panic attacks


  • Features Panic Attacks
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Further examination of patients
  • How to get rid of panic attacks?

In each of our lives there are situations when we experience anxiety. We are going through, worry and fear for the child to go to study in another city, for old times parents who are constantly ill, for themselves, so we were a bit hard to predict what might happen in the future. Agree situation requires experience such feelings.

Anxiety - a certain defense mechanisms of our nervous system that cause us to gather strength and to solve the problem. Because otherwise we would hardly have tried to change something if it was firmly confident that everything will be fine. And so, when we are worried about someone or something in our body begins to produce stress. As a result - we find a way out of the situation.

As usual anxiety manifested? The man begins to faster heart beat, increased sweating, there is a slight fever, blood drain from his face. At the same time such a person is experiencing a little discomfort. But all of these symptoms are quite fast and do not fit into the concept of the clinical picture of a panic attack.

As mentioned above, we often worry (nearly every day). But there is always a reason. If a person is constantly tense, afraid of something all the time going through, and for no apparent reason, then it is considered a deviation from the norm. Panic attacks overtake these people in the most unexpected moments, the reason for this can not be. Diseased person can not work normally, relax, enjoy life. And to cope with this disorder can not be yourself. You will need long-term treatment by a specialist. And the sooner it will appeal to the people, the better.

Features Panic Attacks

To begin to understand that actually represent the panic attacks. This constantly repeated panic attacks that occur suddenly and without reason. They are accompanied by unfounded fear, anxiety, phobia. Similar attack lasts about an hour on average, no more. This person simply ceases to control himself.

It is significant that such baseless attacks occur when life is not in danger. The most common panic attack begins in a public place or in a confined space. Anxiety may occur because of unknown noise in the sunbeams, bright headlights - it is difficult to predict what will cause a panic attack at this time.

To date not yet possible to answer the question why this or that special cases panic attacks. But usually attacks appear after any serious shocks, because of stress, prolonged and severe emotional stress. In this important role played by physical and psychological health, as well as a predisposition to such diseases.

For example, if someone from ancestors suffered from panic attacks, the offspring can also be of such violations, and the first signs can be seen in childhood. But, of course, the parents of these manifestations are almost always left without due attention. And no wonder, because they do not realize that their child may be faced with this disease.

Thus, at risk are people who have problems with health (especially with heart disease, thyroid), and the person abusing or addicted to wine spirits. By the way, a panic attack - is the main "friend" hangover. But no matter what is the cause of this disease, in any case, you should immediately consult your doctor to get treatment. Ignore the treatment of panic attacks is by no means impossible - otherwise you risk to make serious mental problems.

 panic attack

Diagnosis of the disease

At first glance it is difficult to distinguish from the usual panic attack anxiety. As soon as an experienced specialist will be able to make a diagnosis, of course, based on the analysis of the behavior of the patient. Symptoms of the disease are very diverse - they can be not only fear and excitement. For example, such a person will not be able to behave normally in everyday life, it's hard to adjust to what is happening around.

A man by the people, especially strangers, avoid public places - even a simple trip to the store is a real challenge. Threats to see caricatures everywhere - in a passing truck, dog runs. At night, the man often disturbing nightmares. In short, human life is transformed into a real nightmare. The helplessness, apathy, anger all over the world - this is the highest point of climax, when a person simply need help psychiatrist and neurologist.

So, one should go to a specialist, if attacks occur too often (2-3 times a month). After a panic attack is completed, you feel very weak, as if worked for two days without sleep. At the same time you have developed some kind of phobia that interferes with normal life. Yes, we are all afraid of something: the dark, spiders, dentists. But healthy people manage to overcome it - otherwise, we can talk about the symptoms of a panic attack.

The patient as a person may develop a fear of closed or open spaces, to cope with which it is impossible to independently. Normally, such a person believes that the crowd, elevator, corridor etc things are a threat to his life. And he tries to avoid such places where people can gather, is constantly climbing the stairs to the upper floors, etc.

