeling becomes a desire to get on all fours, to kneel or else reduce the position of his body and closer to the surface of the support.

Emotional and physical reaction to fear of heights similar to the reaction at any other phobia. Man begins to tremble, his sweat profusely released, begins palpitations; sufferer often begins even cry or scream. Fear paralyzes movement, ideas are confused and it becomes very difficult to think clearly and soberly.

If you are afraid of heights, it is logical to assume that you will also begin to fear situations that might make you a while to carry out high above the ground. For example, you can not enjoy the anticipation of a close holiday because to worry about what would have to live on the top floor of the hotel. You can delay the repair of an apartment or house, fearing to even think about what would have to use the stairs or ladder. You will avoid going to visit a friend, because you can not look like it goes to the balcony. You will give up a lot in this life is not always even aware of the reasons for his behavior.

Any phobia is a risk of limiting full life and normal activities, and it happens because of the fact that the person who is something very afraid, will be avoided at all costs its frightening situation. The danger of acrophobia is that you can really hurt yourself, when will lose the ability to act calmly and deliberately, being on the height and fell under the influence of panic. Therefore, it is extremely important to seek professional help as soon as possible, especially if you regularly come into contact with the height of a part of your life.

 phobia is a fear of heights

Reasons for acrophobia and its treatment

The studies that were carried out repeatedly by scientists to determine the causes of acrophobia, show that fear of heights is not unique to humans, but for all the animals have vision. And in 1960, the famous American scientist and psychologist D.Gibson made experiment with so-called "visual cliff."

The experiment was the fact that a part of the surface on which encourage children to crawl (in experiment alternately participated as human infants and young animals of various species) replaced translucent glass panels, which were at an empty space. Boudreau crawling on the opaque surface, the kids stopped abruptly in front of glass panels, not wanting to move around the height of the empty space. Even the presence of the mothers who encouraged their children did not convince them safe this "journey".

Thus, this phobia is evident partly rooted in our subconscious as an evolutionary survival mechanism. However, most children and adults, just be careful when faced with high, without fear of it at the same time too. Therefore, acrophobia, like all other phobia is a hyper-reaction compared with the conventional reaction of fear. Many experts believe that the reasons for such a hyper-reaction must be sought prior to any particular person falling from above, or nervous behavior of parents who are afraid of heights and gave a similar reaction model to your child.

What treatment involves such a phobia? Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the main option for the treatment of specific obsessive fears. Behavioral techniques that the patient is immersed in a frightening situation, or slowly (the method of systematic desensitization), or fairly quickly, most commonly used. In addition, patients are taught ways by which it can stop a panic reaction and regain control of their emotions.

Traditionally used by the actual impact of the height (if the person has a phobia associated with a fear of heights); but the studies that were carried out with two thousand and one, have shown that virtual reality in the treatment of phobias can be just as effective. A major advantage of virtual reality is to save time and money.

Acrophobia, as we found out with you is rooted in the evolutionary mechanism of security. However, this phobia is an extreme version of normal caution and may take especially severe. It can also be dangerous for those who are experiencing panic are at a considerable height. Acrophobia may coincide with the symptoms of certain diseases, and it is often complicated by other phobias. We think all this is enough for you to understand - if you experience symptoms of acrophobia, it is necessary to do everything possible, as soon as possible to seek professional help!

 Fear of heights: the causes of acrophobia and ways of getting rid of it

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 how to forget the person you love


  • If you like a married ...
  • If he is not worthy of your love

When people feel that they have found the love of a lifetime, but eventually lose it, they fall right into the depths of depression and failed attempts to forget the past love. But there is no point crying over spilled milk - it is because this does not come back to the pitcher! - Just do not help the tears on ex-boyfriend. Clearly, it is very difficult to forget his love. But this does not mean that this is not possible.

How to forget the person you love? Much depends on whether because of what happened parting.

 how to forget the person you love forever

If you like a married ...

One of the reasons why you should give up, even if you still do not break off relations - a family bond, which is a man. It consists, but not with you. If you understand that it is necessary to leave, but did not dare, or perhaps do not want to listen to anyone and continue to love your cute, hoping for the best, we can lead at least eight reasons why you should not continue that relationship.

