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After delivery, young mothers are beginning to treat particularly picky to their appearance, noticing even the smallest changes. Especially frustrating them appear on the body and abdominal stretch marks, get rid of that very difficult. And, of course, and disappeared waist.

Belly so annoying young mothers, eliminate difficult. But under certain endeavors it is still possible. Many women think about how to remove belly fat after pregnancy, and here it is worth noting that the time it would take you to return to the figure of the primordial species depends on many factors. This is the age and constitution of your body and muscle tone before delivery.

Tune in to a positive wave

The first six months after the birth of a baby to think about the traditional methods of weight loss - diet and sport - not even worth it. After all, you are breastfeeding, and therefore, a balanced diet is necessary for you and the baby. About physical activity can also forget, because the postpartum period is quite poorly tolerated by the body. And all the more stress it contraindicated. Who is your main task - it does not get rid of belly and eat well and get enough sleep, not to succumb to post-natal depression and stress.

Where is the way out, you ask? And he, oddly enough, very close. To begin with, what to think about her figure and needed during pregnancy. Do special exercises, get prenatal bandage, which perfectly supports the abdominal muscles. Postnatal bandage too good. During breastfeeding, and it was he who would be the first step towards the restoration of a slim figure.

And the most important thing you need to do - it's out of my head all the stereotypes. For example, that my mother - a woman who gave all his time to the child. And no matter what her figure. Always find time to do a: go to the salon, do light exercises, go for a walk with her husband, leaving the baby in the care of her grandmother. Always visualize yourself slim and beautiful, tell yourself - "Now the time comes, and I will bring the figure in the order, you only need to wait a bit." That is, prepare yourself to the fact that to do a more thorough and get rid of the extra kilos you still have, and it will happen very soon.

 postpartum belly how to clean

How to remove belly fat after pregnancy?

It is worth noting that flabby stomach after childbirth should be trained not only for their aesthetic appearance, but also to improve health. Now when a long time in a relaxed state of the abdominal muscles can cause changes in the internal organs. As a result, the risk of uterine prolapse, adnexal inflammation, and other unpleasant diseases.

On the seventh to eighth month of postnatal period, it comes time for sports. Fitness, shaping, aqua aerobics, swimming - you can see how big your choice! Each of these sports has its advantages. Swimming, for example, will help you to arrange all the muscle groups. Aerobics and shaping news disappoint, legs and chest. Main practice regularly and not succumb to laziness. You remember that promised myself a few months ago? So, declare a boycott of laziness! And be sure to succeed!

If you leave your baby with someone you are not, and can be practiced at home. First of all - an exercise for the press. Start slowly, making for one approach no more than ten climbs. Further more. Load increases gradually, for example, two or three lift every day. These exercises are very effective. Over time, you get used to them so that classes do not want to throw and when your stomach has come back to normal. But it's for the better, so you are sure that the muscle weakness is now completely out of danger. Do not forget the chest, waist, hips. After all, you promised yourself to get rid of extra kilos, be slim and irresistible young mother!

Be careful what you eat

If breast-feeding is over, it is possible to think about a diet. Here great help separate food. And the introduction of the diet of more vegetables, fruits and herbs. We remove from the diet all the high-calorie foods. Many moms say they are very supportive of keeping "Diary trips to the refrigerator." Always keep it handy, and best of all, hang on the door, "seductive" you aggregate. And next to the best attach your photograph or image along who saw in a fashion magazine, but the purchase is not solved. Believe me, it is very stimulating!

Drink herbal teas. Good in this case, broth hips, peppermint tea, chamomile tea. And try to eat the "right" foods. Less semis more self-prepared salads and dishes of high quality products. Try not to eat after sunset, and if it is very torment hunger - eat an apple or drink a glass of kefir.

The main thing - to believe in yourself and never give up. Only in this way you will achieve a stunning effect, and will become even more beautiful than before pregnancy!

 How to remove the postpartum belly?

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 postpartum period

  • How to deal with increased irritability
  • Postpartum Care
  • Nutrition after birth
  • Sex after childbirth

The postpartum period - not an easy time for women. Its duration is about eight weeks. It's not much and not enough, because the female body is a good job during pregnancy and after childbirth needs to recover and rest. Now the main task - to hormonal changes. The hormones of pregnancy change in the hormones responsible for lactation. Female body is undergoing significant changes, which are necessary physical and psychological strength. Consequently, in the period after childbirth, most women have frequent mood swings, and for some time in the home mothers can prevail tense, explosive atmosphere.

Of course, it does not benefit either by mums or know women who give birth. Causeless irritability, depression young mother oppress others and have a negative impact on relations with them. Feels mother's mood and infant who begins to worry, crying, sleep poorly. What to do postpartum women to reduce the risk of such a situation in the house to a minimum? And what it is necessary to observe hygiene?

