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"Tell me how you live and I'll tell you who you are" - this sounds somewhat modified form known saying. The life style and personality type are inextricably linked, when one determines the other and vice versa. The existence of the concept of "lifestyle" is unquestionable. Of course, on the one hand, each life is unique and unrepeatable, and on the other we can talk about whole groups of people living in a similar way that proves the existence of this phenomenon.

That's what it says on the well-known psychologist and creator of his own psychoanalytic concept of Alfred Adler: "Lifestyle includes a unique mix of traits, behaviors and habits, which together define the unique picture of human existence." Scientists also believe that sustainable style (image) formed a human life to five years. Next, in adult life may find new ways to express this style, but, by and large, it will depend on the priorities of life and perception of life itself.

 Lifestyle is

Typology lifestyles

Psychologist Adler offers a typology of options for life. It is based on two parameters. The first - is the degree of interest in others, the desire to communicate and cooperate with them. The second - a level of activity that is the amount of energy with which people overcome life's difficulties. Based on these parameters, it identifies the following styles of life.


This style is preferred by people-parasites. They are passive and tend to live at the expense of others. Their main demand - to take from others as much as possible, without giving anything in return. It would seem that these people are simply dangerous to society. However, because of its passivity, they do not cause the damage to others who might.


This way of life is inherent selfish people, whose activity is directed not to the benefit of society, and others, and to meet their own needs only. They are self-confident and assertive. They consider themselves better than others, and when faced with life's difficulties, often choose the criminal ways to overcome them.


Lifestyle, in which a person tries to avoid the slightest difficulty and fully surrender to the waves. It would be possible to talk about the presence of persons of the type of interest in the other. However, this interest is quite noticeable because of their passivity. They do nothing to solve their problems because they are afraid of failure and flee from anything that they might somehow harm.

Socially useful

This way of life is able to maintain only a mature man. He embodies the activity aimed at socially useful purposes. This person is able to communicate openly and honestly with others, and take care of them. Accordingly, it is only when building relationships - and workers, and personal - take into account the interests of the other and seeks to achieve mutual benefit.

Another equally well-known psychologist Vladimir Druzhinin describes lifestyles little differently. His typology is more diverse and is applicable for use in everyday life.

Life as Creativity

For "creative" human history is not available, the future is unclear, there is only the present, that does not make any difference when compared with eternity. So he did not notice anything, and indifferent to everything. His own life for a man takes some abstract form, devalued and loses all meaning.

Life as an achievement

This way of life are self-actualizing people who prefer the action of inaction. They are also called business people or self made men. The most important thing - the result. When a man reaches its goal, it is impaired and there is a new formulation of the goal. He believes in the superiority of their abilities on the abilities of other people. Such a person lives exclusively in the future. He is absorbed in his work and did not notice anything else.

Living the dream

If the goods have troubles, problems and concerns nepodemen for the man, he returned to the serenity of his childhood. He prefers to dream and not to act, because he did not have the strength. Life for man becomes a world of dreams that are much richer, more interesting and brighter than real life. Very often, people who prefer this way of life, fall into dependence.

Living by the rules

Lifestyle, in which a person does everything right. His life is subject to the regulations and filled with a variety of rituals, which greatly simplifies it to them. However, such persons may also fall into dependence, whose name - perfectionism. In this case the person is not responsible for changes in his life - he has his opinions and advance rid of the problem of choice.

Life as a waste of time

People who choose this style, distinguished by complete freedom in all matters relating to the external behavior: tests, games, entertainment and consumption. Typically, this option is selected because of boredom and inability to find their place in life. Man leading this way of life is not interested in neither the past nor the future. Time for him - an endless present.

Life against life

These people are distinguished by a poor inner world. Typically, such a lifestyle - a consequence of the deep psychological trauma. It's sad past person moves into the future. He sees all over the hostility and revenge around the world. For him, the only way to get rid of the trauma - to destroy the world, and this takes all of his life.


Create your own picture of life

All of the typology of life have one significant drawback - they are the framework within which you need to enter someone's life, to name his style. Of course, this framework helps us to know the world, simplifying it. But what is frustrating when concerns simplification of your personality! So even guessing psychologists described the type of your lifestyle, many are not willing to put up with the language.

It is clear that change their attitude to life, man is able to change life itself. And if you suddenly started thinking about the usefulness of the chosen lifestyle, try to follow a number of recommendations.


Find the deal of his life. It is no coincidence about the many talented people and their profession say, "That was his calling." Try it and you will find his calling - business, activity that will bring you not only income, but also positive emotions of self and achieve more and more goals. Favorite may change, friends can go and only favorite thing that you always will be true.


Remember that the man - a social animal, so Naladte contact with other people. Reclusive Nobody has brought happiness. So nice to drag you to the people, have fun and communicate with them, trying to create something new and positive. However, even with the closest you must not forget about the right to a private space, which may be indicated by the respective borders.


Think of the dream itself (preferably more than one). Dream charge our life energy, support in difficult times and deliver an incomparable satisfaction when executed. Many happily lived my life people say, "I have fulfilled my dream." Follow their example and you.

The sense of reality

Periodically freezes and pay attention to life. Do not think about the future and does not hang in the past. Here it is, your life. It is here and now and nowhere else. Try to be in contact with what is happening to you in the present. It is therefore important here and now surround themselves with beauty, and not to postpone it for tomorrow. Do not waste time on self-destruction and self-emptying. Alcohol, drugs and other addictions - it all an illusion of happiness. For someone like dreams are typical of the style of life, and it's sad, because for them it does not see this, true peace.

The novelty of sensations

Always try to try something new. Very often, people are afraid of any undertakings, as it involves constant risk: "What if do not like? ". But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Not necessarily constantly make crazy things - most of the people to maintain the feeling of lack of novelty of travel. Although little madness can bring a lot of good in your life.


True freedom - a freedom from itself, but rather from a sense of guilt towards oneself and others. Do not blame yourself for anything. Take responsibility for their actions and words, but not vinites. Lifestyle, based on guilt, destroys man, and he is never good. Very often it occurs when a person "put" on someone's mythical debts. Listen carefully to yourself and to the phrase "I have to" stop to make an informed and reasoned decision.

How to create a way of life, following these guidelines? Use them as a basis. And let superstructure will display your own personality: habits, traits and favorite things. It is because of this convoluted and designer gets life, and only in your power to make it as easy as possible rich and interesting.

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