causes of alcohol dependence


  • Dovzhenko method
  • Tool coding
  • The chemical (pharmacological) coding
  • Support encoded by

Alcoholism - a disease which is now recognized as a scourge of our society.

A person suffering from alcohol dependence, are often unable to cope with the problem, because alcohol inhibits the willpower. The official medicine can not offer treatment of this disease, but there is an alternative - coding of alcoholic dependence. About encoding heard everything, even those who did not have friends and relatives with such dependence, but not all are what is behind this word.

In Addiction, the term "coding" ("encoding") is a generic and refers to methods of suggestion, whose purpose is the treatment of alcoholism or drug addiction in a single session. All of these methods are related to the fact that the patient fearsome threat of death in the case of reception of alcohol or drugs. Many professionals involved in the coding of alcoholic dependence, understand the term is much broader.

Today, there are three types of coding:

  1. With the help of psychotherapy: lectures, videos, conversations with the doctor. It is rarely used alone, as in this case, a person must have a strong desire to stop drinking, and a strong will. This includes the so-called method Dovzhenko, who was created in the Soviet Union in the 80s of XX century.
  2. With the help of instrumental effects: magnetic resonance, and laser therapy. By using hardware techniques unloaded locus of excitation in the central nervous system that occurs when taking alcoholic drinks. And pathological craving for alcohol disappears.
  3. Using pharmacological effects: drugs "Torpedo", "block", "Esperal." They provoke a person up to the unpleasant symptoms of suffocation and spasms after drinking alcohol.

 Treatment of alcohol dependence hypnosis

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Dovzhenko method

The classic way of psychotherapeutic coding for alcohol dependence. Suitable for people with elementary or middle stage of alcoholism. A prerequisite for voluntary encodes a desire to stop drinking and sober for 10, the best 15 days.

The method is based on hypnosis or deep psychotherapeutic impact on the patient, resulting in his subconscious is formed installation on a healthy lifestyle and desire for acceptance of alcohol is reduced and eventually completely disappearing. In this regard, the person subjected to the encoding for alcohol dependence arises aversion to taste and smell of alcohol beverages.

The entire process takes about 3-4 hours and is divided into several stages:

  1. Personal conversation with the doctor, during which the specialist finds out the patient the reasons why he decided to stop drinking.
  2. Group lessons (in the group must not be present more than 20-25 people). In fact, it's lectures, which adjusts to the success of therapy.
  3. Direct encoding, in which an expert spends hypnotic suggestion, supported by some physical action, forming a negative reflex to alcoholic beverages. The suggestion made at any particular period of time (at least 1 year).

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Tool coding

One of the most popular methods of encoding alcohol dependence using instrumental impact at the moment is a laser technique. Special medical laser works on acupressure points that are responsible for the functioning of internal organs and a variety of physiological processes.

Encoded so in different degrees of alcohol dependence, even in the chronic stage, and in all cases the results are sufficiently stable and effective. Center depending on the alcohol blocked and thrust him naturally suppressed after a single session of laser acupuncture. This method is used not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Europe, America and Japan, it is considered the safest and helps even in cases where other methods are deemed inefficient.

 encoding a therapist
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The chemical (pharmacological) coding

The basis of this method is introduced into the human body of certain medications that increase sensitivity to alcohol, his intolerance. Craving for alcohol is not suppressed, but the reception physically unpleasant or impossible. This method of exposure may be used no more than 3 times as with time the body gets used to the action of these drugs and ceases to respond to them. Before starting the drug is mandatory not to drink from 3 to 7 days. The method is divided into several subtypes:

  • Intravenous blocking. Drugs such as "Torpedo" and its variants are administered intravenously. All the drugs used for this coding for alcohol dependence, differ from each other only by the amount of active ingredient. Therefore, we can be coded for a period of 1 to 3 years. They take effect 30 minutes after administration. With this encoding human provocations after entering the drug that he felt the unpleasant symptoms that accompany alcohol intake.
  • Intramuscular lock. With this type of encryption products, for example, "Esperal-gel", "Vivitrol", "Delfizon" administered intramuscularly. The advantage of this method over intravenous blocking is that the drug enters the bloodstream through the 1, 5-2 hours, and its effect is softer.
  • Subcutaneous lock. The drug, for example, "Narkoron" sewn under the skin in the area of ​​the blade. The impact is similar to the intramuscular blocking: starts to act through 1, 5 hours, has a benign manifestations.

