causes of computer addiction


  • The mechanism of action, depending on whom it applies
  • How to recognize a computer addiction?
  • How to get rid of computer addiction?
  • 5 tips for people who have a computer dependence

The rapid development of modern technologies and the emergence of the personal computer with unlimited access to the Internet will greatly facilitate the lives of ordinary citizens. Now we can easily communicate with people from the most remote corners of the world, free to download music, movies, books, playing computer games and even work from home. But along with the above benefits can be called also a number of significant disadvantages, which carries a similar existence. Chief among them is the fact that a person is literally pulled into the virtual world. And then comes the time to think how to get rid of computer addiction.
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The mechanism of action, depending on whom it applies

Like any other addiction, there is a computer on the basis of pleasure. At the chemical level in the human body comes the release of endorphins, hormones of happiness, which improve his mood, cause a smile and a sense of lightheartedness. If a chemical dependency for this person will need to use a substance that can cause euphoria, in the case of psychological dependence enough to sit at the computer. The need for this may cause, and the factor that the network has the ability to "wear a mask" to hide under a false appearance and become what he can be in real life - rich, successful, confident, courageous.

That is why many affiliates are so worried about my ranking in social networks and the number of "likes", assigned to them, because the only way they can feel popular and in demand.

Most often suffer from computer addiction children, teenagers, do not receive proper attention, oppressed by something or someone who can not develop their talents and abilities in a variety of sections or study groups (for example, due to material causes). Also, depending on the computer susceptible immature individual, self-contained or poorly socially adapted people, those who are experiencing some stress and can not solve their problems in no other way but to flee from them.

 computer relationship can be treated alternating with a friend
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How to recognize a computer addiction?

Before embarking on serious action, you must make sure whether we are dealing with a case of dependence. Signs of such are:

  1. The lack of control over their own time. If a person comes into a social network for five minutes to check whether it is not a new message, and remains there for an hour or more, if the time of his dream is reduced to 4-2 hours, and the first thing he does in the morning after waking up - includes a computer and only then washes, dresses and breakfast, on the face of the first sign of addiction.
  2. The fall performance at work, university, school. Drawing on the computer most of his time dependent rarely have time to carry out all the duties assigned to him. He was not ready for the exam and control, not homework, can not properly prepare a presentation or make a report, and hence implies all backfire.
  3. Loss of interest in reality and the outside world. Surprisingly, nature walks and visits to fun activities, many prefer aimless surfing the Internet and review sites ridiculous, toys, video.
  4. Termination of communicating with friends, family, loved ones, or the transition from the virtual to the real communication to the extent that people do stop to see.
  5. Indifference to his appearance. It does not matter what kind of sit in front of the monitor, because we have all the same no one sees. Should I take the time to wash my face, brush my teeth and comb hair when you can just sit down at your computer? Gradually the attitude to itself becomes a habit, and a person's appearance is becoming increasingly unattractive.
  6. The emergence of health problems. Depending on what a person in itself is not healthy, but beyond this psychological illnesses appear and others. Increased irritability, aggression, depression - that's what awaits all who are being influenced by the computer and the Internet, giving himself to them in captivity. Besides, a person may develop eye disease and musculoskeletal system, disrupting the processes of digestion, cause gastritis or migraine.

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How to get rid of computer addiction?

There are several ways out of this situation. You can go for drastic measures, and we can try to act in stages, depending on the retreating gradually. Here are some ways to do it better:

  1. Disable the Internet and remove the computer from view and access dependent. However, this method has a strong side effect. If the addict away his "doping", he starts an awful break-up, and followed her into hysterics, aggression, desire to protect itself from this world. Exactly the same will happen with computer-dependent, so for such a radical method should be used only after the consent of the dependent and the willingness to take that step.
  2. For the gradual elimination of computer addiction is to reduce daily spending time at the computer for 5-10 minutes. If a person has not coped with the task of today and tomorrow I will have to cut that time in half. Type the kind of system of penalties. So this week, you can reduce the stay in the virtual world at 35-70 minutes, and in the past month - by as much as 150-300, in general it is 2, 5-5 hours of time saved.
  3. Depending on the computer does not get rid of, is that not want. Alas, only one complaint and desire for this little family. The man must ask himself questions that he gives is that he gets and it loses, spending most of his time at the monitor as it affects his family. We must try to encourage dependent on the desire to resolve their problems.
  4. You can try to redirect the attention of the person from your computer to another object. For example, give him a pet that requires attention and care. Then time on the internet will be much smaller, and the favorite in the house, it may be able to give those emotions that a person previously lacked and that he tried to find the net.
  5. Sometimes the situation is aggravated so much that without the help of professionals from her not to leave. In such cases, it makes sense to turn to a psychologist or therapist to help deal with the root of the problem, to induce a person to act and to direct it to the right path.

 gym can distract you from your computer depending

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5 tips for people who have a computer dependence

If you suffer from computer addiction is not one of your friends or loved ones, and yourself, you can help the following recommendations:

  1. Alternate visit Internet resources with the implementation of important cases to you. Take a break in the entertainment and not a break in entertainment - to work. At the same time the duration of such breaks should not exceed 15 minutes.
  2. Find a hobby. Instead of sitting at the computer, start to learn a foreign language, reading books (not electronic), engaged in dancing or boxing, swimming, going to the gym, to draw or cook. The new activity will entice you so that over time, the Internet will no longer cause a strong interest as before.
  3. Most Call me to visit friends and relatives, and do not forget to visit them. You can organize joint forays into nature, to the cinema or a cafe. So you remember how fun time spent together before the advent of the Internet, and understand how much better live chat virtual.
  4. Leave only useful links and program in his computer, discard all unnecessary subscriptions. View video gags on YouTube, online games, over-activity in social networks - it takes away your precious time and does not bring absolutely no benefit.
  5. If you do not have enough willpower and self-control, ask someone from relatives to look after you and not to violate the rules. And in the case of non-compliance can set specific sanctions. For example, if you love chocolate, you have to give it up at any time, if you had an additional hour for groups on the Internet over the weekend, you will lose it, and agree to do the cleaning, and so on. D.

And finally, remember that know how to get rid of computer addiction, a little. In order to achieve a positive result and full exemption from it must be a man of his awareness of the problem and a strong desire to solve it. If you set a goal and tirelessly for her to go, then, in the end, it will be achieved. Whatever may have been tempting the virtual world, but to change the present it is not worth it.

 How to overcome the dependence on the computer?