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Pregnancy - is perhaps the most beautiful time in every woman's life. Wait for your baby should take place in peace and harmony. This is important not only for the moms and successful delivery, but also for the future health of the child. But, unfortunately, as often happens, sometimes it does not happen quite the way we would have liked. Recently, pathology of pregnancy steel rather than the exception rule. A doctor friend of mine who worked in the nursing home for more than 40 years, once said that even 10 years ago, the Department of Pathology is usually empty, but now there is simply no room. And the most common diagnosis - a high tone of the uterus.

But this material was not created to scare mothers, but only in order to prevent and once again reminded that taking care of your health during pregnancy should be a priority. And also to inform women about what threatens the tone of the uterus.

One of the consequences of poor lifestyle choices, constant stress or fatigue may be the tone of the uterus during pregnancy. This is a problem faced by many women. But we should remember that the tone during pregnancy does not mean a possible miscarriage. What is the tone of the uterus during pregnancy, and how to determine the time and treat it, you will learn from our article on.

So, first of all, I would like to reassure the future mothers. Sometimes doctors intentionally or unknowingly aggravate the picture that has a detrimental effect on the situation and on the health of the woman and her baby. After hearing a frightening diagnosis and even more depressing comments from your doctor, a pregnant woman is frightened and begins to actively search the Internet for everything that related to the query "pregnancy tone of the uterus." That is why we asked the doctor - a gynecologist to talk in this article about the problem and how to prevent uterine tone.

Pregnancy and tone of the uterus does not necessarily mean the loss of a child. The tone of the uterus - is uncontrolled reduction in the uterus that can lead to miscarriage. However, other effects of uterine tone. Let us see what is the uterus itself, and that is the normal tone of the uterus.

The uterus - a body composed of muscle tissue. Sami uterine wall has three layers:

  • the first layer covers the outside of the uterus, like a thin film
  • midway between the outer and inner layers is a muscular layer, referred to as "myometrium". It consists of fibers of the connective and muscular tissue
  • inside the uterus lining "endometrium"

Increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy creates exactly the muscle fibers, which tend to decline. In the normal course of pregnancy uterine muscles should be in a calm and relaxed state, called normotonusom. When nervous stress or overexertion muscle fibers are compressed, increasing their tone and the pressure of the uterus. That is called the increased tone or hypertonic uterus.

The tone of the uterus may occur throughout the pregnancy. The tone of the uterus in the second trimester usually appears because of overload at work or poor lifestyle choices. In the third trimester greatly increases the size of the uterus. The tone of the uterus in the third trimester may lead to premature birth. In this case, the child may have to live, but it takes a lot of time and effort to finally get out of it.

Preparing for childbirth

 uterine tone

During pregnancy to childbirth is preparing not only the expectant mother, but also her body. The uterus is growing and gradually increases in size due to the growth of muscle fibers. Also significantly increased the number of enzymes, calcium, glycogen, and various trace elements, which are needed for the contraction of the uterus during childbirth similarly uterus prepares itself for the upcoming birth.

What caused normotonus?

As we have said before, for successful childbirth tone of the uterus should be normal. Hypertonicity or when the uterus in shape during pregnancy when there is violation of any of the processes that cause normotonus. What are these processes?

The brain

All human bodies are literally crammed with nerve endings and receptors. And the uterus - is no exception. Nerve endings of uterine send signals to the CNS and ANS, ie central and autonomic nervous systems. At the very beginning of pregnancy to the central nervous system of the future mother are beginning to enter the impulses that inform the brain about the occurrence of pregnancy, which, in turn, leads to the appearance in the brain of the dominant pregnancy. The brain itself inhibits many neural processes by which pregnancy becomes a staple in a woman's life, pushing all other tasks ago. If a woman is overstrained on work experience strong nervous shock or fear, it may be formed in terms of excitement. They have a negative impact on the dominant pregnancy and lead to increased uterine tone.

Throughout the 39 weeks of pregnancy the uterus receptors and spinal cord have a reduced excitability. This in turn provides normal pregnancy and during the whole time. At that point, when it comes time to give birth, at times increases the excitability of the brain.

Progesterone and FPS

During the normal course of pregnancy and hormones are also responsible. For up to ten weeks, one of the most important roles played by progesterone - a hormone in women, directly produced in the ovary so-called "yellow body." VT occurs in the place where the egg comes and goes into the tube of the uterus. In pregnancy the corpus luteum of the ovary is transformed into the corpus luteum of pregnancy and actively contributes to the development of estrogen and progesterone for up to ten weeks. After this period, VT decreases with the synthesis of progesterone.

Progesterone is an essential element of a normal pregnancy and a normal tone of the uterus. It reduces the ability of the uterus to contract, and also reduces the tone of the intestine. Because of this, many pregnant women suffer from constipation. Progesterone acts on the central nervous system, due to which many pregnant women are often tired and sleepy.

FPS - it fetoplacental system, which consists of the liver, adrenal cortex and placenta of women and children. FPS promotes the production of estriol - a hormone that helps regulate blood flow in the uterus and placenta. When disturbed the development of estriol and malfunction FPS anomalies arise in the development of the child.

The causes of uterine tone

 tone of the uterus in the second trimester

According to specialists, a growing number of women are faced with such a problem, as the tone of the uterus during pregnancy. The causes of this complication are covered in various problems.

The tone of the uterus in early pregnancy can occur due to irregular hormone production. The main hormone responsible for maintaining normal tone in the uterus, progesterone. The quality of its production can affect the numerous state. If the body is too little progesterone can occur miscarriage.