How to deal with increased irritability

In order to calm the nervous system, the young mother must first get plenty of rest. Rest is important at this time for women, as it allows to accumulate new strength and energy for the life of the organism, exhausted pregnancy and childbirth. Let me at this time to pamper yourself, take care of you. Do not be capricious and does not find fault with someone for nothing, because the surrounding too tired to work, but it is still trying to help you, too. The best holiday for you and your baby will be a joint vacation - enjoy each other's company, because in the first weeks of life is so important crumbs proximity of the mother. And if you join another and dad, the baby will be ecstatic.

Childbirth and beyond them - is stressful for women. Relax. Wear loose clothing and soft. Invite a friend or au pair. It can be as a stranger working for a certain amount of money, and some of the relatives. When going to relax - turn off the phone or turn on the answering machine. Adjust only the positive wave. If you have any fears and doubts, you can share them with family and friends. It would be good to talk with friends who also gave birth, and know what the period after childbirth.

Pamper yourself, pay more attention. A manicure, a new haircut, buy something to wear. Take a warm relaxing bath with all sorts of additives. Take shopping, this joy of all women; go to the cinema, read a good book and listen to relaxing music. It will help to relax. Use the maternity leave, not only to care for the baby, but also to fully recover from the pain of contractions after birth.

Well relieves tension postpartum exercises, visiting dance classes, some circles. Proceed move, do not let depression take possession of you. And do not forget about postpartum hygiene.

 depression in the postpartum period

Postpartum Care

With the woman's body after she gave birth, there are various metamorphoses. After the birth of her uterus return to its former size, which is due to the after-pains. You may even feel the uterine contractions during breastfeeding. When a baby sucks milk in women secrete hormones that make the uterus returns to its original size, from one kilogram to 50 grams.

Health postpartum period is that to absorb secretions from the uterus better to use pads and in any case - tampons. Rejection of the mucous membrane of the uterus run six to eight weeks after delivery; even after three or four weeks, they will already scarce enough, and you can go on daily pads. Also, since the appearance of a baby born to women commemorated the disappearance of the liquid that has accumulated in the legs and joints during pregnancy. If in the first week after birth, you'll wake up in a sweat - do not worry, it will soon pass.

Do not worry about the size of your stomach, which is the first week will look four months pregnant. To correct the situation of breastfeeding and exercise. But we should not forget that exercise is considerably different from conventional drill press. Start with exercises for the obliques. Childbirth and the postpartum period can make you depressed and disgusted with his own body, but it is not a reason to go on a diet and start to drop rapidly kilograms. First think about your kid and his power, and better nutrition for infants - it is breast milk quality and quantity of which depends only on you. So keep checking to ensure that your food was balanced.

Nutrition after birth

During lactation in nursing women should be increased intake of water - about a liter more than usual, so that all you need to drink a total of two and a half to three liters a day. Women tend to feel themselves increased water demand; especially strongly they feel thirsty during the feeding of the child, or immediately afterwards - because the body needs fluid to form a new portion of milk. But do not overdo it: too much liquid can even reduce lactation.

It is necessary to revise and diet for nursing women. Daily calorie intake should be increased to two thousand; and even up to two thousand eight hundred calories if you plan to continue breastfeeding as long as possible. But again, be careful: many nursing mothers tend to consume a lot of sweets. Stick to a healthy diet! Sweets will not bring the child nothing but harm. And for you this will not be of any use - in fact, most women gain weight during this period due to the fact that we should eat more abundant, and because of that abuse sweet.

Distribute evenly into five calorie meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and an extra snack in the evening. At lunch and snacks you can eat dairy products with low fat, fruit, drink juice and water. Milk produced in lactating women all the time, so it is important that you constantly and evenly fed body with the necessary calories.

Stay as far away from tobacco. Nicotine via breast milk is ingested by a child, which can lead to serious consequences. It is necessary to remember that not all products are suitable for the power of women in this period. In the diet of lactating mothers should not include food-allergens and foods that contain substances that enhance the fermentation processes in the intestine. This onion, garlic, pickles, salted, smoked, grapes, pastries, crab, shrimp, chocolate, foods with lots of sugar. We must avoid the meat in the diet of young animals and birds, as it has increased allergenicity. Allergens are also eggs, citrus fruits, tomatoes and strawberries. Eat vitamins and minerals. Your bowels at this time will help raspberry leaf tea - it cleans.

Sex after childbirth

If there are no complications, you can have sex for about six weeks after childbirth. In the presence of complications have to wait a little longer. Sensuality women usually increases significantly during this period. It becomes quite passionate and want sex more than before. It's good. But we should not forget about contraception. Breastfeeding is not yet a full guarantee that the second pregnancy does not occur. Therefore it is better not to relax, not what may be the chance to repeat generic trouble.

Often women after delivery there is vaginal dryness. In this case, use lubricants. They, as well as ointments help and if during intercourse pain appears. Sex during this period should be gentle and unhurried. Let sex does not happen every day, but it is needed because calms the nervous system and results in order of hormones. This has beneficial effects on women and their babies.

 Postpartum Period: the nuances of behavior and hygiene

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