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Support encoded by

All the experts who deal with coding, highlight not so important, what method to fight the disease you have chosen. The main thing is that the patient did not go through this process alone. If you decided to quit drinking alcohol addicted, the support of friends and relatives will be able to give him strength . And in this case it will be much more determined to, which is very important to deal with any kind of dependencies.

 Coding of alcohol addicted

 causes of computer addiction


  • How is the relationship?
  • Signs of computer addiction
  • Diagnosis of computer addiction
  • Influence of computer dependence on man
  • The ability to treat computer addiction
  • Tips for parents to avoid the development of computer addiction among children

According to research conducted by scientists, various types of computer addiction affects up to 15% of users of personal computers and the Internet in the world.

And in countries such as North Korea and China, the problem of computer addiction is so great that brought under control by the government as having national significance.

And the conclusions of scientists on the further development of man's dependence on the computer are disappointing: a growing number of adolescents and young people aged up to 30 years thereafter, the Internet, social networks and chat rooms or playing computer games more than 5-7 hours per day to your computer lately increasingly it reaches more age population of the planet.

People become slaves to modern technology, which allows them to communicate with the outside world. How to avoid computer addiction? How to protect her from the dangers of loved ones? For this we need to know first of all the causes of the disease (which is a psychological disorder that violates human relationship with the real world and society). No wonder they say: forewarned - is forearmed.

 signs of computer addiction
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How is the relationship?

The roots of the formation of computer addiction are the same as that of other types of addiction. The human brain is the center of pleasure, and if it is constantly stimulated, the person ceases to think about everything else but how to have fun. The scientists who conducted experiments on the stimulation of the pleasure center in the brain of rats, observed that these animals for fun refused food and water and eventually die of starvation.

Roughly the same thing happens to a man: the dependency is formed gradually, capturing him more and more. And if gamers setegolika or restrict access to a computer more than 2 hours, it begins the "breaking": irritability, irritability, or, conversely, depressed, they even begin to experience physical discomfort.

Usually are 2 main types of computer addiction:

  • setegolizm or dependence on the Internet;
  • kiberaddiktsiya or video game addiction.


Setegoliki - people who are on the Internet from 12 to 16 hours a day. They're downloading music, chatting in chat rooms and forums, give birth to a virtual dating, and even play virtual wedding. All life is concentrated for them in the World Wide Web: they have no time to do household chores, even to eat sometimes is not enough time, once monitor their appearance, so they often look sloppy and unkempt. A sure sign setegolikov as insomnia tormented look and pallor.

Other pronounced features setegolikov are as follows:

  • the desire to constantly check their mail;
  • increase residence time in the network;
  • waiting for the next online session.


Kiberaddiktsiya comes in two types depending on the type of games to which a person has an addiction:

  • nerolevyh dependence on computer games (arcade games, puzzle games, games on the speed of reaction, roulette, card games), when a person gets pleasure from the fact that it was a game or scored the most points;
  • dependence on the role-playing game (when one plays for some characters). In this case, it is completely out in virtual reality, losing touch with real life.

 Diagnosis based

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Signs of computer addiction

You can easily determine that a person begins a computer addiction, knowing its main features:

  • failure to plan your time working or playing on the computer and the reluctance to get out of it;
  • manifestation of irritation or even aggression when you come off the patient from the computer;
  • improved mood in anticipation of the work at the computer;
  • neglect household chores and responsibilities in favor of the computer;
  • Switching dialogue talking about computer games or computer topics;
  • neglect of personal hygiene because of the employment of the computer;
  • refusal to meet with friends and visit sports clubs or any clubs and entertainment for spending time at the computer.

Physical symptoms of computer addiction

Physical symptoms of computer addiction tend to arise when a person spends a lot of time at the computer. These include:

  • blurred vision;
  • syndrome of "dry eye";
  • display syndrome;
  • incorrect posture;
  • rachiocampsis;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • constipation;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • headache;
  • low immunity;
  • tunnel syndrome (wrist pain).

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Diagnosis of computer addiction

Computer addiction - a mental illness.   And, as with most diseases of this kind, it is around to notice changes in behavior and the nature of the patient. But to convince a man in his computer addiction is almost impossible, as impossible to convince a drunkard that he is an alcoholic. He always says that at any time can stop playing and disappear on the Internet. Act by force and prohibitions also useless: you will get an answer in aggression, anger and deceit.

The best way to diagnose a professional psychotherapist under the guise of a psychological test and vocational guidance.

 addiction treatment at the psychotherapist
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Influence of computer dependence on man

Most of all, this dependence negatively affects the quality of such social rights, friendliness, willingness to communicate, openness and compassion. When computer addiction manifests deterioration of social relations of the individual and the so-called social exclusion rights. The degradation of social ties in this case develops due to the displacement of the objective reality of the virtual, created by a computer. Against the background of maladjustment and care in the world of virtual reality often appear excessive brutality, aggression and other forms of antisocial behavior.