Eight reasons why a married man should forget

  1. He was never in the future will only be with you. A man who would have felt unhappy in marriage, have long gone to his wife. Of course, it inspires your love and care about the novelty of the blood, which he found in a relationship with you. It can even tell you: "I have never felt so happy as you! I am willing to spend a lifetime with you! "But in fact, these words do not mean nothing - he did not undertake any obligation to you saying it. Think about it: if he wants to spend with you all my life, why he again and again in a hurry to his family?
  2. The fact that he is cheating his wife, said his inability to deal with unpleasant situations when you need to make an informed decision. This means that it will resort to search detours and if in your relationship with him will appear any problems.
  3. Constantly hiding - employment is quite tedious. The need to keep the relationship a secret capable of "attack" your self-esteem; besides, you lose the ability to learn many aspects of happy relationships. Loving people, freely and openly demonstrate their love all over the world, always filled with an inner light of happiness. And each of them can unreservedly proud of who goes through life together.
  4. He eats just two of the cake as the British would say. He has a legal marriage, that he does not need to hide and in which he can feel all the joys of life together. There he and extramarital relationships, which helps compensate for all what it lacks in marriage. What a shame to be a woman who loves a married: it gets the best of both relationships and quite happy, and she almost spends all his time alone and waiting for a rare (and not always happy!) Minutes of dialogue.
  5. Is it possible to love a man who is so disrespectful to his wife? After all, he's cheating on her, she betrays changes. It is unlikely that such a person can be called decent. And do not believe with all his excuses. It is, of course, lead you a thousand reasons why he can not leave his wife, almost glowing with pride for his "honesty." And it's not just that the reasons for these, as a rule, all far-fetched; It is also the fact that in any case he is cheating and his wife, and also you in the bargain. He gets pleasure from two sources, thus causing suffering and one, and another woman.
  6. Whether you like it or not, you become an accomplice of a man who neglects his duty and betrayed the trust of his wife. And that's not to mention the fact that it causes emotional trauma to their children and lose credibility in their eyes. It is difficult to bring up, when you can not see a role model!
  7. You can catch the boomerang guilt. Many men (as, indeed, and women) are not able to assume full responsibility for their deceitful actions. That's how people that it is easier to blame someone in your mistakes, you make a well-deserved disgrace. If your man will be caught, so to speak, to act, do not be surprised if he tries to shift the blame is on you. And to prove to anyone then that you did not know that he was still sleeping with his wife and that she was not a bitch who eats eating her Blessed, and quite worthy woman. The man quickly forgive his "prank" and you're in front of people and remains an insidious razluchnitsa who tried to break up the family and take away from his wife and children and support their breadwinner.
  8. You save time and miss the opportunity to be happy with another man, and often the ability to have a child. You can wait indefinitely when he breaks the relationship with his wife and tell you at the wedding ceremony, "love" is already lawfully; but the fact that this has not yet happened, eloquently speaks for itself.

Remember, time is too precious to spend it in vain. Have you noticed how quickly the years go, as you become older and older? Even if you are quite comfortable to be a mistress, you should understand that such a relationship with a married man can last for a long time. When the women who were in similar ways, yet dared to break them, they often regret it about the time they spent quite unnecessarily wasted.

If you are aware of all that we have just told us that this alone is capable of becoming a good push to to forget the man, even if you still love. And then it will be easier to launch the plan.

 how to forget the person you love fast

If he is not worthy of your love

There may be other reasons that can serve as an impetus to your parting. Maybe your guy does not pay you enough attention, or mockingly refers to your worldview, or can not indifferent to miss a single skirt, or ... No matter what else, "or". Somehow you broke up, and now you just sit at home alone, unhappy and completely immersed in tears and can not figure out how to forget the guy you love most in the world.

You do not know how to do it? We must begin with, honestly answer the one question: do you really want to forget it and never remember? Anyway, not to remember with so much pain and tears, as it is now. If your answers are incomprehensible, something like "time will tell" or "Well, he can still change, and then everything will be fine", it means that you do not want to part with man forever, and hope for a -That the future with him; then it will be a different story. But if you've decided what you want to forget it, and that with it you will no longer "never-never", then throw it out of my head - and from the heart! - Will help our leaders.

Here's what you need to do is to forget the person you like, in two weeks:

  • The first day, the most difficult

This - the Day of the Great Western (but only one day!) Today, you have the right to feel sorry for yourself, crying bitter tears and tell their friends about their miserable share. Yes, now you are all bad. Yes, over your love story and there is nobody to give you flowers and cute souvenirs. And he really was very beautiful (clever, funny ...) Listen to sad songs, watch your favorite movies, put on his sweater, which remained in your home ... and cry, cry, cry! Tears - a protective reaction of the body, which helps get rid of stress and negative emotions.

  • Day Two: garbage overboard!

This - the day to get rid of all the things that remind you of him. Collect all his belongings, CDs, books that are still lying around in your cabinets. Do not forget to take his gifts that he brought to you, or just on the occasion of an event. And all this calmly carry the trash! It's a pity, of course, it is difficult to argue. But you want to forget? You want to prove to herself that he was more for you does not mean anything? Then get rid of it all, do not hesitate! And even if it is then asked if he could pick up his scarf, which he had forgotten in your hallway, you honestly tell the guy that you this scarf has long been thrown out. Together with the other things. Let him know that you do not shed tears over these "souvenirs", regretting the past love!

Oh, and most importantly, all joint romantic image also must be destroyed! Check lying around there even one such picture you among the books or other things, and be sure to remove all pictures from your computer to your phone. It may not be easy, but if you really want to start a new life and someday find their true happiness, then destroy the photos you just have to. And it is hardly possible here any other option!