If time does not begin to treat panic attacks, further attacks are accompanied by nervous breakdowns, problems with the cardiovascular system, inability to distinguish the real thing from the unreal. Cases of loss of consciousness in a "dangerous" situation. Therefore, the first task of the doctor - patient learn to control themselves. Only after the patient will understand that the panic attacks are no danger to its life will be rid of the disease. Naturally, in this period it is better to give up driving and heavy work.

Further examination of patients

People go to the hospital with complaints of causeless panic, may additionally be sent to ultrasound, electrocardiogram. You will also need to pass tests (blood, urine). Plus, without examination by other specialists (internists, endocrinologists, drug treatment specialists, gastroenterologists) can not do. Such measures are necessary in order to identify the possible causes of this disorder. Otherwise, treat the disease is very difficult.

For example, there can be problems with the thyroid gland, which is why there was a hormonal failure. Panic attacks, nervosa, epilepsy - these disorders sometimes quite similar. And those who previously did not face this, is unlikely to make a correct diagnosis. None of the treatment of the psyche will not be effective if you do not cure the underlying disease. That is why it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately as soon as you notice the first signs of illness. If you try to just take off an attack, to no good it will not - the disease to be treated.

 panic attack symptoms

How to get rid of panic attacks?

As you know, just to get rid of your attacks are unlikely. We'll have to take long-term treatment, drinking special drugs (tranquilizers), to help cope with the symptoms of a panic attack. Treatment can take a very long time - from months to years, depending on the situation of neglect. Once again - see your doctor immediately at the first sign of the disease.

To self-medicate in this case should not, as a tablet each particular person selected individually. An important role is played not only the patient, but also his way of life, the presence of any associated symptoms and diseases. By the way, in order to avoid complications, you should tell the doctor about the medications you are currently taking, as well as allergies to certain substances.

During treatment, have to give up many of the "pleasures": smoking, alcohol. Since alcohol is better not to play, as a mixture of pills and booze had led to no good. Maybe all the sad end, until death. The same goes for drugs. Even the seemingly harmless nicotine contributes to the symptoms of a panic attack. Of course, it will not be easy, but since much you decide to treat this illness, gather all his will into a fist.

Of course, this phenomenon is very unpleasant, but do not despair - if you have time to contact the person will comply with all the recommendations, after a couple of months you will be an order of magnitude easier. A year later, do you forget that a panic attack. The main thing - to entrust their health experienced professionals who have not cured a single patient. And who knows exactly how to treat you.

 Panic attacks - this is serious!

 value posture during sleep


  • A little about the phenomenon
  • The value of pos dream
  • Who sleeps beside you

In the dream, we spend somewhere one-third of our lives. Of course, most of us dream about the arms of Morpheus in a spacious bedroom on the beach, but, oddly enough, the quality of sleep does not depend on it. Or rather, not only from this. A very important role in this issue played posture of sleep, and their importance can not be underestimated. If you want to know more about it - you are welcome!

A little about the phenomenon

Before discussing the meaning of certain provisions in a dream, you need to understand a little with himself. As we know from school, we put to sleep in order to give the body a rest. At this time reduced the speed and intensity of metabolic processes, and internal organs begin to work much more slowly. It happens that a person is sleep so deep that the body moves to the rhythm of close to comatose: the breath almost inaudible, slow heart rate, and the brain is resting.

In addition to rest, sleep to the body and performs other useful functions. Sleep is essential for many processes, implemented the central nervous system. In particular, thanks to him, our memory is functioning normally, because he is involved in the processing and storage of information. REM sleep helps consolidate the studied material - which is why the preparation for the exam is recommended to stretch for a few days with a mandatory break for the night. And during REM sleep deployed our subconscious expectations about the desired development. Hence the phenomenon of prophetic dreams and deja vu.

Surely you noticed that more convenient and comfortable to sleep at night - in the dark. This is due to the fact that sleep also provides our adaptation to changing light conditions. In general, it normally occurs every twenty-four hours. At the same time every day rhythm may vary due to changes in day length.

