how to forget a person

All of us at least once in his life had to endure the separation from a loved one, and if you do not want to break a love relationship, the experience it will be much harder. Many people start to suffer at a loss, why it happened, and can not find a way to forget the man who for some length of life for them was perhaps the most important in the world.

Psychology knows not so many methods to get rid of the memories of a loved one, as these feelings and their experience is entirely dependent on the individual characteristics of the different character of each individual. However, there are universal ways through which you can quickly forget the loved one and then begin to live life to the fullest. Consider these methods in more detail.

What should I do to get rid of the memory of the beloved

Remove all things reminiscent of the once-loved one

To get rid of the constant thought of the man who was to have the roads, sometimes it is enough simply to remove from your life all the things that remind us of it. Most often, such things can be attributed all kinds of gifts, small souvenirs, postcards and notes that he'll give away and forgotten in your home clothes, umbrellas, bags, CDs and other personal belongings that your ex-boyfriend did not have time to pick up or simply do not I found it necessary to do so.

If desired, various dates in the home, but it reminds you of the little things you can give to friends or acquaintances, but is much better to take, and without regret throwing them rigidly thwarting attempts of his mind to leave at least something that you really like. Psychologists say that "clean up" their living space from all the things that could remind of a failed novel, the first few days you will certainly experience a little discomfort, but even just a week will feel a complete upgrade of their thoughts and perhaps even find yourself, that for the whole day never remembered former lover.

Get rid of the psychological "anchor"

"Anchor" in psychology is defined as any points that cause a man any particular emotional response with very bright colors, which often occurs at a subconscious level and causes the emergence of certain feelings. For examples of such "anchors" that hinder forget once a loved one is a musical composition, which was played on your first date or during any other significant moments; places where you often liked to walk along; mutual friends, and the like.

If you do not remove these "anchors" of his life, to forget a loved one to which you have experienced any feelings, it will be very, very difficult, even for those people who have the rare ability to control their thoughts and emotions. The fact that the "anchor" act solely on the subconscious and, whether you like it or not, cause a surge of certain emotions. The most difficult - is to identify all the moments and events, reminds you of the former favorite, try not to analyze why certain situations cause you have certain feelings, and try to completely eliminate them from your life.

For breaching this hard work it will need more than one week, but as a result you will be able to get rid of the most powerful subconscious signals that prevent you quickly forget the person with whom you had rasstatsya. In addition, such a profound self-study over a significantly develop the ability to cope with any difficult situations and try to understand a little this interesting science, psychology.

Embark on a journey

Council to take a trip that modern psychology gives every other difficult situations, already seems a little "jaded", and because less effective. However, if you are concerned about how to forget a person, once to give you the happiest moments of life, such advice is actually one of the most effective.

The fact is that taking a vacation and having decided to travel, any person, as a rule, pre-configured on a positive wave, and once in the destination, further deepened in the positive perception of life due to the large number of new experiences. If a holiday supplement easy and pleasant exercise in the fresh air and healthy delicious food with plenty of fruit and vegetables, the "enlightenment" of thoughts will not take long.

Activities you can choose any brand, as they say, to your taste, because its goal is complete relaxation and spending time just the way you like most. The only undesirable type of holiday to forget former lover is lying on the beach every day, because nothing involved in this case, the brain begin to do "pop" to the owner thought only about with whom you had recently split. And indeed, most effectively on holiday, the principle of "the more risky and unusual, the better," because in most cases, completely rid of any thoughts about a man who had once been indifferent to you.

 psychology as a forgotten man

Think of all his negative qualities

As a rule, the person to whom you are having a strong romantic feelings or who just really like you, I appear before your eyes in the "pink" light, not allowing even the slightest to see his shortcomings and negative nature. However, even with the experience of love couples who have lived together for more than a year, the partners may notice certain flaws in each other's behavior, but it may not give them the values ​​that remained in the minds of the picture almost perfect romance.

This, of course, is pure self-deception, which simply allows for quite a long time there in the comfort of emotional and psychological state. However, at a time when there is parting with a loved one, we are often completely forget all the negative aspects of the former Soviet Union have, and before our mind's eye sweep only happy moments. You can continue to continue to cherish the pleasant memories, but forget the way former lover certainly fail.

