causes of tobacco addiction


  • The harm of smoking to our body
  • Current methods to combat smoking

About detrimental effects of tobacco on the human body and especially on the female body, probably do not need to tell anyone. Therefore, to conduct timely treatment of tobacco dependence is necessary. We all know that smoking leads to infertility, it worsens the condition of internal organs and skin, destroying the cardiovascular system. The person becomes irritable, inattentive, there are problems with memory and much more. And knowing all that, people still continue to reach for a cigarette from time to time.

 patches for the treatment of nicotine addiction can be bought at any drugstore
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The harm of smoking to our body

For women, smoking carries more serious consequences than for men. Unlike women, men smoke harms basically just imagine. And women who smoke is responsible at least for themselves and their future offspring. How can smoking woman to give birth to a healthy baby full? Smoke their first cigarette in his early youth or as an adult woman is not difficult, but the refusal to addiction will cause an enormous and long-lasting power over himself.

Today there are many ways to help to give up smoking. But the effectiveness of tobacco dependence treatment will result only if you're dead set on a long and difficult work on his bad habit.

Tobacco addiction - is not only a physical need to obtain nicotine by the body, but also a psychological dependence. Nicotine - a drug that, like any other, with the blood gets into your brain and depresses the nervous system. To restore internal organs take a long time. Nicotine addiction is formed as follows: the nicotine, getting the blood goes to the brain and excites nerve cells. Nicotine gets doping for our brain, due to the absence of which the brain fails to work in full force. This is the most important part of psychological dependence.

 Acupuncture helps in the treatment of nicotine addiction
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Current methods to combat smoking

Medical technique is considered very effective and efficient. Very popular with the nicotine replacement drugs treating substance. The patches and chewing gum alone can buy in a store or pharmacy. Tablets exactly as your doctor prescribe. When you receive drugs from the smoker a feeling of an overdose of nicotine and causes a feeling of aversion to cigarette smoke, forcing to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked. And then comes the complete elimination of tobacco. Control of the treatment carried out by doctors. This method allows you to first get rid of the physical, and then a psychological dependence.

Acupuncture (acupuncture) is one of the really existing methods to quit smoking. Acupuncture - the impact on the biologically active points of the body with thin needles. Since smoking - is acquired reflex, it is recorded in one of the areas of the brain, and when exposed to certain points on the human body disappears reflex smoker. And yet another valuable feature of the method lies in the fact that with the help of acupuncture physical addiction to nicotine passes. This treatment carries out specialist.

Psychotherapeutic methods aimed at reducing the psychological craving for tobacco, as well as to work with the person. If you have enough willpower and perseverance, you can successfully quit smoking thanks to this method. Well, you can help a pretty well-known book Allen Carr's "Easy Way to Stop Smoking". You can also take the help of a specialist individual or group lessons.

Substitution treatment as an example of the electronic cigarette

This cigarette looks a little different from the usual. Represents a plastic tube packed with electronics and consists of a replaceable cartridge in which the aqueous solution of the purified nicotine. When using the electronic cigarette smoker does not absorb harmful substances that are found in conventional tobacco and tobacco smoke, and therefore causes less harm to their health. But electronic cigarettes, we do not treat, physical and psychological dependence on smoking persist. In order to obtain a therapeutic effect, require complex treatment with psychotherapeutic method.   Scientists still disagree about the benefits and dangers of e-cigarettes.

We have considered just a few methods. There are lots of ways, such as breathing exercises, hypnosis, traditional medicine, etc., which are aimed at helping in the fight against tobacco. If you are determined to quit and take control of the body, can only choose one method that is right for you!

 Methods for tobacco control

 causes of alcohol dependence


  • The first signs of addiction to alcohol
  • Professional help
  • What if the patient refuses treatment
  • Rehabilitation after treatment

Binge drinking - it's trouble, which can not be compared with the terrible consequences of war or an epidemic. Different diseases, old age and untimely death, children born with hereditary diseases, crime and suicide - all this horrible drinking companions.

Awful vice inevitably leads to the destruction and degradation of the individual. The drunkard die all human dignity, hardens the heart, he ceases to feel pain and compassion for loved ones. At this point the question arises, how to get rid of alcohol addiction if people have already succumbed to the fatal passion and self-will not be able to resist it.