Do you remember the idea about the fact that people who have little sleep, often suffer from? She has serious physiological bases. While visions of dreams are activated T-cells that fight colds both viral and bacterial. With this restores and strengthens the immune system. It is for these and many other reasons to sleep and enough sleep is very important for our physical and mental well-being.

 posture during sleep value

The value of pos dream

Psychological character traits are evident in all our actions: appearance, gait, speech, and choice of wardrobe, etc. ... But if all of the above can, if desired, to control the posture of a dream it becomes almost impossible. The way we sleep, we can tell a lot about us as a person: our mood, character, condition, relationships with others, worldview. What does each individual posture?

  1. Pose "embryo"

    A man sleeps on his side. He pulls up his knees bent to his chest and usually takes one of the corners of bed. The person is at the same time turning away from the wall. Often, between the knees is a fragment of a blanket or pillow. This posture resembles a sleeping baby in the womb, and tells us about the need for security. In the belly of my mother we all feel secure, and in the outside world such a state - a luxury. Therefore, being in a difficult situation, in a dream, we often accept this particular position, wanting to return to a sense of peace and grace.

    But if a man sleeps so ever, it can talk about his character. Rather, he is indecisive and anxious. In his youth he was not separated from his mother and now feels a constant need of help and support from others. However, he may experience difficulty in isolation and communication. He feels some anxiety in relation to the people around him, so that it is difficult to openly express their emotions and feelings. Close and trusting relationship to him is not easy to install, but when it does, it becomes a good and loyal friend.

  2. Pose "star"

    A person can lie on your back or stomach. His hands and feet at the same time spread wide so that he allegedly tries to take as much of the bed. Roughly the same thing happens in the life of man seeks to prove himself all over. For him the important sense of self-importance, he often has a high self-esteem, which may be hidden under the various complexes. He may show persistent or even aggressive behavior.

    Sometimes this position is a consequence of situational problems in a person's life. For example, when someone is too much pressure on him or tries to "climb on its territory." In this case, he wants to designate its own place in space and defend it. Also this posture may occur in situations when you feel the rise of energy and feel incredibly successful.

  3. "Soldier" posture

    A man sleeps on his back, as if stretching his arms at his sides. Characteristic of people covered and closed. As a rule, such a person behaves with other people silently and discreetly - prefer the word action. At the same time, he does not like fuss or unnecessary gestures. Such a person is distinguished by directness and stiffness (and those to whom the name refers postures). He presents to themselves and others high standards, he loves everything to be on the highest level.

  4. Pose "King"

    This position differs freedom and relaxation: the human hand extended along the body and are a short distance from him, his legs straightened and deployed, but not "scattered" around. It is likely that different sleep-confidence, honesty, straightforwardness and ingenuousness. This is a consequence of his honesty and integrity. Some of its manifestations may seem harsh, but they are associated with the directness of character.

    Such a person can be identified distinct leadership qualities that he persistently pursue their goals. Sometimes it turns into stubbornness, when the goal is and does not need, and he goes, and goes to her. It is not easy to convince - on the contrary, by that, he could further insist on.

  5. Pose "on his stomach"

    You lie with outstretched hands above his head, legs straight, sometimes a bit half-bent. In general, people love this pose closed, but not as much as in the case of the posture "fetus." For them the most important thing - is to keep the boundaries of personal space, for example, do not let strangers into his personal life. They are quite independent from society in their judgments.

    They like order and structure throughout. People sleeping on your stomach, like to plan your day, set things in places that sometimes comes to pedantry. In dealing with them reveals some zanudlivym, which is compensated by their perseverance and persistence in achieving goals. In this regard, they often achieve a certain social status and financial position.

    In the case when sleeping on his stomach turns a lot, it may indicate the need for situational problem solving. Currently, he is actively fighting with them, and he needs a resource in the form of additional stability and reliability.

  6. Pose "philosopher"

    A man sleeps on his back, as if his hands, bent at the elbows, behind the head, which rests on the palms. It seems that he now addresses some serious philosophical problem. And it is far from the truth, because such a posture characterized by serious reasonable colleagues who tend to communicate in-depth topics. They differ in some slowness in their actions. All together, this may account for some of the problems in dealing with the opposite polom.Eta posture may be taken with a small variation of a man - he sleeps on his stomach. Because of this, the head turned to the side, but also lies on the palms. They are, by and large tend to roughly the same as that of humans, described above, but in a slightly different way. They differ reticence, shyness and refinement. These people are practical, but they are hard to take this or that decision of his life, so they are inclined to change their minds.