A condition in which there is a shortage of progesterone, are:

  • Genital infantilism - incomplete development and growth of the reproductive system. In this case, not fully developed uterus can be reduced due to too much pressure on her.
  • Hyperandrogenism - an increased number of women in the body of male hormones that can be produced by the adrenal glands. This problem manifests itself before pregnancy. Possible violations of menstrual cycle, excess hair, problem skin, the condition is getting worse before menstruation. Hyperandrogenism may not manifest itself externally. In this case, in order to identify it, you need blood tests.
  • Hyperprolactinemia - increased blood levels of prolactin the woman. Prolactin - a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. With this rejection often develops infertility. Before pregnancy hyperprolactinemia manifests itself in the form of allocation of milk from the nipple and irregular cycle.

Before pregnancy caused infertility, endometriosis, fibroids say that the body has a problem with the production of hormones. In pregnancy, these abnormalities may cause to increase the tone and miscarriage.

In addition to problems with hormones and nerves, there are certain prerequisites to developed tone of the uterus, the reasons lie in the tissues themselves uterine walls and fibers:

  • Endometriosis - shell growth within the uterus in atypical areas
  • Fibroids - benign uterine tumors
  • Inflammatory diseases of both the uterus and appendages, which could be transferred to the well of the pregnancy

The tone of the uterus before birth can also occur due to polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, or too much fruit. In the event of disruption of the central nervous system gets off the regulation process of muscle contractions in the uterus, which also leads to an increase in tone. These failures can be caused by too heavy physical exertion, constant stress, infectious and inflammatory diseases, such as acute respiratory infections, flu, pielonifrit.

Symptoms and signs of pregnancy in uterine tone

Doctors know exactly how to define the tone of the uterus. Urgent contact them if you feel heaviness or pain in the abdomen. Although often back pain in early pregnancy do not speak on emerging issues, but only that the body is reconstructed by the growing fetus inside of it, trying to take it as comfortable as possible and to coexist with them.

Still, if you feel a reduction or compression and unpleasant pain in the abdomen, it is best to pay attention to it. Similar sensations that can bring discomfort as very significant and almost not felt, could mean the tone of the uterus. In pregnancy, the symptoms of this disorder can manifest themselves very differently. So once again strongly recommend that you contact a qualified technician.

Diagnosis of uterine tone during pregnancy

 tone of the uterus during pregnancy symptoms

When a pregnant woman goes to a doctor with suspected tone of the uterus during pregnancy, signs of which can manifest themselves at all stages of pregnancy, the doctor should first interview a patient. The main cause for concern may be back pain and abdomen. Abdomen and uterus like "kameneyut" when there is a tone of the uterus. Symptoms may also manifest itself in the form of minor bleeding.

For diagnostic use:

  • Palpation, ie feeling and palpation of the abdomen of a pregnant woman. Normally mild stomach and the uterus, women are hard as a rock at an elevated tone. This is clearly felt at palpation of the abdomen of a pregnant when she lies on her back.
  • In the US, you can define a local or total thickening of the muscular layer of the uterus.
  • On tonusometrii apply a special device with a built-in sensor that helps pinpoint the tone of the uterus.

What to do in a tone of the uterus?

So, the doctor put a disappointing diagnosis - the uterus is in good shape. "What to do? "- The first question that may arise in women. Firstly, do not be afraid and do not panic. The more you experience, the less it becomes possible to remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancy. And to make it very real.

Treatment and prevention

First of all, consult your doctor and find out how to remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancy. Absolutely every pregnant woman in the tone of the uterus prescribed bed rest, sedatives, agents that reduce cramping and general activity of the uterus.

Most often, the diagnosis "tone of the uterus" treatment is carried out only in the hospital. First appointed sedatives, because the stress associated with the possibility of termination of pregnancy further increases the tone of the uterus.

If any anomalies tone of the uterus during pregnancy, the treatment of which depends on its causes, is removed by means of receiving special preparations. With a shortage of progesterone administered Utrozhestan or Djufaston.

Effective enough in combating the tone of the uterus various antispasmodics, such as No-Spa, or papaverine. In the treatment of mandatory sugar control, palpitations and pressure.

Magne B6

Another excellent tool is Magne B6 - a drug that fills up the shortage of Vitamin B6. He prescribed including for violations related to the tone matki.Magne B6 during pregnancy is prescribed under the threat of miscarriage, hypertonicity of the uterus. The increased content of magnesium makes it possible to improve the metabolic processes in the body and enhance immunity and maintain the nervous system.

Magne b6 supplements during pregnancy necessary supply of magnesium and vitamin B6 in the body, the need for which during childbearing increases significantly. The product contains a large amount of pyridoxine, namely vitamin B6. This vitamin has been actively involved in metabolic processes, as well as a positive effect on the nervous system. It increases the level of absorption in the blood cells and magnesium. Admission Magne B6 during pregnancy, instructions which should be read in front of the reception, a doctor is appointed. The average duration of administration of the drug is approximately one month. After normalization of the level of magnesium in the blood receiving end Magne B6 during pregnancy. The dosage for adult humans is 3-4 capsules per day, for children - 10-30 mg / kg, i.e. about 1-4 ampoules.

In tablets Magne B6 adults can take in the amount of 6-8 pieces, and children - 4-6 per day.

And in conclusion, I would like to say that during pregnancy it is important to take care of yourself. This concerns not only the past few weeks, when the baby is about to be born. It is important to realize that a healthy lifestyle, good sleep, good nutrition, lack of stress, nervous and physical activity, avoiding harmful habits - not just repeated a hundred times postulates, and the real key to your health and your baby's future health. Good luck to you and less stress!

 The tone of the uterus during pregnancy: who is to blame and what to do?

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