The main thing is you can not give up, because the disease is curable. A firm decision to quit drinking - this is a victory, albeit won by only half.

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The first signs of addiction to alcohol

There are several signs by which one can determine the alcohol dependence. And to deal with any disease in the initial stages will be much easier.

  1. The first thing you should be alerted - this desire to drink even a little, but almost every day. Over time, this passion begins to grow into a habit and becomes an integral part of life.
  2. Soon, the man begins to feel uncomfortable when during the day he could not drink any beverage with alcohol content.
  3. There is a feeling that alcohol helps to find a common language with friends and build relationships with the boss, brings clarity to your life.
  4. Increasingly, people are persecuted unjustified outbursts of anger, the need to offend or insult another.
  5. Previous state gives way to depression, acute perceived failure of all life, visit the gloomy thoughts.
  6. There comes a time when a person is no longer needed some excuse to fill a considerable dose of alcohol.

 Treatment of alcohol dependence by ART

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Professional help

Specialists medical centers help to cope not only with the physiological problems of the patient, but also psycho. To the alcoholic want to get rid of addiction, he should learn to analyze their behavior, to recognize reactions that contribute to bringing to drunkenness.

  1. Method of test VRT (vegetative resonance effects) treats mental and emotional disorders. Special instrument displays on the screen information about the "failures" in the body and allows competently and quickly pick up individual means for treatment. But this medicine to buy at the pharmacy is not necessary. The device extracts the data using a computer program based on resonant influence on biologically active points. That is, there is the impact on your body as if you are a long time to take the necessary medicine for you.
  2. MLT (magnetic-laser therapy) is aimed at cleansing and restoring the biochemical composition of the blood and improve the work of the liver cells. After alcohol passing through the stomach and is absorbed into the blood in the first place it destroys the body.
  3. TES-therapy (electrical stimulation of the brain) - a very common method in getting rid of alcohol addiction. During treatment, fermentation occurs growth of brain activity is reduced production of serotonin and endorphin.
  4. Coding - the oldest but least effective method of treatment. It acts on the human consciousness, a certain programming code that does not allow the use of alcohol. If the patient slips and sipped a glass, it offers a very unpleasant consequences. For the coding of the patient should refrain from alcohol for at least 10 days. This is a prerequisite.
  5. Filing - a technique in which the patient is administered intravenously or sew a special preparation, artificially provoking all the signs of alcohol poisoning, there are nausea, vomiting, weakness. Thanks to this steady formed aversion to alcohol. Important role affects the psychological factor - the fear of death.
  6. Herbal Medicine or herbal medicine can also help cure patients with alcoholism. There is a huge number of possible recipes based on herbs and roots, created by many generations of people. They help to deal with alcoholism and to support the failing health of the patient. After all, as a result of alcohol abuse affected virtually the entire organism. Antialcoholic teas help reduce and sometimes completely eliminate the craving for alcohol.

 addiction treatment by a psychologist

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What if the patient refuses treatment

More difficult is the case when an alcoholic is unwilling to recognize his craving for alcohol and refuses to take medication. Then come to the aid of traditional medicine. However, the effectiveness of their impact on the body of the doctor questioned. In their opinion, alcohol is best treated with medicines. But many drugs may not be used without the knowledge of the patient.

In the early stages ray just to try to convince the person in need of treatment. He will deny that he was sick until he realizes all the destructive consequences of alcoholism. Psychologists recommend to resort to family therapy. Its main idea - to nullify the desire to drink alcohol. Instead, you should see a strong desire to stop drinking. Based on this method, many families manage to save a loved one. For compulsory treatment is used only as a last resort.
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Rehabilitation after treatment

You can not give up the addiction only by hardware methods of physiotherapy, herbs and nutrition. The person who made the first step towards getting rid of a bad habit, you should learn to live without alcohol. You will need great strength of will and endurance . At the very beginning of an irresistible urge to drink will follow every step. But do not give in to temptation, otherwise it could end very badly.

The aim of the rehabilitation program is to create a solid mounting on a sober life. To this end, developed special courses and psychotherapy sessions that will keep a person in his aspiration to give up a terrible addiction. You do not need to lose heart when faced with problems, it is best to continue the fight with the disease. You can not give up, as many do at the first failure, considering himself powerless to continue the struggle.

 How to get rid of alcoholism?