  7. Pose "cross"

    Sleep is as a twisted, one hand is up, the other down, one leg straight in the thigh, but bent at the knee, the other - on the contrary. Thus, man becomes like a frozen runner who, being in the process, swings his arms and legs alternately throws.

    This position is characteristic of unorganized people. They are always late, and, going somewhere, can not always put the right things in a bag and something always forget. Naturally, discipline them lame: they can not fit into any framework or standards because of its nesobrannosti and moodiness. They should not be relied on in a little bit really significant. Often they throw the case in the middle, not leading to the end.

  8. Normal posture

    It is so called because of the fact that it prefers to sleep in it about thirty percent of the world's population. You lie on your side, your limbs are slightly bent, hands may be a little higher than his head, and one of them may lie on the chest or under your pillow.

    Since this position selects the majority of people, it is difficult to say anything about the peculiarities of their character. However, usually sleeping in this position is open human. If he manages, turning from side to side, to keep the selected position, it speaks of his ability to adapt to changing circumstances. He is calm, sociable, balanced, flexible in communication, so it has a wide circle of acquaintances, and among friends, he often becomes the soul of the company.

  9. Pose "heron"

    This is a variation on the usual posture: hands behind his head are sleeping, one leg straight and the other bent, adjacent to the first triangle. Such people usually capricious and unpredictable. They all depends on the mood in which they are located: one day can go "on the positive" in the active frame of mind, and the other - in complete apathy and passivity. The same applies to their sexuality, and if the upper leg is bent, it is below, and if lower, on the contrary.

  10. Pose "logs"

    A man lying on his side, his arms stretched along the body. This means that it is usually open and natured. He likes to communicate with people - it gives him a real pleasure. This makes it quick and easy to converge with new people. In some cases (especially emphasized if the arms are stretched forward, making a pose like a silhouette of a man begging), he is too trusting. Decisions of this person takes slow, but if he had thought up, but is unlikely to abandon it. Although sometimes it happens that often confronted with deceit, he turns into a cynical and distrustful person.

 the value of sleep posture

Who is sleeping next to you?

Every girl in the depths of my soul loves fortune telling. We are very interested to know anything about the others on any particular grounds. This is especially true favorite men. From the way they sleep, can say a lot about their character. Observe your partner while you sleep, and maybe you will open its new facets.

If a man sleeps on his stomach, then it is likely that he is inclined to keep everything under control. Especially this applies to those individuals who like to sleep in the process to take most of the beds. He seemed to hint to you - "this is my territory." In general, the desire to win - a prominent feature of all representatives of the stronger sex, but this particular she may have expressed to a greater extent. Sexually, these partners tend to be conservative, but try to make sure that it was good for both.

Sleeping on the back of a man calm and balanced. You probably noticed him optimistic statements - a positive outlook on things in many ways it is inherent. He does not have a neurotic desire to defend himself, that can be understood by looking at the defenseless belly, and this suggests a rather high self-esteem. However, if he regularly throws his hands behind his head, then this may indicate excessive arrogance and vanity. Typically, such a man is very sociable and likes to be the center of attention. Sexually, he liked to be domineering and controlling the process, so he is inclined to choose his posture, rhythm and other intimate nuances.

Sleeping on your side is quite common among men. Those who choose this position, usually simple in communication and unpretentious. It is easy to give way to palm or compromise. They are not alien to the openness and emotional sensitivity. However, if in a dream your partner pulls his knees to his chin and moving into position "embryo" then beware: this man in need of comfort and affection. Sexually, they are quite nice and romantic, like a long prelude. The same they expect from women, so you can please your favorite passionate kisses and gentle touches. In general, they like variety.

No need to control yourself and try to go to a specific position. This is not the time of psychotherapeutic and psychodiagnostic. At the same time, to observe the sleeping man, it can be concluded that he is excited at the moment, even though he does not realize it.

But the interpretation of the key in a dream is not a science, so the most important thing - to you and your family comfortably, and you slept in your chosen position.

 Meaning poses in a dream guide the kingdom of Morpheus