A person who suffers from addiction to computers, pays less attention to the execution of the different social roles and work. This, in turn, often causes serious problems in the field of professional and family life. Scruffy and unkempt appearance and apparent alienation "computer geeks" from reality makes them unattractive to other members of society, and this reinforces the conflict between the company and the person who suffers from computer addiction.
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The ability to treat computer addiction

To cure a person from computer addiction is difficult. This requires the coordinated work of specialists in various fields of medicine. The main role in the treatment of computer dependence, of course, plays a social rehabilitation of the patient, which can competently organize a qualified psychologists and psychotherapists.

Psychotherapy - the main method of treatment of various types of dependencies. The goal of therapy - the elimination of psychological conflict (which is available in almost all cases), served as the basis for the emergence of computer dependence, and social reintegration of the patient.

Treatment sessions are conducted by specialists in a specially equipped for this purpose offices or at home. For an effective treatment, the consent of the patient to hold sessions and willingness of the patient to cooperate with the doctor.

Psychotherapy is carried out against the will of the patient, it will not have any positive effect and, most likely, will only aggravate the problem.

In the course of psychotherapeutic treatment psychotherapist helps the patient to understand the pathological basis of his attachment to a computer, the internet or games. The main goal of the doctor - the awakening of a healthy critical attitude to his patient's pathological addiction and the elimination of guilt for the emergence of addictions.

Social rehabilitation of the patient provides clarification of causes of patient relations with society and the adoption of measures to address these causes.

If psychotherapy has not given the expected results and there is no way to hold it, to treat computer addiction you can use hypnosis.

To add psychotherapy can be the use of different drugs that, in addition, help to consolidate the results.

For the treatment of various kinds of addictions, including a computer, a variety of drugs have been successfully used alternative medicine. The main function of these agents - the ability to eliminate metabolic disorders in an organism and to restore the balance between the different systems of the organism.

Herbal preparations can be advantageously used in the treatment according to a computer. These include, for example, ginseng extract, preparations of Rhodiola rosea, oregano, which help to reduce the excitability of the nervous system and have a stimulating effect on brain function. Upon receipt of herbal preparations normal sleep, increases self-esteem and there is interest in the social problems of the patient. Moreover, some drugs of plant origin have immunostimulating and adaptogenic effect, does a better job of internal organs. However, remember that taking any drugs should be coordinated with the doctor and be under the control of the attending doctor.

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Tips for parents to avoid the development of computer addiction among children

The cause of the computer addiction in adolescents and children is often a lack of confidence, dissatisfaction from communicating with their peers and lack of self-expression. In such situations, parents need to support the child and to participate, to help him deal with the problems.
Criticizing a child who spends too much time on the computer, is strictly forbidden. This can only make the problem worse and alienate the child from the parents to force him to withdraw into their inner little world.

If a child suffers from envy game, try to understand it and in some way to support his interest in computer games. This does not only make you closer with your child, but also increase his confidence, and the child will be more willing to follow the advice of their parents and share with them their experiences. Criticism is felt by the child as the reluctance of parents to understand their interests and, therefore, causes isolation, in some cases even aggression.

Proper education of the child - the main measure to prevent the emergence of any kind of dependency in children. It is important not to use a system of categorical prohibitions, for example, certain games and to explain why a particular hobby or activity for a child is not desirable.

Psychologists recommend limiting children's access to games and movies based on violence. But if the child is still faced with the kind of information you need in an accessible way to try to explain why this information is dangerous for him, and why he should not aspire to the knowledge of it. Definitive the ban without explanation only increase the child's interest in the ban information, and the existence of the ban would be an obstacle, making it impossible to discuss the problem with their parents for the child.

Children and young people are in dire need for self-expression. And often, because of the lack of other means of expressing their thoughts and realize their need for communication or leadership, they use computers and computer games, which create the illusion of endless possibilities and the reality in which they are not responsible for committing antisocial acts and deeds. This illusion of a destructive effect on the psyche of the child, and violates his relationship with peers and parents.

In order to avoid the occurrence of an irresistible child's attachment to a computer, you need as much as possible to diversify the range of his interests and activities. Most communicate with your child, go with him on hikes, theater, write it in the sports section, or in any circle, get the passion that will be interesting to you and to him, and then your child will cherish communication with you more, than a computer.

 Pathological man's dependence on the computer