To get rid of mental depending on when a loved one is to try to remember all the negative aspects of his character, as well as any unpleasant situation associated with it, and, most importantly, write it all down on paper. The most famous works of psychology says that you can remember any number of various "sins" and the negative features of his former second half, but really aware of all this is possible only when before the eyes will rest as much as possible a more detailed list.

Record should be all the way down to the most minor detail, since every negative feature acts like a way of forgetting the beloved is only strengthened. Writing such a list should be at least several times a day (and better with every free minute), read it, until you realize that regret is not complicated relationship with such a rude, unpleasant and unattractive type is simply no need.

This method is very often not only quickly forget the failed partner in life, but also to develop a good habit to pay attention not only to the dignity and the shortcomings of the people who at first sight is often not very visible, but later can have a significant impact on building public -or relationship with that person.

Leave attempt to forget

One of the most controversial, but quite effective in many "neglected" cases of human way of forgetting is deliberately cultivating any, even the smallest thought about it. It should try to think about his former second half every second without interruption to any other thoughts. Every day you must try to increase the duration of the memories of a loved one, filling them any "gaps" in the mind, including during a random free moments at work or school.

It would seem that such advice is completely absurd, because in front of you is quite the opposite goal, but to many people it is an exaggerated mental note to his former partner in life and helps to forget it. The fact is that, forcibly causing in my mind certain thoughts, eventually you will achieve that your subconscious mind will begin to actively oppose them and literally "push" their brand new, as a rule, far more joyful and positive thoughts. Despite the effectiveness of similar method can be applied only when the others were ineffective.

Find new romantic affair

Progressive Psychology offers another bold way to forget once loved one - simply re-tighten the dizzying fall in love and romance, emotions, from which will enable to displace the idea of ​​the failed second half. This method can be applied only in cases when you know that the new feelings and impressions can easily get you out of any condition characterized by such negative phenomena as melancholy, apathy, lethargy, and the like.

However, even if you decide to start a new novel, it does not mean that is "throw" on the first comer, since such relations may just lead to further dive into a state close to depression. Simply costs more to communicate with new people, to get acquainted with those who have similar interests, start to lead an active social life, enroll in dancing or any courses that involve learning what attracts you for a long time. In general, the more active life you lead, the sooner find a new love and be able to immerse your head in a romantic relationship, is completely forgotten and ex-boyfriend.

 how to forget human psychology

Just wait

Very often, people start frantically looking for ways how to make himself forget the person, from the moment when the separation took place only a few weeks, or even a day. Of course, in such cases, neither of which the effectiveness of forgetting can be no question as to quickly get rid of the thoughts of a man who yesterday was for you one of the most expensive in the world, it will not turn. Psychology as a science, most closely engaged in the problem of human feelings and emotions in a variety of planes, advises simply to be patient and wait for the first, the most striking negative impressions of the gap is not extinguished, and life does not go into more normal.

Trying to remember a loved one for a couple of days or weeks, stupid and ineffective because subconsciously you'll still consider him a close friend for at least several months. Particularly positive people who enjoy life in all its manifestations, to the complete disappearance of thoughts about former lover and can last 2-3 weeks, but the more susceptible individuals, who are accustomed to experience all at a very deep inner level, forgetting for a truly loved one It may need even a year. However, what type would you or treated in any case it is necessary to trust the flow of time, which, as you know, is the best healer in getting rid of any feelings of heart.

Despite the fact that now is an opportunity to forget a loved one may seem absolutely unreal to you, remember that a lot of people around the world managed to get rid of the obsessive thoughts about a former lover and begin to live a new, vibrant and full of life. If you do not be lazy and take advantage of all the tips from this article, you probably will succeed in this difficult matter as once forgetting a loved one. If, having tried to practice all the methods described above, you have not achieved the desired "oblivion", it remains only to consult a psychologist who will forget frustrated mate once and for all.

 How to forget the person you loved and maybe even continue to love