  • Day Three: the cleansing of body and soul

Today, be sure to take a bath with aromatic salt or oil. For example, use the following composition: seven drops of rosemary oil and seven pinches of sea salt, add in a bath filled with hot water. Soak in water, trying to relax on the dream of something pleasant. When you come out of the bath and open the cap, observe how the water flows, and imagine that it carries with it all your sadness and grief, floating away with them invisible pipes farther and farther. All! Measures for cleaning completed. From this point you start a new life!

  • Day Four: update social circle

It is clear that the general part with all the friends-friends who communicate with your ex, is not necessary. But right now you need to minimize all your random encounters. If you have friends who have not met at the time with your man or intersect with it too seldom, now is the time to begin to communicate primarily with them. So you're one shot kill two birds: firstly, you will minimize the risk of meeting with a former lover, and secondly, you do not have to discuss it with people who do not know him.

Of course, you now better not be one. Socializing with friends will help to distract from the sad thoughts and do not let you feel lonely. Sit with friends in a cafe to talk about plans for the summer, reminiscing about the fun of school or student pranks. We hope your friends have enough sensitivity and tact to try to cheer you up, and not be reminded of past love with questions about the details of your break, or stories about where and with whom they have seen it last week.

It is important to make efforts to create around him a safe and comfortable world - a world full of new interests and new friends who do not know your man in the crowd who did not even know how to spell his name. It will be a world where your ex will not have the right to enter any direct or in a figurative sense - even in your memories. To build around themselves a defensive "fortress", use every opportunity to try something new - scuba diving lessons, a book club, art classes, dance school - so to program their mind and body in the expectation of a new life. Life without him! ..

  • Day Five: direct beauty

Perhaps no one needs to tell you how any woman can cheer up a new hairstyle! Sign up to the good master (only it is to good to inept barber does not ruin your already fragile mood!) And feel free to experiment with your appearance. Change it firmly and irrevocably!

  • Day Six: Ready, Set, Go!

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins - the real "hubbub of happiness." Winter gives you unlimited possibilities - skating, snowboarding, luge, skiing. In summer you can swim in the open water, ride a bike, play tennis or volleyball ... And if all this not enough for you, then you can do in the gym. The usual shaping choose something interesting, such as yoga or belly dancing.

  • The seventh day: eat to live

If your man was a lover of good food, then you nagotavlivaya his delicacies, it is very difficult to resist the temptation to indulge tasty and a favorite. The good news: Now no one will knock you "astray", and you can start to eat healthy food.

  • Day Eight: brains

When you broke up with her beloved, the most difficult - is to stop thinking about it. Thoughts of him and climb into your head, and get rid of them there is no way. True? Well, then the only way out - take yourself so that you have no choice of any free moment. So if you still often suffers from the fact that the time off from school or work at low pressure, it is now worth a dip in their duties to the head. Yes, and a couple of new responsibilities is to take on!

  • Day Nine: all he hated, now you can do!

Perhaps now your relationship with your ex-boyfriend you perceive almost idyllic, but then you probably were some differences. Maybe your guy did not like the music, you are willing to listen to for hours, or irritating your favorite friend? Whatever it was, but just today you have to devote a whole day that you could not do when the former was still your man.

  • Day ten: for those who are still young

If you - the person already quite mature, it will be much easier to find something to do to distract from thoughts about sad love experience (and what you should do in this day). And if you have, for example, a student? You study and began to engage in good faith, and find time for sports; but still an hour or so, when you do not know what to do, and begin to indulge in melancholy. Sometimes? Then look for a job! Many companies will be happy to accept students who can work in two or three hours in the evening, when the permanent staff to their homes. Of course, you earn very little; but the money will not be superfluous for you. By the end of the study you will also be able to boast of the acquired experience!

  • Day Eleven: pleasant chores

Diligent exercise and diet yielded the first results? So, it's time to update your wardrobe. Bring your best friend and go shopping!

  • Day twelve: indescribable beauty!

If you did everything correctly, you are almost ready to be a big party and show itself in all its glory, and not demonstrate universal sadness. Call your girlfriends and start preparing for the remarkable event. A manicure, a pedicure, a mask for all parts of the body and a stunning makeover. Anything you want!

  • Day thirteen: your way out!

The fun and do not forget to glance around, because your real narrowing can occur at any time. Now the main thing - do not miss it!

  • Fourteenth Day: a new life, new ideas

Perhaps, at yesterday's party, you were introduced to a young man who showed great interest to you. And maybe still to come, and now you only think about it. A past love thing of the past!

Thus, even if you have lost your love, it does not mean something for you in this life must end. In no case should not be closed in itself, in its closed all personal space. That's the last thing you should do, because this is what will make you feel really miserable. But you can always look around: who knows, maybe you forget ex-boyfriend is to give way to a new feeling that will make you happy for life?

 How to forget the person you love, if you are parted

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